Barclays Bank Marple Branch Closure



It is the only local bank left! Not everyone can or wants to travel to Stockport.

Louise Makin (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


I use this bank in a regular basis. This is the only bank in Marple, Bredbury and Woodley. There is usually a queue to get in so why is this shutting??

Gill Thompson (STOCKPORT, 2021-05-23)


I bank with Barclays and it is so much easier having a bank locally so I don’t have to travel into Stockport to access it.

Rhiannon Mackenzie (Marple, Stockport, 2021-05-23)


I rarely go into banks anymore. Everytime I go in they always turn you away ring this number it.will solve it for you,time wasting etc
I'm signing this because to the ones who really needs to use them

Koon Ho (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


This will leave Marple with no banks. The isle especially hard for people who do not drive and don’t have the internet.

Marie Stansfield (Marple, 2021-05-23)


One of the main reasons I bank with Barclays is because they have a branch in Marple. I don't want to have to travel into Stockport if I need to visit a branch. I don't trust the Barclays app because of risk of online fraud

Janet Crossley (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


This is the bank I use on a regular basis for our business + as all the other Barclays which we used to use have now been shut, will mean a horrid trip into Stockport, when I need to try + speak to an actual person.

Christine Mazurek (STOCKPORT, 2021-05-23)


Marple needs at least one bank to help the community & town centre thrive & not become a ghost town

Liz Young (Marple, 2021-05-23)


The need for a bank for many senior citizens

Jeff Sutton (Marple , 2021-05-23)


Marple wouldn't have a bank at all if Barclays closed ... we've already lost 2 banks (Natwest for apartments and RBS appears vacant still ...) it would only leave the post office and 2 building societies. Many people can't travel far due to different issues, so having to go to hazel grove or Stockport even is just crazy!!!

Gemma Leigh (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


It’s the last of marples banks and vital got a lot of people especially the elderly who don’t have access to internet

Sarah Cloughley (Sk6 6ay , 2021-05-23)


My grandfather, and I'm sure a lot of other elderly residents of Marple rely on this branch. Why are businesses hell bent on excluding our elderly!!

Nicola Sullivan (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


The bank is an essential service

Valerie Haigh (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


I've only just opened an account with Barclays and did so because it has a local branch.

Kevin Murray (Marple, 2021-05-23)


It’s so important to have a bank where you can speak to someone in person as opposed to having to do everything online.

Laura Dawson (Marple, 2021-05-23)


It is my local branch.It is always busy.We need business's to stay local.

Chris Vaisey (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


Customer at this branch for over 50 years.

Alan Ackerley (Marple, 2021-05-23)


The closure of the Marple branch will have a detrimental effect on the community, especially for those most vulnerable.

Sharon Edwards (STOCKPORT, 2021-05-23)


There are only two places for people who do not do online banking - Barclays and Nationwide. And as Nationwide only open 10 til 2 it makes it extremely difficult.

Carol Rodgers (Greater Manchester, 2021-05-23)


Banks should be on the high street not behind closed doors

Barry Freeman (Manchester , 2021-05-23)


Our last bank in Marple its always busy when i use it. I can walk to it going to stockport requires a car bad for the environment and car parking charges in order to park.

Mike Anderson (Marple, 2021-05-23)


I’m signing because we need Barclays in Marple.

Colin Hughes (Marple, Stockport , 2021-05-23)


The banks are forgetting the older generations who cannot use “online”. Barclays have a huge OAP client base and should reconsider their decision to exclude the elderly from their plans.

Stuart Atkinson (High Peak, 2021-05-23)


It’s the only bank left in Marple - we need a bank’s presence especially with an elderly population that do not grasp online banking!

Karen Andrew (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


I bank at this branch, and would have to get a bus to the next local branch

Tina Maxted (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


This is the last remaining bank for absolutely miles
So many people are going to be so let down,stranded & frustrated
Not everyone is happy to bank online

Kate Collins (Marple Bridge, 2021-05-23)


We need this bank

Jane Sheridan (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


There will be no bank branches left in Marple if Barclay's goes too...

Cheryl Pearson (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


I bank with Barclays and there will be no banks in Marple for the people that don’t use internet banking or can’t travel or the elderly. SAVE OUR BARCALYS MARPLE

Emma Cannan (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


This is the only Barclays this side of Stockport the Stockport branch is not customer friendly no cashiers to serve you just the odd person telling how to do it yourself not good enough

Rita Byers (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


We chose this bank for our son's account as it's the only bank in our area that we can get too without a very long trip or paying to park. He's not able to use online banking for many of his transactions.

Ruth Handy (Manchester, 2021-05-23)


Keep local businesses open!

Stacey Frayne (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


Not everyone can use internet banking there should always be a viable option for these disadvantaged people. One day we all may have failing eyesight and other disabilities that make it impossible for us to do things on-line

Richard Hardisty (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


This is my local branch the next is Stockport which is dire no parking close by to nip in its understaffed and long queues. Ridiculous closing this branch

Diane Gardler (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


Don’t want Barclays local branch to close.

Rosemary Hotson (Stockort, 2021-05-23)


I use this branch. Nearest branches are some distance away and not convenient.

Stephen Oliver (MARPLE, 2021-05-23)


You have closed enough branches down. This branch so many people depend on it. Sad state of affairs if Barclays close it down.

Vicky Blanthorn (STOCKPORT, 2021-05-23)


We need a bank in the high street.

Andrea Watson (Marple, 2021-05-23)


This branch us much needed following the closure of the Hazel Grove branch.
It's a very well used branch & many Marple customers will vote with their feet and move across the road to the Nationwide.

Chris Carter (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


We need a local bank, this is the last one, people dont want total on line banking, Buisnesses need to use cash and cheques, people need and want cash and cheques.

Paul Roberts (Marple, 2021-05-23)


Banks need to support their customers and local town amd village centres by keeping local branches open.

Aron Thornley (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


My elderly mother relies on having a local bank for all her banking needs. She doesn’t trust or understand internet or telephone banking. She needs to be able to speak to staff in her local branch if she has a banking issue.
There are many like my mother and also people without access to a car to travel to other branches. People with learning difficulties who can’t use internet and phone apps. This decision hugely reduces their ability to be independent. It shows no loyalty to the people who have invested and trusted in the bank fir many years.

Mary Prat (Marple, Stockport, 2021-05-23)


We have many elderly residents and many businesses in Marple that have no other alternative. Many have switched to Barclays because other banks have closed. Have some loyalty to your loyal customers.

Helen Taylor (STOCKPORT, 2021-05-23)


This is one of the last banks in the area still open !!!

Deborah Wood (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


Because you can’t do everything online- sometimes you need a face to face conversation and there are no other banks left in the area. How are older people supposed to cope?

Sue Penton (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


I’m signing because our family business uses Barclays regularly. Expecting people to drive to Stockport is totally unacceptable!

Debbie Southall (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


I ise online banking and the app but I have customers who pay by cheque. The app is clumsy to use for paying in cheques.

Charles Lomas (Mellor, 2021-05-23)


My elderly dad uses this bank. All the banks in Romiley where they live have closed.

Christine Walsh (Bury, 2021-05-23)


We need to keep this bank open, not everyone can access online banking, Marple has a high population of both young and elderly people. It's unfair to expect everyone to travel to a bank out of the area. Please keep this bank open.

Ilonca Massey (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


We need a banking facility in Marple. HSBC Bank of Scotland and Nat West already gone.
Where do people go ?

Adele Kaye (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


You have already closed 2 branches in this area!

Kath Hudson (Manchester, 2021-05-23)


It’s needed for the local community

Heather McFarlane (Stockport , 2021-05-23)





Banking services are required and needed within Marple. This is both for personal banking and a business account. Travelling into Stockport is not an option.

Brian Bergin (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


The branch is needed. Not everyone can use internet banking. It brings people and business to the community.

Sue Eaton (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


We use this branch, all our local branches keep closing, Romiley, Hyde and now Marple. If you want people to bank with Barclays there needs to be branches people can actually bank in.

Leanne Cooper (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


I run the Senior Citizens Club in Marple and my members are very upset that you will be taking the last Bank out of Marple. Also, as treasurer I need a local bank as the money in coins that I deposit is too heavy to carry to Stockport.

Burnhild Lazar (Marple, 2021-05-23)


This is the last bank open for miles - it’s of huge importance to the locals- young and old - especially the elderly

Lesley Cranwell (Romiley , 2021-05-23)


This branch is well used and always busy with queues. There is a strong need in the community for its services. Alternative branches are not accessible for most people in the area who use thos branch.

Sarah Clarke (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


I am a Barclays customer

Ric Biggins (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


It is my bank

David Howard (Marple, 2021-05-23)


We need a bank in Marple
Lots of elderly residents who don’t use saying not many visits to the bank in last twelve months is understandable due to Covid.

Denise Melia (Marple, 2021-05-23)


The people who make these decisions should ask the customers who use the bank...... we have a right to agree or disagree.... I use this bank and don’t see why I should have to go out of my way.... or village to use another bank...... Start thinking about the loyal customers who have supported you through the years...... do we mean nothing?

Jayne Tomlin (New mills , 2021-05-23)


I'm signing because Marple needs a bank. Barclays is the only bank left in the village all the others have closed down. Not everyone is able to use online banking and many customers rely on the face to face contact a local bank provides.

Doreen Johnson (Marple, 2021-05-23)


I’m appalled that Barclays are choosing to close my bank. This is my local bank. I would have to travel to Stockport if this closes. The Nat West in Hazel Grove has queues down the A6. Surely someone will have the sense to realise that the residents of MARPLE and surrounding areas need this bank to stay open. Internet banking for s encouraged but sometimes questions and problems are better dealt with face to face.

Susan Sharples (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


I use this bank often. There is always a queue proving how popular and necessary this bank is to the people of Marple. Lots of these people would need to travel to Stockport if this bank closed and as Marple has a large ageing population without transport in lots of cases this would bring hardship and stress to a great deal of the community.

Judith Valentine (Stockport , 2021-05-23)


I use the cash point

John Tummon (Stockport, 2021-05-23)


I have been with Barclays since I was 16 and have always used the Marple branch! Would be so disappointing to see it go. So many people use it and jobs will be lost. Think of all the elderly in the area that rely on it!

Emily Walsh (Stockport , 2021-05-24)


I'm signing on behalf of my elderly parents who live in Hazel Grove and are Barclays customers for many many years. Their branch has already closed and were told to use Marple as an alternative. They have no access to the Internet

Jane Cardwell (Stockport , 2021-05-24)


I have banked with barclays for over 40 years such a shame they cannot show loyalty to local customer's not everyone has internet banking. This means no local banks left what about supporting local shops and communities etc such a shame

Val Bennison (Compstall, 2021-05-24)


Barclays should care more about the communities it serves and it’s wider impacts of branch closures than its profit levels

Matthew Doherty (Strines, 2021-05-24)


Don't want to loose services in Marple

Anthony Burgess (Stockport , 2021-05-24)


My mother is a customer of yours and used your bank all the time and doesn’t have access to the internet, doesn’t drive and will most likely move banks to the nationwide if you close

Kathleen Burgess (Marple , 2021-05-24)


I am a customer and have my own personal account here. I have a joint account with my husband at the only other banking facility in Marple. I do not want to have all my eggs in one basket by transferring the Barclays account there.

Beryl Marsden (Marple, 2021-05-24)


This bank is the only one on Marple. If the bank closes our nearest branch is Stockport & too far for elderly people to travel especially during this epidemic.

Pamela Hope (Stockport, 2021-05-24)


Local banks are vital to small businesses and those who are vulnerable.

Anthea Craig (Stockport, 2021-05-24)


We use this branch and don’t have time to travel to Stockport

Catherine Barron (STOCKPORT, 2021-05-24)


I transferred my account from RBS to Barclays because Barclays still had a branch in Marple. I want a bank that has a branch that I can go into for various reasons without having to travel and increase my carbon footprint.

Jeanette Webb (Marple, 2021-05-24)


Having recently lost my Mum I had to go in branch to sort out her bank account. If Marple branch was to close I would have been forced to visit another branch, which are now few and far between. At a traumatic time you really don’t want to be going miles out of your way, especially as I don’t drive. If the alternative is hanging on the phone with customer services for hours on end trying to prove your identity, or getting through to India where if you make a mistake on security questions they cut you off, then I’m sorry but I’d reluctantly move elsewhere. Communities count more than profits. Why not put people first. Life is hard enough at the moment.

Judy Rowbottom (Stockport, 2021-05-24)



james savage (STOCKPORT, 2021-05-24)


We run a local sports club.
Which we rely on change from the bank.
Also we hold the Dementia drop-in
Our friends careers and volunteers all donate money.

Christine Poynter (Stockport, 2021-05-24)


Steve Magner

Steve Magner (Stockport, 2021-05-24)


I'm sick of these businesses closing down branches without any concern or consideration to there customers who don't want to or are unable to do online banking

Lesley Neill (Stockport , 2021-05-25)


There are a lot of vulnerable people who need face to face banking. Closure of the Barclays Bank in Marple will be hugely detrimental to the local community

Sue Palmer (Stockport, 2021-05-25)


Far too many elderly people rely on this bank, don't take away another life line for them.

Nic Halsall (Cheshire, 2021-05-25)


Marple needs a bank we have an elderly community and many don’t have computers smart phones etc
Plus lots of small businesses need a place to bank takings

Avril Fletcher (Stockport, 2021-05-25)

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