Name the Paddock to Pits tunnel at Brands Hatch after Robert Foote



I feel we need to remember the people behind our sport

Colum Dillon (Kilkenny, )


It’s a mark of respect for someone who lost his life to something he loved to do

Sheena Ckark (Stockport, )


This would be a Lovely & fitting tribute to someone who enjoyed his Motorsports. R.I.P. Mr Foote

John Barnes (BASILDON, )


I used to be a marshal and appreciate how much this man gave to the sport.

Alison Byatt (Dudley, )


These guys do an amazing job and would be nice to remember this gentleman who tragically lost his life

Andrew Hicks (Hinckley, )


I am a marshal and as an unsung hero I feel that this would be a very fitting tribute not only for all marshals but for those in particular the have given their lives volunteering to help protect the sports that they love

Samantha Fullerton (Sittingbourne, )


That’s what they should do

Anthony Sommerville (Cheshire , )


Marshall's are the unsung heroes of Motorsport and this would be a fitting tribute.

Paul Temple (Pontypool, )


What a wonderful gesture this should be done my son Gary is a Marshall and I totally support this

Julie Jackson (Crewe, )


I believe that it’s right to name the tunnel after the marshal because its a really touching gesture and is there was no marshals there would be no racing. And they give up their spare time to risk their lives for the love of motorsport. 🧡👍

Dave Armstrong (Northallerton, )


I've marshalled

Michael Biddle (Chester, )


I'm part of the orange army. RIP Robert Foote.

Melanie Mitchell-Smith (Oldham, )


As a fellow marshal, this would be a fitting tribute indeed.

Ashlee Aspin (Oldham, )


I strongly believe that without Marshals we could not have any kind of racing . Corners and areas of a race circuit are named after riders / drivers but that would not be able to race without marshals. Marshals time , dedicated and professionalism should be honoured . By honouring Robert Foote you will be acknowledging the viral part Marshals playing within the UK’s and world racing arena.

Kate Betts (Oswestry , )


It would be a nice gesture for this happen naming the paddock and pits after a volunteer.

Forbes Watson (East Kilbride, Glasgow, )


I'm signing because it would be a lasting tribute to a valuable member of the crucial Orange Army. The unsung heroes of the motor sport scene.

Pete Downs (Nottinghamshire , )


All the great motorsport couldn't happen without the marshals.

Glenn Groves (Leeds, )


I’m signing because it would be a fitting tribute to Robert Foote, bless him.

Paula Hamilton (Hersham , )


The orange army are essential to motorsport and deserve to be remembered in this way

Vix Banham (southampton , )


Seems the right thing to do to honour all Marshall's.

Tim Probert (Middleton tyas, )


Marshals in the UK are often the unsung heroes of our sport..They are brave people who look after drivers when things go wrong and without them we wouldn't be able to race..I applaud Robert Foote and send my condolences to all his friends and family...let's remember Robert with his name indelibly...RIP

Robb Gravett (Maidenhead, )


It’s the right thing to do!

Mark Kelley (Centerville , )


Deserve to be remembered.

Richard Andrews (Auckland, )


I believe Marshall’s should be given more credit for the sport we all love. It’s just terrible that this has had to happen to make everyone realise it. Love and thoughts to Robert’s family and friends.

Callum Grant (Bolton, )


As an ex marshal myself I understand he was doing what he loved, I'm only no longer a member of the orange army due to a change of personal circumstances.
Many a day I've spent watching the young upcoming drivers learning their craft, all possible due to those like Robert give their time freely for a sport they love.

Gary Chamberlain (Farnborough, )


Marshals are unsung heroes

Carol Knott (Bexhill-on-Sea, )


I’m a track safety marshal at Silverstone for the f1 and the British super bikes. I would do my best if any of are team was taken out in this way

Matthew cowdry (Trowbridge , )


I'm Signing Because My Brother and I are Hugh Formula 1 Fans

Sophie Crane (Shrewsbury, )


There needs to be memorials to the unsung heroes of the racing world

Stephen Lyons (Coraki, )


I think in honour of the tragic event that occurred where a volunteer marshal sadly lost his life, it would be amazing if the tunnel could be named after this marshal as the sport simply wouldn’t be able to go on without these marshals

Mia Snow (Hull, )


They do a great no pay just for the love of the sprot

STEWART Blount (Kirkby in Ashfield, )


Without Marshall’s we wouldn’t have what we love I have the upmost respect for them all

Irene Grubb (Oldbury , )


Without the orange army there would be no motorsport. The unsung heroes

Brigid Singleton (Nottinghamshire , )


The marshals do an amazing job and it's only fitting the tunnel should be named after Robert who tragically lost his life doing a job he didn't get paid for

Simon Paul Gooding (High wycombe, )


The orange army is what’s a spectators day at a motor racing event possible
They deserve to be paid for what they do and shouldn’t lose there lives doing it

Chris Hancock (Sutton , )


In memory of Robert Foote

Matt Wilson (Alton, )


Unsung heroes, without which we would have no racing

Andrew Smart (brecon, )


As a race car driver I have huge respect and gratitude for all marshals everywhere.I always make a point giving the marshals a thank you wave on my slowing down lap.

Paul Aslett (Taunton , )


As a former marshal, the time given is purely for the love of motorsport. Whilst the thought of injury is ever present, such a serious accident is entirely unexpected. He gave his life volunteering to do something he loved, so that others could do something they love. Without the services of the orange army, Brands would not be able to stage the events that it does and i feel that, as a mark of respect, they should acknowledge this request and commemorate the services and memory of Robert

Adam Duffield (Dereham, )


We need them, and we have to always remeber him.

Robbin Kruithof (Blokzijl, )


I'm a fellow marshal and Robert deserves to be remembered in this way

Colin Dickson (Crossgar, )


They all do a great job if it was not for them there would not be any racing

Mark Walsh (London, )


Great idea and we'll deserved

Antony McCauley (Buckingham, )


There would be no racing if it wasn’t for all the orange army who do this voluntarily

Sharon Virag (Essex, )


I am part of the orange army and this is a deserved naming of the tunnel

Steven Edwards (Horsham, )


Without Marshalls we have no sport

Ian Gray-smith (Petersfield, )


I am a marshal

Stefanie Knox (Grantham , )


I believe that this would be the best way to remember the fallen Marshall

Neil Bird (Watton, )


It's a nice gesture, and my partner and children are BSB supporters.

Alicia Gibbs (Portsmouth , )


Lucas Black

Lucas Black (Farnborough, )


There wouldn’t be any racing if it wasn’t for the marshalls

Simon Fleet (Revesby, )


Couldn't race without these fantastic volunteers, they put their lives on the line to ensure racers and public are safe, they do an awesome job.

Valerie Colville (Dunfermline, )


There wouldn't be any racing if it wasn't for people like Robert

Rob Taylor (Isle of Man , )


I am a fellow brands hatch Marshal.

Darran Jones (Dover, )


It’s well deserved, Rest in Peace Robert

Aiden Patmore (Bournemouth , )


I think the orange army at any circuit to an amazing thankless job year in year out no matter what the weather
This would be a fitting tribute to someone who lost their life doing something they loved

Anthony Davis (Morecambe , )


For all the marshals

Chris Inglis (Banstead, )


Without them there would be no racing and when this sort of thing happens it should be remembered so people realise the job is more than an ability to have the best view

Nigel Langley (Cheltenham, )


The right thing to do !!! 👍🏻💯

steve Kemish (Talybont, )


Marshall make racing happen

Nick McNeil (Kettering , )


To support the orange army. Without them, there would be no Motorsport. They put themselves in danger every race meeting.

Joseph Roberts (Warrington, )


We cannot race without these volunteers. It’s the least we can do.
Thank you orange army

Douglas Cameron (Wsm, )


It’s the right decision to make for all concerned

Mark Clifton (Farnborough, )

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