Support LGBT people at UoR after pro-conversion therapy for trans people talk



screw terfs, protect trans kids

Hannah Almond (READING, 2022-04-26)


HLS and RF are TERFs and belong in a bin

Lucille Blumire (Reading, 2022-04-26)


I'm horrified and angry that my university would give a platform to such blatant transphobia. How can the university claim to support diversity, including trans and gender-nonconforming people, while allowing a talk like this to happen? Total betrayal.

Freya Brodrick (Reading, 2022-04-26)


No student should ever have to have a teacher speak on how they shouldn’t be allowed to exist. It’s vile and inexcusable

Ashe Choi (Brighton, 2022-04-26)


Trans rights have and always will be human rights 🏳️‍⚧️ And will continue to stand with the community

Naomi Lee (Reading, 2022-04-26)


I want to do something to protect people from "feminists" spreading a genocidal project.

Elliot Steissberg (Pullman, WA, 2022-04-27)


No one should have to hear hate speech

Beth Evans (Reading, 2022-04-27)


Trans rights are human rights

Selina Bieri (Reading, 2022-04-27)



Brandon Tester (High Wycombe , 2022-04-27)


This is an absolute disgeace to allow such a speaker in a so called "lgbtq ally"

Rhys Dent (Reading, 2022-04-27)


Discussing conversion therapy as if it can be a “neutral stance”, or fair point of careful debate, is deeply amoral. To use the framing of rationality on such an abusive, and frankly genocidal, act exposes a deep and rotten prejudice against the LGTBQIA+ community that distorts any good intentions the university may have had.

Nigel The Ancient (London, 2022-04-27)


Trans rights are not "a debate" and inviting speakers who have actively discriminated against a marginalised group is a slap in the face to students and staff who make up that group. Academic freedom doesn't mean freedom to spout hate speech.

Laur Armitage (Milton Keynes, 2022-04-27)


fuck terfs

Αποστόλης Καραμπίνας (Athens, 2022-04-27)


I'm deeply sorry for anyone trans or cis who had to breathe the same air as this hateful bigot. Anyone who has been negatively affected by her hate speech, I'm so sorry and I want you to know you are amazing.

Jennifer Phillip (Wallasey, 2022-04-27)


This is a disgrace. End all support supposed conversion torture immediately.

Ryan Cuggy (Toronto, 2022-04-27)


No one deserves to be talked to about how they shouldn't be allowed to be themselves

Joe Aird (London, 2022-04-27)


conversion therapy is cruel and does not work. allowing this speaker at UoR was against its own policies.

Janet Patterson (Cotati, 2022-04-27)


I want to support my lgbtq+ brothers, sisters and non-binary siblings.

Alexandra Alter (Salt Lake City, 2022-04-27)


Trans rights!

Daniel Lengfeld (Oberhausen, 2022-04-27)


In 2022 the fact that people are even still considering barbaric conversion therapy is utterly appaling, let alone a University inviting someone in to speak about it.

Duncan Morison (Cupar, 2022-04-27)


Conversion Therapy is*****ed up and very cringe

Abigail Williams (Reading, 2022-04-27)


In today's political climate, we cannot afford to present anything less than a united front against the injustices facing LGBTQ people everywhere, especially against Trans people, one of the most vulnerable, and targeted groups. The Uni of Reading has a responsibility to protect the health safety and wellbeing of it's student body, and by platforming known bigots that support the abuse of trans people through conversion therapy, it has failed in this cause.

Joseph Reddaway (Cleveland, 2022-04-27)


i support human rights

Robbie Gunn (Fife, 2022-04-27)


Torture is immoral, and people that support it should not be platformed.

Michael Underwood (Gainesville, 2022-04-27)


I am a nonbinary student at reading university and I'm so so tired of the existence of myself and all of my trans siblings, especially my transgender sisters, being attacked by an organisation that has said they want to protect us.

Robin Clarke (West Wickham, 2022-04-27)


The UoR has chosen to take an at best neutral stance on whether to ban the use of a form of torture. This is well outside the realm of healthy discussion or debate, it’s just irresponsible.

Lauren Taylor (London, 2022-04-27)


I'm a supporter and member of LGBTQ+
I'm also supporting my friends.

Georgina Mitchell (Aldershot, 2022-04-27)


Conversion therapy is outdated inhumane and baseless, not to mention inaccurate. The Uni of Reading really showed their disgusting stripes in trying to add to the demonisation of trans ppl

Esther Omoyele (Warrington , 2022-04-27)


It is extremely inappropriate for a University to bring a speaker such as this to promote hatred against trans women.

Branden DeVault (MOSCOW, 2022-04-27)


Conversion "therapy" is a crime against humanity and it is shameful for the University to violate their own code of conduct and allow a supporter of these abusive practices a platform. This does not further open discussion or the advancement of knowledge - it harms trans people and harms society. The University must apologize.

Emma Bjork (Sacramento, 2022-04-27)


Conversion "therapy" is torture. No academic institution needs speech "free" enough to allow for the advocation to torture. There is no medical or scientific basis for conversion torture, and there is deep medical basis for believing that many trans people have a neurological or neuro/endo basis for being trans.

Associate Professor Paige Treebridge

Paige Treebridge (Chicago, 2022-04-27)


It's abhorrent for an educational body to invite someone to speak in favour of torture of any form

Tess Sherlock (St. Andrews, 2022-04-27)


Human rights aren’t up for debate

Euan Bowman (Glasgow , 2022-04-27)

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