I do not consent

Michelle Kennedy (Sheffield, 2021-12-09)



Danny Thomas (bridgend, 2021-12-09)


Roger murphy

Roger murphy (Southampton, 2021-12-09)


Fundamentally opposed to mandatory vaccines which I do not have the ability to undertake informed consent the sanctity of bodily autonomy must prevail

Gwenneth Wylie (Malpas, 2021-12-09)


I am a living man 🙂

sidney butler (Worcester, 2021-12-09)


I cannot believe the country my 18 yr old uncle died for is turning into a facist state

Abbey Meryl (Cleveland, 2021-12-09)


Mandatory vaccination is morally and ethically wrong and against our human right to body autonomy.

Sally Wilding (Street, 2021-12-10)


This is no different to what the navies done to the Jews

Danny Mccann (Farnham , 2021-12-10)


I'm against TYRANNY!

Colin Foster (High Wycombe, 2021-12-10)


Mandating vaccines is totally against our rights as humans. it neither stops the spread or catching it only protecting the individual from possible ill health which is therefore a personal choice. It renders the idea of certificate of vaccination ID as useless and pointless if the virus spreads through those vaccinated and not needing to test!
It will rip apart society causing tiers and segregation/discrimination.
It is utter control over a population/world who’s forefathers fought for our freedom.
I do not comply along with many many millions of people.

Kate Reed (Honiton, 2021-12-10)


Parliament needs to go the whole lot of them all corrupt to the core, let's have a people's parliament down to earth good people.

Lisa Pilliner (Derby, 2021-12-10)


This is tyranny and I will stand up against it to the utmost of my ability

Katharine Verkooijen (Weymouth, 2021-12-10)


I have lost all trust in the political system. They no longer represent the common people. To even consider mandatory vaccine is abhorrent

Angela Scales (Chipping Norton, 2021-12-10)


I can't believe any of this is happening and want my Grandchildren to live as free as they can and this is tyranny!

Jo-anne austin (Welling, 2021-12-10)


They have pedalled their lies for two years, from the non-delivery of any manifesto promises to their deliberate misinformation on the so called covid pansemic. NO to mandatory vaccinations, no to mandatory masks, no to lockdowns, no to vaccine passports.

Geoff Jones (Wales, UK, 2021-12-10)


It’s discriminatory to issue vaccination passports to the vaccines they can and do infect others. Everyone has the right of freedom of choice and should not be punished or discriminated against if they do not want this vaccination. The Nuremberg Code confirms this and I stand by it.

Lynn Parker (Dereham, 2021-12-10)


I am really concerned how the Uk is becoming a dictorial regime, I am scared my children and grandchildren will lose all their human rights

Roy Webb (Radnevo, 2021-12-10)


Tell me again why we fought WW1 & WW2 ?
Its our turn to fight now, to honour those that fought,survived and died.

Andrew Barlow (Dinnington,Sheffield, 2021-12-10)


I completely agree with this petition

Adrian Green (Bury St. Edmunds, 2021-12-10)


I don't like to be part of the medical experiment covid vaccination

Malgorzata Nieckula-Cox (Banbury , 2021-12-10)


I am sick of the way this parliament have abused their positions of power over us. Mandatory vaccinations are not permitted under the Nuremburg code. Mask wearing is never acceptable. I wanted Brexit...not this draconian misbehaviour. Linda Willis

Linda Willis (Eastbourne, 2021-12-10)


I do not consent to being used as a guinea pig for a virus with a %99 recovery rate this is tyranny

Lilian Roche (COUNTY DURHAM, 2021-12-10)


I believe in freedom and free speech.
I believe in a freedom of choice when it comes to a decision about any medical treatment or vaccine going into my body
Noone should be discriminated against or coersed forced bullied into recieving a chemical meficine treatment or vaccine into their body

Tammy Wadmore (Swindon, 2021-12-10)


I dont consent to lying politicians

Julie Barnes (Bolton, 2021-12-10)


My body my choice... I will NOT comply.

Tessa Coltman (Cornwall., 2021-12-10)


It’s our bodies our lives

K C (Worcester , 2021-12-10)


We should not be coerced, blackmailed or threatened into taking any medical treatment. Nor should we confined to our homes, especially when fit and healthy. Nor should our access for work or social settings be restricted.

Patricia Freeman (Skegness, 2021-12-10)


I do not recognise this tyrannical government nor Queen and I am a sovereign woman

Diana Coad (Slough, 2021-12-10)


The government is going to far and going against our human rights of bodily autonomy and going against the Nuremberg code and taking us on a slippery slope of segregation and division similar to 1930s Germany

Mark Spendlow (Scunthorpe , 2021-12-10)


I have individual rights&freedoms which were granted at birth by my creator- God. No man or man made Law can or will override these liberties. Government was created by man in order to protect rights&freedoms from a tyrannical Monarchy, the Government is our creation and must know its place, it is beneath us and always will be
The Government needs to remember its place.

Elizabeth Pearce (Wales, 2021-12-11)


I do not want my daughter growing up in a fascist tyranny.

Ian Spence (Warminster, 2021-12-11)


Like many many others, I am fed up with the ways of this government. They work FOR the people but they seem to forget that. The system needs changing once and for all. WE pay their wages yet they still take more and more. NO MORE!!!

Jane Ballamy (Watford , 2021-12-11)


Because I dont want my body to be under rule of the government, I shuld have a choice what to do with my body .

Anna Dillon (Weston super Mare , 2021-12-11)


I am vehemently opposed to mandatory vaccines

Vanessa Read (Bideford, 2021-12-11)


This government is acting unlawfully!

Terry Gilligan (Swindon, 2021-12-11)


I believe in freedom

Michael Murphy ( Southampton , 2021-12-11)


The overreach of this government in the name of a supposed pandemic needs to be stopped. Laws are being broken, civil liberties and human rights removed from free citizens across the world. This government’s actions are tantamount to treason and tyranny.

Kathleen Wallis (Wolverhampton, 2021-12-11)


I want to live in a free country, where my grandchildren can grow up safe and happy, not in a dictatorship..this Government must go!

Janet Ashton (WIGTON, 2021-12-11)


Raymond Pugh

Raymond Pugh (Nuneaton, 2021-12-11)


I’m signing because never in the 40 years I have been on this earth have I been forced to do something that I don’t want to do. My body is my own and I am not an anti Vaxer as I have had all vaccines that are fit for purpose and so have my children. I feel discriminated against and labelled and it’s time to come to a stop.

Claire Smith (Swindon, 2021-12-11)


I'm not signing because I do not consent to the corporate favoured policies, They do not represent us the people..

Ismail Badat (Hounslow , 2021-12-11)


I am against the liberties being taken away from us and the draconian measures being imposed on fellow citizens of The United Kingdom!!!!

Ida Walker (Swindon, 2021-12-11)



SHAFIKA BADAT (Hounslow, 2021-12-11)


I do not consent to the draconian measures the government are implying

Jane Jessop (Huddersfield , 2021-12-11)


I’m sick of the Conservatives they are corrupt

Liz Ray (Buckinghamshire , 2021-12-11)


I’m signing this because our land is and always has been under common law and we do not and will not ever give in to corruption and tyranny but this evil government not now or ever… our bodies are ours to decide if we vaccine and we will not give in to mandates forced on us or our precious children- we will not give in until this government is GONE… taken down however by whatever means… we will go without a government if necessary as none is better than this evil corruption being forced on us by a bunch of greedy over paid power agenda seeking puppets ruled by more evil puppet masters

Helen Charnley (Blackburn Lancashire, 2021-12-11)


I do not consent to mandatory injections medical treatment passports of any kind against my will whatsoever. I will hold my own bodily autonomy and I will never be forced coerced pressured etc to receive anything at anytime.

Tracy Kinghorn (Seaton delaval, 2021-12-12)


I’m signing because I no longer have faith in government & big pharma you are corrupt

Shash Kersh kilkenny (Blackpool , 2021-12-12)


angela urch

angela urch (Glastonbury, 2021-12-12)


Nobody should be forced into putting something in their body we all deserve to choose.

Lucy Cakebread (Ware, 2021-12-12)


I'm signing this because of all the lies the government have told, there is no trust between them and us no more. I do not consent to this tyranny.

Charandeep Chana (London, 2021-12-13)


The Goverment is acting unlawfully and committing crimes against humanity

diane winter (hertfordshire, 2021-12-13)


Mandatory vaccine is totally unethical and unnecessary. I don't believe it will change anything. Hospital acquired covid infection in most cases is contracted from other covid infected patients not from the staff.

Caroline Edwards (Somerset, 2021-12-13)


I don’t agree with mandatory vaccines and I don’t agree with vaccines passports. People should not be excluded from society if they choose not to get vaccinated.

John Bishop (Norwich, 2021-12-13)


The government have been overtaken by dark forces who were not elected to serve us. The bribery, corruption and bad faith actions of ministers from all parties is destroying the very fabric of humanity and they must be removed from office as a matter of urgency.

James Witt (Lancing , 2021-12-13)


This is never been about a virus No way vaccines and passports as always been the Aim .

Dave Cummings (Whitchurch Shropshire , 2021-12-13)


The Government is guilty of Crimes against Humanity and needs to be brought to justice.

Jacqueline Boyland (Bangor , 2021-12-14)


I do not and will not consent to tyranny..

Toni Ives (Saltash, 2021-12-14)


Signing this because our serving government is corrupt to the core and no longer carry out the wishes of the people it’s supposed to serve

Ian Jones (Godstone, 2021-12-14)


I do notconsent. Mandates are not law

María Torres Giron (London, 2021-12-14)


I do not consent to government mandates.

Margaret Hey (South Yorkshire , 2021-12-14)


This completely stinks and eroding our rights daily!

Paul Bravington (Walsall , 2021-12-15)


I'm sick of being lied to by the government in the uk and all the MPs. I'm sick of the censorship. And I'm sick of these evil bastards peddling a poison and pretending it's a vaccine.

John Kirkham (Greater Manchester , 2021-12-15)


Gina Fullwood

Gina Fullwood (Wolverhampton, 2021-12-15)


I’m signing this petition because I want freedom of choice, for me and generations to come !

Donna Willis (Willenhall, 2021-12-16)


My body is not to be treated for experimental purposes. This present government is acting unlawfully.

Solveig Warren (Wareham, 2021-12-17)


I believe fully in the God given right of every human to decide what happens to their own bodies without coercion from any external parties.

Diana Kisakye (Jersey, 2021-12-17)


We are now living in a dictatorship with no freedom of choice.

Marie-Denise Quellery (London , 2021-12-17)


It’s one rule for parliament and one rule for the British people. We the people are free human beings. I do not consent, and I will not comply

Elizabeth Shields (Southampton, 2021-12-18)


I have no trust in Government beyond the " disease no longer of high consequence" fiasco

Helen Lasham (Hebden Bridge, 2021-12-18)


Shaun Davis

Shaun Davis (Thornton Cleveleys, 2021-12-18)


we need to
stand for freedom

paul ursell (london, 2021-12-19)


Discriminatory passports are not welcome in a Democratic society - I do not consent to mandatory medication either.

Chris Roe (Derby, 2021-12-19)


I'm very angry at the unelected Bilderberg fascist Dictatorship taking over our country, their 2021 agenda, depopulation, profiteering whilst people die. It's not Christian, its Saran's genocide!

Wendy Clare (Bury St Edmunds, 2021-12-19)


I agree no to vaccine passports, you can still pass and catch covid if you have no jabs, 1 jab, 2 jabs or 3 jabs!!!! So what idms the point

Jennifer Beck (Blackburn with Darwen, 2021-12-19)


The government is making a power grab and it has to stop! Bodily autonomy is non-negotiable and we’ll keep our rights thank you very much!

Angela Kennedy (Northamptonshire , 2021-12-19)


Basic human rights …….
I will die you will not force feed me pain relief but you would force feed me food to keep me alive well I’m not dying so I don’t need force-feeding with any medication

Mandy Hollis (Southampton, 2021-12-19)


I disagree with the inforcement of an injection without being able to make an informed decision, and without my consent.

Elizabeth Davidson (Kent, 2021-12-19)

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