Uppsala Social Sevices Stop abusing my human rights and let me back with my family



Morgan should be able to make the decision to be with her family

Corinne Hills (Matlock, 2021-08-08)


...because everybody has right to be with the family !

Felix Schmid (Rödermark, 2021-08-08)


Families deserve to be together supported through challenges, not torn apart by lies ❤️

Elizabeth Adams (Marston Moretaine, 2021-08-08)


Morgan should be with her family if she wishes

Lauranne Pearce (Great Longstone , 2021-08-08)


Morgan needs to be reunited with her family!

Steph Harris (Oxon, 2021-08-08)


I know Morgan and the damage being done to this family by the Swedish govt is incomprehensible. Morgan’s family needs to be reunited to start dealing with the damage that has been inflicted on them.

Ciaran Blumenfeld (Ladera ranch , 2021-08-08)


Please acknowledge the needs of this child. I think consideration should be given to placing her with her family on a short term monitoring cycle so that contact can be made and the family can be observed to ensure everything is going well.

It is very unusual to keep one child separate but allow the siblings to live with the parents.

I am aware that I do not know or understand the full story but I believe the parents want the best for their children and the children need each other and their parents. They have been separated for too long already.
Morgan is clearly mature enough to state her case clearly, to understand the consequences of her actions and to speak up if it isn’t working. By denying her voice you risk stifling her growth and confidence as a young woman.

Ann Ack (Bradford, 2021-08-08)


This is a breech of this young adults
Human rights

Julie Creegan (Prestwick, 2021-08-08)


I have been following this family’s dilemma for a long while and the way they have been treated is appalling.

Kathryn Hellewell (Penn, 2021-08-08)


I have read Morgan's post and lots of information from her mum and this seems a toddler unjust state of affairs. Whatever the reasons for social services intervention in the first place, this kind of enforced separation sounds totally traumatising for Morgan and the whole family. Social services - please have an independent review of this case and allow Morgan to have the family contact she is asking for.

Helen Wood (Manchester, 2021-08-08)


Social service has made fault after fault and mentally abused Morgan and her family with their wrongdowing. Let the healing process finally start after a year of ordeals.

Rogier Pouwels (Bennekom, 2021-08-08)


This girl should be returned to her loving parents and brothers. The affect all this is having on her mental wellbeing is disastrous. She is much better off with her parents.

Katie Mulford (Didcot, 2021-08-08)


This system is cruel and ridiculous.

Fay James (Sheffield, 2021-08-08)


I'm signing because this family need to be back together. This has gone on far too long and is disgusting child abuse

Rebecca Mckenna (Manchester, 2021-08-08)


She has rights and wishes which should be respected. The damage SS are causing when they should be helping bringing a family together is unbelievable. How is this allowed?

Carrie Bradley (PETERBOROUGH, 2021-08-08)


I find it disgusting that a family is ripped apart, under constant scrutiny and criticism and accusation when all they need, want and deserve is to be binding, nurturing and building their life as a complete and normal family! Splitting families is never a solution unless a child is abused and none of their children are abused apart from by the people ripping the family apart! This young lady has a right to her childhood, her freedom, her family, her social life and her culture nurtured by her lovely parents! The world is watching, release this family from all restrictions do they can heal from what they’ve suffered at the hands of your Swedish very unsocial services!! Seriously, the world is watching!! Do the right thing!

Ness Webley (Mierlo, 2021-08-08)


Barnkonventionen är lag. Även socialtjänsten i Uppsala måste följa den. Barnens bästa måste alltid komma i första hand! Lyssna på Morgans önskan!

Martina Olahay (Spln, 2021-08-08)


I strongly believe that this child should be living with her parents.

Caroline Archibald (Sutton Coldfield, 2021-08-08)


A friend's teenage daughter died by suicide, alone in a group home room, in similar circumstances.

Helen Layley (Eslöv, 2021-08-08)


Morgan should be free to live their family

Sarah Coats Chandler (Stockholm, 2021-08-08)


THE most important thing is to respect Morgan’s wishes and to pursue her best interest

Rosanna Catinella (London , 2021-08-08)


This young lady deserves to be listened to.

Miriam Faulkner (Wickford, 2021-08-08)


This is utter madness, Morgan needs to be back with her family. Her parents and her brothers, it's cruel to be exposing her to such awful conditions and systems. Hoping Morgan is reunited with her family soon x

Emma Shilton (Birmingham, 2021-08-08)


Morgan WANTS and needs to be reunited with both parents and siblings. Please let the family be reunited 🙏🏼

Kristiine Jekabson (Uppsala, 2021-08-08)


I’m signing because I know this family and have been following the story for a long time. My heart breaks that this beautiful family should have to go through such emotional torture. Please let this wonderful young woman be reunited with her family. She should be living the best years of her life right now, not having them arbitrarily stolen from her.

Sarah Lee (Wellington, 2021-08-08)


The child is old enough to say where she wants to live. If she wants back with her family let her go back. At least let her see her grandparents.

Maria Valdivia (Somerset , 2021-08-09)


I find this gravely concerning and think its important that you listen to this child properly and that you know that this case is being watched from others outside of Sweden.

Charlotte hester-chong (singapore, 2021-08-09)


I think it’s atrocious that the so called social services are actually g in this manner. Disgusting. I would never have believed that Sweden, a country I admire, could resort to such lows.

Marianne Weekes (Gravesend, 2021-08-09)


This girl needs to be home with her family

Robin Lawrence (Burnley, 2021-08-09)


They are being treated unfairly by social services and it's not okay

Maja Edman (Uppsala, 2021-08-09)


I am singing in because I can agree alot with what this person. The social service in uppsala also have treated me like shit. As if they only say ”you can go there” ” we will dont do anything with your problem” and so on and this person use a prononus for the person itself not for you. The social serivce you so called ”vård” is no good help. That is why I want to stand for this. The service itself is shit and many people can agree.

Elix Eriksson (Uppsala, 2021-08-09)


They're my friend and i want to help with as much as I can

Sam Karlberg (Uppsala, 2021-08-09)


For a friend

Daniel Wentworth (Madrid, 2021-08-09)


This is messed up

Trixie Wetterholm (Uppsala , 2021-08-09)


Human rights are bra

Panda Johnson (Uppsala, 2021-08-09)


Fuck soc

Jay Kindtoft (Gävle, 2021-08-09)


This young girl has a right to at least meet her family

Oscar Palm (Uppsala , 2021-08-09)


Jag har hört alldeles för många liknande historier och faktumet att jag inte blir förvånad när jag hör något såhär fruktansvärt får mig verkligen att inse att det behövs förändring.

Lovisa Björkman (Uppsala, 2021-08-09)


Fragile teens like Morgan need to be supported by and with their living families.
This is a supportive and loving family. Separating them is madness

Jess Taylor (Oxford, 2021-08-09)


Everyone should be with the family they love x

Kelly Wiffin (Preston, 2021-08-09)


Hade jag varit i Morgans sits hade jag också velat se min familj. Om inte Morgan familj påverkar honom negativt förstår jag inte vad problemet är. Varför ska Morgan inte få vara med folk som gör han glad?

Frida Österman (Uppsala, 2021-08-09)


I’m signing this because I know the family and Morgan. They have been wrongfully separated. Go do you work and rules on REAL culprits. This making of false cases just to keep your jobs is despicable

Shireen Khan (Dubai, 2021-08-09)


Families are the most important for children

Sarah Burbridge (Lagoa, 2021-08-09)


It does not feel right for someone to be pulled away from their family if they dont want to

John Ettemo (Uppsala, 2021-08-09)


She is my niece and this more than enough reason…

Norbert Vencel (Hitchin , 2021-08-10)


I’m signing because not being with his family is insanely rediculous….

Darren Bishop (Ocean Grove, 2021-08-10)


This is an outrageous miscarriage of justice and this girl should be allowed to have her family and her human rights back

Sarah James (Sydney , 2021-08-10)


I’m signing because I know this family, I know these children. I have seen how they have all been affected by this situation and will be for the rest of their lives. I dearly hope that this will come to and end so they can move forward again as a family, as human beings - as soon as possible

Claire Parke (Oxford, 2021-08-10)


I have known Monika and Toine for over 40 years and know that they want the best for their children.

Antonia Tregenza (Crediton, 2021-08-10)


Morgan deserves to be listened to and taken seriously. This enforced separation from her family is damaging her mental health and emotional wellbeing. This is a precious, close knit family who have had their lives pulled apart and it has taken a year for social services to realise their mistake. Now they need to fully repair the damage they have caused. Please, reunify Morgan with her family, and provide the trauma support to help them heal from this horrendous ordeal that has been inflicted on them.

Jennie de Vries (Oxford, 2021-08-10)


An institution should be the very last option for a 14 year old Girl. Being in 4 different houses can not be good. She has a family Who cares for her.

Carmen Cia (Montgat, 2021-08-10)


I belive the power of a family and loving parents mean the most for children.

Julia Tordai (Peteri , 2021-08-10)


As a mother of four myself I know when a child is capable of making up their own mind and Morgan is capable of this. She has a wonderful loving family who are waiting with open arms to get on with their lives together as it should be. Let them be, please.

Sabina Green (Peterborough, 2021-08-10)


It’s never good to keep a child away from important life events as weddings, especially when it is one of the rare chances to be with your grand-parents after a long long time!

Jacqueline Ariaans (Sully, 2021-08-10)


I am signing because I have followed this family’s plight and what has been done to them by an organisation that is supposed to help, is just so wrong.

Rebecca Vella (Wayville, 2021-08-10)


i’m signing because every child should be able to be with their family if they want to.

ellie Andersson (Uppsala, 2021-08-10)


Aláírom, mert beszéltem az unokahúgommal, nem érzi jól magát, elzárják a segítő otthonban a többiektől, nem segítik őt és sokszor nehezítik a kapcsolattartást. Szenved ettől ő is és az egész család is.

Czékus Józsefné (Pilis, 2021-08-10)


I have been friends with Monika and Toine for many years. I am appalled by the treatment of this family. I will do anything within my power to help their situation. The SS should be ashamed at their actions! I hope that justice will be served and this family reunited as quickly as possible.

Jan Shaw (Lorette West, 2021-08-10)


I’m signing because it is disgusting that the social services are denying Morgan of their human rights, and ignoring all of their wishes to be with their family, which is undoubtedly the best thing for them.

Emma Yates (Northallerton , 2021-08-10)

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