Support LGBT people at UoR after pro-conversion therapy for trans people talk



This talk was an active way of disrespecting the trans community. Not only that, it seems to have been an advocacy to actively hurt people that identify as trans. It is insane that the university allowed this to happen, making part of their students feel unwelcome and unsafe in their environment.

Isa Van der Hout (Reading, 2022-04-26)


The fact this was allowed is absolutely disgusting

Jack Brown (Bracknell, 2022-04-26)


As an international student I was promised a safe environment for my year abroad. It made me but most of all my trans friends and family here feel unsafe and challenged in something that they shouldn't have to face challenge for: Their identity.

Sina Shirin Hetkamp (Reading, 2022-04-26)


Does UoR not care for the content or quality of its public speakers? This should not be tolerated by the University, creating a dangerous environment for the array of wonderful LGBT+ staff and students.

Cal Carey (Birmingham, 2022-04-26)


I fall under the trans umbrella. This should not be allowed to happen to any marginalized group.

Tom Raffle (Coleorton, 2022-04-26)


I think it's disturbing that someone has that opinion and is allowed to openly discuss it a university forum.

Saif Maher (Reading, 2022-04-26)


I'm signing because Trans people are under systemic threat from our government and the active promotion of it by the UoR was harmful and against their own code.

Shae Moors (Bracknell, 2022-04-26)


It’s wrong

Holly Wells (London, 2022-04-26)


Conversion therapy is inhumane.

Diogo Gutierres (Lisboa, 2022-04-26)


Conversion therapy has been deemed as torture

Sofia Taylor (Reading , 2022-04-26)


I am gay, and I don’t need a therapy.

Wolfgang Kirst (Reading , 2022-04-26)


conversion therapy is torture

Harry Goldstone (Norwich, 2022-04-26)


Trans people need more protection than ever, and the university is failing at that point

Nathan Booth (Guisborough, 2022-04-26)


As a trans student it's horrible to think a university, a safe haven for many to explore their gender and sexuality is actively suggesting torture for them.

Emlyn Jenkins (Nottingham, 2022-04-26)


Trans Rights

Max Rona (Montgomery, 2022-04-26)


Trans rights are human rights

Max Stampp (Weedsport, 2022-04-26)


Trans rights are human rights.

Crystal Del Grosso (Sioux Falls, 2022-04-26)


Exclusionary hateful ignorant shit to subject people to

Aeda Lior (Stevens Point, 2022-04-26)


Trans Rights are civil rights, and no students should be made unsafe in their place of education. Conversion therapy is torture, flat out, and there should be no exceptions in it's banning.

Jacob Zelman (Vancouver, 2022-04-26)


I want the university to recognise it's lax safe gaurding measures around this. They cannot hold debatess on people's *fundemental rights*

Kirri Kiteley (Hinckley, 2022-04-26)


Fight Fascism when I can

Marina F (Warren, 2022-04-26)


LGBT safety is important

Matthew Diamond (Las vegas , 2022-04-26)


I am signing this because this supposed ignorance is vile. Treating this like a debate, like torturing children is still up in the air is a blatant failure of basic academic integrity.

James Maxwell McGinn (Houston, 2022-04-26)


I'm signing because the rights of LGBT people are not up for debate, and the legitimizing of abuse and torture is morally repugnant.

Ellis Vesper (Newport News, VA, 2022-04-26)


There is only so many ways we can state that conversion therapy is wrong. The fact than an university or any institution platforms someone who defends it is shameful and disgusting

Ivan Zumeta (Madrid, 2022-04-26)


I'm signing this because my people need to be stood up for across the world, and if we can't be stood up for then we'll stand up for ourselves.

Brooke Sickle (Mesa, 2022-04-26)


I really don't think an explanation is necessary as to why platforming a conversion therapy advocate is wrong.

Zak Cole (Plymouth, 2022-04-26)


Because I strongly believe this lecture should never have been allowed to take place. This is promoting hate and ideas like these are dangerous to promote. It’s the literal torture of the LGBT+ community.

Grace Marlborough (Reading, 2022-04-26)


I am a parent of a trans child who attends reading university

Siân Dennis (Swadlincote, 2022-04-26)


I worry that talks such as the one given by Dr Holly Lawford-Smith will encourage harassment and abusive behavior toward trans and gender-nonconforming people. Not only at the University but on a larger scale.

Tim Bauer (Reading, 2022-04-26)


This egregious disregard for facts or the safety of the students at UoR harms everyone.

Joshua Rodman (Oakland, 2022-04-26)


I want trans students to know that some adults care about their safety and happiness even if UoR doesn't

Sophia McAllister (London, 2022-04-26)


Conversion therapy is literally and so obviously torture. Promoting practices that lead to death ensures blood on your hands as well.

Ruby Staggs (Alton, 2022-04-26)


I’m signing because conversion therapy is not on and you can not change who you are

Ashleigh Moore (Bedford, 2022-04-26)


Trans rights are human rights; trans women are women. You cannot call yourself a feminist if you support excluding trans women from women's spaces.

Anne Manluccia (Pennsylvania, 2022-04-26)


I am signing because the separation of trans people from the rest of the community in relation to conversion therapy is disgusting. This is because it gives backing and justification to transphobes and their supporting of conversion therapy, defined in the US as torture. Having this lecturer speaking in of itself is disgraceful due to her strong transphobic stance and clear bias and agenda in this topic. Allowing this lecture to take place shows a clear lack of care and support from the university, as well as displaying their lack of empathy and understanding. The entire situation is shameful and genuinely heartbreaking, us students deserve better than this.

Mia Jackson (Reading , 2022-04-26)


I'm signing because people should be allowed to do what they want without closed minded old people and their descendants telling them they are not allowed

Florence Childes (Toulouse, 2022-04-26)


This is harmful to future, present, and past members of the University of Reading community.

Emily West (Reading, 2022-04-26)

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