I don't want to be forced into this medical apartheid which I believe will lead to us becoming communists following China's example..... we're losing our freedom.... this is a war against humanity

Tina Martin (Lonon, 2021-12-20)


Mandatory medical are against democracy and human rights and a direct violation of the Nuremberg code. We should have learnt the lesson by now.

Zoumpoulia Petraki (Harrow , 2021-12-21)


I choose not to have the covid vaccine because I already had covid and my immune system dealt with it. None of the current vaccines can prevent me catching it nor can they prevent me spreading to others, I didn’t need to go to hospital either so in my opinion there is no real benefit to me having it. I have seen others have 2 and 3 vaccinations and still catch covid and suffered a worse infection than I did. It is a trial vaccination and has no long term data as it hasn’t finished its trials and testing stages yet. It has an emergency license only and further it has a clause that prevents anybody from being held accountable if I was to suffer any of the constantly increasing number of sideeffects or injuries that people are experiencing after receiving a dose or death. If they don’t have faith in what they are pushing out why should I be forced by any mandate to have it? Same as nhs. I know people who have reluctantly accepted a shot purely because they were blackmailed into it or lose employment. The same people who we were clapping for being brave haven’t been rewarded with wage increase or bonus but instead forced to have a potentially life changing injection.

Mark Whitworth (Lincoln, 2021-12-22)


No confidence in UK government re covid

Roberta Bates (Magherafelt, 2021-12-23)


We need our freedom

Victoria Crumell (Broxted, 2021-12-23)


It's wrong!!!!!

Kayleigh Windle (Swindon., 2021-12-23)


This NWO SRA will stop. God's Law then Common Law

Helen Malone (Windsor, 2021-12-23)


I’m signing because I believe in the freedom of choice.

Stuart Parker (London , 2021-12-23)


I want my children and their children to be free. And not live under a tyrannical dictatorship

Linda Haddon (Powys , 2021-12-25)


This is a WEF Great Reset Agenda to destroy people’s health and psychological well-being along with small businesses being ruined to benefit the elites and big Pharma plus government cronyism. It’s genocide and fraud via bioweapons ( so called vaccines untested for long term side effects ) and the withdrawal of safe treatments including Ivermectin etc. and the withdrawal of health services including operations and cancer treatments etc

Carla Parrish (Rhyl, 2021-12-27)



Dave Reid (GOOLE, 2021-12-28)


I agree.

Steve Williams (Hawick, 2021-12-28)


I do not support the UK Government Covid emergency powers to put restrictions on the British public and freedoms of movement and infringements of any individual rights to bodily autonomy and patient confidentiality.

Adrian Rodberd (Blackpool, 2021-12-29)


I do not comply.
Parliament has a massive bias which is controlling the freedom of the public.

Sam Banner (South shields, 2021-12-29)


I do not consent to parliament to mandating covid vaccines or pass mandates,

Karen Little (Okerhampton, 2022-01-30)


The current Government and the current opposition Labour party are a clear and present danger to the United Kingdom and Britons as a whole

Adam Hiley (Upmister, 2022-02-08)


I am a victim of ASIA Syndrome. Vaccine Adjuvants have already cost me my thyroid gland and caused adrenal dysfunction. I believe the next vaccine might kill me! I know people with serious autoimmune diseases that have developed post-vaccination and they are receiving NO treatment, while waiting for tongue biopsies! They have not contributed to the 1,439,000 yellow card reports of vaccine damage, because they still await diagnosis. Too many people are dying of strokes, myocarditis, and blood clots! Nobody can say what the long term effects of this experiment might be. I believe it is against nature and against God.

Tina Thompson (Epsom, 2022-03-10)


There is irrefutable evidence that the Covid 19
Pandemic was a fraud and there was never any need for emergency powers to be sanctioned and used. This is a crime against humanity!

Rachel Dempster (Dundee, 2022-03-11)


We are free men and women

Jean Hansford (Flintshire , 2022-06-13)


i do not cosent

Alex Freeman Monte (london, 2022-06-25)


I DO NOT CONSENT!!! We don't need to be governed by self serving, Satan worshipping peadophiles!!!

Mandy Robinson (St Albans, 2022-06-26)

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