Should Mark McGowan be removed from office?



He serves his ego more than the people of WA.I believe in good covernance not coercoin

Andre Alston (Perth, )


Mark McGowan is a power hungry tyrant who has absolute disregard for human rights.

Frayza Ryan (Alkimos, )


Follow the REAL science

Sally Flintoff (Piesse Brook, )


Lost faith in Mc Gowan as a leader for our people.

Kingsley Iddon (Perth, )


Government behaviour is unethical. This is a health issue but not being managed as one. Health professionals being threatened with de registration if the government narrative is opposed is red flag number one. There are many more.

Charlotte Tedds (Baldivis, )


The enforced mandates not part of our constitution. I no longer have any trust in this man...nor the health dept. Tbe lies and deceipt and coverups along with the squashing of all and any alternative information is unforgiveable.

Pam Morey (Perth, )


He’s a dictator for mandate vaccine

James Zhang (Perth, )


I’m anti covid vax

Gary Pike (Perth , )


We don’t work for the government, the government works for us. Mc Gowan is a dictator and it is unjust

Watkins Kathryn (Dianella, )


This has impacted my family tremendously. My daughter’s final year at Uni has been made so traumatic due to coercion to get the jab. My other daughter too has been coerced. It’s deplorable

Michelle Gabelich (Cowaramup , )


I am signing because my employment is directly impacted for being a healthy human being and am no risk to anyone

Steven Atkinson (Calista, )


I am signing this petition because of Mark McGowan blatant public displays Tyrannical behaviour and lack of empathy to his fellow mankind.

Fintan Elward (Perth , )


I am fed up with how things are going with the current pandemic, the mandates the treatment of the unvaccinated, discrimination, segregation and constant bullying, Mark McGowan needs to go!!!

Sarah Morley (Mandurah, )


Australia needs to start treating people as human beings, not like animals.

Yvonne Coleman (Brisbane , )


Bernadetta cichy

Bernadetta Cichy (Perth, )


McGowan has become is not using credible science to drive his decisions and is breaching human rights, discrimination laws, our constitution and forcing people and now children to participate in an experimental medical procedure. This government has removed democracy from its citizens.

Nigel Squirres (Perth, )


I want my freedom back

Christine Foulkes (Perth, )


I dont see Mark McGowan fit to govern us in WA

Mohini Sacha (Fremantle, )


Want to get rid of this dictator and terrorist Dan Andrews

Rosa de Graaf (Perth, )


I feel cheated

Peter Hackett (Wooroloo, )


Mandating a “vaccine” that clearly does not work in place of natural immunity for a virus with 99.7% recovery. It’s now fact, that even if you are “vaccinated” you can still transmit and get the virus. Now he says we need a “pass” to go to events, pubs, gyms etc...why? So workers can get covid only from other “vaccinated” people.

Kylie Quinn (Canning Vale, )


We should not be segregated. These vaccines are not safe and I can’t believe Government is doing this. Why don’t they show us the science. Israel is a perfect example. Now they are mandating kids who have virtually zero chance of developing sever COVID. We are not a communist dictatorship.

Gary Hammond (Perth, )


I’m against the mandates.

Tina DeCoppi (Perth, )


All Australian government and unelected bureaucrats need to be removed from office and our constitution returned power back to we the people.

Fiona Sturges (Perth, )


This needs to end. This is not right.

Nina T (Perth, )


Fuck the government

Bryan Bilston (YALYALUP, )


Mandates and lack of individual choices while he is breaking every law both federal and state

Sarah Sione (Perth, )


This man is a traitor and not listening to the people. He is an Australian corporate goon and not advocating and being subject to Commonwealth Constitutional law, which is the correct law of Australia. He is an acting premier in our eyes. He is not sovereign. He needs to tried and hung.

Lisa Owen (Perth, )


It's not about health it's about control. All premiers are in lockstep with one another. They need to be held accountable for their crimes.

Linda Williams-Pugh (North Deep Creek, )


Because Mark NcGowan has caused medical discrimination, segration, job losses, loss of freedom. He has not upheld the Constitution of Australia & not upheld the Nuremberg Code

Linda Wilson (ROLEYSTONE, )


Hes a bloody traitor to the constitution and a shit cunt of a bloke

Nathan Deleeuw (Perth , )


Because he needs to be removed from office and charged!

Aaron McKay (Capel , )


I can’t work in my career as a miner because of his ridiculous and illegal mandates.

David Thomas (Mandurah , )


I believe Mark McGowan has done WA wrong and should be held accountable financially

Justin Sanger (Perth, )


I’m signing because Mark McGowan has failed to represent the people who voted for him and is now punishing people who do not go along blindly with his ideas

Ian Sharp (Perth , )


I have lost confidence in our Premier as a person who is fit for the job. Such incompetence must be addressed when Western Australia is at risk of a megalomaniac hell bent on its destruction financially, sociologically and ethically.He MUST be removed from office!

Adam Plug (Albany, )


It is January 2022 and there is more than enough published scientific medical data, as well as real world observable data, that very clearly show that mandates are not only unscientific and ineffective, but cause great harm through creating division in our society.
McGowan is so far doing a great job in becoming the most inept and narcissistic premier in WA’s history, and that’s quite an achievement.

Angie Borges (Perth, )


Against mandates
Against vaccine passport
Against vaccination of children for a virus that they would naturally survive

Paul Hayes (Perth, )


I have worked 6 days a week since before this pandemic thing started. Never had a covid jab, never had a day off. Dealing with the public every day! Now want to essentially lock me in my house when I'm no more risk than any jabbed person. McClown can FEADC

Michael Charlesworth (Booragoon , )


Mark McGowan has overstepped the mark as a legislator for the people.
Australian Annotated Constitution Page 791
The Federal Parliament and the State Parliaments are not sovereign bodies; they are legislatures with limited powers, and any law which they attempt to pass in excess of those powers is no law at all it is simply a nullity, entitled to no obedience

George Carey (Banjup, )


I want freedom to choose! I do not want forced/mandatory vaccinations.

Emily Roose (Perth, )


It is a crime what he is doing. Pure evil.

Bormann Wendy (Kalgoorlie, )


The tyrants need to be lynched.

Mark Witt (Raymond Terrace, )


Mark McGowan is a nefarious puppet to the elite dark agenda and completely unconstitutional and a disgrace! He is a traitor to this country and the people!

Nina Rose (Perth , )


I do not take kindly to threats.

Michelle Greening (Stoneville , )


No one should loose there job over a medical treatment.
The right for free travel within Australia

Brian Sheldrick (HOCKING, )


Mark mcgowan is a power hungry monster who stoops to name calling to run a state.

He allows ANY sport or gambling venue to continue unaffected but every thing arts and family are destroyed!

He’s putting responsibility on employers to mandate with huge fines if they don’t

Healthy people are losing their jobs!

FU Mark McGowan!

Jessica James (Perth, )


He is not doing what is best for WA.
How dare he condemn the unvaccinated and segregate us.

Paula Woods (Perth, )


McGowan is completely ignoring all the science around the world, even Fauchi is admitting we should respond to the severely I’ll and death figures NOT just case numbers .

Paul Elliott (Sorrento, )


I am tired of hearing the vaccine is the only solution. I'm tired of being told the vaccine is safe and effective when adverse reactions are well documented. No one knows what the long term health effects might be.

Philip Wilde (Perth, )


Because he has become a tyrant and has lost all common sense

Gerry Dillon (North Perth, )


The governments response is totally disproportion to the threat, this alleged virus has a survival rate of approx 99%, with an average age of death of 80+, with deaths from Covid ranked number 37. Combined with the unreliability of the PCR tests and antigen tests yielding many false positives and not able to distinguish between coronavirus and influenza or the common cold and the fact that this injection campaign has a no liability clause to the manufacturers is completely unacceptable. McGowan is a puppet doing the bidding of his handlers and needs to take the blame for the damage done

Zen Crosby (Success, )


The malfeasance of the current premier are unconstitutional and merit, rationale or any semblance of logic. This man (Mark McGowan) is not fit to hold this level of office.

Jonny Gilfillan (Perth, )


I agree with the petition
Please stop The mandate coercion.

Karyn Buller (Darkan, )


I'm signing because I never wanted this man in office.mandates have now taken a toll on friends and family

Daniel Hall (Perth , )


He is too one sided in his thinking & has become too reliant on emergency powers to govern.
Power has taken over & his ego is in charge leading the people ever closer to a totalitarian state.

Laura O'Neill (Perth , )


I’m signing for obvious reasons.

Elène H (Perth, )


This man need to go asap!! I 100% support this move.

Nicholas Barton (Rockingham, )


Because it is mind boggling that this level of discrimination, coercion and segregation is being able to go ahead in what was supposed to be a country of the free. What on earth is happening here and why is no one in power stopping this injustice!!

Ania Vitte (Perth, )


Two weeks to flatten the curve??
You rob us of our freedoms, you coerce us into getting an experimental medical procedure, you threaten us with fines & punishment if your rules are not followed, you force businesses to shut. Why couldn’t you just allow us to use Ivermectin as a preventative or early treatment??? We would be through this dark shadow. But no, 2yrs into this saga and here we are no better off and just about to be flung into the fire. And your plan....just keep on jabbing away...two, three, four, five, six. Come 2024 there’ll still be a mask mandate, we’ll be up to the 10th booster & people will be sicker than ever. Who’s science exactly are you following?? Oh yes that’s right, the science that’s been bought & paid for.
People have had enough with your dictatorship. Enough is enough.

Courtney Baker (Perth , )


Hes power hungry

Monika Kraima (Perth, )


McGowan is a disgrace

Steve Y (Perth, )


I do not favour discrimination, I have already lost my profession as an Electrician of 14 years and am now being forced out of a social life and being treated like an animal. This is illegal and inhumane...The vaccine has proven to have many short term risks including heart disease, blood clots, nerve damage, DEATH, and the long term risks are still unknown. It should never of been mandated.. nor should the manufacturers have indemnity. How can we trust the science if the science doesn't trust themselves.

Mitchell Huk (Clarkson, )


I think we all should have a choice to vaccination .
And im against segregation

Urszula Siwek (Perth, )


I’m not taking, and neither are my kids, a experimental vaccine for something that we, as healthy people don’t need!

Dion Pool (Dampier, )


I beleive the government at all levels are corrupt.

Michael Wallace (Armadale, )


I’m singing this petition today because I believe in freedom of choice and that no government should have the right to mandate civil conscription

Peter Jennings (Dunsborough , )

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