Reopen Asda Hatfield's back door to be more accessible and connect with local businesses



I'd like to see more freedom of movement in Hatfield Town centre.

Helen Quenet (Hatfield, )


I grew up in Hatfield and still regularly visit. It's vital that Asda take this simple action to increase accessibility for disabled people and connect the store with the wider town centre.

Abigail Rowse (Nottingham, )


I created this petition because Hatfield matters and we need to do more to protect the future of our town centre.

Tim Rowse (Hatfield, )


I'm signing this because I am less mobile. It would make life so much easier being able to access the town via Asda!

Lorraine Tate (Hatfield , )


I used to use that entrance regularly.

Simon Archer (Hatfield, )


There is no valid reason to keep it closed now. There is no control at the main front doors anymore. People are allowed In the Out and vice versa. People are allowed in without masks, without being challenged??? Please be considerate to disabled and older shoppers who can't walk far.

Gill Cooper (Hatfield , )


I'm signing because its unreasonable that the town centre door is closed, do Asda want all the other shops to fail and close, because there causing a monopoly for buyers, I'll still use Adsa for my main shop, that wont change, dont take away my choice.

Lynne Hollier (Hatfield, )


They should off open due to fire hazard

Julie Beck (Hatfield, Hertfordshire , )


Vulnerable and elderly people need easier access to Asda.

Sheila Archer (Hatfield, )


My 92 year old grandmother struggles with the pointless walk around the whole shop to get in to Asda from the town centre where the doors should be open!

Lauren F (Hatfield, )


Asda is wrong to keep closing this exit using any excuse possible. They clearly dont care about the rest of the town or the annoyance to their customers. Especially disabled its a long walk to go around

Joanne Kennelly (Hatfield , )


It's been shut long enough

Patricia Woodland (Hatfield, )


Accessibility ✨

Alen Jose (Hatfield, )


This would help Hatfield to be more accessible to disabled residents as well as allow customers to more quickly shop in the entire town centre,

Vincenzo Di Bella (Hatfield, )


its just common sense that these doors are open for easy access to the rest of the town!

kenneth ling (Hatfield, )


Asda should help Hatfield's shoppers by opening their back door to make it easier for them to access the town centre.

Lyn Lye (Hatfield, )


I’m signing because I want Asda Hatfield to reopen their back door, which opens to the rest of Hatfield town centre.

Valdik Bianchi (Hatfield , )


It would bring more people back to rest of town

Brown Nicola (Hatfield , )


This has been before lockdown. I am disabled and am.not able to walk all the way round to the backmentrance, shop.and walk back. I am adamant the closure has not helped the town centre shops. I've stopped shopping at asda as I now have better shops inn the town Euro Store, Iceland and other independents

Julia Davies (Hatfield, )


Because once it's opened again it will be accessible for the disabled and bring business back to the town

Ian Coles (Hatfield, )


I'm often using the ASDA and town centre for shopping, I usually have two kids with me on the weekend, and opening the doors on the other side, would make life much easier when the car is parked in that far end, as walking with kids and shopping around is massive waste of time, and unwanted in todays times crowded surroundings for longer. Also not all shopping's are done just in ASDA

Wojciech Goj (Hatfield, )


The back door is far more convenient for pedestrians, plus it connects Asda with the town - important as the town needs all the help it can get at the moment!

Lucy Hornberger (Hatfield, )


I go to Asda often
It is an inconvenience to only use the front door if I also want to shop in the town centre

Kamila Blackburn (Hatfield, )


Asda have duty to open all its doors when it is open,
Don’t shut one door and open other ! Planning officers shut down Asda and give them Notice to vacate, if they don’t adhere to common sense to open all the doors when the store is open, close all the doors when they are shut.
Common sense prevails ,
Asda use your brain open all accessible door when you are open, close all doors when you are close !

Mo Ali (Hatfield , )


It’s now time to re-open the back door at Asda (Hatfield) in order to make shopping easier for customer access and to re-connect Asda with the rest of the town centre -
‘One Community’

Una Harman (London, )


I’m signing because having this door closed limits peoples easy access to the town centre ….

Sarah Burgess (Hatfield, )


It would benifit the town.

Sally Webster (Hatfield, )


I’m signing because I agree with the above statements made by Tim Rowse

Claire Langbridge (Hatfield, )


Its a right pain to go shopping in asda and the rest of town centre with it shut..its like they have cut themselves off from town and dont care about cutomers needs..

Ashcroft Cathy (Hatfield , )


I am much more inclined to shop in Hatfield as it is the town of my birth and I still meet with a lot of friends there. Having to walk into Asda, shop and then go out of the front door to go to the other shops is a pain as I have a mobility problem.

Laura Churchill (St Albans, )


I think it would really help people to open the back door.especially the elderly.

Norma Stubbs (St.albans, )


I believe this will help the elderly and disabled people of Hatfield.

Justin Shine (Hatfield, )


It's a nuisance being shut and having to walk right round to either get in to the store from the town end or leave by the town end .they are just trying to capture all the business as people cannot be bothered to go round

Andrew page (Hatfield hertf, )


the back door means you can access the car park easer and get to the other shops for people with mobility issues this is very important, with the door shut this stop people from going to the shops in town.

Louise Dormer (hatfield , )


I use this shop as it has food products you can't buy elsewhere in the area. However, keeping the back doors closed shuts off the shop from many pedestrian visitors coming from the town centre. Asda prioritise the car park store entry, for those who arrive by car. I can understand why they would do that, but they should not deter town shoppers from also visiting. You could argue that they are discriminating against non-car owners, people who are unable to drive through disability or simply can't afford the expense of a car. Asda seem to feel it's fine for their store to site on the edge of the town centre, sucking the economic life out of it, but not fine to give all sections of the community the chance to take benefit from their competitive prices. I'm sure they have concerns about shop lifting but that should be a fairly easy nut to crack. Do the right thing Asda, get the back door open.

Will Davis (Wewlyn Garden City, )


I am a resident of Hatfield feeling frustrated when I want to access the town centre after shopping in Asda

Dorcad Chideme (Hatfield , )


It has affected all businesses in the town centre and when they built Asda they had to keep the doors open into the town centre in the planning of Asda store

Cw carpets ltd Wexh (Hatfield , )



Anam Salman (Hatfield , )