Save the 'Blue Skylink': Airport-Kegworth-Sutton Bonington-Loughborough



I use the bus to get to the supermarket because I do not drive

Cameron Wood (Kegworth, 2023-01-31)


I want to see the skylink Loughborough to Nottingham rural bus service retained.

Mark Porter (Kegworth, 2023-01-31)


I require the bus service to get to and from my work.

Thomas Hunt (Derby , 2023-01-31)


It is important for the local community and students of the campus

Charlotte Jeffries (Swaffham, 2023-01-31)


Myself and many people I know rely on this service to get to kegworth and the airport. I'm sure there are many people who use only this bus and rely on it for their freedom.

Rebecca B (Beeston, 2023-01-31)


I would like the bus service to keep working

María Ignacia Santoro Mattos (Sutton Bonington , 2023-01-31)


I use this bus regularly for shopping. I take it every other day from Sutton Bonington village to Loughborough.

Amin Aliyari (Loughborough, 2023-01-31)


I frequently use the bus to go into Loughborough for food shopping/cinema

Ameline Damy (Kegworth, 2023-01-31)


This bus allows me to travel back home safely especially later at night when the university hopper bus service is not running

Candice Billon (Wembley, 2023-01-31)


It's an essential service

Fraser Bohm (Kegworth, 2023-01-31)


I am a student at the university of Nottingham and my campus is the Sutton Bonington campus in Loughborough and the skylink gets me to uni and back when I don’t have a car

Scarlett Ketteringham (Nottingham , 2023-01-31)


As I live in kegworth and do not have a car it is one of the ways i am able to get to loughborough to access shops and get to the train station
There is not much public transport around there therefore taking this away affects many people

Abbeyrami Naathan (Kegworth, 2023-01-31)


I'm signing because I'm a local resident and I want to keep the buses. Losing the bus service will directly affect my family in a negative way.

Dawn Harrison (Kegworth, 2023-01-31)


I cannot afford and do not want to rely upon taxis.

Diane Browning (Derbyshire, 2023-01-31)


I don’t have a car whilst at uni, and use it to visit my sister in Loughborough and to go shopping.

Helen West (Derby , 2023-01-31)


I rely on this service and so do many others

Rebecca Mullaney (Kegworth, 2023-02-01)


I was told this service could loose its funding

Sharon Fajinmi (Loughborough , 2023-02-01)


Thinking about my course mates

Eliza Casparian (Derby, 2023-02-01)


It is the best link to loughborough for me

Grace Roberts (Hathern, 2023-02-01)


It is a vital service

Zack Ridley (Nottingham , 2023-02-01)


This is an important link for students without a way of getting to appointments, banks or larger retail shops. Without this transport link it could further isolate locals or students which can't drive

amber harrison (nottingham , 2023-02-01)


I’m signing because this bus service is very important to a lot of people living in Kegworth since the closest supermarket, stores, etc are all located in Loughborough. Especially for students without cars, it would be impossible to buy groceries and daily necessities without this bus service.

Annalise Tsang (Loughborough , 2023-02-01)


This is yet another rural service that has been put at risk. We are a very public spirited village and lots of things are achieved by volunteers - but we can't drive the buses ! Please maintain a regular service to support those who do not have their own transport or who are trying to be more environmentally friendly with their journeys

Karen Dayman (Derby, 2023-02-01)


This bus service is essential to my student life as I won't be able to get to the supermarket anymore

James Lawrence (Derby, 2023-02-01)


I need this service to get do my weekly shop and theres no other routes to get there. I also use it weekly to do get to my judo classes to further my practice

Connie Golder (Loughborough , 2023-02-01)


It’s a valuable and well used bus service that would impact lots of people nearby if it went

Isla Moor (Loughborough , 2023-02-01)


This service is essential to our village, which connects us to local areas and businesses. The lack of Saturday service is devastating

Karen Hood (Loughborough, 2023-02-01)


This bus service benefits many of the individuals, locals and students in the area to gain easy access to surrounding areas, that are important links for shops and major areas.

Austin Bellew (Nottingham, 2023-02-01)


I am Kegworth born and bed. This the only bus service at the Nottinghamshire side of the village. Only service connecting to Sutton Bonington and Long Eaton. It vital non car users to get around thw Midlands.

EMMA PETERS (Loughborough, 2023-02-01)


I lived on sutton bonington campus last year and worked in loughborough part time and without the blue skylink I would have had to walk to kegworth in my work clothes multiple days a week all through winter in order to make it there on time.
It is an essential service for non-driving students such as myself and many elderly people who I would share the bus with on the way into town.
Despite the yellow skylink still being availible for travel between loughborough and kegworth, removing the blue route from service would leave non-driving sutton bonington residents completely stranded from loughborough.
I chose to move into nottingham for my second year, primarily because of the poor transport links, and this would only make the problem worse.

Joseph Buckley (Beeston, 2023-02-01)


We don't want to lose this important link

jane.dudley jane.dudley (LOUGHBOROUGH, 2023-02-01)


Yes, I very often use this service to go to Sutton Bonington campus of my University from Kegworth especially during morning time.

Prabhjot Kaur (Derby, 2023-02-01)


I need this bus for university shopping

Rachael Hill (Stirling , 2023-02-01)


I use this bus for getting to work

Sharon Dakin (Derby, 2023-02-01)


I have no car and it the easiest way to get to Loughborough and back without paying an expensive taxis

Charlotte Gibb (Derby, 2023-02-01)


Due to my age I will probably have to relinquish my driving license in the coming years. I do use this service to the airport and Loughborough.

Ian Harrison (DERBY, 2023-02-01)


We use the selling to get to notts as well as get to sb campus

Ellie Skellett (Kegworth, 2023-02-02)


Older people like myself need it for Nottingham and the hospital.

Cynthia Ward (Kegworth, 2023-02-02)


Without this service Kegworth would be isolated for people who don’t own cars.

Donald Mee (Derby, 2023-02-02)


It’s important to keep good public transport connections to rural areas for those who can’t or shouldn’t drive

Helen Tanith (Kegworth, 2023-02-02)


I use the Skylink for trips to Loughborough & when going to the Airport
Coming up for retirement there’s an ever increasing likelihood that I may not be able to afford a car so will be relying on the service even more to get me about

Anne Porter (Kegworth, 2023-02-02)


Because I need it to access supermarkets

Louise Coutts (Kegworth, 2023-02-02)


I use this bus to Sutton bonington to use the doctors and visit family. I can't drive.

Rowan Hourd (Loughborough, 2023-02-03)


I don't want to see the service cancelled

Janet Leigh (Derby, 2023-02-03)


Public transport is a vital service to rural communities. Not everyone has the means to own and run a private car and stripping bus services further isolates marginalised people. Cutting public transport services runs directly against council targets of net carbon neutrality.

Matthew Doyle (Derby, 2023-02-03)


Although I am a car driver there are times when it is not okay to use it and the bus is essential to get anywhere outside the village. Also am aware of other folk in village unable to drive who rely on this transport.

Judith Warrior (Derby, 2023-02-03)


My children go to school in hathern

Lucie Marie (Loughborough Leicestershire, 2023-02-03)


I need this bus ti access local facilities

Halina Lezanowski (Derbys, 2023-02-03)


It’s a valuable service that keeps the village alive

Sarah Mills (Loughborough, 2023-02-03)


Shepshed is a town big enough to have a direct bus link to East Midlands Airport. Without the bus link the Shepshed residents would have problems getting to the airport and back, whether it is for work or going on holiday.

James Lees (Nottingham, 2023-02-03)


Bus services need to be more accessible not less

Zoe Hudson (Leicestershire, 2023-02-04)


It's an awesome service that gets used by all regularly

Connor McMenamin (Kegworth, 2023-02-04)


I live on the route, use the bus and don’t want to lose it!

Sally Varley (Loughborough , 2023-02-04)


We need the buses to fet to and from work .

Jessica Oldman (Loughborough , 2023-02-05)


I’m signing because I like to use the service weekends when I’m out socially or to take my children shopping

Lisa Picker (Kegworth, 2023-02-05)


I am signing up because this is a very important service to me that I use regularly. I already think that it is difficult to get around this area by public transport, Skylink is one of the 2 ways I am able to approach my university campus and the only way for me to approach the airport. Not to mention the dozens of villages that the route also connects.

Zsofi Gorbics (Nottingham, 2023-02-05)


I’m signing because this is really important service to the villages and communities

Sarah Barnett (Hathern, 2023-02-06)


We need this service

Claire Hutt (Shepshed, 2023-02-06)


I know several students who cannot afford to own or run a car and use this for essential travel and would be unable to travel to Loughborough without relying on others

Patrick Gregory (Rempstone, 2023-02-06)


I quite frankly think that’s it’s atrocious that our only major bus service is being stopped. How dare trentbarton deny the people of this village, particularly the elderly, without cars, their only reasonable route into Loughborough. I severely hope that they are planning to pay for the resident’s taxis when they need to go to the hospital or post office!! Ridiculous behaviour, you should be ashamed of yourselves trentbarton.

Hamish Metson (Kegworth, 2023-02-07)


I am signing this because, I would be a real shame to loose a service that all generation use and some depend on for work, college or going to do there shopping.

Nicole Wilson (Derby, 2023-02-08)


I want my friends to be able to continue using the bus network

Harriet Mole (Kegworth, 2023-02-09)


I use the sky link bus to get from University of Nottingham Sutton Bonington campus to get to Loughborough

Jarupat Namphunsuksan (Nottingham , 2023-02-13)


If you cancel the service I will not be able to get to work and back!

Olha Bielohlazova (Sutton Bonington , 2023-02-13)


I live in the village as does my mum who is concerned that the lack of bus service for the village would lead to her and many of the older village residents feeling very isolated. It is a life line for those unable to drive, including younger members of the village using it for college/work.

Caroline Tormey-staves (Sutton bonington, 2023-02-13)


It’s vital to many people in the village

Jess Bush (Loughborough, 2023-02-13)


The thought of having no public transport to get to our local town (Loughborough) is inconceivable in this day and age when as a nation we are being urged to use public transport more frequently.

John Griggs (Sutton Bonington , 2023-02-14)


I believe there are several people in both this village and Kegworth who are totally reliant on the bus service

Jill Skeavington (Loughborough, 2023-02-14)


It is important to maintain this lifeline for the local community

Adriana Hardisty (Loughborough, 2023-02-14)


I try to use the option of public transport when travelling into Loughborough, Nottingham and the option of Derby, especially in the afternoon/evening

j hutchison (Nottingham, 2023-02-14)


I have friends in Sutton Bonington and live in the next village and know what a huge loss it would be to the residents if this bus service was lost

Rachel Humphrey (Loughborough, 2023-02-15)


I want the service to at least continue as at present and hopefully for the weekend service to be reinstated.

Kenneth Davis (Loughborough, 2023-02-15)


This is a much needed service which will have a massive impact on local residents, and will just lead to more traffic on already congested roads.

Kerry Hawthorn (Derby, 2023-02-15)


A public transport connection is an important lifeline to the more remote villages. An investment in public transport (and promoting its use alongside) is an investment in our environment and a stronger sense of community.

Ian Morris (Sutton Bonington, 2023-02-16)


You can't just cut a village off especially with the older community 😔

Ian Howard (Loughborough, 2023-02-17)


This service is vital to a lot of residents in Sutton Bonington and the surrounding villages.

John Roberts (Sutton Bonington, 2023-02-17)


There are a number of people in the village who rely on the bus to get into Loughborough to do their shopping etc

Carol Talbot (Loughborough, 2023-02-17)


My parents need this vital service

Natalie Howard (Loughborough , 2023-02-19)


Young ones and non-driving people need this services to go anywhere from the village even secondary school, pharmacy or leisure centre

Javier Burgos (Sutton Bonington, 2023-02-19)


We need this bus service to remain through Sutton Bonington. Many people, including families rely on this service including those travelling from surrounding villages to take their preschool children to Sutton Bonington Playgroup.

Jen Berridge (Sutton Bonington , 2023-02-20)


Despite my own low use of the bus it is an essential service for the village for those without a car. The village is rapidly growing with the new build houses so I’m sure the take up will become higher.

Pam Tunstall (Loughborough, 2023-02-20)


I use this bus weekly for food shopping and leisure purposes.

Emily Ainsley (Sutton Bonington, 2023-02-21)


Transport links are vital infrastructure and should be preserved for use by those without alternative means to get to work/family.

Laura Stinson (Loughborough, 2023-02-21)


I’m signing because I can’t get around easily as it is and this service is a need for so many people

Ella Eckersley (Kegworth , 2023-02-23)


It's used

Jane Millward (Derby, 2023-02-24)


It is a vital service for village residents who do not have the use of a car

Michael Fletcher (Kegworth , 2023-02-24)


The service is a valuable amenity for the village

Rob Emery (Derby, 2023-02-24)


Loss of bus service

Michael Daly (Derby, 2023-02-25)


Once its gone, its gone....

Reuben Kemp (Nottingham, 2023-02-25)


People need this service to get to work and back

Jo Ainge (Leicester, 2023-02-26)


It passes the end of my road, its convenient to get to Sutton Bonington for work.

Clare Flitton (Kegworth , 2023-02-26)


i live local

Kerry Timmins (nottinghamshire, 2023-02-27)