Prevent the City of Cape Town from shutting down the Rocklands and Eastridge Clinics, in Mitchell’s Plain, South Africa



I support this fully! We need more services in our communities.

Gavin Joachims (Cape Town, )


I fully in support of this petition.

Saul Markgraff (Cape Town, )


I'm signing the petition because we need the health services in our Area in Rocklands. We also don't have transport to the next health facilities as we live in an disadvantaged area. Our health services is also part of a need as we already have a pandemic in our hands.

ZURRIMA Arendse (Cape Town Mitchell's Plain, )


I'm signing because I'm using the clinics service in Rockland's Mitchell's Plain every two months for health care services.My 6 year old daughter is Asthmatic.The clinic in Rocklands provides an excellent service to our community and the staff are professional and treat their clients with humanity .It is cost effective for me to go to the clinic in Rocklands.Please do not close down the clinics because I strongly believe other clients in other communities in Mitchell's Plain also need the clinics in their area.Thank you.

Theresa Roelse (Cape Town, )


I'm signing because I live in Rocklands Mitchell's Plain. Our communities has a huge amount of unemployed people who would not have travelling money to go to other clinics.

Nadia Ismail (Cape Town , )


I am concern of what is going to happen to people with children that are sick even those that's getting their TB medication from the clinic... It is a major concern to everybody in the community

Joyce Geldenhuys (Cape town, )


Where must we go,it's in our area and safe for us why should we struggle to get to another clinic people lost there jobs because of covid how inconvenient will it be for them to travel to a next clinic 🤔

Zandre Jones (Cape Town, )


It cannot be that resources to poor communities get closed down due to City of Cape Town miss use of budget allocation.

Rashied Joseph (Cape Town, )


The clinics are so over crowded already.
Now u must travel with money you dont have

Avril Loubser Powell (Mitchells Plain , )


That is one if the facilities that's a need we have children and grandchildren that's in need if this service

Lorraine Barron (Capetown, )


I don't want the clinic to close ites doors

Er Cloete (Western cape, )


I'm signing because the community needs this healthcare facility. Many people are unable to go to other facilities because this 1 is convenient and in their areas. I grew up in Rocklands and this has been our healthcare facility since I was little and my kids attend now.

Madineah Swartz (Cape Town, )


I'm a Mitchell's Plain resident with family members attending the Eastridge Clinic. What happens to the patient's when these clinics close? How will the health be monitored? Where will they get their medication?

Zaakiyah Emjedi (Colorado Park Mitchell's Plain, )


It's our political right to have a government clinic in our area as we don't have access to private institutions due to poverty.

Tasleema Fortune (Cape Town, )


As a resident and concerned member of the public, not everyone can afford to go to clicks or a pharmacy. I hereby attach my signature and confirm my disapproval of the shutdown of the Clinic.

Bronwyn Brown (Cape town, )


It's so unfair that a community that's already living in Poverty will have to fork out more money to travel to different clinics. The purpose of the clinic is to see to the well being of our kids and for the less fortunate without medical aid. If the COCT really works for the community I would like to know on which basis this decision were made and the people that agreed to it?

Charmaine Van der Vindt (Cape Town, )


I'm also using Rocklands clinic alot a have two children under 10 years old... I don't need money to get there we just walk and my baby don't have to be sick very long because I can take them immediate.... But if it closes its gonna be a very big problem because then I need taxi fee for 3 people that gonna cost me 60 rand that I don't have because I don't work then my children gonna be sick or die because I don't have money to get to the clinic

Joy Klein (Capetown , )


The closure will have a sever impact on all other under resourced CHC,S within Mitchell's Plain and surrounding areas.
Community health Centre , especially in areas where the service is a necessity, CANNOT be shut down.
The elderly and parents of infants will now have to find alternative means of having to get to a health facility , at the early hours of the morning, using public transportation, with the hopes of being seeing too by a medical professional.
This decision MUST be reversed and the affected facilities be upgraded, instead of being shut down.



How stupid. Where must these people travel to. They hardly have food and now they must spend money on a taxi to the nearest clinic. It just shows, once the votes are in the City does what pleases it and forget about the needs of the people.

Feroza Green (Cape Town , )


As an ex-nurse I feel that it isn't necessary for the people in my community must travel out of their area to go to other clinics which already is overcrowded. We deserve the right to Healthcare facilities in our own communities.

Priscilla Maart (Cape Town , )


I don't agree with the shutdown of the clinics.Health services are very important for the community.My grandchild is asthmatic & she's using the services & also other mothers for their babies.

Johanna Roelse (Cape Town, )


I'm signing because my 8month old daughter goes to Rocklands Clinic for her check ups and injections. It will be inconsiderable of you to shut the clinic doors as my child has a folder at Rocklands clinic and the staff work ethic is indeed of excellent service. Therefore for me personally I disagree with this notion of closing Rocklands clinic.

Kurk Witbooi (Cape Town, )


I want to keep the clinic open

Jacques Africa (Cape town, )


Where must our people go,and all the facilities are at Eastridge clinic;like speechtherapy etc.....enough is enough

Sybil Woodman (Cape Town , )


Public services shouldn't be closed

Venescia Lawrence (Cape Town , )


Clinics are needed in rocklands and eastridge!!!! do not shut down

Saieda Ryland (Mitchells plain, )


I'm signing because my daughter and son attendsbthe Rocklands clinic

Zaib Johnson (Cape Town , )



Lillian Simons (Rocklands, Cape Town, )


Mitchells Plain already has a tremendous shortage of infrastructure. You just have to look at the very long queues and long waiting periods at clinics.

Gavin Elie (Cape Town, )


I do not want the closure of clinics. There are so many people who are dependant on the clinics

Lisa Africa (Cape Town, )


I am against clinics being closed!!

Chanelle Smith (Cape Town, )


I want the clinics to stay open, there is no valid reason to close it.

Melanie Rayners (Cape Town, )


My family and other families have been using these clinics since it opened

Gasant Hendricks (Cape town, )


My autistic 3 year old receives speech therapy at Eastridge clinic as its the only available option. Red Cross and Lentegeur District Hospital both referred me to Eastridge clinic. If the clinic closes so many underprivileged kids and mothers that need the vital server's they provide will be left without the needed medical care they needed.

Athena Stone (Cape Town, )


I am in support of grassroots health facilities being accessible in your area and opportunities for employment for local people

Mogamat Shade (Cape town , )


The community needs the clinics

Magdalene Grovers (Rocklands, Cape Town, )


I'm signing this to ensure we get equal and sufficient services across COCT. i also don't agree with the process of first making possible decisions without consulting the community.

Jonathan Cupido (Cape Town, )


We need more clinics not less

Nariema Salie (Cape town, )


We need this clinics in our communities.

Yusrah Bassier (Cape town, )


Im signing because we the residents of Rocklands need to be close to the clinic as we poor people wont be able to afford transport to get to the nearest clinic. Poor community.

Zubeida Arendse (Mitchells Plain, )


People in our area need the clinic we don't all have money to go to a doctor and pay r400 for a doctor so we need our clinics open

Leight Neud (Cape town, )


How can clinics be closed when it is placed there for a reason. Sending people to other area clinics will then mean over crowded clinics what happened to social distancing? What happened to covid still being out there and constant new variants being man made? This makes no sense if they cutting costs its really a dumb decision

Lecritia Roberts (Cape Y , )


Why dont they close the red zone area clinics, the cost the city more, upgrades are always needed, security personnel always is increasing. That is not cost effective if the City want to save money. Eastridge delivers services for alot of areas, Clients living as far as Crossroads, Samora, Tafelsig, Mzamomhle and Phumlani attends this facility, because of the excellent quality off services

Janine Isaacs (Cape Town, )


Closing the clinics is not an option. There's already not enough medical facilities to service Mitchell's plain

Leon Filander (Cape Town, )


It is needed in our community. Not everyone can afford a private Dr when our kids r sick

Patricia Abrahams (Mitchells Plain (7789), )


The clinic of Rockland's is a big help to our community for our babies is they are sick family planning and ourTB clinic was one a big help to me and my husband so please keep it open for us who don't have traveling money to other clinic s

Wela Lawrence (Cape town, )


I'm signing this petition because I'm thinking of the old and poor people that won't be able to afford to go the other clinics

Arries Dorothy (Cape Town, )


Service delivery in Mitchell's Plain has been failing the people for many years already. We need more not less.

Zainab Adams (Mitchell's Plain, )


I attend the clinic

Shakiera Abrahams (Cape Town, )


I'm signing because where must we take owe children if we don't have money for taxi fare

Maryann Swartz (Cape Town, )


I feel its unjust to our people from Mpln to close down our health facilities, Where should our old people go and those less fortunate who can walk to the day hospital.

Mitchell's Plain is a city on its own so we need our Day hospitals to accommodate the numbers.

Renchia J (Cape Town, )


Juliet Harris

Juliet Harris (Capetown, )


I always go there wen my kids are sick and also to get my contraceptive. I'm in need of their services please do not close Rocklands Clinic.

Claudine Windvogel (Cape Town, )


That's the only clinic I go to for my son because it's near to my house and it's near for any emergency concerning kids

Tiffany Brown (Cape Town , )


I want the clinics to stay its a huge help 2 us with kids

Bevan Williams (Capetown , )


I'm signing this because the community needs the CLINIC

Eugene Booysen (Cape Town, )


I am not happy with the closure of clinics, people are already living in poverty, no money for food let alone having no money to travel. This is in sane the white areas where the rich live have clinics and money. You wanna close the clinics that are serving the poor people for so many years.. I am appalled as to thinking. What Has Become Of Our Beloved Counrty, we are saying NO to the closing of these clinics. People are alrealy struggling to get jobs, where would they get money to travel to the day hospital that is far from the clinic. Where ARE ALL THESE POLITICAL PARTIES that our people VOTED FOR. WHAT ARE THEY SAYING.

Helen Engelbrecht (Cape Town, )


We need the local clinic's they serve the poor n create health care tht we need

Liezel Marters-Smith (Cape Town, )


People need these services to live quality lives.

David Watermeyer (Cape Town, )


I dont want to see the closure of the basic services or clinics in Eastridge and Rocklands

Xolani Malazibuye (Cape Town, )


This is one off the public clinics my mum makes use off when fetching her medicatiom

Cheryl Lottering (Cape Town City, )


The clinics cant close cause our people need the clinics

Jolene Gallant (Western Cape , )


I'm signing because we need this clinics to be open,it service for our community

Hendricks Shiyaam (Mi, )


It's wrong alot of people need to travelling to different destination

Shannen Smith (Cape Town , )


I'm signing due to the fact that I don't want the clinics to close. We need it.

Lynn Hendricks (Cape Town , )


There are too many people who will be disadvantaged by the closure of these 2 clinics. The risk of untreated diseases (TB, etc) and medical problems will increase. Transportation to get to a clinic will become a big problem for the less fortunate. Over crowded clinic, frustrated staff and angry patients on the remaining open clinic. Population is growing and service delivery is already a major problem. Please dont make it worse.

Maryon Sedres (Cape town, )


its not fair to us as woman that need the clinic



I believe primary health care must be brought closer to the people, especially in less affluent areas

Graeme Adams (Mitchell's Plain , )


This clinic serve 1000 of people, the door are walk through by many under privilege people from the community. Staff are over worked because of the amount people they see daily. Keep Rocklands Clinic open

Dilshaad November (Cape Town, )


Those clinics at the door step of our communities are needed...
The City of Cape Town wants to privatize primary health care, this is reckless and selfish.

Bridgette Nkomana (Cape Town , )


I'm signing this because we need more health care facilities instead closing it.

Lesley Ray (Cape Town , )


Our whole Primary Health Care System is under threat. As the Indigenous Khoi Khoi Peoples of the False Bay Cochoqua Tribe we have the Right to Pre,Prior, Informed Consent.
Chief Farouk Davids

Farouk Davids (Cape Town, )


Where am I supposed to go if our clinic closes?

Juanay Russell (Cape Town , )


That the only place where we take our children it close and safe and in service is quick. Especially when our kids get hurt at school that's where the educators take them if the Dr is close they open late. We don't want to lose ou clinic plz.

Farieda Tallard (Rocklands, )


It is not fair to such a large populated area it is against our bill of rights .

Tiffany Avontuur (Mitchells plain , )


We need change

Carl Houtsamer (Capetown , )


Because I have two kids and live near Rocklands clinic.

Kaylin Williams (Cape Town, )


The Coct is taking g our communities for granted

Daniel Rass (Cape town, )


My parents get there medication here

Janade Arends (Cape town, )


Im a chronic patient and must get treated at a clinic. Im a pensioner of 75 years of age .

Andrew Albertyn (Cape Town , )


I disagree that they close it

Jade Baartman (Cape town, )


Im signing because the city needs to consult and take other concerns in considerations pensioners disable umemployed the lot

Mohamed Faried (Mitchells Plain, )


I'm signing because I reside in Rocklands and myself and my kids are dependent on Rocklands clinic which is a 10 minute walk away when my kids are sick.

Petula Maxiniva (Cape Town, )


I'm signing because me need these clinics in our areas as it is a great help when our kids fall ill as a unemployed mother of 3 it take that strain of spending money also beneficial for tb sufferes to get their medication and mental patience and pensioners please do not close these clinics.

Deidre Fortune (Cape town, )


The community needs this service here.Our babies,children,TB patients ok.


Nazerine Goliath (Rocklands Mitchell's Plain, )


It's convenient and close by for our people with TB and aids (HIV), mommy's with baby and young kids immunization.
If you take this away. Our people won't go and will get more sick.
Only change the staff. Coz they damn rude and have no passion for people. Give me the job. I will run that clinic and work for my community. But u employ people who don't have a passion yet they get the jobs.

Gail Augustyn (Cape Town , )


How can the city close these facilities when the community need it in the area. These facilities are the life line for those who are in need of medical care.

Charmaine Solomons (Mitchell's plain Cape town, )


Rocklands Clinic is convenient and near to me so if it should shut down I'll have to give out taxifair to get to nearest clinic or hospital and what if I don't have money and my child very sick.So think about the mother's that don't work or the grannies that is looking after their grandchildren.

Janine Herbert (Capetown , )


We need our clinics in our area ,where must our lod folks go , it's bad enough as it is with the hospital issues we face here in the Plain

Chanquin Russel Ashley (Cape Town, )


I'm signing this petition because is not right what they doing to the people where will they go if the children is sick everyone dont have money to go to a doctor

Francis Jones (Cape town, )


We need our clinics

Charnae Lawrence (Cape Town, )


What if our baby's get sick and u don't have money and Rocklands Clinic is just a walking distance and it is free of charge

Claudette Samuels (Cape Town , )


I have two children including myself depending on this health facility in my area.

Ursula Blankenberg (Cape Town, )


I have grandchildren that attending there an is our community heath care centre that is needed on a daily basis Where we are going to get extra traveling fares to go where ever.

Bonita Hoskin (Cape town , )


I'm signing this petition because where is our babies gonna go for immunisation

Chevonne Losper (Cape Town, )


I'm signing because it's wrong to close down the clinics, while more people are going to suffer, and be lost, health care is important in these communities, most can't afford to go outside their community for health care.

Natasha Henniker (Cape town, )



Tonichia Williams (Cape Town, )


I am a gaints

Dolores Goliath (Cape Town , )


Im from mitchells plain and lots of family and friend of mine.
All of which who use the facilities because its close to home and travelling required

Lorenzo Coe (Cape Town, )

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