Keep our bus station next to the railway station



The proposal to remove the bus station is simply stupid.

Rona Collins (Aldershot , 2023-03-05)


It is illogical to move the bus station from its present location.

Stephanie Scrivener (Aldershot, 2023-03-05)


I often use our local bus service, & being next to the train station & close to town centre, is the ideal place for a bus station. So why remove it?

Richard Powell (Farnham, 2023-03-05)


Once again the council doesn’t think of the town’s resident's,

Erica Howell (Aldershot, 2023-03-05)


I’m signing because it’s stupid no consideration for the older generation travelling on trains and buses

Sarah Bradley (Aldershot, 2023-03-05)


It’s a big mistake to move Aldershot Bus Station from outside the Rail station

Peter Sargeant (Aldershot, 2023-03-05)


It is going to be harder to change buses from different places

Caroline Emberson (Aldershot, 2023-03-05)


It is absolutely disgusting to do away with the bus station without having a proper terminus. The bus station needs to be near the railway station. Whoever thought of this ridiculous idea needs to be mentally assessed!

Maureen Chatt (Aldershot, 2023-03-05)


Aldershot bus station has been near the train station for as long as I can remember and it is convenient and obvious place to have it there. Why is it necessary to change just for change sake as it will certainly not be an improvement.
Aldershot is being regenerated and this move will be of no benefit in fact it make it more difficult for people to get here.

Janet May (Aldershot, 2023-03-05)


Most towns dream of integrated public transport. This proposal stinks of organisations/people profiting at the expense of the community and is unacceptable.

Frederick Vernon (Aldershot, 2023-03-05)


The most sensible solution is to keep bus station where it is. It's ideal for visitors coming off trains, commuters & etc. Especially if you have luggage, who wants to lug heavy bags through streets to find a bus? Buses need to be be accessible from train station not only to the physically abled but those who are less abled they need to be accommodated. Please consider their nedds as a priority.

Janet Wilkinson (Aldershot, 2023-03-05)


I use this when I travel by bus to Aldershot, to catch the train to London. So conveniently situated where it is

Val Black (Farnham, 2023-03-05)


This is a ridiculous idea. I agree with all three reasons above. This will make living in Aldershot less attractive as I use the bus service all week to get to work.

Archie MacIntyre (Aldershot, 2023-03-05)


It makes sense to keep the public transport together bus next to rail. Good for passengers of both as an interchange

James Moore (Aldershot, 2023-03-05)


It doesn’t make any sense moving it away from a railway station, the rail travellers simply get off the train and onto a bus
It would not be right to move it

Iain Goddard (Aldershot , 2023-03-05)


I believe the bus station should remain where it is.

Gregj Williams (Aldershot, 2023-03-05)


The best place for bus station is where it is it’s used by both of my children for college

Alan Cantillon (Aldershot , 2023-03-05)


I want the bus station in Aldershot to stay where it is.

Stuart Kirk (Aldershot , 2023-03-05)


Keep the bus station next to the train station.

M Rai (Aldershot, 2023-03-05)


This is a totally illogical plan conceived by people who do not and do not have to use local transport. We have a central bus station, serving the local area, situated right next to a railway station with direct lines to main towns and of course London itself. This is so important for both commuting and for recreation purposes. Life is difficult enough. Do not make it unnecessarily more difficult for the inhabitants of the Aldershot area. We have lost enough

Linda Berry (Aldershot, 2023-03-06)


I’m disabled and the bus station is perfectly placed by the train station to give access to aldershot town and surrounding areas

Tegan Greenway (Aldershot , 2023-03-06)


What a ridiculous idea to remove bus links from rail links!

Helga Wright (Aldershot , 2023-03-06)


moving the bus station from the current location will seriously confuse strangers to the town looking for onward transport and is against government po5of integrated transport facilities

Gary Gordon (ALDERSHOT, 2023-03-06)


This is just more than a bus station it's also a focal point and if it was to be incorporated in any developments it would only help to inhance the town
Abandoning this bus station will only make the town less appealing than it already is
Bad decisions made, have to be lived with for years
Keep the Terminus

Peter Vallance (ALDERSHOT, 2023-03-06)


I'm signing because it's common sense to keep the bus station close to the railway station - but to not have a an alternative plan for one at all is completely nonsensical. It's an important and busy hub: if the trains aren't running people need to know where to go.

Susan Hutchins (Farnham , 2023-03-06)


It's easy walking access for all, less busy with vechiles as dedicated area.
Great for railwork services especially if wheelchair users, with prams and luggage

Laura Roberts (Farnborough , 2023-03-06)


I am in favour of an integrated Transport System and the proposed lunacy is the actions of controlled gophers. whose masters are only interested in money. Not the people.

Robert Hunt (Tongham, 2023-03-06)


I'm against removing this very needed transport link. Get off the train get on the bus home!
Thank you for highlighting this had no idea

Lyn Hansen (Aldershot, 2023-03-06)


I'm signing because it is vital that we have connection close by between trains and bus stations such as the facility we have already in Aldershot. Nowadays it is becoming very difficult for people to use public transport as the system seems to want to make it as awkward as possible to get work, school, college, hospital shopping and so on. Cuts in bus journeys are encouraging people to use cars. What about those that are unable to drive or afford the costs of running a car. Additionally this just adds to even more pollution.

Brenda Rawlings (Ash Vale, Aldershot , 2023-03-06)


I think we still need a bus station and we certainly don't need another food outlet. It seems sensible to have a bus station next to the railway and it appears that there are no plans to have an alternative which is ridiculous.

Angela Brown (Aldershot, 2023-03-06)


I consistently oppose stupidity and corruption.

Paul Stejskal (Aldershot, 2023-03-06)


It's just a stupid idea. Bus stations are needed and it links bus and rail

PETER WOODS (Aldershot, 2023-03-06)


It has nothing to do with liking the current situation, I would have preferred to see the bus station more central, but since there are no plans to relocate, just sell, i am opposed to the idea.

Alan Ellis (Aldershot, 2023-03-06)


I support the use of public transport. Making it as easy as possible to connect rail and bus journeys, particularly for people with reduced mobility, should be a priority for any public service provider that cares about sustainability and accessibility

Josie Herbert (Aldershot, 2023-03-06)


Ridiculous idea to be demolished

Angela Maskell (Aldershot, 2023-03-06)


it is in the best place to link people to and from trains and to and from towns. I cannot think of a better place it could be moved to, so keep it.

colin shaw (aldershot, 2023-03-06)


The location of the bus station next to the train station makes sense for integrated transport

mark whitmore (Farnham, 2023-03-07)


It is the most crazy idea to move and change something that works perfectly. Skipsey (Farnborough, 2023-03-07)


I want yo stay what used to be need update bus station better bus stop and update screens timetables thanks

David Mott (Aldershot, 2023-03-07)


I am amazed that the closure of such an important public transport hub should be proposed being closed. I use both the train station and the bus station regularly. To propose closure is contrary to all current thinking of public transport usage in UK,

John Barnett (Farnham, 2023-03-07)


Bus and Railway have to be together

S Engelhardt (Aldershot, 2023-03-07)


The bus station is in a very sensible place. Access is very central for the train station for people transferring when travelling to their next destination.

Catherine Smart (Aldershot, 2023-03-07)


It is in the best place at the moment for integrated travel, the environmental impact means asking people to use there cars less but if that means having to pull luggage from further away, people won't use it

Lance Boswell (Farnham , 2023-03-08)


The bus station is a valuable resource where it is next to the train station. Good integrated transport. It is a fairly safe place for people to wait for the buses.

Sally Hankin (Aldershot, 2023-03-08)


It is perfect where it is situated

Yvonne Coombs (Aldershot, 2023-03-08)


I think an integrated travel hub is the best option. I do not agree with moving the bus station from it's present location in order to build more flats in an already overcrowded part of Aldershot. To have trains and buses in one place facilitates ease of movement for non-drivers.

Susan Dean (Aldershot, 2023-03-08)


I'm signing because the bus station is perfectly matched to the rail station where one set of passengers get to the next destination via either rail or bus and can then continue their journey without hassle or can start their journey for either the Bus or Rail destination. They have both been on the same site for as long as I can remember (over 70 years) and if the bus station were to move, where would it be sited. You need plenty of space for the amount of destinations the buses go to.

Peter Dallen (Camberley, UK, 2023-03-08)


I am signing because I firmly believe the bus station should remain. It has always served the Aldershot Community well in the current location. It is an easy transition from the railway station & logical spot for it to be. Ideally situated for those who are disabled & have mobility problems. I am at a loss why Rushmoor has even considered taking it away. Please, please Rushmoor take note of the community views.

Barbara Horton (Aldershot, 2023-03-08)


Why change this bus station that’s so close to train station! Also easy access for disabled! Born in Aldershot and this needs to stay put ! Many people need means of transport! Please keep me informed as to what you are going to do here please!

Carolyn Prentice (Surrey , 2023-03-08)


It is in the most convenient place for all to the town and the trains. Just update it to make it more user friendly.
It would be a great mistake to move it anywhere else.

Bernard Moseley (Aldershot, 2023-03-08)


I live in aldershot and use both the railway and buses

brian Speers (Aldershot, 2023-03-08)


I want to keep the bus station next the train station.

Valerio Esposito (Aldershot , 2023-03-08)


I am signing because I use public transport and I cannot see the reasoning to demolish the bus station which is sited next to the train station. Surely when travelling by public transport any transition should be seamless. I do not relish the thought of dragging my case through the streets of Aldershot to find a bus !!!!

Jan Lane (Aldershot, 2023-03-08)


I have a disabled son who uses a wheelchair and we rely on public transport to get around

Nikki Grainger (Farnham, 2023-03-08)


I have started using buses now I am retired. How will I know where to catch a bus from Aldershot to Farnham if there is no bus station? Also what facilities would there be for the bus drivers?

Janet Davies (Farnham , 2023-03-08)


It makes no sense to remove the bus station from its location right next to the train station. Where will the buses be situated in the future? How will we know where to catch the bus we need? It will be no fun arriving at the station with luggage and then having to find the appropriate bus stop especially for those with reduced mobility. What we need is a proper bus station building with the normal facilities ie ticket office, seating and lavatories plus private facilities for bus drivers so they can take a break.

Diana Hamilton (Aldershot, 2023-03-09)


The current location facilitates an integrated transport solution for Aldershot that encourages use of public transport.

John Lathey (Farnham, 2023-03-09)


The most sensible and convenient placeforthe bus station is next to the railway station

Jill Margaret Broadhurst (Ash, Aldershot, 2023-03-09)


Keeping all the transport hubs in one place makes far more sense. Especially when you don't even have have a proper alternative plan in place for where you are going to stand the buses while the drivers have their breaks.

Roy Peters (Farnham, 2023-03-09)


And I am blind and can easily get to with my Guide Dog. If they move the location I may not be able to do this.

Mark Kersley (Aldershot, 2023-03-09)


It makes no sense to remove the bus station from it present location and not replace it.

Matt Welch (Aldershot , 2023-03-09)


It will make public transport less accessible and inconvenient, and give HCC an excuse to reduce even more services and route, thus pushing more people to the expense of private car ownership which results in more air and noise pollution, more congestion etc

Liz Thomson (Aldershot, 2023-03-09)


It’s better to keep it there

Chris Errett (Aldershot, 2023-03-09)


I’m signing because I agree with the stated reasons.
Planning to demolish it but not replace it is just ignorant to the needs to many passengers.
Refurbish it by all means, but to get rid of it all together would make no sense at all & would only waste time & money.

Nick Wakefield (Portsmouth, 2023-03-09)


Geoffrey Berry (Aldershot, 2023-03-09)


I'm signing because I regularly use the bus station and it would hinder my life to not have it in Aldershot town centre

Cody Darch-Lucas (Ash Vale, 2023-03-09)


For those that are disabled, catching a bus to and from the train station helps massively when the stations are close to each other.

Margaret Isaac (Farnham, 2023-03-09)


I’m signing this because I’m a bus spotter and feel that the bus station is part of Aldershots transport network and can bring people who need to change between buses and trains 1 place where it can all be done

Connor Wilson (Chichester , 2023-03-09)


moving/breking up the bus station an railway station hub is stupid and being done for corpoate greed

Alex Browne (Aldershot, 2023-03-10)


It should stay we're it is and has always been there what's up with the council they work for US not them self's

John Berio (FARNBOROUGH, 2023-03-10)


Aldershot is one of the few towns I have come across with a bus station next door to train station. Such a great position. Shame to lose it. What happens to visitors to Aldershot who do not know the bus routes and want information as to bus stops - not everybody drives or can afford taxis.

Elizabeth Mathieson (Farnham, 2023-03-10)


I need to have both the train station and the bus station as close together as possible to enable me to get from home (by bus) to hospital appointments (by train) in London, Southampton.

David Chandler (Farnham, 2023-03-10)


I rely on the bus station for travel into and out of Aldershot and particularly its proximity to the train station for travel to Woking and London. It's also important that the bus station stays in its present location as it is vital for the local community as a travel hub for ongoing bus journeys throughout the area and its link to the train service.

Andrew Collins (Farnham, 2023-03-10)


The location is ideal for central Aldershot and immediate access from the station

Ian Holland (Tongham, 2023-03-10)


A disgraceful decision made by those who just don’t use the service

Michael Smith (Farnham, 2023-03-10)


Aldershot needs to encourage more people into the town. Having a cohesive public transport system is essential. The bus and train links are a key part of this and separating them will discourage use of public transport. A fantastic example of a working system is Cardiff, they kept the transport hubs together in the centre and are reaping the benefits of more visitors and less dependency on cars.

steve edwards (Farnham, 2023-03-10)


It's the most shortsighted decision imaginable removing something that is so convenient for everyone.

Alan Buttery (Farnham, 2023-03-10)


It's ridiculous to move an adequately good bus station to lots of different places. Its a great link straight of the train. Meant to encourage people to use public transport!

Caroline Millard (Farnham, 2023-03-11)


the current location facilitates an integrated transport solution for Aldershot that encourages use of public transport

patricia crowley (ALDERSHOT, 2023-03-11)


Why would anyone, let alone a Council, even consider that fracturing the connection between two forms of public transport would be a good idea. Anyone getting off a train in Aldershot only needs to take a few steps to reach the safe haven of their bus and not have to trudge around finding the correct stop elsewhere in the town.

Jane Truin (Farnham , 2023-03-11)


I don’t drive and need to get buses, trains and taxis so it is handy having the bus station, railway station and taxi rank all in the same place when I come to Aldershot.

Suzanne Laws (Farnham , 2023-03-12)


It's often more convenient to use the bus to get to Aldershot then hop on the train to wherever. Similarly the reverse journey works better getting off at Aldershot and then bus to Upper Hale. Having the bus and train stations co-located makes far more sense for joined up public transport and gives the bus drivers a base where they can take a rest break with colleagues.

Chris Truin (Farnham, 2023-03-13)


I think it’s essential for Aldershot to have the Bus Station where it is

Christine Chekkouh (Hants , 2023-03-13)


The site of the present bus garage next to Aldershot Station is a big positive for the town. Offering just one place to go to for all busses!

Richard Freeman (Farnham, 2023-03-14)


It doesn't make any sense to move the bus station from its current location. The local residents don't want it moved but it seems that the powers that be want to ignore us and do it anyway. In the current financial climate it seems like an expensive and unnecessary project.

Anitta Wilson (Aldershot, 2023-03-14)


What stupid idiot though that moving the bus station away from the train station was a good idea.

Beryl McAuley (GU12 4EE, 2023-03-15)


This seems a most ridiculous idea. It currently placed in the most suitable place. Linking buses and trains. Where will buses go now ? What about all the increased traffic for people wanting to go to the station that previously used the bus

Yvonne Dewsbury (Readi g, 2023-03-21)


Some railway stations need adjacent bus stop/shelters, even in a present-day in which trains and buses are working side-by-side, so please, please let this petition win.

William Chivers (Leeds, 2023-03-26)

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