Westbury and Ethandune Banking Hub

This Petition is to ask Westbury Town Council to pursue a Banking hub in Westbury, through Cash Access UK, which would serve all the outlying villages and the town. Together this would serve a population of 21,500.



Many towns and villages throughout the UK no longer have bank branches available, including Westbury and surrounds. A new idea, developed by a group of banks, is to provide banking hubs that enable various banks to share premises. So they set up Cash Access UK to develop these. 67 have been set up so far, with 2 in Wiltshire (Calne and Wotton Bassett). They are open all week 9-5, with different banks "open" on separate days.

With a growing town and thriving businesses, having this hub will attract more people to the town.

If you want to see a bit more click on this LINK to take you to their website

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