Pavements on popular walking routes in Eccleston, Lancs



I support the creation of these new pathways as they would improve the safety of both walkers and road users along these popular routes.

Stephen Hollinghurst (Chorley, 2021-04-08)


I feel that we as a village should continue to support our residents in keeping fit as safely as possible. We have needed pavements on the outlined routes for a number of years. With increased traffic through the village it is becoming harder to stay safe while out walking.

K Bentley (Chorley, 2021-04-08)


As a local resident who along with my young children walks these routes regularly, as time passes and the number of cars on the roads increases the situation is becoming increasingly more hazardous

James Vinden (Eccleston, 2021-04-08)


I wall these routes regularly and often have near misses with cars not paying attention and almost hitting me. Pavements would mean safety for pedestrians.

Mark Ashcroft (Eccleston, 2021-04-08)


Pavements along these routes would encourage more people to get out and about and enjoy the beautiful area we live in

John Davies (Eccleston, 2021-04-08)


These are routes I would use, but are too dangerous to access currently

Karen Winstanley (Preston, 2021-04-08)


I regularly walk all of these routes, and as my currently 11 month old grows up it would be nice if it were a little safer for us doing these walks

Joanne Walton (Eccleston , 2021-04-08)


I regularly run these routes and walk with kids so would be great for more safety. Also Tincklers Lane should be included.

Jen Buxton (Eccleston, Chorley , 2021-04-08)


I regularly walk these routes with my baby and two older children, and our dog, and would feel much safer with a footpath to walk on

Louise Bragg (Chorley , 2021-04-08)


I'm signing because I don't feel safe walking these roads now cars have returned in numbers and they are key to getting out, experiencing the beautiful countryside and connecting to public rights of way. Exercise is a key mechanism for protecting our mental health.

Glenn Entwistle (Chorley , 2021-04-08)


Myself and my family use these routes often and as we have young children it would make them much safer to use.

Jessica Garden (Chorley , 2021-04-08)


We really enjoy these routes but they are so dangerous with small children now the roads are busier.

Natalie Brown (Eccleston , 2021-04-08)


I am a local resident with a young daughter and sometimes fear for our safety on the above mentioned roads.

Rachel Jones (Chorley, 2021-04-08)


As a lot of the area is farmland there aren’t many walking routes. You should not have to wait for an accident to happen before footpaths are priorities.

Lorraine Cross (Eccleston, 2021-04-08)


It’s important to be able to get out into the fresh air for exercise and well-being. Proper walk area make it easier and safer.
Please also provide waste bins on these routes to help us all keep these areas clean and pleasant for all to enjoy 😀

Pamela Cantwell (Euxton , 2021-04-08)


I live locally and enjoy walking, but find the lanes (which have to be taken sometimes) spoil the walks due to fast traffic

Bruce Dixon (Heskin, 2021-04-08)


I walk & run on these roads & footpaths would make them much safer

Sharon Weetman (Eccleston, 2021-04-08)


There are no safe routes for people with prams, wheel chairs. The foot paths we have are so poor when pushing a problem or wheelchair the occupants are getting thrown about and they are reluctant to go out and they miss out on meeting other people
Regards Andy Morrison

Andrew Morrison (Eccleston , 2021-04-08)


The local councils and government are always campaigning about leaving your car at home. It would be nice to be able to walk in the village and surrounding area safely, using a footway.

Linda Fishwick (Chorley, 2021-04-08)


I’m local and walk and run regularly.

Sarah Tinsley (Eccleston, 2021-04-08)


My Wife & I very often walk these routes & paths would make it much safer.

Dave Smith (Eccleston, 2021-04-08)


I'm signing because I KNOW that if people are given the opportunity they WILL walk( and reap the huge number of well researched benefits from walking) if given the opportunity. KEY FACTORS: all weather surface so can walk all year round( Tarmac footpaths); safety from traffic; circular route. I walk on Croston Moor everyday and all three of the above are provided and the number of villagers who walk it is huge. This is a vivid example of PROVIDE THE RIGHT CONDITIONS AND PEOPLE WILL WALK.

Pamela Sloan (Leyland, 2021-04-08)


It is needed to keep people safe

Hugh Sloan (Leyland, 2021-04-08)


We need to encourage more walking and people should be able to walk between the villages of Chorley Rural West safely.

Paul Sloan (Leyland, 2021-04-08)


I’m signing this petition as a resident of Eccleston who enjoys walking around the local area, safely. Unfortunately sometimes that’s not always possible given the traffic on the surrounding roads.

Marianne Rose (Eccleston, 2021-04-08)


I totally agree that there is a need for a pavement along this stretch.

Johnny Sadikot (Chorley, 2021-04-08)


We run the routes of Eccleston & in places some of the paths are in need of repair & the routes around the village don’t have paths at all . It’s a beautiful place to exercise & making it safer can only benefit the community .

Alison Evans (Leyland, 2021-04-08)


I would love to take my children more safely on walks around the village

Lauren Goldsmith (Chorley , 2021-04-08)


I use these lanes everyday whilst walking my dog and getting my exercise. They do not feel safe because there are no footpaths and some traffic passes at quite a speed. I regularly scramble on to any available space at the side of the road for fear of being hit by a car.

Hazel Bagshaw (Eccleston, 2021-04-08)


I want a safe place to walk

Lynn Hughes (Chorley , 2021-04-08)


This is a particularly busy, twisty road wit h lots of black spots. The road is used by walkers, dog walkers, cyclists, bike riders, motorbikes and vehicles. I feel a footpath would prevent many close misses.

Rita Lee (Chorley, 2021-04-08)


I live in this area and struggle to walk alot of places due to there being no pavement, having these paths will benefit people out on dog walks helping them stay safe and no have to drive to walk their dog.

Paige Carey (Chorley, 2021-04-08)


It’s badly needed, great idea

Robina Royster (Eccleston, 2021-04-08)


I'm signing as there is no pathway for those of us who live on New Lane down into the village that we are still a part of. Also, this is a popular walking route generally anyway and doesn't feel safe with the traffic and often speed associated with this.

Mark Hudspith (Chorley, 2021-04-08)


I like to walk these routes but feel it is unsafe due to the speed and volume of the traffic. I would also like to see the remainder of Tincklers Lane with a footpath in addition to those mentioned here.

Anne Worthington (Chorley, 2021-04-08)


As someone who walks or runs daily on the roads covered by the petition, I've very often had to jump onto the grass verges to avoid being hit by vehicles passing too close.

Cheryl Baxendale (Eccleston, 2021-04-08)


This is an important safety issue

Julie crone (Laytown, 2021-04-08)


It is quite scary driving, as well as walking, the rule of walking towards incoming traffic seems to have vanished! A footpath is the ideal solution all round

Elsie Chadwick (Chorley, 2021-04-08)


I grew up in Eccleston and I visit my sisters and walk these routes often. The pavements would help a lot with the massively increased traffic and enable walkers to have a more pleasant and safe walk.

Liz Beaver (Leyland, 2021-04-08)


This effects people I know and care about...make it safe to walk round the village

Karen Hawkins (LEYLAND, 2021-04-08)


people should be able to walk in rural areas safely

Joan Houston (Leyland, 2021-04-08)


We regularly use these routes to walk and run and are increasingly concerned for the safety of ourselves and our children as pedestrians. We feel these walk routes would greatly improve the area and make it far more accessible for all.

Mike Bullman (Chorley, 2021-04-08)


I also walk along those road

STEPHEN Hawkins (Leyland, 2021-04-08)


I agree that it would be much safer for pedestrians if these roads had pavements to encourage people to continue walking safely even after lockdown

Victoria Hart (Eccleston , 2021-04-08)


It should be safe for pedestrians to walk in the area.

Sharon Young (Ashton in Makerfield, 2021-04-08)


I also enjoy the walks

Edith Taylor (Leyland, 2021-04-08)


I love walking around my beautiful village with my family-! And a pavement would be safer..
We have a beautiful village and it would encourage more of the villagers to walk

Laura Simms (Chorley , 2021-04-08)


It is for safety all residents

Dorota Rebis Witkowska (Chorley it, 2021-04-08)


Eccleston needs more footpaths. It also needs an extra pedestrian crossing close to the junction with The Green and Lawrence Lane/Doctors lane

Margaret Butler (Eccleston Chorley, 2021-04-08)


We have been using local lanes to exercise our dog and this has been so lovely rather than driving to other areas. It would be so much safer to have pavements on these popular lanes as we see huge numbers using them.

Joanne Wiseman (Chorley , 2021-04-09)


I regularly walk one of these routes with family and the dog but often find it difficult with fast moving traffic, particularly when the grass verges are narrow or very muddy/ uneven. The other 3 routes I would love to walk but don't generally because they feel far too dangerous even in daylight due to a lack of paths and fast moving traffic. In an area of such beautiful countryside we should be making walking more safe and accessible to all. It would be a great boost to the physical and mental health of the local community along with reducing pollution from unnecessary car journeys. I wholeheartedly support this petition.

Fiona Morrall (Eccleston , 2021-04-09)


I think it’s a good idea

David Gray (Eccleston , 2021-04-09)


This would be wonderful for Eccleston especially the Bannister Green route.

Alison Kirby (Eccleston , 2021-04-09)


I want to improve the safety of walkers in my village.

Lynn Taylor (Eccleston, 2021-04-09)


I wholeheartedly agree with the proposal

Rob Millington (Eccleston, 2021-04-09)


I'm signing because I use all of these routes regularly with my dog and it would be much safer with a pavement!

Rebecca Waller (Eccleston, 2021-04-09)


I enjoy these walk and would welcome being able to do so safely.

Dawn Marsh (Chorley , 2021-04-09)


I walk regularly on these roads and they can be dangerous. A pavement would keep pedestrians and motorists safer.

Carol Leadbetter (Wigan, 2021-04-09)


We have to make our law heard in a European way.
See case law Czech Republic 2 days ago when it comes to vaccines passport
in the EU without choice.
Sign for you and your country:

b International petition (Amsterdam, 2021-04-10)


I use these roads regularly for walking and running. Paths would make this a lot safer.

David Makinson (Preston, 2021-04-10)


I enjoy walking with my dad along these routes but lots of times we have literally taken our lives in our own hands as reckless drivers go too fast round corners and see pedestrians at the last minute . It’s only a matter of time before there is a fatality . Pls support walkers and make it safer.

Cathy Houston (Leyland, 2021-04-10)


I drive along Bannister Lane to Charity Farm and back at least twice every day. Pedestrians are causing problems by not walking as the Highway Code suggests; an accident waiting to happen.

Gerard Watkinson (Chorley, 2021-04-10)


We need safe paths and walk ways.

Deborah Van Den Berg (Leyland , 2021-04-10)


I’d love to see a safe pathway built on New Lane, it’s so dangerous

Nicola Watkinson (Lancashire, 2021-04-10)


The areas suggested are very hazardous for walkers and are very much in need of pavements/walkways

Gillian Jamieson (Preston, 2021-04-11)


I find it frightening for people walking along these lovely lanes and feel pedestrians have been forgotten.

Beryl Jackson (Leyland, 2021-04-13)


I agree with the idea.

Georgina Singleton (Chorley, 2021-04-13)

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