Extra Policing for Marple North and South Wards



I’m signing because the level of anti social behaviour around Marple has increased significantly during and beyond lockdown. It is now a real concern that people may be seriously injured or their property damaged without police intervention.

Raymond Blomeley (Marple Stockport, 2021-07-22)


I absolutely agree that we need to have more police presence in Marple and the immediate area. I understand Marple may be seen as less socially disadvantaged than other areas in Stockport, but that does not mean that community police support should be at such a level that the people causing the ASB think they can just get away with it. My family should be able to visit the park, at the moment they won’t go as they know they are at risk.

Carole Hill (Manchester, 2021-07-22)


Anti social behaviour is growing and spoiling our beautiful town.

Kevin Murray (Marple, 2021-07-22)


We need more resources to protect our community from anti social behaviour that’s rapidly getting out of hand.

Kate Davis (Stockport, 2021-07-22)


The recent increase and severity of anti-social behavior in Marple is both worrying and unacceptable and I feel an increased police presence is needed to help tackle this problem.

Helena Monds (Stockport , 2021-07-22)


I want Marple to be a safe place to live

Susan Hall (Cheshire, 2021-07-22)


My mum was attacked in the park

Alicia Ottey (Marple, 2021-07-22)


The increase in anti social behaviour

Chris Clark (Manchester , 2021-07-22)


I am signing because a family member was assaulted in the park in the middle of the day

Tarek Hayder (Marple, 2021-07-22)


Compstall village is I feel absolutely always forgot about and with the festivals starting we definitely need more police in the village. The bird hide is now ruined by antisocial behaviour .

Wendy Robinson (Compstall , 2021-07-22)


Of what is happening with all this anti social behaviour which seems to be getting worse.

Pauline Murray (Marple , 2021-07-22)


I do not want anti social behaviour in my local area

Sylvia Gibson (Marple , 2021-07-22)


Increased anti social behaviour

Suzanne Gilson (Marple, 2021-07-22)


I have lived in Marple for over 30 years and always felt safe until the recent spate of anti social behavior.

Patricia Lees (Marple, 2021-07-22)


I live in Marple and anti social behaviour has been affecting my children and I.

Lydia Ormerod (Marple, 2021-07-22)


I'm signing because the antisocial behaviour has become unbearable and I'm concerned that the worst of it is yet to come.

Jon Jones (Stockport, 2021-07-22)


I’m signing because of the increasing anti social behaviour in the area

Neil Hurren (Stockport, 2021-07-22)


I've been burgled and don't like taking my daughter out to the park anymore and there are constant reports of thefts, attempted thefts and antisocial behaviour locally

Angela Gee (Marple, Stockport, 2021-07-22)


Things are getting worse in what is a lovely place to live

Tim Grice (Marple, 2021-07-22)


As a retired police officer I find this serious antisocial behaviour and assaults urgently need addressing. The public must feel safe.

Terence Lomax (Stockport , 2021-07-22)


I’m signing this petition because my husband and son were recently victims of an orchestrated attack in Marple Memorial Park by a group of around 20 youths who threw bricks at our car and used carabiner clips as makeshift knuckle dusters against them. This was the second such attack on my son who just wants to use the skate park in safety. Passers by who were filming were punched by the youths.

Angela Hibbert (Stockport , 2021-07-22)


I’m signing this petition because like the majority of Marple’s community I feel strongly that anti social behaviour should be stamped out as soon as possible. I work from home and have spent the day listening to youths drive irresponsibly up and down Mount Drive. I have had my garden fence damaged recently. An elderly lady was attacked going down a passageway just off Mount drive too and her was phone stolen. I haven’t witnessed for myself but I have heard of awful reports of anti social behaviour in the local parks too. More resources are needed in this area and action needs to happen ASAP

Angie Hughes (Stockport , 2021-07-22)


I want to keep Marple safe for all to enjoy

Simon Heys (Manchester, 2021-07-22)


Because of what I hear and see I want Marple to be a safe and friendly place for everyone to enjoy.

John Brown (Stockport, 2021-07-22)


The anti social behaviour is escalating and if nothing is done to stop this will result in someone getting hurt. Marple is a beautiful place to live and it is disgraceful that our lovely park is becoming a ‘no go area’ because of what is happening there.

Anita Haygarth (Stockport, 2021-07-22)


I love the community we live in and I don’t want to see it negatively impacted by anti-social behaviour.

Mrs Sara Lewin (Stockport, 2021-07-22)


I want my children to grow up where they feel safe and for the lovely residents of Marple to be able to enjoy a walk without living in fear of being attacked or abused.

Sue Whittaker (Cheshire , 2021-07-22)


We need to stop marauding youths,there is no deterrent or discipline

Peter Bennett (Marple , 2021-07-22)


I feel strongly about the anti social behaviour, I feel it’s making Marple unsafe to walk around.

Pamela Hope (Stockport, 2021-07-22)


Sick of antisocial behaviour in our area as locals are scared of walking there early evening

Gill Kemp (Stockport, 2021-07-22)


I hate all this antisocial behaviour in our area.

Judy Valentine (Stockport , 2021-07-22)


Our local policing team need extra resources to tackle the rise in serious anti social behaviour in our local area. I feel very strongly these current issues need urgent action and extra policing is needed as a matter of urgency.

Joanne Smith (Stockport, 2021-07-22)


Marple is a beautiful place to live and the residents want to keep it that way

Marjorie Tawse (Marple , 2021-07-22)


I am increasingly worried about the anti social behaviour in Marple, i im scared to go in certain areas and worry for the future of our community

Cheryl Mather (Stockport, 2021-07-22)


I’m signing this because if we don’t keep Marple a safe place to be out and about then businesses will start to fail. People will chose other localities to go out in the evening if it is not safe here.

Annette Walden (Stockporr, 2021-07-22)


I am signing this petition to help resolve this blight to our local community and try to stop it before someone gets hurt

Michael j (Jarvis, 2021-07-22)


At the moment the Marple area is overrun by youths committing crime, I feel as a community we need to get this situation under control asap, before someone ends up in a serious condition.

Michelle Bagnall (Stockport , 2021-07-22)


We need more visible Police presence around the area to deter this behaviour.

Ian Kemp (Marple, 2021-07-22)


Because like a lot of other people all this bad behaviour needs to be stopped if it means more police then so be it

Gregory Gaskell (Marple Stockport, 2021-07-22)


Fed up of feral youths intimidating and mugging people in Marple.

Stuart Rutter (Marple, 2021-07-22)


Change is needed to safeguard our open spaces and ensure they are safe for all to use at any time of the day or night.

Hemal Mistry (Marple , 2021-07-22)


I’m signing because my 10 year old daughter has gone from visiting the skate park 5 times a week to being too scared to go. She witnessed unprovoked violence and racial abuse during her last visit. The park should be available to all and it is not acceptable for a minority to control the area through violence or the fear of violence.

Sarah Taylor (Marple, 2021-07-22)


I am a Marple resident with children and I want to feel safe and for my children to It be exposed to antisocial behavioural

Tracy-anne Birds (Marple, 2021-07-22)


My children and I have stopped using the park because of the fear of confrontation. I also noticed a reduction In the numbers of skaters enjoying the park in an evening, a dreadful shame for the teenage skaters of Stockport. After numerous very time consuming reports of incidents to non-emergency police numbers or websites, with limited acknowledgement, I have given up and now avoid my local park.

Luke Taylor (Marple, 2021-07-22)


I have seen a significant increase in ASB in Marple, so much that I will no longer take my children to the park. It is unfortunate that the facilities that were built to create a distraction for children are now being taken over by intimidating groups of youths who abuse people.

Helen Percival (Manchester , 2021-07-22)


I am aware of several acts of intimidation against Marple residents both young and old and if the police don’t intervene then I’m concerned how this will escalate.

Nicky Scowcroft (Marple, 2021-07-22)


I'm signing because my step daughters boyfriend was attacked in Brabyns park

Janet Richmond (Manchester, 2021-07-23)


I run Friends of Marple Memorial Park, the volunteer group that spends many hours maintaining and improving the park, which is now becoming a no-go area for our children and grandchildren due to these thugs. The police and local authority must do whatever it takes to claim the park back for our community.

Mark Whittaker (Marple, 2021-07-23)


Cars are regularly speeding (racing) along Arkwright Road, Marple and up & down Brabyns Brow, Marple.

I’ve reported this to the Police on a number of occasions but nothing has been done. Someone is going to be killed by a speeding vehicle.

I have also witnessed young people openly smoking drugs in the Memorial Park, Marple.

John Dawson (Marple , 2021-07-23)


I’m signing this because I’ve witnessed this antisocial behaviour several times and it’s frightening. I have a 6 year old grandson and I fear taking him to the park. I’ve lived I. Marple for 45 years and I’ve never know anything as bad as this. It needs to stop !

Yvonne Gillon (Marple , 2021-07-23)


Sick to death of the groups causing damage. Until something is done it will carry on. It is getting to be a no go area for a lot of people now

Michelle Callagan (Stockport, 2021-07-23)


I’m signing because I live in Marple and want it to be a safe place for my children to grow up. The anti social behaviour is by the minority and locals need assistance in stamping it out before some one is seriously injured.

Hannah Currie (Marple, 2021-07-23)


I have been unable to let my 12 year old go to the park with his friends due to worries of these teenagers/young people causing trouble and risks of drug use, verbal and physical intimidation.

Sarah Kerr (Stockport, 2021-07-23)


I would like more presence of police to tackle the anti social behaviour in the area.

Alison Hopkins-Bell (Stockport , 2021-07-23)


Marple is getting no value for the police bill we pay in our council tax.

David Mulligan (Manchester, 2021-07-23)


As a Marple resident and recent victim of attempted burglary, (where the perpetrator was found in my kitchen) I am more aware of the valued role of Police Officers and of the need fur a more consistent Police presence to hep prevent ASB locally.

Marie Richardson (Stockport , 2021-07-23)

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