Name the Paddock to Pits tunnel at Brands Hatch after Robert Foote



To remember this brave volunteer

Andrew Wheals (Whitchurch , )


I'm signing because without the Orange Army events would not be able to take place. They give their time freely and are are the highly experienced in what they do.

Helen Veevers (Blackpool, )


Without marshals there would be no racing of any kind
They are out there in all weathers for our enjoyment

Mark Joyce (Oxford, )


A very worthy petition. Without marshals we wouldn't get to watch the sports we love on track. Let's get the tunnel renamed in Roberts honour!

Robert Jones (Whitby , )


Without the marshals there would be no racing. Robert deserves this as a legacy for his services to motorsport

Matt Benfield (Farnborough, )


Without marshalls.. we would not have our beloved motorsports. As competitors we accept the risks of injury or death... these heroes in orange do the same and only get a fraction of the glory and they all need to recognised.

Rich Richardson (Hull , )


This is the right and honourable thing to do for this Marshal who gave his life for motorsport.

Billy Egerton (Ballinrobe , )


I love motor racing 🏁

Tom Barnett (Stockport , )


In memory and support of a fallen comrade

Paul Beckingham (Lutterworth, )


We need to remember the Marshall who loved doing his job with motor sport

Samantha Hollin (Lincoln, )


Marshalls deserve all the credit 👏

Ian Bardell (MILTON KEYNES, )


Marshalls are the true heroes.

Glenn Goodwin (Shropshire, )


Like its always been said we need marshals to keep racers and the public safe at all events , invaluable !
RIP Robert

Andy Holton (Henlow, )


I think they all do a fantastic job. We have been going motor racing for more than 40 years and have seen first hand the job they do in all weather conditions

Suzanne Eady (Southampton , )


Marshalls give there time to support British motorsport and this man gave the sport his life he deserves recognition

Mark Elliott (Southminster, )


Without Marshals there would be no motorsport and the loss of one is an absolute tragedy.

Philip Mitchell (Carterton, )


Without marshalls, the sport cannot continue. They voluntarily sacrifice their time for a sport they love, and that is through all weathers.
On Saturday Robert Foote sacrificed more than any marshall should ever have done. And for that reason I find it fitting to have the tunnel named in his memory, and in solute to all marshalls who continue to make our sport possible.

Daron Harvey (Lincolnshire, )


I’m signing because as a fellow Marshal this is a worthwhile thing for the track to do as he lost his life doing something that he loved just like we all do every weekend.

James Weatherley (Colchester, )


Shawn Weatherall

Shawn Weatherall (STOCKBRIDGE, )


This is a beautiful idea and to name it after a beautiful gentleman lost he’s life at this track, please name it after him,

Julia Sewell (Chelmsford , )


Unsung heroes who are taken for granted

LynneLp Kilcourse (Timperley, )


I used to be a marshal.

Kathleen Oldknow (Alfreton, )


This poor chap lost his life while he was protecting others

Ray Young (Torrevieja , )


I was a Marshal and believe Mr Foote should be remembered for giving his life doing what he loved.

lisa Shekells (Redditch, )


It is the right thing to do in memory of him

Neil Hudson (Sunderland, )


Former Marshal... It could have been me!. Had a couple of near misses but never on this scale. Its a nice gesture.

Stephen Silvester (Lutterworth, )


Its the right thing to do

Rachel Dee (Nuneaton, )


Proud of the work these unsung heroes do

Michael Austin (Basildon, )


I have Marshaled for 15 Years.

Geoff Campion (Lancs , )


This is to show all the great work the Marshalls do for motorsports.

Christine Kendrew (Yarm, )


To honor a fallen hero .
Without them we couldn't watch/ go racing
Or even do track days ourselves

Joe Osborne (Kent, )


With out marshals no raceing

David Varnam (Manchester, )


Hollie Montague

Hollie Montague (Virginia Water, )


Craig Rook

Craig Rook (LEEDS, )


Being a Marshal myself I feel this would be lovely tribute for someone giving their time up for free.

Robert a true hero in orange. This would be a nice memorial for all his family, friends and marshaling family. Having this Robert will always be part of brands hatch. Died doing the hobby he loved but will never be forgotten. RIP Robert

Sue Halsey (Norwich, )


The real heroes of racing should be honoured

Marcel Esschendal (Itterbeck, )


My dad's a Marshall and without them there wouldn't be racing

Natalie Chambers (Maldon, )


I’m signing because I’m thankful for our Orange Army 🧡

Daniel Anderson (Dunfermline , )


As i am i marshall and i believe this is great to do, to Honour and man that loved the sports so much

Mark Young (harrogate, )


His Sacrifice deserves permanent recognition.

Brian Franklin (LONGFIELD, )


Marshals are the unsung heroes of motorsport, without them we don’t have a sport

Carl Ford (Baddesley Ensor, )


I'm signing this petition to honour Robert Foote as a permanent reminder that race marshals put themselves in danger so that racers can race safely and spectators can spectate safely.

Dave Lewis (Brantham, )


My family have marshalled for well over 40 years and have given their free time and weekends for training and supporting motorsport

Tracy Breed (Hargrave, )


My lifelong passion for motor sport and happy memories of marshalling at Aintree and Oulton Park in the Sixties.

Keith Mountain (Corwen, Denbighshire,, )


Without these brave Marshall no one takes part . Integral to the running of race days and track days

BRIAN JOLLY (Lancaster, )


I think it's a very good idea.

Keith Terry (Southend on Sea, )


I’m an ex marshal

Warren Cox (East malling, )


Recognition is everything no motorsport happens without the marshalls.

Louise Parker (Peterbrough, )


We’ve lost an important member and colleage

Kevin Morgan (Andover , )


He should be remembered

Kenny Duxbury (Banchory, )


We need these heroes so let's name that tunnel in his honour

Ted Hill (Whitstable, )


I believe these volunteers do a great service!! No races happen without them.

Neil Karshna (Niles, )


Losing a life as a volunteer marshal in such a tragic way, needs remembrance RIP ❤️🧡🧡🧡🧡

Neil Tidd (Bexhill on sea, )


It’s the correct thing to do.

Ryan Fitzpatrick (Aldershot, )


It's important

Alasdair Goldstraw (Herne Bay , )


He was a fellow marshal, a normal guy doing what he loved, it's a small thing to do to name it after him, he will then always be somewhere he loved.

Stephen Crown (Middlesbrough, )


This man gave his life for the sake of the sport. It's the least we can do.

Robert Hood (Northway, Tewkesbury, )


I like motor sports and Marshall's are as important as the drivers

Chris Jibb (York, )


No racing could happen without Marshall’s and they are first on the scene in an unfortunate incident

Ieuan Jenkins (Tredegar, )


Marshall deserve all the recognition we can give them

Neil Megill (Derby, )


I'm a massive fan of the sport and see this petition as a grand gesture for the family to show everyone's appreciation for Robert

Pete Rhodes (Leeds, )


Without these people no motor sport would be possible, our unsung hero's.

Heather Matthews (Swindon, )


This would be a great mark of respect to a lovely man

Diane Randall (Birmingham, )


S Ager

Susan Ager (Dartford, )


As a fellow Marshall I believe we should find some way to honour the sacrifice that Mr Foote made for the sport of racing

Jayne Dunnell (Lowestoft, )


Without marshals I cannot go and watch motor racing. The unsung heroes of motorsport

Mark Wells (Windsor, )


Of the orange army

Steve Fletcher (Mansfield, )


I'm a fellow marshal.

Adam Willetts (Burton on Trent, )


The Marshals deserve full recognition for the amazing job they do every race meeting. This is a small gesture that must be done.

Gary Johnson (New Romney, )


I think it is a very appropriate memorial

Anthony Watts (Burgess Hill, )

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