A Change for Jennie Poole❤️



I am

Tina Long (Dublin, 2021-04-27)


I'm heartbroken for her family and her 2 beautiful children xxand I pray justice will be done xx

Julie Croghan (Ballymun, 2021-04-27)


No one should have to suffer the way Jennie and her poor family are suffering . 💔💔💔

Lorraine Kavanagh (Dublin 11, 2021-04-27)


There should be a harsh penalty for domestic abuse

Michael Ronan (Dublin, 2021-04-27)


To help more people against domestic violence

Anita Murphy (Dublin, 2021-04-27)


To stop domestic violence against vulnerable people.

Philip Duggan (Dublin , 2021-04-27)


Things need to change jennie can live on by those that could be helped with this law

laura9 pennick (Dublin, 2021-04-27)


Horrible thing that happened to this young girl,

Amy Higgins (Dublin ballymun , 2021-04-27)


Because I agree with everything above and also I knew Jennie and the Poole family from the area

Jessica O' Reilly (Dublin 11, 2021-04-27)


This should of never have happened to Jennie and her family. Sentences in Ireland are a joke. Life should be life. You take a life and yours should be taken from you.

Chloe Smith (Dublin, 2021-04-27)


Has to happen to many people getting hurt

Dano Redmond (Dublin, 2021-04-27)


I'm signing for better funding and harsher sentences for people at the hands of domestic violence

Ruth O Brien (Dublin, 2021-04-27)


For all women to be safe

Sandy Obrien (Malaga , 2021-04-27)


People in abusive relationships need to be able to get help

Linda Hickey (Dublin, 2021-04-27)


It needs to be done

Charlene McDermott (Dublin, 2021-04-27)


Too many women & men loosing their life due to domestic violence, the law has to change & Now

Mary Hackett (Ballyboughal, 2021-04-27)


I new jennie my daughters where in school with her ...... I would not like this horrible thing to happen to my daughters or any 1 else's daughters....

Mary Mckee (Dublin, 2021-04-27)


I’m signing because I was in a domestic violence relationship and I know how hard it is to leave one even tho everybody says just leave it’s easier said than done I’ve went through mental torture physical torture and emotionally drained from a partner who was so abusive in so many ways and still made me feel bad for trying to leave I got away from him but how many other girls are going to have to be murdered by vicious narcissistic violent manipulative animals just like Jennifer Poole was. This law needs to come into action ASAP. Rest in piece Jen 💕💕💕

Nadine Flood (Dublin, 2021-04-27)


I'm signing for change

Sarah Coughlan (Ashbourne , 2021-04-27)


Domestic violence must be stopped.

Thomas Devlin (Dublin 11, 2021-04-27)


We need change

marie kearney (County dublin, 2021-04-27)


If one person can be saved through this awful, horrific tradgedy it will be worth it.

Siobhan Reddell (Dublin , 2021-04-27)


We need jennies law to be real and protect everyone going through domestic violence

Sarah Reynolds (Finglas , 2021-04-27)


So many victims of domestic abuse and nothing done about it 😡

Angela Stokes (Dublin, 2021-04-27)


More services and laws need to be inputted to prevent something this tragic happening again, May she rest in peace

Mégan Sheridan (Dublin, 2021-04-27)


Jennie did not deserve this she will be remembered may she rest in peace❤️

Melissa Clarke (Dublin , 2021-04-27)


Jennie was my cousin she was a mother a daughter a niece a cousin and she was was a great mother of two beautiful children and her legacy has to live on and it will by passing this laws to stop what happened to Jennie from happening to any one else.love from Thomas Mooney Jessica Mooney and David Mooney. May god rest her soul.❤️😇

David Mooney (Dublin, 2021-04-27)

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