Help Sowaar Bar Rezone



I love Sowaar bar.

Cherish Plaisier (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar Bar needs the rezone

Sinethemba Diko (East London, 2023-09-01)


We need Sowaar bar playing live music!

Herman Verwey (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Standing up for the bar

Claire Fordred (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I am signing because this excellent venue is under threat right now. People need to get behind them to keep it open.

Jackie Wilkinson (Simmersfeld, 2023-09-01)


The South African Music Industry needs more bars like this one. We need our musicians and they need venues. It's art, let them express themselves. What is happening to this bar is wrong. Let them rezone!

Mercia Harmse (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar Bar has been transparent about their intentions and are handling the matter with sincerity and integrity

Elizabeth Forson (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I want to go to sowaar bar to see local music

Gilbert Terblanche (Johannesburg , 2023-09-01)


Sowaar is an institution that should not be silenced.

Rachel Swanepoel (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


A small business is being absolutely nullified by a large national corporation.

Steven Terblanche (Jeffreys Bay, 2023-09-01)


This is a local business trying to sustain the families of the employees

Neil Bissett (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar is important to the industry and the youth

Tegan Thomas (Johannesburg , 2023-09-01)


We need to stop closing down businesses who are contributing in a positive manner to our city.

René Coetzee (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I support of sowaarbar

Carel Pieterse (Gauteng , 2023-09-01)


Sowaar Bar is an institution! A place that gives many an artist a voice, giving many a great show has been had here and many relationships have been made solid by the stories that have been made there.

Xander Venter (Centurion, 2023-09-01)


Im signing because i support artists and live music and entertainment

Gabrielle Erasmus (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


To help

Rudi Oosthuizen (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I’ve seen this happen before to places I love, that play the music I love, I refuse to let another go “gently into that good night”.

Henk Roets (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I am signing because I am a working musician

Marius Marais (Pretoria 8, 2023-09-01)


There are so few live entertainment venues available in South Africa, especially venues that accommodate for the alternative and metal scene. It would be an absolute waste to see Sowaar shut down, it would be terrible for the scene as well as the economy.

Laura Cayzer (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


Let the Music Play! 🍻

Nicky Nel (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I support the venue. Landlord is being unfair.

Prieur Du Plessis (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


We need to protect our live entertainment venues and small businesses at all costs.

Sam Theron (Durban, 2023-09-01)


I’m signing because this is a great venue that opens it’s door to all artists and people. Thomas worked hard to get it where it is. Sowaar Bar is an important space for the music industry, and the economy. Not only does he enploy countless musicians, he gives them the chance others wouldn’t.

By having Thomas not operate and zoned as a bar, is a disgrace and sad that landlords are like this.

Lets grow the economy and make Thomas focus on doing what he does best.

Corné Opperman (Cape Town, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar Bar needs to carry on, they've come so far let them rezone!

Mignon Dehning (Randfontein, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar Bar is the best live music venue in Pretoria and the landlord is a cunt.

Gerán Herbst (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


I want Sowaar Bar to rezone & stay open because it is a nice venue to host bands

Zandelee Lombaard (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I stand behind people/businesses who encourage live music and create a space for musicians to perform and for people to come together and enjoy!

Andrea Weichelt (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


The music must stay alive!!!!!

Michelle Surridge (Johannesburg , 2023-09-01)


Because I’m sick of people taking advantage of others who are honest and builds creative community.

Daniel Human (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Sowaar is a great pub & important live music venue

Franz Rabe (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


For Sowaar bar to be able to rezone so the fine can be scrapped

Duncan Potgieter (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


This was an amazing music venue and due to this problem many people are suffering

Kyarah Muldowney (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I believe all of the above mentioned singers should get NOTICED AND EXPOSURE ,due to the fact that I know how extremely talented they are …

Tish Zimmerman (Gauteng, 2023-09-01)


I hate bullies

Carl Koen (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I’m anti-bullying and I love Sowaar Bar ❤️

Ester Labuschagne (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I'm signing because South African Alternative Venues are the life blood of what we do as musicians. We need the venues in order to help us do what we love most and bring music to the masses! There are very few venues that even support the alternative/heavier scene and I am standing to help keep one of these rarities alive.

Sam MacKintosh (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


Right the wrong.

Andre Lotter (Cape Town, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar bar is a gathering place for musicians and music lovers and personally i dont want to lose that

Deard Erasmus (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Because bully landslords should be taught a lesson because of their selfish ways the government too!!!!

Johnny Niks (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Sowaar Bar is one of the best spots in Pretoria

Isabel Kruger (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


This is appalling, live venues in SA are already few and far between, we’re in crisis as a whole and the entertainment industry is a necessary joy of many people’s lives, not to mention providing a means for many to earn a decent wage as jobs ate scarce…

William Минчер (Uvongo, 2023-09-01)


The alternative music scene in Gauteng is still reeling from Covid and we need our venues more than ever. Musicians, sound engineers, merchandisers, promoters, and music fans suffer the most when a venue closes down and can no longer host bands. Keep Sowaar Bar alive!

Aleksandar Bulovic' (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


I'm signing because Sowaar Bar is a venue that supports local artists and does so much for the music scene. Sowaar Bar has helped so many artists and given them a platform to express themselves and their live out their passion! It would be a shame to see them close due to this.

Chamone Beere (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar Bar use to be a lekker place, with lekker live music and lekker food. We were there on Monday evening, with only 1 other table. After the shutdown of al most all other venues that use to host live music, Sowaar Bar use to be one of the last still running and providing a good time. Sad to hear and see this place so quiet.

Milandri Lombaard (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


This is a very necessary step forward in helping to maintain and develop the music industry within the Gauteng region.
As a Capetonian musician, Sowaar Bar is one of the few viable options that we have access to in this region to aid our touring efforts.

Kieron Brown (Observatory, Cape Town, 2023-09-01)


I am supporting the rezoning.

Benita Maraia (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


We need to keep the music industry alive with as many opportunities as possible!

Timo Crane (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


it's the right thing to do.

Keylim Mackintosh (johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


Please allow Sowaar Bar to continue operate as a place of entertainment!

Marnus Pieters (Centurion, 2023-09-01)


This venue plays a pivotal role in feeding people. Staff and musicians alike and that should be enough to allow them to make a living for themselves and everyone around them

TJ Bryant (Centurion , 2023-09-01)


I support local artists. Give everyone a chance under our South African sun. Sowaar Bar is a decent establishment and deserve better.

Lorraine Van Deventer (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar is a great entertainment bar and the landlords have been irresponsible for not allowing the tenant to rezone the place to help avoid the excessive fine

Jamie Gilleran (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I am against bullying!

Severin Curtis (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


This is unfair treatment!!!!

Antoinette De Jager (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


My company Audio Culture was the tech supplier to this venue, and since their live music license was revoked our crew has lost tens of thousands of rands of income.

Jaco Naudé (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I support a local business

Jenna Pijper (Randburg, 2023-09-01)


We need more music venues in PTA and I see no issue with allowing a rezone considering the surrounding businesses/properties will not be adversely affected by it as a live entertainment venue. As a small business, it is providing employment and uplifting the area as well as helping bands located around PTA have a voice and be advertised.

Megan Humphreys (Pretorial, 2023-09-01)


I believe in venues supporting local acts

Johan Jonker (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Sowaar baar is an amazing place, and the people need it.

Elmari Opperman (New canaan, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar bar is a aqesome venue. SA needs music and venues that support the growth of the music scene. As a musician we need places that support us as well. Would be such a shame for Sowaar bar to close due to this.

Adolf Jonker (Centurion, 2023-09-01)


This is a wonderful place that shares a passion for South African artists

Janine Kruger (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Pretoria desperately needs music venues. Sowaar Bar filled that gap in Pretoria for as long as they could, and presented wonderful entertainment. With respect to the owner's refusal to let them rezone... it can only be to the owner's benefit going forward too as it opens up this revenue avenue for him as well. Please let the venue come back to its full glory soon

Lydia Steffens (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


This venue provides a platform and income for so many artists, bar tenders and waiters. I find it disgusting how they are being manipulated in this situation. This needs to be resolved and they should be able to continue on as before. Stop killing the arts!!!

Niél Kruger (Centurion, 2023-09-01)


We need live entertainment, Job creation to the musicians as well as waiters!!

Wilma Greyling (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Dis, Sowaar! Dis die regte ding om te doen!

Lorraine Mayhem (Potchefstroom, 2023-09-01)


We need businesses to thrive so the economy can begin to gain traction. Where better than a place of art and passion? Keep it going!

Ryan Pringle (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I love this place, please let them rezone!

Mary-Ann Ferreira (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)



James Deacon (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


I support music and Sowaar bar was the place for see awesome bands! I was sad to hear that no more bands would be playing. This needs to come back!

Jarryd Hardam (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


We only have so much live music establishments... Sowaar bar is one of the betters!!! It's BS that they cant play live music in the evening while almost every other place in the Centre is closed!!!

Sebastian jooste (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


The artists need a venue to be able to express themselves as well as creating employment...waitress...sound engineer..session musicians...cooks.. managers and so on

Lizanne Peyper (Nelspruit, 2023-09-01)


There is no other place to enjoy OUR music live :(

Andri van der Westhuizen (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Helping Sowaar Bar!! #stopbullying

Chantel Engelbrecht (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I've lived in Pretoria and know how kak it can be when bars close for reasons that could have been avoided. Especially for the people that work there

Mumbi Mukuka (Lusaka, 2023-09-01)


I support Sowaar Bar and the opportunities they have created for small businesses and artists. My friend, a musical artist, started his career because of Sowaar Bar and the exposure he got. Sowaar Bar supported my small business aswell. They have a big impact on careers etc. The least we can do is support them back! Might I add they give incentives to artists, they created a platform for my business to advertise on their screens. They deserve better than this.

Carli Luyt (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


This is a great venue and it seems like the landlord is being unreasonable.

Lizia Coetzee (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


It's kak to bully awesome artistic people.

Charnéy Breakspear (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Covid lockdowns decimated the local music industry and it hasn't recovered yet. One would think that black letter municipal law and contractual disputes could be resolved amicably to assist venue owners, musicians and fans. This country is one big red tape nightmare. No wonder we have to beg foreigners to invest here. Ludicrous.

Marinus Mans (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


We need to support local businesses and talent in our community.

Priscilla Henning (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Sowaar Bar is like a home to me I used to work there and they have always treated me like family threw thick and thin. Will always love this place #laatditjuig

Garreth Romburgh (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Sowaarbar is lekker plek

Agatha van de Venter (County Kilkenny, 2023-09-01)


Because people's jobs are on the line. This is a decent entertainment venue, why in the world will anybody have a problem with this place. Get a life

Chris Van Deventer (Middelburg, 2023-09-01)


I'm signing this petition because I want to help sowaar bar to become an awesome venue again with live entertainment
Amazing atmosphere!

Michelle Coetzee (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Sowaar has the best passion and lo w for music... sowaar also allows other people to express their love for music.

Nico Kruger (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I love sowaar bar

Nicole Fernandes (pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I love the live music at Sowaar bar!

Hanri Sauerman (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Im in support of Sowaar and want to help by signing

Liam Pretorius (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


We all need live music and this is a venue that brings us some of the best live acts.
And is one of the nicest venues in Pretoria.

Brandon Potgieter (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


I am a longtime musician, but out of the industry for a while but still a huge music lover and I am sick of all the venues being bullied to close!!

Ryan Van Wyk (Johannesburg, 2023-09-01)


We miss our live music bar venue. Bring it back. Support music. Support entertainment. Support your people

Aldo Scribante (Rivonia, 2023-09-01)


I love this bar

Marnél Smit (Johannesburg , 2023-09-01)


I'm signing because this was a great venue supporting local artists. They have done everything in their power to try and accommodate the landlord but it sounds like the landlord is taking advantage.

Natalie du Preez (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Music is our culture and these guys take the risk to keep it alive.

Juan-Griffith Pollard (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I’m signing because Sowaar bar is an amazing place with great vibes. There are plenty of amazing people who work there. This legality is very unfair towards the bar since live entertainment is what they are known for. Justice for SOWAAR BAR!!!

Teagan Jansen van Rensburg (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


This is an unfair act and many people are and will be sitting without an income.

Tracy-Leigh Bouwer-Manson (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


We need live music

Juan Griffith (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I live in the area and the bar has never caused any issues, there is no reason for them to not operate as they want to

Laura Granger (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar bar is one of the go to places for friends to meet up and enjoy live music. They help promote local artists and allow music to flourish.

Charlotte Ulrich (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


We need a venue to play our music at

Tot Stilstand (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


We need decent music veniues like the Sowaar Bar.

Tinus VAN DER MERWE (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I love Sowaar bar!

Mignon Fourie (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Sowaar offered me a Job when I had absolutely 0 experience in the field, after the opportunity they offered me I worked there for one year as a bartender gaining incredible experience and meeting awesome people, besides being a place of lekker vibes, insane food and fresh drinks, Sowaar Bar has helped multiple artists grow their music career, I would hate to see this place just disappear.

Jared Smith (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I appreciate the intimate shows and love spending time there with my friends. Definitely the best bar in Pretoria!

Liezl Dawson Barnard (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I believe in the value of this venue!

Daniel Burger (Johannesburg , 2023-09-01)


I support sowaar bar to stop the oppression and bullying.

Kenneth Boonzaier (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


As a working musician in SA and as patron of live music venues I am signing this to show my support to the venue. These venues are crucial for working musicians like myself and so many others in SA for us to make a living . The music scene in SA is so in need of venues like Sowaar Bar and for it to face it’s demise because of something that can easily be fixed is unacceptable……!!! ….. #livemusicvenuesmatter 🤘🏻

Cashel O’Reilly (Komatipoort, 2023-09-01)


I support the efforts of Sowaar bar

Anton Ehlers (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


This music venue is being abused. Something is afoot and I hope many signatures make a difference.

Jonathan Scholtz (Johannesburg South, 2023-09-01)


I'm signing because Sowaar Bar is one of the best bars in Pretoria, and have hosted my favorite events I have attended. They deserve to stay open and thrive.

Anzel Van Zyl (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I feel that there are not enough good live music venues in SA and I want Sowaar Bar to be able to continue hosting gigs.

Lucas Swart (Cape Town , 2023-09-01)


I am a regular at sowaarbar and would love to see live acts there again.

Lazindie Hager (Centurion, 2023-09-01)


Live music and entertainment represents a significant social, psychological, and economic value. It is vitally important to safeguard this industry, and ensure that the places, few as they are, that facilitate this sharing of communal cultural consumption are celebrated rather than suppressed.

Mike Rhymer (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I want to see and play live music at Sowaar Bar again!

Mathew Fulton (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I want to support a small business, South African musicians and people trying to earn a living to feed their families.

Janine Reynecke (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


I’d like to enjoy live music at Sowaar again.

Charlene Carroll (Midrand, 2023-09-01)


I believe Sowaar bar is a cultural necessity to Pretoria East,that live music of this genre needs a venue here to be heard

John Hawtayne (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


Keep the music on.

Schonken HA (Mossel Bay, 2023-09-01)


As an artist that has performed at this venue, and met the people who run the events and venue to the highest standards. This is pathetic that they aren't allowed to rezone.
We won't let this stop this iconic venue.

DJ Dutchlord (Johannesburg , 2023-09-01)


Sowaar is the place to be

Georgia Platts (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I love this bar, the acts in the intimate setting are important to the charm and energy of Sowaar for me, and i want to see them continue

Chris Coetzee (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)



Michelle Fourie (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)


I’m signing because, this will help this business a lot, and help small bands to make their name one day.

Marius Buter (Pretoria , 2023-09-01)


Love the venue and specifically go there to watch live shows!:) Helps that it is just around the corner.

Marlize Young (Pretoria, 2023-09-01)

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