Investigation and Prosecution of Those Individuals Responsible for Crimes Against Humanity



If these people aren't put to justice they will never stop.

Mark Witzke (Little egg harbor, 2022-05-24)


It is time for the People to turn over to their State Attorney Generals the facts of crimes against humanity to be presented before grand juries, and for certain people to be tried, and prosecuted for such.

Chet Welch (OWENSBORO, 2022-05-24)


I'm tired of the lies, the dictator that has taken over destroying the middle class and increasing debt, the deaths and maiming, the buyout of the press.

Fred Zayas (Rangiora, 2022-05-24)


These people must be stopped for the good of humanity

Brian Griffiths (McKinleyville, 2022-05-24)


I am convinced after all of my research and listening to stories of the vaccine injured that this is a criminal act against the people of the world.

Patsy Pleasant (Flower Mound, 2022-05-24)


Get them in front of a court for the world to see , present the evidence and let's listen to their excuses , lies and deceipt!

M Mills (Perth, 2022-05-24)


Family member killed by vaccines.

Miguel Pino (Sheboygan, 2022-05-24)


I'm signing because I am a patriot.

James Evans (Rio Rancho , 2022-05-24)


There is now a huge body of evidence that proves the COVID "pandemic" was planned.
This criminal conspiracy is global, committed by known key individuals and organizations, with many individuals involved in this huge crime against humanity.

The scale of this incredible crime has never been seen before on this planet, humanity is being attacked.

Those responsible for this terrible crime must be brought to justice immediately in order to prevent further criminal acts by these individuals.



The government needs to relearn it's fear of the people before we have to go out of our way again to teach you why you should fear us. My body, my choice.

Daniel Ramnytz (HINCKLEY, 2022-05-24)


I’m signing because I would rather see Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, & the rest of the criminals brought to justice through the legal system then brought to justice by public revolt & revolution. Peace > War. Don’t ever forget what the constitution says about a government that is ineffective. Ask yourself why the second amendment is what it is. 🇺🇸

Christopher Michael Ostrander Jr. (St. Petersburg, 2022-05-24)


I would like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci charged for crimes against humanity.

Melissa Longley (Grand Junction, 2022-05-24)


I DEMAND that my federal and state representatives do their duty to indict Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and many more for violations of the Nuremberg Code as they have carried out crimes against humanity by knowingly creating through gain of function research synthetic DNA sequences and then poisoning the genome of humanity by coercing billions to take a deadly bioweapon causing these deadly mRNA sequences to be incorporated into human DNA through reverse transcription. The consequences will be massive disease and death, disabilities, infertility and countless other syndromes. This was done KNOWINGLY in an agenda to depopulate the earth.

Mark Patterson

Mark Patterson (Denison, 2022-05-24)


I'm signing because I believe that nobody is above the law regardless of class, race, or religion. The people responsible need to face justice.

Benjamin Pierce (Kingsport, 2022-05-24)


It's absolutely the right thing to do. As a father I owe it to my son to help protect freedom.

JONATHAN VANNORT (Tomball, 2022-05-24)


It is time for those responsible to be prosecuted.

Kimberly Majerowicz (LUTHERVILLE TIMONIUM, 2022-05-24)


I'm tired of lying deceitful evil crimnals getting away with murdering innocent citizens who have died from something else and being labeled a covid death and then profiting from every death by murdering people on medicine knowing it to be dangerous to everyone's health the Healthcare systems and drs pharmaceutical companies have lied & deceived us about the benefits of taking there poisonous pills and bioweapon vaccines they fork out like candy and they claim will heal you or keep you safe from illness but instead they cause more health problems or Death or until death occurs nothing but a money machine ALL THE NUREMBERG CODES HAVE BEEN VIOLATED DO YOUR JOBS!!!!!!

Tracey Carter (Missoula, 2022-05-24)


These people need to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity!

John Gifford (Saltillo, 2022-05-24)


I believe the truth will prevail! In Jesus mighty name Amen

Irma Hernandez (Bakersfield, 2022-05-24)


The responsible parties need to be brought to justice for global depopulation, murder and completely destroying peoples lives!

Darren Howes (Quitman, 2022-05-24)


Dr. Richard Fleming has convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that crimes are being committed here that must be prosecuted.

Elliott Marquez (San Antonio, 2022-05-24)


Remdesivir killed my husband’s grandmother and Aunt the same week in 2021

Christin Dupree (Saginaw , 2022-05-24)


I believe there is still justice inn the world. These people knew what they were doing and justice needs to be served.

Darrell Pruehsner (Loveland, 2022-05-24)


I see zero Informed Consent regarding the EUA Experimental Gene Therapies. Instead I see threats of loss of jobs and inabilities to travel because of Draconian Vaccine Mandates and Passports. And zero talk of Therapeutics and Herd Immunity , this whole infringement on Constitutional Rights has to end. This whole thing stinks on ice...!!!

Tony Bravo (Corona , 2022-05-24)


These people are in violation of the law and must be brought to justice for their crimes against humanity! WE THE PEOPLE demand our elected officials act now

Jacob Colburn (Laurel Hill, 2022-05-24)


These tyrants need to be stopped

Rick Kerns (Saint Joseph , 2022-05-24)


I'm signing because of the future of all our children, and we the people have to take America back, it's up to us patriots, viva la revolution!

Mayra McSween (Homestead, 2022-05-24)


I’m signing because I want an end to being the human trial unsafe and in effective vaccine

Debbie Bardwell (Warriewood, 2022-05-24)


Crimes against humanity have been committed!!!

Jeffrey Gilman (Rochester, 2022-05-24)


In support of investigation of the research taking place that should have been illegal and then was used on the world.

Jacob Prom (Simpsonville, 2022-05-24)


All these unelected criminals must be stopped as soon as possible and prosecuted for what they did to people all around the world

Oldrich Tichy (Seattle, 2022-05-24)


People that have committed crimes against my family and all people of race and creed across the globe need to be punished for the crimes they have committed.

Brian Henkel (Aurora, 2022-05-24)


believe an enormous injustice has been forced on the world and the Perpetrators must be held accountable for their actions

David Nolan (Milton.NSW, 2022-05-24)


Because Mengele Fuaci and Eugenics loving Bull Gates need to be in prison while awaiting trial to be hung by a rope in the public square

CT Jackson (Clarendon hills , 2022-05-24)


I am SICK of these people ruining our lives!

Bobbie Hewitt (Lenoir City, 2022-05-24)


I'm signing because I am extremely angry at the malicious behaviour by those elite and so-called medical professionals, the evilness, the lack of empathy at what they have done to people all over the world and how they have wrecked lives, people committed suicide, lost jobs, families torn apart. These evil bastards need to be hanged and I will be happy to pull the lever or pull the trigger. How dare they think they can tell us how to live because they have money. HOW HAVE THEY NOT BEEN PUT IN JAIL ALREADY. WHY HAVE THEY BEEN ALLOWED TO CONTINUE TO PUT US UNDER STRESS. GATES NEEDS THE NOOSE. FAUCI NEEDS THE NOOSE. HARARI NEEDS THE NOOSE. ROCKEFELLERS NEED THE NOOSE. ROTHSCHILDS NEED THE NOOSE. SCHWAB NEEDS THE NOOSE. WHO THE HELL DO THESE SCUMBAGS THINK THEY ARE THAT THE WORLD BELONGS TO THEM AND THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DECIDE THE WORLD NEEDS TO BE DEPOPULATED. YES, I AM EXTREMELY ANGRY. GIVE ME 5 MINUTES WITH THOSE SCUMBAGS AND I WILL BE THE ONLY ONE TO LEAVE THE ROOM.

Mouna Ibrahim (Melbourne, 2022-05-24)


I am signing because I care about past, present and future generations.

Andrew Walsh (Tokyo, Japan, 2022-05-24)


I believe that crimes against humanity were committed. Justice must be brought to ALL those responsible no matter what office they hold.

Theodore Hall (Safford, 2022-05-24)


I'm signing because multiple family members are struggling after taking this poison. Everyone involved should hang for the 🌎 to see

Emery Allen (Jacksonville, 2022-05-24)


Justice needs to be served!!

Kara Raynor (Oakhurst, 2022-05-24)


I want the people who brought this man-made plague onto the world to be held accountable. I want to have hope that there can be Justice for the future of the planet and that evil people cannot just keep getting away with everything that they've been doing to us.

Douglas Dunham (Hendersonville, NC, 2022-05-24)


I want our rights protected!

Doug Longenecker (Hastings , 2022-05-24)


I'm tired of all the LIES!

Alex Guevara (Auburn Hills, 2022-05-24)


I’m signing this petition because the imprisoned teachers are innocent and they are asking for their basic human rights.

Leila Naderi (Toronto, 2022-05-24)


More than enough evidence and more than enough questions that are not being addressed.

Brandt Smith (Columbus, 2022-05-24)


I’m signing because our politicians are doing nothing and continue to violate our constitution. These crimes against the people of the United States citizens need
Investigated as well as prosecuted. Our political figures are to idle or compromised on this matter. We need justice to all the victims of these heinous crimes!!

Bruce Farris (St Robert missouri, 2022-05-24)


The individuals responsible for crimes against humanity must be stopped. America needs saving and so does the rest of the world.

Patricia Morehouse (Stuart, 2022-05-24)


I believe that these people should be held accountable for crimes against humanity it's absolutely essential that they are prosecuted immediately thank you

Linda j Dawson (Mullica Hill, 2022-05-24)


I’m signing because klaus Schwab, the WEF, bill gates, Yuval Noah Harari, Fauci, George Soros, Biden, ect. All need to be held accountable and charged with treason and crimes against humanity.

Josh Bigio (Rockville, 2022-05-24)


Justice. We the people of this world deserve justice for the crimes penetrated against the very fabric of our beings. I want these people to pay for what they have done to show the tyrants of the world that we will not stand down. We will not let them get away with this genocide. I am signing this petition for the children of our future. Please save them.

Bonnie Jennings (Eureka, 2022-05-24)


We know what the WEFs plans for humanity are. We know the vaccine was really an mRNA experimental gene therapy jab which had nothing to do with your health quite the opposite and this was part of the depopulation program

Mairi Lynn (Leadhills, 2022-05-24)


I believe in God given rights for all people to make their own informed decisions regarding all matters especially as it pertains to their bodies. In the United States we have have the Constitution which confirms that no outside body or organization such as the WHO, WEF UN or another other entity can overtake our freedom and Constitution. A group of unelected people meeting in Davos has NO authority over us; we do NOT concede, we will not accept anything that takes away our freedom. I am concerned for the entire world. No longer do we fear your scamdemics, your bioweapon shots, your chips, your surveillance, your depopulation plan, even your forced food famine, chaos, fake climate change narrative. You have no authority unless it is given to you by God. It is Him you all fight - have fun with that.

Linda Shull (Fairlawn, 2022-05-24)


#Enough is Enough

jennifer monger (Hawley, 2022-05-24)


The evidence of crimes against humanity is overwhelming and NOBODY is above the laws of a nation, of the international community or or God.

Peggy Hardaway (Temple, TX, 2022-05-24)


To stop WHO

james frascone (Anahuac, 2022-05-24)


I want to arrest.
And hang Bill Gates.

Bill Martell (Yuma, 2022-05-24)


The corruption that is taking place before our eyes!!! They have violated numerous treaty’s and violated the constitution and committed crimes against humanity!!!

Austin Corn (Lawrenceburg , 2022-05-24)


These criminals need to be exposed for their crimes against humanity. Tried by a jury and hung publicly so no body has the nerve to try this again. Gates, Schwab, fauci. They all need to be tried and hung.

Kenny Rovig (Parma, 2022-05-24)


The American people are sick of the tyranny.

daniel lloyd (boise, 2022-05-24)


I have a medical background and when I researched the vaccine, I knew right away it wasn't a vaccine but a bioweapon and that Fauci and others, including big pharma , were involved in war crimes under the Code. I am going to notify AG Eric Schmidt, Missouri, of this effort.

John Bruere (Eolia, 2022-05-24)


Those devil's need to pay for what they are doing to humanity!

Thomas Avery (Edwards Ms., 2022-05-24)


Fauci is responsible for Global Covid Genocide in developing these toxic bioweapons (both the "virus" and "vaccine") and should stand trial in the ICC and be prosecuted accordingly. Millions of innocent people are going to die because of his criminal actions. Arrest Fauci Now!

Julian Lagos (San Francisco, 2022-05-24)


Without justice, court system doesn't exist

Irina Rello (Coquitlam , 2022-05-24)


We deserve the truth! We deserve to live!

Stephanie Hart (Edwards, 2022-05-24)


It's the least I can do.

Theodora Minsk (Los Angeles, 2022-05-24)


I have seen overwhelming evidence of foul play from Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci. I believe they participated in gain-of-function research which has resulted in euthanasia in the US and abroad. This has resulted in genocide. They are guilty of euthanasia.

Travis Ross (Redding, 2022-05-24)


Those responsible for this disaster must be held accountable.

Garrett Williams (Columbus Grove, 2022-05-24)


Save lives

Dustin Darden (Anchorage , 2022-05-24)


These people need to pay for murdering millions soon to be billions

Hurley Ward (Amarillo , 2022-05-24)


I am signing this petition to encourage the International Criminal Court (ICC) to take action against ALL those who have committed Crimes Against Humanity. This genocide must stop.

Deanna Strong (Cancun, 2022-05-24)


These people are dangerous and should be charged with crimes against humanity. Gates spoke about a smallpox pandemic possible a few months ago and we now are hearing about Monkeypox throughout the US. No coincidences when it comes to this evil bunch. No Deals!

Tina Cockerham (Princeton , 2022-05-24)


If they didn’t do anything wrong then why are they hiding. It’s your responsibility to insure the safety of the American people and to insure that if there is wrong doing done to us then you should prosecute these criminals to the full extent of the law!

Stephen Sarkies (Church Point , 2022-05-24)



Al Wood (CALGARY, 2022-05-24)


It's time

Paul Franks (Las Vegas , 2022-05-24)


These are criminals and need to be punished for their crimes against humanity.

Anthony Vitale (CADIZ, 2022-05-24)


Im signing because it’s completely obvious this has been a blatant crime against humanity.

David Heycock (Woombye, 2022-05-24)


I am signing because I want to do what I can to save freedom in America so that my children and my grandchildren do not grow up in a tyrannical fascist regime. Medical tyranny has been a huge part of this trend. We need to stop this and bring accountability to those who perpetrated these crimes against humanity.

Judy Moore (Cadiz, 2022-05-24)


Nuremberg code 2

Michelle Hogan (Gordonvale , 2022-05-24)


I’m signing to get justice to those who’ve been maned and disable from the shots.

Thomas Tiradeau (Portland , 2022-05-24)


I believe strongly that Anthony Fauci needs to face trial for his crimes against humanity

Karen Johns (Brisbane , 2022-05-24)

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