A safe standing section at tynecastle



The atmosphere at tynie is shite

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


We need to stop the atmosphere at tynecastle from dying!!!

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


I am signing this because i am fed up being treated like we're the bad ones

(Glasgow, 2018-11-29)


Need an atmosphere at the game

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


The board are a jk

(Tranent, 2018-11-29)


I believe football has a better atmosphere when there is a standing section. Been wanting one at Ibrox for a while. Hopefully Hearts fans are successful in getting theirs.

(Glagow, 2018-11-29)


Atmosphere at Tynie needs to be great again

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


I’m signing because Anne budget is scum

(Falkirk, 2018-11-29)


The sitting situation is annoying. No one complains besides budge. Fans not bans.

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


The atmosphere is dead and not what the players need.

(Longridge , 2018-11-29)


Create better atmosphere

(Melrose , 2018-11-29)


Will create a better atmosphere and also people can’t complain about standing.

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


Anne budge is a creep

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


I believe fans should be allowed to stand

(Dundee, 2018-11-29)


Cause l want to stand at home games

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


Something needs to change for the atmosphere at tynecastle. This will solve the problem of people complaining

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


To bring more atmosphere at games

(Musselburgh , 2018-11-29)


Fuck Ann budge

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


Want to stand and sign songs at Tynie

(Bo’ness, 2018-11-29)


I’m signing because there should be the options for fans to either sit or stand at games

(South Lanarkshire, 2018-11-29)


I agree

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


I have been a season ticket holder at tynie since 2013 and have been travelling from Sheffield England for many years before that. Safe standing would be ideal to have safe standing to help boost the atmosphere and to secure the continued support of the younger generation as we are the future of the hearts fan base.

(Sheffield , 2018-11-29)


I’m sick to death of my stadium turning from a coliseum to a morgue.

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


It’s the way football should be watched and enjoyed

(Bathgate , 2018-11-29)


It could resolve a difference between club and supporters while keeping a better atmosphere in the ground

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


Anne budge is a fanny and is driving away her clubs supporters

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


there needs to be atmosphere at football

(dalkeitg, 2018-11-29)


I feel passionately about the option to sit or stand at Hearts games and prevent unnecessary disruption within our support

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


Bring back standing as it enhances the atmosphere

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


I’m signing because budge is pushing fans away from OUR club

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


People should be able to stand in certain sections if they want.

(Lockerbie, 2018-11-29)


Fans are getting banned for standing at tynecastle even though they are supporters not customers and if they want to stand they should have a choice but a least with this it gives them a option and won’t lead to them getting a ban

(Midlothian , 2018-11-29)


Fans are being forced away from the club and the atmosphere is getting worse and worse each season.

(Fremont , 2018-11-29)


I feel we need this at tynecastle

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


Without fans football is nothing. What the fans want the fans should get

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


I believe safe standing will better the atmosphere

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


This needs to happen, folk want to stand! Tynecastle needs all the atmosphere it can get

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


After traveling 3 hrs each way for home games, the last thing I want to do is sit on a cheap and nasty seat with no leg room for 90 mins

(Aberdeen , 2018-11-29)


Some people prefer to stand and it should be an optional right

(Oban, 2018-11-29)


Stand free

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


It’s for everyone. It’s their choice.

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


My choice to stand or sit. Certain games you stand & bounce for 90 mins (pished) lol

(Newmains, 2018-11-29)


I think a standing section is important as well as naming the stands. I would say Wheatfield as "Dave McKay stand" and school end to "John Robertson stand".

(Penicuik, 2018-11-29)


I really feel like hearts need to do something like this it would be great for the fans and atmosphere

(Belfast, 2018-11-29)


I want to see a return to a decent atmosphere at Tynecastle as it is the worst it's been in the 35 years of regularly travelling up to watch my beloved club.
Sick of being told to sit down and shut up by folk who would be better off sitting at home watching a game on TV or shopping in Sainsburys on match days.

(Solihull, 2018-11-29)


I want Tynecastle to have a good atmosphere

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


We need an atmosphere at games and a Standing Section would bring this.We need an intimidating atmosphere,to help the players,therefore help the club.Tynecastle has the potential to be a stadium with an electric atmosphere but sadly for years,these occasions are a rare occurrence

(Aberdeen, 2018-11-29)


It will create better atmosphere ,and not everyone wants to sit at the games

(Saltcoats , 2018-11-29)


I want tynecastle to be loud

(Bathgate , 2018-11-29)


Fans should have the option to stand if they want

(Livingston, 2018-11-29)


I’m singing because it’s not a ******* library

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


We should have it it creates atmosphere

(Livingston, 2018-11-29)


It has to happen to for fans that want to stand it's simple

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


Tynie is awful lately.

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


I want atmosphere in Tynecastle

(Inverness, 2018-11-29)


I am a member of section H in tynecastle and would like the choice wether to sit or stand at home matches

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


Tynecastle is for football supporters! Hands off our fans budge!!

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


Tyncastle needs an atmosphere

(Inverness , 2018-11-29)


Tynecastle needs a standing section

(Glasgow, 2018-11-29)


Tynie needs to be bouncing, this would be the first step

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


Anne budge is a boot. We want our club back. Lets make some noise gorgie boys. Stand up if you want budge out.

(Edinburgh, 2018-11-29)


I think this would improve the atmosphere at Tynecastle Park

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


I understand that fans want to stand and sing however fans that stand in a busy seated section is inconsiderate to those around them. At last derby a few guys in front of me stood for large parts of the game, something I’m not particularly against, but there is an elderly man next to me that spend half the match staring at those guys’ backs and unable to watch the game. Standing sections works for everyone and will no doubt improve the atmosphere.

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


Ridiculous being forced to have to sit

(Inverness, 2018-11-29)


It’s good to have the choice and it would be great to fill in one or more of the corners!
I’ll be there for 10 or more years then retire out to give someone else the chance

(Uphall, 2018-11-29)


We need a good atmosphere

(Broxburn , 2018-11-29)


I agree there should be an option to sit or stand, Tynecastle is not a morgue

(Edinburgh , 2018-11-29)


I feel a standing section at Tynecastle would enhance to atmosphere and gives fans the option and not forced to sit down.

(Glasgow, 2018-11-29)