Objection to social housing in Dermott Gardens, Comber



There is no social housing in this private development, house prices directly effected and it attaches onto 3 x developments. Anti-social behaviour is common within social housing areas and this is planned for a quiet residential Cul-de-sac, it is not appropriate in this location.

Ryan Stewart (Comber, 2021-11-07)


This is a residential area and houses were purchased on this understanding

Kim Stewart (Newtownards, 2021-11-07)


1-This will make our house loose it’s value.

2-My house would be hard to sell as we would be looking directly into the back of them.

3-Our previous house was closer to comber town centre. We bought this house on the outskirts of comber to get away from social housing as we seen daily what trouble social housing can bring to the area. Police were never away from it.

4-Over the past number of years there has been a lot of social houses built in Comber so why do we need more.

Gareth Sherlock (Comber , 2021-11-07)


I am strongly objecting to this proposal for social housing right at the end of my street as it’s certainly not in keeping with the area and I fear that it will drop the price of my property dramatically and could potentially bring antisocial behaviour.

Lynne Davison (Comber, 2021-11-07)


I do not want social housing in a private estate 9

Robert Murray (Comber, 2021-11-07)


I am worried about even more traffic congestion at the junction opposite site and around Comber

Heather Pearson (Comber, 2021-11-07)


Because my daughter lives there and its a very safe place for my grandchildren to play as it a cul de sac it will mean a lot more traffic which the children in the area are not used to .😡

Sylvia Ross (Comber, 2021-11-07)


I'm signing this because this is private housing not for social housing

Colin McVeigh (Newtownards , 2021-11-07)


No consideration for those living in the area

Lesley Ann Mo (COMBER, 2021-11-07)


I live in Dermott gardens and the traffic and parking is bad enough!

Andrews Jon (Comber, 2021-11-07)


I am a concerned resident in Ballyhenry Manor and do not believe this is a good site for social housing and believe it will cause problems for the many long term residents of Ballyhenry Manor and the Dermotts!

Laura Linter (Newtownards, 2021-11-07)


There has been a number of social housing developments within Comber very recently and the latest in ‘Newton Green’ has proven to be a hotbed of anti social behaviour in recent times.

I urge an end to the social ‘dumping’ that seems to be inflicted upon the residents of Comber.

Darren McBride (Comber, 2021-11-07)


Anti social behaviour.

Peter Bond (Newtownards, 2021-11-07)


I object to social housing.

Isha Wright (comber, 2021-11-07)


I have a need for quality housing for my family of 17, the area looks perfect as there is a large green to graze my herd of goats.

Mustapha Bin Ahmed (Damascus, 2021-11-07)


I object to the social housing planned for Dermott Gardens/Ballyhenry Lane.

Stephen Wright (Comber, 2021-11-07)


The most recent developments of social housing in the local area appear go have been used as a dumping ground for the greater Belfast area and this has caused an upwards trend of anti social behaviour and drug use in the village

Jonny Kerr (Comber, 2021-11-07)


I am an ex resident of Dermott and I am therefore familiar with the area. I believe there has been far too much housing development in Comber recently. I also believe the proposed social housing in this private development is inappropriate.

Christine McDowell (Comber, 2021-11-07)


I don’t agree with social housing in this area

Robyn Newberry (Newtownards, 2021-11-07)


Concerned re the negative impact this will have on our property value and also worried re antisocial behaviour that is associated with this kind of housing in other areas

Linda Beattie (Comber, 2021-11-07)


This will have a detrimental effect on the value of private properties in the surrounding area. Social housing is not in keeping with the land use of the neighbouring area. When planning was passed it was not indicated that there would be social housing in this area.

Linda Beattie (Comber, 2021-11-07)


This is a private residential area.

David Trelford (Comber, 2021-11-07)


The residents own their houses and dont want it



Look at Newton Green. Nothing but trouble, not fair ok all the residents who have lived the there for years and paid for their houses, disgrace!

Cara Culbert (Comber, 2021-11-07)


Should not be put in the Dermott area.

C Coulter (Newtownards, 2021-11-07)


The residents of Ballyhenry Lane/ Manor and Dermott Estate do not want social housing on this land. This will not only devalue the privately owned houses in the area but it is also well known the high probability of trouble this can bring to an area.

Emma Stewart (Comber, 2021-11-07)


This is not the right area for social housing, the council and local MPs will be contacted ref this, the area should remain private residential housing, some people have lived in this area all their life and others have paid a lot of money in the nearby developments only for their houses to be devalued and make it difficult to sell when they do. Look at the area, it tells you all you need to know.

John Child (Comber, 2021-11-07)


I do not appreciate or approve of the plan.

Sai Kit Chan (Comber, 2021-11-08)


I am a resident beside the proposed development and have lived there for 46 years, only to find at the age of 73 that my home will be devalued and am very worried about security and social disorder!

Francis Thompson (Comber, 2021-11-08)


Residential privately owned houses and end of quiet cul de sac being extended to allow social housing. This is not the appropriate area for this!

Annette Thompson (Comber , 2021-11-08)


The original planning application approval was never shown or allowed me to object to.

Alan Bradshaw (Newtownards , 2021-11-08)


I don't agree with adding social housing to this area, considering the house prices etc that people have paid to get a house in that area. There are many other areas within comber that social housing is needed instead of in a privately owned estate.

Adrienne Rose (Comber, 2021-11-08)


I am signing on behalf of my parents who have lived in this area for over 50 years. They, along with the other residents in the area who own their homes, do not wish to have their quality of life nor the value of their home reduced by these proposed social housing buildings. It is inevitable that such housing would negatively affect the area.

Kim Gourley (Comber, 2021-11-08)


I lived in the Dermotts until recently. This is an area where houses are owned by homeowners and not social housing. This area does not need social housing introduced to disrupt a good living area in Comber.

Ryan Robinson (Comber, 2021-11-08)


The purpose is not as originally planned

William Stewart (Comber, 2021-11-08)


Very opposed to this. I grew up here and have family in the area. This housing plan has not been share with the public and everyone in the area is opposed to it.

Also you are turning Dermott Gardens into an even bigger through road, when it used to be a quiet culdesac. There are enough houses and the amenities & sewer structure can't cope with more houses/people.

Vicki Scullion (Dublin, 2021-11-08)


There is far too much building of houses in Comber
There is no infustucter to support the traffic, doctors, schools and these houses won't even be offered to young couples who live in comber but can't afford to buy a home.
They are given to blow ins ...
Sort the town out before you build more houses.
Town has been ruined by council and developers.

KAREN gregg (Comber , 2021-11-08)


This residential area does not require social housing as there are lots of other sites available to publicly funded housing associations.

Malcolm Telford (Comber, 2021-11-08)


I do not want house prices to be affected in the area. There have been recent social housing developments in comber and those who live there have brought their paramilitary issues with them.

Elaine Dempster (NEWTOWNARDS, 2021-11-08)


I am a concerned resident and I object to the social housing planned for Dermott Gardens.

Amanda Pollock (Comber, 2021-11-09)


We have lived in Dermott Gardens for over 20yrs, it's a quiet area that's going to be ruined if this development gets planning permission. I have multiple concerns that I will be voicing via email to Kelly.kitchen



I am unhappy with the plans to build social housing in an area where housing is privately owned. This will reduce house values and there is also the potential for anti social behaviour as we have seen in another social housing area in Comber, Newton Green.

Thomas Wright (Comber, 2021-11-09)


We have lived in this very quiet street, Dermott Gardens, for 23 years, our children have grown up here with no problems in the area and no passing through traffic either, we really want it to stay this way

Karen Carinduff (Comber, 2021-11-09)


I grew up in Dermott Gardens and my parents still live there. I'm signing this to support my parents and to oppose the addition of social housing to the area. Growing up there as a child, it was a safe place. I also do not want my parents house devalued as a consequence of this and the prospects of social disorder so close to them.

Laura Kelly (Hamilton, 2021-11-09)

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