Stopping Christ Church Yardley Wood grassing over our loved ones graves.



I’m signing this petition due to importance it holds for both me and my family, who have someone very special to us all buried within these grounds.

Courtney Rogers (Birmingham, )


I like to leave momentums on my daughters grave

Dolan Dawn (Birmingham, )


My beautiful Nans grave will be effected by this

Josie Bonehill (Birmingham, )


I don’t want my parents grave touched

Glazebrook Dawn (Birmingham, )


I think it's a terrible thing to do, very upsetting and unnecessary, why change things now, causing so much upset to people who are grieving for their loved ones.

Elizabeth Pugh (Birmingham, )


This matters to families I know

Vernadene Huson (Bromsgrove, )


My mom has been resting there since 2004 and now they want to grass over it all my mom's resting place is a place I can go and lay flowers and gifts and this law came in in 2006 and I know my family have not been made aware till this year leave our

mark black (Stourbridge, )


My parents and many family members are in the graveyard xx

Jeanette Owen (Birmingham, )


My cousin is buried here and her grave means a lot to us as a family. It's heart breaking that this would be allowed to go ahead.

Katie Amos (Solihull , )


It effects my parents grave

Pamela Beedon (Birmingham , )


Our daughters grave is one of the graves affected by this ruling.

Jason Taylor (Birmingham , )


The affects my daughter’s grave. It is in a part of the churchyard that is visited by grieving families frequently. Which is the whole purpose of church yard. It’s kept nicely. We find the thought of her body being walked over deeply upsetting.

Sarah Moran (Birmingham , )


I’m signing because my Nan and Cousin are buried here and their graves have edging and are beautifully kept. My family not only keep our graves well tended but much of the area too. We will be devastated if this is allowed to happen.

Mandy Taylor (Birmingham, )


We lay my nan to rest here in 2013 and was never made aware of the 2006 plans if we was made aware before she was lay to rest we would have changed her resting grounds

Larissa Treviss (Birmingham, )


This is very personal to me as I have a child that passed away but buried somewhere else leave them alone you really don't know how much this effects family's the thought of someone even touching any deceased's property makes me sick leave them alone.

Amanda Slattery (Birmingham , )


My cousins grave is here and this is causing my family much upset.

kayleigh Amos (Birmingham, )


I’m in Australia. I want to be able to visit the resting place of my family when I come over to the UK as I am limited in my time to do this when abroad. This is distressing to many families of the deceased, please reconsider.

Sarah Camilleri (Sydney, )


My parents ashes are at the church

Karen Stanier (Solihull, )


Friends family grave there

Siobhan Oliver (Birmingham, )


I'm trying to protect my moms grave

Denise Cartwright (Birmingham , )


My cousin is buried there. A little girl whose family grieved and grieve and who now grieve at the prospect of edging stones being removed so that anyone can just stand over her grave, dogs wee on her. This is an awful thing to do.

Anna Newson (Walsall, )


This shouldn't be happening

Bev Phillips (Birmingham , )


I'm signing because I think it's unfair for love ones to be forgotten and walked all over after people have things in place to remember their love ones

Sarah Littleford (Birmingham , )


This cemetery is a place where local families visit and pay respects to their loved ones. They keep the graves tidy and loved like a little garden of love with personal belongings and a place to feel reunited with lost ones. The places of rest look beautiful.

Lisa Fielding (Warstock, )


Because I know some of the families this will affect. Its hard enough losing a loved one and to think that the only place they can find a little peace something to look after to know they won't ever be forgotten. To lose this space so it appears neater is not very god like is it. Leave it alone, shame on you.

Susan Kendall (Solihull, )


My friend has her niece there and the resting place will be grassed over and it's very upsetting to all who love her

Lorraine Hooper Fletcher (Birmingham, )


Absolutely disgusting! This can not happen!

Daisy Pedley (Birmingham, )


This cannot happen!

Vanessa Cale (Solihull , )


Friend buried here

Lauren Bentley (Wollongong , )


I’m signing because this affects someone I know

Bekka Whitelock (Banbury, )


Think everyone's resting places should remain where it is

Jordan Katie ( Birmingham , )


I believe in the cause

Izzy Lowry (Birmingham , )


The church shouldn’t be causing so much distress to people.

Jules Barlow (Sutton, )


I have family resting in this graveyard and there graves are looked

Michelle Howard (Birmingham , )


I am supporting my bestie x

Brooke Kendrick (Solihull, )


I think it is wrong to grass over the graves of peoples loved ones

Ellie Walton (Birmingham , )


I have loved ones in the cemetery

Donna Gilligan (Hall Green, )


I am signing because my auntie has been in this graveyard for years now and would find it disgusting that people could walk all over her grave that should not be allowed as also anybody else that has been buried in the cemetery the plot of the grave was paid for so for somebody else to have the right to tell you what you can do with it is not fair I am totally against this !!!

Mike Appleby (Birmingham, )


I am signing this because I have family in this cemetery.

Angela Fradley (Birmingham , )


Because it is inhumane to take away the only place people can go to visit & commemorate their family, especially people that take care of the grave this is appalling behaviour and karma will get to you

Daisy Larkman-Green (Birmingham , )


There should be kept the way there are and show respect to the dead

Marie Seeby (Birmingham, )


Im signing this because I have many family members buried at this church

Rhian Thomson (Birmingham , )


We have paid for this plot. We maintain it, in memory of our loved ones.
Taking this away is taking our grief management.

Louise Murphy (Lifford, )


I have family buried there

Susani Gregory (Birmingham, )


My cousin's little cousin is here and I don't want her to be walked over

Natalie Tea (Birmingham , )


I think this proposal is shocking and inconsiderate

Connie Hirons (Bromsgrove, )


Family graves

Peter Camilleri (Woolooware, )


The nature of this petition is awful why would anyone want to grass over somebody's grave? Under any circumstance this is morally wrong

Joshua Doyle (Birmingham , )


My grandparents are buried there and we do not want their place to be forgotton

Danielle Edgington (Birmingham , )


This is disgusting and people deserve a place to rest

Connor Powell (Birmingham, )


My great nan is in them graves and I dont want her grassed over how aporling and inconsiderate

Laura Mytton (Birmingham , )


It is unbelievably distressing to the families, totally disrespectful and inappropriate.

Nicola Salter (Tadley, )


This affects me as some of my close family members are interred in this part of the cemetery and l have no wish to see their resting places disturbed by this unnecessary work, unnecessary because the long existing lay out has been maintained and cared for over many years.

Tony Dingley (Oldbury, )


Graves that are lovingly tended should not be disrespectfully grassed over

Siobhan Duffy (Birmingham, )


My mother in law is laid to rest at Christchurch and has been for over 13 years.I have made a wooden frame and it is wiĺl looked after.We can leave flowers in vases and special momentous.If this goes ahead and the graves are grassed over our personal touch is taken away from us.We paid for a plot not somewhere just for a headstone we could have done this at many graveyards in the ares

Terence Wright (Birmingham, )


I am signing this petition because our granddaughter is resting in this grave yard and we feel that she should never be disturbed

Mary Moran (Birmingham , )


My cousin is buried there

Laura Milligan (Halesowen , )


Our dead relatives and those mourning and missing them deserve our thoughts and respect

Matt Roche (Solihull, )


My mom is also buried at yardleywood.

Peter Lewis (Birmingham, )


This should not be happening to anyones loved ones grave

Helen Taylor (Birmingham , )


I think this is an absolute disgrace. How can people do this.

Colin Noakes (Birmingham , )


I have family in that cemetery. How can you take away peoples rights in what they put on loved ones graves . They paid this church alot of money to have their grave there . Its so impersonal .

Mandy Jones (Birmingham, )

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