Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?



Another power tripping Freemason.

Dave Alexander (Rockingham, 2022-01-04)


Even the WHO Chiefs have said that rich countries that are pushing boosters will prolong the pandemic and create more variants!
Also many many other reasons ! Mandates are a weak political stunt !

Luke Luke Davies (Australind, 2022-01-04)


I don’t think mark McGowan is capable of running WA

Shane Nepe Falconer (Perth , 2022-01-04)



Frances Coyne (Perth, 2022-01-04)


What Mark McGowan is doing is crimes against humanity plain And simple!

Mel Laugharne-Davies (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I'm signing because he has encouraged businesses to break laws and discriminate against me and after 35years of continuous work with no problems

Robert Mounsey (Stratham , 2022-01-04)


I am signing because I am sick of having basic human rights taken away from me when they prove absolutely nothing but giving someone who is supposed to be working for us a power trip! I also want to be able to see my ailing mother on MY TERMS!! 😡

Kevin Bennett (Ridgewood WA , 2022-01-04)


I am signing this because he has become a dictator. These Mandates need to stop as no one should have a right to tell you what to do with your body and no one should be coerced to do it or loose everything they have worked their whole lives for. He need to go.

Ilona Blackburn (Seville Grove , 2022-01-04)


I see a very dark side of history repeating itself. It is clear that our current leaders are not only extremely uneducated and ignorant but also dangerous for our countries future.

Lisa Cumalkovs (W.A, 2022-01-04)


Because mark McGowan is defying basic human rights and sabotaging our economy

Rosal Mullins (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan has derogated my right to work in violation of Article 23 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 6 of the International Covenant on Social and Cultural Rights.

My right to bodily sovereignty in enshrined in the Commonwealth Constitution Act Section 51xxiiiA which forbids the conscription of medical and dental services.

McGowan is also in violation of Magna Carter 1297 which states that the liberties of a person must not be disseised nor are they to be exiled. McGowan has done both.

There are no emergency powers in the Commonwealth Constitution for Mark McGowan to rule by decree. Under the Constitution it is we the people who are sovereign and supreme. Mark McGowan has no authority to dictate to anyone. He is elected to serve and do what we will. Not the other way round.

Roger Bright (Banksia Grove, 2022-01-04)


So many reasons I can't list them all, mandating vaccinations to work, travel, enter pubs, movies, locking us in the state, locking our families out, lack of hospital beds, crowed hospitals, lack of nurses, Drs due to mandates....the list goes on...

Jane Humphrys (Scarborough, 2022-01-04)


I’m petrified of needles an have never felt so pathetic and powerless been drugged up on pills to be able to walk in the surgery to get one

Matt Girling (Perth, 2022-01-04)


He is abusing his powers now, passing new laws under state of emergencies, his earnings have substantially changed since he has pushed covid vaccines, coincidence? He needs to go

Bryce Hollins (Wickham, 2022-01-04)


Can’t be trusted

Chris Bloffwitch (Adelaide , 2022-01-04)


He is totally out of control and is not working for the people. He must be removed from office

Ryan Williams (Dunsborough , 2022-01-04)


Yes he should

Charles North (Kendenup , 2022-01-04)


I am signing this petition because the science has proved that the vaccines are in fact harmful to individuals or so I believe. Data also shows that most deaths are to people that are vaccinated.

Pranas Urbonas (BALDIVIS , 2022-01-04)


He has betrayed all citizens of Western Australia. He is power drunk and has accepted millions of dollars to destroy people's lives with mandates restricting peoples right to life, work, travel, and safety.

Craig Tompsitt (Perth, 2022-01-04)


He betrayed people of WA and destroyed many lives, from loss of employment to a death from mandated experimental jabs.He should be jailed and put into Nuremberg 2.0 Court trial for a crimes against humanity

Vesna Borcic (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I want mcGowan out of office

Janet Menhennett (yangebup, 2022-01-04)


Mark is out of control and isn’t listening to th people of WA or the science surrounding mandating vaccinations

Darren Sharp (Perth , 2022-01-04)


I am sick of this tyrant preaching hate and division. Creating apartheid and fear.

Christine Owen (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I have lost my job due to his f@$cken mandates! How is this legal?

Adam Bunter (Perth , 2022-01-04)


Over the mandates and coercion

Michelle McDonald (Kalgoorlie/Boulder, 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan is incompetent premier and is not serving humanity’s highest good

Serina Bonning (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Constitution violations

Paul Burns (San remo, 2022-01-04)


Because Mark McClown is a liar and hypocrite, who hasn't had the jab and lying about the mandates. He is part of the Labor's Fabian team

Leigh Wilcox (Westminster, 2022-01-04)


Lost faith in the leadership of the western Australian government . Has not listened to the people who voted him in . Destroyed peoples livelihoods due to mandatory vaccination

Jay Mills (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I’m signing because the McGowan government are corrupt. These covid restrictions & so called health directives are against human rights & the Nuremberg code. The covid injections are experimental & there is more than enough evidence to support that.

Annette Hill (Preston Settlement, 2022-01-04)


Science is being ignored.

Sarah du Preez (Perth, 2022-01-04)


He does not serve the people any more. He has lost the plot. He has ruined and is continuing to ruin lives. He is not fit to be a leader. He is a puppet to the global elite.

Paul Mac (Perth, 2022-01-04)


He has illegally mandated trial vaccinations under false pretences which are clearly causing more damage than good. I am now suffering side effects and his third booster mandate means I will
now lose my job anyway as I refuse to damage my body any further. He needs to be held accountable for his crimes against humanity not just lose his job.

Tina Batson (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Mark needs to go and so does all other politicians that are power hungry, everything he says is a lie and the goal posts keep moving and im directly effected heavily.
Not going any where near my kids nor will I be coerced into a booster shot that is of no value like the rest of the shots.

Fabian Morrell (Perth, 2022-01-04)


McGowan is a tyrant

Nicolas Ciombras (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Mark Kim Jong McGowan has overstepped his authority and threatened my job, my safety and my kids safety

Justin Jordan (Perth, 2022-01-04)


McGowan is pure evil just like the rest of them. I only FEAR GOD & not these Satanic Bastards!

Valerie Thomson (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Our constitution says medical procedures can't be mandated

James Dunne (Boulder , 2022-01-04)


He is a criminal who is destroying lives

Kelli Jane Rose (Mount Melville, 2022-01-04)


McGowan has got to go.

Ross Findlay (Perth, 2022-01-04)


McGowan is psychopath drunk on his own power. He has knowingly broken every covenant with his unlawful mandates and is personally liable for all the pre meditated harm he has personally inflicted on every Western Australian

Steve Taylor (Perth, 2022-01-04)


This coercion mandates are absolutely a breach of our human rights! We should NOT be forced into making a "choice" or losing our jobs.
Unbelievable. And even more Unbelievable that he keeps making the boosters mandated! When are the lies going to stop !?

Keshi Caruana (Bunbury, 2022-01-04)


So much mistrust due to lies and deception. People's health mental as well as physical has taken its toll. The over to top reaction to a flu.

Jason Marrott (Perth, 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan is a disgrace to Australia

Chris Serone (Karratha , 2022-01-04)


The absolute abuse of the soe powers has been disgusting and all the health advice needs to be made public asap.

Bd Soutar-Dawson (Perth , 2022-01-04)


I’m signing because***** you mcgowen

Dylan Guy (Perth, 2022-01-04)


The tyranny needs to stop!! It's time for the world and WA to learn to live with covid in our community

Catherine Marinovich (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I feel the same

Vetter Norman (Forrestfield, 2022-01-04)


I have lost my job, 3 out of my 4 children are double vxd and now need boosters, hubby double vxd. If anything happens to any one of them, I’m coming for you

Jeanette Casey (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I am appalled McGowan is breaking our constitution and black dilingbus all

Dani Hewton (Australind , 2022-01-04)


Segregation of people over vaccination status will only bring hardship on people

Troy Sully (Scarborough, 2022-01-04)


We can not afford another Adolf Hitler!

Christian Leder (Karratha , 2022-01-04)


I believe the premier is over stepping his powers to course people to take an experimental drug

oliver walker (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I do not agree with the mandates. Mandates are not law and they go against our basic human right to decide what goes into our bodies and to be able to earn a living without having to take an experimental medication. Vaxxed and unvaxxed carry the same viral load according to many scientists and immunologists and can often transmit the virus equally so mandating a jab that doesn't stop you transmitting a virus or catching a virus is illogical

Kylie parnell (Jerramungup , 2022-01-04)


I am signing this because. every leader elected to represent the people should hold our concerns with life and death with the upmost importance and respect .
He is playing god , installing fear , withholding life changing information .
My grandfather was a brigadier and the president of the weld club and taught me to listen to all , be kind to all and to never ever abuse your power .
Money and fear is driving this mans decisions , not science and not us the people .
He has single handedly made a common , arrogant decision with life and death .
This is a crime to punish his people , drive them into poverty and demand them to inject a substance that can , may , has damaged hundreds of thousands innocent lives around the world .
Shame on you Mark Mcgowen , you are a coward who will go down in history hated .
This is your legacy to your children ..
Very sad , i’m glad your not my father and you do not have the common sense to be our leader ...

dee newbery (perth , 2022-01-04)


Suck my ass mark McGowan

Sharnaya Maka (Bunbury , 2022-01-04)


Midwife and nurse 15yrs. Unemployed for refusing to accept a government mandated medical procedure.

Abby Comery (Perth, 2022-01-04)


You can not discriminate full stop
Especially when this is an experimental injection

Jodie Jardine (Western Australia , 2022-01-04)


I'm signing because we should not have to be vaccinated to put a roof over our heads or feed our families we should have a choice and you have removed that from us the people, you have forgotten who you work for we the people put you there so we the people need to remove you you have become a power tripping tyrant and remember what happens to them

Paul Mcginley (Karratha , 2022-01-04)


Mandate vacvinations is not a law, it's an OPTION, but he's made it an enforcement where so many people & families are going to be affected. Also, denying our 3 teenagers from getting back into their childhood house where we raised them im WA, even though they're all double vaxxed.
Vaccinatuons clearly aren't working. Look around the world & even in Aus! Make it voluntary. Stop dividing families & destroying workplaces. A lot of unnecessary steess & potential further mental health issues long term.

Kate D (Dalyellup , 2022-01-04)


Myself and wife have now been stood down from our jobs, 3 kids, Mortgage, etc all because we refuse to comply with a Mandate that is not LAW you do not own our body's Mr McGowan and for you to take peoples income away from them to no longer support there family's for a virus with over a 99% survival rate, not only should you be removed from office YOU SHOULD BE HUNG for TREASON!

Cameron A (Bunbury, 2022-01-04)


I would like to see Mark McGowan being removed as he is not serving the people but corrupt and only looking out for his own best interests

Steven Olivier (Jindalee, 2022-01-04)


All governments are corrupt. They are abusing their power and creating medical segregation. Mandates need to stop now!!!!!!!!!

Michael Flick (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I believe he has over stepped his role. I believe he is causing physical and mental distress on residents of wa un necessarily

Larna Berwick (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I have no faith in the majority of the corrupt, current Government including that in my home state of WA, particularly Mark McGowan. I would be VERY glad to see the back of him.

Jendy Lawrence (Bunbury, 2022-01-04)


Mark Mcclown is a dictator, psychopath and a crazy bastard who deserves to be put in prison at the best.

Manuel De Freitas (STIRLING (WA), 2022-01-04)


For the better good

Clive Govan (Newcastle , 2022-01-04)


I'm signing this petition because I want Mark McGowan out!!! He has too much power and I don't agree with his mandates

Michelle Gatt (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I'm signing because i don't like to be prevented from going to work whilst i am healthy and able to perform my job. My body, my choice.

Dejan Sirko (Embleton, 2022-01-04)


People did not vote for McGowan because he "kept us safe" as many falsely believe. He won because West Australians still had relative freedom when compared to the rest of the world who ensured harsh lockdowns in 2020.
McGowan has deluded himself and is nothing more than a fascist dictator who does not represent We The People. It's time to go. He just be replaced with a premier who respects freedom and bodily autonomy.

Steve Kendall (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I have lost my freedom on rights to my own body.

Tracey Coombs (Perth, 2022-01-04)


I don’t agree with any of his lockdowns, mask wearing, Signing in, mandates and he is lying to the public about the many jab injuries. He has blood on his hands

Raelene Yaksich (Perth, 2022-01-04)


He is a liar, he is manipulating statistics to make this virus & its variants look far worse than they are. He is putting the burden of policing medical apartheid onto businesses, taking the burden of proof from the politicians, Cheaf medical officer & The health minister onto individual shops & businesses.

Pat Williams (Perth, 2022-01-04)


McGowan has lost the plot and needs to go, this is Australia, this is not communist China!

Julian Schrauth (Success, 2022-01-04)


Mark McGowan has brought segregation and discrimination back to our state and is a power/money hungry hypocrite. Disgusted at his snap decisions.

Kelly Monastyretskyy (Caversham, 2022-01-04)

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