Westbury and Ethandune Banking Hub



I think this will support the town positively

Bill Jarvis (Dilton Marsh, 2023-12-22)


Banking services are essential to the community if cash is to survive

Robin Mark Schols (Westbury, 2023-12-22)


There is areal need for this service in Westbury as there are no Banks. People need to pay in cheques and draw out cash.

Valerie Jarvis (Westbury, 2023-12-22)


We NEED a bank/PO in our community for every one to access.

Laura Raisey (Westbury, 2023-12-22)


There are no physical banking facilities in the area for those that NEED them!

Mark Kimberlin (Westbury, 2023-12-22)


It’s terrible that the village lost the post office, it was hugely supported and is a massive loss. Banks are closing all around but they are still also very much needed.

Angie Gibbs (Dilton Marsh, 2023-12-22)


There is a great need for this in the area.

Vanessa Graham (Westbury , 2023-12-22)


The area really does need something like a hub.. I can not get to Trowbridge that easily during the week.. so something local where I could possibly sort my banking needs (to me) is very helpful

Jon Wetherell (Westbury , 2023-12-22)


We need access to an actual bank - many people are not able to use online resources.

john weaire (westbury, 2023-12-22)


We desperately need banks locally

Sue Leigh (Westbury, 2023-12-22)


Westbury needs amenities and a banking hub is important for the community

Evelyn Naulls (Dilton Marsh, 2023-12-22)


We live in an area of very little infrastructure banks and post offices are at the heart of our community and are needed by all

Judith Fogarty (Westbury, 2023-12-22)


Westbury and surrounding villages are in desperate need of banking facilities in the town.

Gaynor Cromwell (Westbury, 2023-12-22)


We run a business and finding it extremely hard to put cash and cheques into our account.
First they closed our nearest Natwest bank in Frome and now our local Post office in Dilton Marsh.
It's not only affecting us but lots of elderly people need a bank as they don't use online services.

Adrian Linderman (Dilton Marsh , 2023-12-22)


We need this as so many are close now

Kelly Hughes (Wiltshire , 2023-12-22)


I’m signing we shouldn’t be isolating the elderly and vulnerable.

Amy Becker (Westbury, 2023-12-22)


I need banking in Westbury

Debbie Mead-Male (Westbury, 2023-12-22)


I live in Westbury and most people can't drive or walk far and Westbury town dead a bank will help us alot in the community

Cassandra Hancock (Westbury, 2023-12-22)


I'm signing this because there are very few banks around the local area now and think there should be a hub which will benefit everyone.

Roy Follett (Dilton marsh, westbury, 2023-12-22)


We need a bank in Westbury specifically for the older people that can’t drive

T Hilliard (Westbury, 2023-12-23)


We need more banks having to drive 20 minutes is not ideal

Kathryn Mockett (Dilton marsh , 2023-12-23)


the banks have conveniently ignored the fact that customers want face to face contact whilst baking and should stop trying to force everybody to bank online. at the moment westbury has no banks or post office.

rachel stroud (westbury, 2023-12-23)


We need banking facilities.

Rob Steele (Westbury, 2023-12-23)


A much needed service.

Nicholas Chidgey (Westbury, 2023-12-23)


What a great idea!

Debbie Cole (Westbury, 2023-12-23)


A banking hub would benefit local people

Tracy Middleton (Westbury, 2023-12-23)


Although access to banking services is not necessary on a day-to-day basis, many people need it for dealing with cash/change. There are occasions when internet banking is not available or does not meet a customer's needs.

Martin Honor (Dilton Marsh, 2023-12-24)


Westbury have no banks or building societies anymore
We need a banking hub

Dave Medley (Westbury, 2023-12-24)


There are no banks and we have just lost our post office in Dilton.

Brian Short (Dilton Marsh, 2023-12-24)


for a town its size plus all the surrounding villages it is ridiculous not to have any sort of bank. People still need one believe it or not.

Maxine Park (Westbury, 2023-12-26)


We need one for all the people a lot of do nt drive

Eddie Hughes (Wiltshire , 2023-12-26)


Westbury and surrounding areas are growing, residents have to travel out to the nearest town for banking services currently which some people find difficult x

Melanie Coupe (Frome, 2023-12-27)


A banking hub would provide essential banking services to the community.

Debbie Pepler (Westbury , 2023-12-27)


We need a bank and post office

Rebecca Newing (Westbury , 2023-12-28)


So many banks are closing, so a hub would benefit everyone

Michelle Jones (Westbury, 2023-12-29)


I live locally and despite the over development on this side of Westbury with hundreds of new residential properties built in the last five years, the lack of amenities continues to be a problem.

Natasha Wildman (Dilton Marsh, 2023-12-31)


We have no financial amenities/facilities at all in Dilton Marsh or Westbury!

Chrissie Burdett (Westbury, 2023-12-31)


The big banks are shutting everywhere we need more banking hubs in this country we need to take idea from others countries including the G7

Mark Evans (Warminster, 2023-12-31)


There are no banks in my local town (Westbury)

Nicola Galpin (Westbury , 2023-12-31)


Our town of Westbury urgently requires a system to bank.

Sheila Kimmins (Westbury, 2024-01-03)


Having some sort of banking/Post Office Hub is very necessary. Not everyone can bank online. Anyone who receives payment in cash cannot bank it locally. It may also help to stimulate local trade

Melanie Gale (Westbury, 2024-01-03)


Our town is in desperate need of a bank

Sarah Smith (Westbury, 2024-01-04)


This is so important, with the closure of the local post office, there are no other establishments to enable banking.

Chris Wildman (Dilton Marsh, 2024-01-10)


With the housing and population explosion Westbury has seen over the last few years it is a disgraceful state of affairs that its citizens (especially the infiirm and elderly) have no access to a post office or face to face banking! These services benefit and are a vital asset to a community. I am appalled at how little Westbury and Withshire councils treat Westbury with, what I can only describe as, disdain. Westbury Town Council is like a dog without teeth. What does our MP have to say about it? Once again 'the little' people suffer at the hands of those who are all talk and no action! I have to travel to Saisbury or Bath now to bank. I drive to Warminster just to send a letter or a birthday card to my daughter and grand children in NZ or my aging sister in St Lucia! How can that be right?!! Thought you wanted us to keep cars off the road?? What happens to those who can no longer drive or catch buses?? These services also provide a chance to see people and chat. Whatever happened to humanity!!!

Brenda Wise (Westbury, 2024-01-19)


We need both post office and banking facilities in the town also in villages as many of us do not have our own transport and public transport is not very regular. Without these facilities the town is sinking into becoming a huge bedroom facility where people just use it to sleep and then get into their cars to go to work, pleasure, schools, shopping etc.

Lorraine Sencicle (Dilton Marsh, 2024-01-20)


It’s an essential part of the community, good for local business and not everyone has access to online banking.

Simon Midgley (Bratton , 2024-01-21)


Cash is king and Westbury needs access to banking facilities!

gail fisher (westbury, 2024-01-21)


There is a need for this facility

Jack Luxford (Dilton Marsh, 2024-01-25)


My mother needs this

Lorna Fulton (Westbury, 2024-02-06)

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