Interest in a Crisis Café in Market Harborough



I suffer terribly and think this would be important.

Debbie Gray (Leicestershire, 2021-01-02)


Because we need to do more for people with mental health
And some where for not just people with mental health to go
But family friends and caters
To get advice how to help our loved ones

Sue Flint Hunt (Market Harborough , 2021-01-02)


I'm signing this petition because I know first hand how hard it is to get help and I think this would be asset to the town, for anyone to able to go down and talk to someone thats impartial.

Kelly Foster (Market Harborough , 2021-01-02)


More and more people are struggling with there mental health and we need to give them somewhere they can go for support and help and reassure them they are not alone and it’s ok to not be ok

Mandy Woodbine (Market harborough, 2021-01-02)


There needs to be more mental health services in the harborough district

Haylie Thomas (Leicestershire, 2021-01-02)


It is something we need in Harborough

Amy O'Dell (Market Harborough, 2021-01-02)


There are so many people out there who suffer with mental health issues. A lot of them feel very alone and unable to talk about their feelings. A crisis cafe would be great for meeting people with similar issues and being able to talk about it

Gwen Jones (Kettering, 2021-01-02)


I am Chair of Trustees for a Young Peoples Counselling Service and am happy to support. There are empty shops in the town centre that could be utilised and logistics of numbers and type of support but happy to help

Liz Hassock (Market Harborough , 2021-01-02)


I think it would help people that are alone to have someone to talk too

Kelly Andrews (Leicestershire , 2021-01-02)


This is needed both personal reasons and others

Mark Hecker (Leicestershire , 2021-01-02)


I believe in supporting mental health

Paula Matthews (MARKET HARBOROUGH, 2021-01-02)


These facilities are essential to support local mental health

Deborah Cooper (East Haddon, 2021-01-02)


It is very important as there are too many out there really, really struggling but frightened to ask for help.

Mel Wing (Kibworth , 2021-01-02)


Something close to my heart

Lianne Edwards (Leicestershire, 2021-01-02)


There needs to be more mental health services in the harborough district.

Hayley Thomas (Leicestershire, 2021-01-02)


I’m signing because this is something that could actually give people on hand support at times of need . I personally would of benefited from this when I was at my worst . With the help of mind map I’m currently stable x

Jodie Burnett (Market Harborough , 2021-01-02)


There is a massive need for this type of support in Haborough

Rhiannon durham (Market Harborough, 2021-01-02)


I’m signing because this is a great idea and well needed

Joanne Hall (Market harborough, 2021-01-02)


I feel
Strongly about this issue

Julie Theed (Leicester , 2021-01-02)


I am from Market Harborough and my family and friends are still there. I'd like to know there support is there for them as well as myself if I was to return.

Hayley Marie (St Albans, 2021-01-02)


Not enough people are aware of mental health or are knowledgeable about it. I definitely think in terms of support it would be great to have as well.

Sammie Hendley (Market Harborough, 2021-01-02)


Mental health will be even more of an issue in this second wave and I would like to get/give support

Rowena Sharpe (Market Harborough, 2021-01-02)


This ongoing pandemic is affecting me and I don’t want to go back to taking antidepressants

Lynda Shepherd (Market Harborough, 2021-01-02)


I would use this cafe personally.

Alexa Garside (Market Harborough , 2021-01-02)


I suffer from mental health issues myself

Mark Morris (Market Harborough , 2021-01-02)


Mental health support is vital at this time because so many people are suffering from poor mental health through the covid pandemic

Kate Michell (Market Harborough , 2021-01-02)


I'm signing because I feel this could be a vital asset to the local community.

Emma Wilcox (Market Harborough, 2021-01-02)


Great idea 💪

Lee Thomas (Market harborough , 2021-01-02)


Both as a Mental Health Nurse and as a person with mental health needs, services like this are vital.

With or without COVID having something like this within our local community will benefit so many.

Martine Poyser (Market Harborough, 2021-01-03)


There is need for mental health support in every area let alone market harborough. The suicide rate is high and so many lost souls to this.

Kayleigh Hubbare (Leicester, 2021-01-03)


Mental health is a serious issue and needs bringing into everyday awareness.
A cafe for people suffering at all levels would be perfect

Samantha Hannah (Leicestershire, 2021-01-03)


Mental health is more important now than ever

Michelle Foxon (Leicester, 2021-01-03)


I feel this is hugely important and much needed for our town!!

Claire Ollin (Husbands Bosworth , 2021-01-03)


It’s needed in the area

Paul Newman (Market Harborough, 2021-01-03)


I feel this is a much needed resource especially in these times. A place that people can come to and be with like minded people and know they are not struggling all the time by themselves. A great idea. It would be good to include relatives/carers too.

Hazel Buswell (market Harborough, 2021-01-03)


Mental health is important

Beverley O'dell (Leicestershire , 2021-01-03)


I’m signing because I feel there are so many lonely people in our town

Jane Humphries (Market Harborough, 2021-01-03)


Always battled with mental health so feel like this resource for the town would be amazing!

Sally Goodman (Market Harborough , 2021-01-03)


This could be a great resource for our town.

Jon Pollard (Market Harborough, 2021-01-03)


Every town should have one

S Patterson (Leics, 2021-01-03)


I think it's a much needed community resource - particularly in current circumstance

Jude Ridgley Smith (Market Harborough, 2021-01-03)


I’m signing because under the current Covid pandemic a lot of people will need extra help and somewhere to go .



It’s so important right now that anyone can access help as all of our NHS services are stretched

Alexandra Cook Poulson (Kettering , 2021-01-03)


I know how many people are suffering in MH with mental illness- this now a necessary support for the community.

Jolene Baldock (Leicestershire, 2021-01-03)


I’m signing because I believe market harborough needs more mental health support areas

Christian Pentlow-Darling (Market Harborough , 2021-01-03)


Good idea as a safe place

Evelyn Coles (Market Harborough , 2021-01-03)


Desperately needed as there are no support groups etc in the area. Needed for all ages.

Carol Woolley (Desborough, 2021-01-03)


The mental health facilities around Harborough are awful! And if this could just help one person that it’s worth it.

Starla Bird (Leicester , 2021-01-04)


There's a need for this cafe in MH

Liz McIndoe (Leicestershire , 2021-01-04)


Good cause

Sue Biddulph (Market harbour , 2021-01-04)


This is a much needed and incredibly important service.

Katie Shepherd (Northampton, 2021-01-04)


Badly needed, especially in the current climate

Angela Sippits (Market Harborough, 2021-01-04)


Really important to make connections and much needed. Would be great to have an online version (zoom?) available.

Lizzie Howley (Market Harborough, 2021-01-04)


I firmly advocate mental well being in all. Giving those who struggle a safe place to talk, find humanity, care and peace of mind would be amazing. So many people suffer in silence and never have the opportunity to see that things are not as bleak as they think. Mental health issues will rocket after the pandemic and everybody would benefit from this amazing sanctuary. The soul should soar to the sky and mental health ia an anchor that weighs it down. Mental wellness is blessing and a right that every being should be allowed

Tara Gibson (Leicestershire, 2021-01-05)


This is a great idea for everyone and could make a massive difference to the lonely and vulnerable

Kirstie Chase (Desborough, 2021-01-05)


It will help the most vulnerable in the town with a safe place to visit and have company

Sue Plant (Market harborough, 2021-01-05)


There are many people struggling before and even more so with loneliness and anxiety and this sounds like a much needed lifeline for people to contact when they don’t know who to turn to.

Melanie Kirwan (Market Harborough, 2021-01-06)


This is a much needed project that I would love to support

Sarah Measures (Market Harborough , 2021-01-07)


I think it is needed.there are so many people struggling with mental health issues during this pandemic

Louise Ferguson (Northampton , 2021-01-09)


I believe so many people have been affected emotionally by this pandemic.

Linda Toszek (Market Harborough, 2021-01-11)


I think so many people would benefit including people I know. Many people hide their mental health struggles and there's also an epidemic of loneliness.

Emma Trigg (Market Harborough, 2021-01-12)


I think many people in Harborough would love to support a crisis cafe in the town and many of us would benefit from the comfort and hope it can bring during tough times.

Toni Houghton (Market Harborough, 2021-01-12)

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