Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?



He is a criminal

Greg Dover (Perth , )


McGowan is an idiot.

Paul Jeffery (Sydney, )


McGowan needs to step down. He is ruining lives.

Kylie Williams (Clarkson, )


I think Mark McGowan is a dangerous man who shouldn't be in parliament particularly on decisions that affect our health and freedom.

Maureen Barker (Perth, )


I’m signing because he’s sold WA out , he’s being a dictator , for him this is about control and ushering in the NWO and not about the people he’s supposed to serves health and well-being!

Lea-Anne Hewer (Perth , )


His actions are against the constitution and international laws regarding human rights.

Michael Ewins (Perth, )


Chairman MaoGowan has too much power. His policies and covid plans are immoral and at best illegal. Remove him now.

Michael Harris (Perth, )



Catherine Hodge (Australind, )


I’m very unhappy with the way he has been conducting the mandates and the way he talk is to people saying life is about to become very hard if you are unvaccinated it’s nothing more but a threat. He has definitely crossed the line and it’s time for him to be removed

Marta Durczak (Perth, )


All of the above

Bill Ellis (Perth , )


Mandates are destroying the economy for no reason. Lies upon lies from our governing bodies

Regis jacques Tranquille (Geraldton, )


Lost my job because of McGowans over reaching mandates. Him and his cabinet make up up their own "Health Advice", and he promotes segregation within the West Australian community.

Adam Holmed (Perth, )


Because he is a despot!

Chandra Ventouras (Perth, )


I agree with all the statements above and we need to learn to live with this not let it control all lives.

Samantha Openshaw (Perth, )


Because he's not telling the truth.

Dave Johnson (Perth, )


I believe all of these corrupt people should be removed from office and trialled for crimes against humanity.

Tammy Della vedova (Narembeen, )


This man does not represent the people. He does not have our best interests at heart, nor does he know what is best for us.

Josie Lundy (Ashfield, )


I have been locked out of wa for 21months with my two young kids 8 and 4 who were both born in wa and both their fathers are there. The wa gov response to covid has beem barbaric and a grosse breach of human rights.

Tanya Veronesi (Sydney, )


Mark McGowan is a liar! His running of the State is unlawful and criminal. He is driven by self interest, greed and power. He needs to be removed ASAP as he does not have the health interests of the people of WA.

Maria Ryan (Perth, )


This man is using his authority in an unlawful way. Mandating people with no choice but to participate in an experimental medical procedure. Blackmailing,” no jab no job”. This flys in the face of the Nuremberg Code which Australia has ratified. His actions have caused division in our country and in our state. Making vaccinated people out to be the carrier of disease, and to be banish from any form of entertainment and any other basic human rights, that the vaccinated will be able to enjoy. With no science behind that decision, both people carry much the same viral load. Two tiered society is not what a free country is about. “We are all in this together”. Well not if this man has his way.

Darlene Marsh (Mullaloo, )


He is not a leader, and he does not work for the people.

Dale Robinson (Morley, )


Mark has destroyed working families with his bullying tactics through mandates

Dave Holdcroft (Bunbury , )


McGowan is a dictator!
It is against my human rights to make me have a jab to work!

Murray Wakefield (THORNLIE, )


McGowan Is not doing what’s best for us, he is ruining many people lives.

Zoe Wood (Gidgegannup, )


This Premier is destroying Families

Anne Ham (Point Vernon, )


He’s an money hungry egomaniac and has lost touch with reality! He needs to go!

Lia Neason (Perth , )


This man is completely out of control. Now threatening people to do as he says or else? It is painfully obvious that he is benefiting financially from all this and must be held to account.

Ryan Hawkins (Perth, )


Not happy with the vaccine mandates or McGowans treatment of intelligent unvaccinated people

Chris Hill (Yanchep , )


McGowen is a criminal for committing Crimes against Humanity for mandating untested and unproven biological agents to be injected into people.

Moe Soliman (Perth, )


I'm signing because I believe McGowan is acting illegally and there is zero justification for him to introduce and maintain emergency powers.

Harvey Rose (Perth, )


This man has no right to be making the decisions and forcing and coercing people into taking an experimental vaccine.

Holly Stewart (Fremantle , )


Mark is abusing his position, working outside his responsibility, causing mental health problems, threatening , causing separation of family’s , is a traitor, lies , and is committing crimes against humanity

Rob Grieves (Mandurah , )


He is no longer an adequate leader for the people

Pennie Deale (Karratha, )


I do not support the his policies and the way he handle the border closure

Puay Ong (Perth, )


I did not vote for Mark McGowan. The things that he is doing are criminal. He has no regard for anyone who wants to question these mandates. People are dying and getting injured from these vaccines. This must stop now.

Michelle Burns (Mandurah , )


I agree with all of the above points-- esoecially the underfunding of our hospitals-- crucial!

Kirsty McIntosh (Perth, )


I’m totally disgusted with the way our premier Mark McGowan has treated the people of Western Australia with his mandates and coercion of all individuals within Western Australia.

Lindsey Edwards (Burns Beach Perth, )


I am signing because everything Mark McGowan is doing is unconstitutional I believe in my rights and my freedom

Domenica Macheda (Western Australia, )


i have had enough of his hitler like way of running our state of WA and the mandates for vaccines to work!

Rory Mckinney (Perth, )


Medical freedom for all

Kristy Price (Perty, )


McGown has totally lost the plot and not fit to be a leader!
Leaders bring people together not divide to conquer!!!
He should be ashamed of himself and his behavior! Bullying is not tolerated in our school but OK for Premiers to do it???

Sharon Doodewaard (Dampier, )


The forced vaccinations are an invasion of peoples basic human rights. Nuremberg 2.0

Dave Walker (Perth, )


I don't believe the vaccine should be mandated and I don't believe we should be punishing people who think differently to the premier

Jen McNab (Dunsborough, )


We left WA because we were trapped in the Pilbara! Now my mum is stuck here and can't return home to Mandurah and she is DOUBLE VAXXED!

Pamela Douglas (Smithfield, )


The government is voted in to do for Us, not the other way around.

Mesha Rogers (Perth, )


I disagree with how the Covid situation is being handled. Since when does a government advise or push medical intervention.

Cass R (Redcliffe, )


McClown is out of control. He needs to he stopped. We can't live like we're prisoners.

Craig Hodgman (Yanchep, )


I feel I have been betrayed by Mark McGowan. I spent four years in the RAN in the 1970's. My reason for joining was for the freedom and democracy of Australia and the people, we no longer have democracy or freedom of choice in our once beautiful free country.

Wanda Copeland (Perth, )


I am signing because the Australian constitution, human rights commission , anti discrimination board and God give me certain rights that McGowan is removing without my consent.

Stephen Copeland (Perth, )


The clown is out of control, trying to force these vaccines on everyone when they don’t even work against omricron.
He is not working for the people, instead working against them.

James Kinsman (Medina, )


McGowan is a power hungry dangerous tyrant that repeatedly lies to the public for personal gain. I have zero confidence in his leadership. He has No respect for Human rights.

pedro larranaga (Perth, )


Vaccine mandates are wrong. They are destroying our communities on many levels.

Nathan Cull (Bouvard, )


All elected and unelected officials who continue to lie and deceive the public for their own gain should be removed from office.

Chris Reibel (North fremantle, )


Mark McGowan is a tyrant

Ryan Huk (Ridgewood , )


The division abs segregation that he has caused in the WA community is unacceptable. Mandating people to take a trial vaccine and become the experiment, unacceptable. I do not have any faith or trust for this person to remain our state leader. Leaders bring people together, not tear them apart.

Simone Craig (South Yunderup , )


Mandates that effect peoples lively hoods and income are unconstitutional!!!!

Kristy Salmon (Mandurah, )


I am from Perth and all my family live there and the over reach of authority shown time and time again by McGowan must be stopped.

Alana Smith (London, )


I believe Mark McGowan should be removed out of the office asap

Sabrina McNamara (Greenfields, )


Everyone should have a choice , I’m vaccinated but couldn’t care less of the person next to me isn’t

Aaron Rigby (Serpentine, )

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