Save our green spaces - land between Bassett Close and Lower Earley Way in Wokingham Borough, Berkshire



This is an important green space for environmental and amenity reasons and must be preserved for future generations.

Irene Khayinza (Earley, 2020-11-18)


We are losing too much green space in and around Reading. This must stop.

Peter Scott (Reading, 2020-11-18)


This undeveloped land should be protected as open green space, for the benefit of all Earley residents

Al Neal (Earley, 2020-11-18)


We need green spaces for our physical and emotional health.

Pauline Hamilton (Wokingham, 2020-11-18)


The remaining areas of green space need to be protected from future development for environmental and social reasons.

Joanna Hewlett (Earley, 2020-11-18)


I would hate to see this green space that I love being destroyed.

Simon Flatt (Reading, 2020-11-18)


We need to preserve green open spaces and the green corridor in particular which this forms part of

Henry Thompson (Reading, 2020-11-18)


Preserving a green corridor and not overloading local schools, services and roads in Lower Earley is imperative for local residents and the wider community.

Barry Cleave (Lower Earley, 2020-11-18)


We have to stop developers building on this green space.

Clive Jones (Wokingham, 2020-11-18)


The recent removal of vegetation from the important green open space known as Swallows Meadow is unlawful

Dan Hare (Wokingham , 2020-11-18)


I'm signing this because we have very few green spaces in Lower Earley as it is. Working from home we need all the space we can to walk and there was a footpath through here plus the noise reduction impact. I thought we were supposed to be becoming more environmentally protective. Not here by the site of this destruction with no consultation.

SARA WISE (Reading, 2020-11-18)


Enough of our green spaces and beloved tree's have been decimated!!

sharon Bethel (READING, 2020-11-18)


Green space within the WBC boundaries is under constant threat. Habitat needs to be preserved: it is not only trees, but hedges and associated bushes.

Peter Dennis (Winnersh, 2020-11-18)


I'm signing because green spaces in our community are an important resource for us all and we must protect them against the incursion of yet more houses.

Catherine Whitaker (Winnersh, 2020-11-18)


I’m signing as I have been extremely upset with the clearing of the woods that has been carried out this week. There has been no notice/consultation with the residents in the area or thought given to the many animals that live there with their homes now destroyed.

Donna Beales (Wokingham, 2020-11-18)


Area already overdeveloped. Methods used sound underhand.

Stewart Campbell (Reading, 2020-11-18)


We love have green space at residential areas.

Lijuan CHEN (Reading, 2020-11-18)


Lower Earley does not need any further development of housing and we need to keep all our green spaces.

Beverley Taylor (Reading, 2020-11-18)


I'm signing because my sister and her partner have used this as a much needed free space for walks during lockdown, and I think such spaces are in short supply in Lower Early and should be protected.

Laura Wise (Edinburgh, 2020-11-18)


these green spaces are needed and no more developments needed on lower Earley

christine haines (Reading, 2020-11-18)


I am concerned that green spaces are disappearing fast.

Heather Owoo (Reading, 2020-11-18)


This is an important local walking area and home to diverse wildlife

Terry Jewell (Reading , 2020-11-18)


This has been destroyed for a second time. 3 years ago they cleared a large space of trees, it took 18 months for the wildlife to return. Over the last couple of days they have completely flatened this land. It is home to deer, fox, badgers, hedgehogs, sparrow hawk, kites, barn owl and bats along with all varieties of birds. They need their homes protected. Also it has been a woodland walk area for about 30 years enjoyed by alot of local people.

Karen Milligan (Reading , 2020-11-18)


I am concerned about the wanton destruction of a valuable green corridor for the residents of Earley and Lower Earley, particuarly when this involves removal of trees. Whatever happened to the WBC climate emergency declaration?

Jean Hackett (Wokingham borough, 2020-11-18)


I am signing because green spaces seem to be disappearing without consultation. Save green spaces for the generations to come. Make your voice heard

Jill Tudgay (Reading, 2020-11-18)


This is an outrage, I often walk my dog here and why this has been decimated is not known...BUT...

David Hare (Earley, 2020-11-18)


I do want the countryside to be desecrated by builders

J N Challinor -Johnson (Reading, 2020-11-18)


fed up of loss of habitat in our area

Tony Short (Reading, 2020-11-18)


I am against the destruction of precious wildlife habit without due reason.

Andrew Long (Earley, 2020-11-18)


There has already been too much building in Lower Earley.

Lynne Walker (Earley, 2020-11-18)


Such desecration should not be allowed to go unchecked, especially as it has been carried out in such an underhand, and possibly illegal, manner.

Gil Thompson (Reading, 2020-11-18)


When will this stop, when the last tree has been cut down!!!

Pete Jewell (Reading , 2020-11-18)


We are losing woodland, hedge rows at such an alarming rate in this area.

Ray Cook (Reading , 2020-11-18)


The environment needs proper protection

Rachel Newland (Earley, 2020-11-18)


I want this space to be protected.

Colin Ashley (Lower Earley, 2020-11-18)


Our green spaces are critically important for residents wellbeing

Patricia Vella (Reading, 2020-11-18)


I want to stop the clearing of trees used as habitat for lots of wildlife

Karen Brown (Reading, 2020-11-18)


I walk in this area, there is very limited natural open land left in Earley area and it's important that we preserve what remains. This area was popular with a family of foxes and many birds, their Hanoi is now destroyed.

Jillian Ullersperger (Earley, , 2020-11-18)


We want to retain the greenfield

Khushmati Lad (Lower Earley Teading , 2020-11-18)


This is an important green corridor for wildlife, and it is vital that it continues to be protected as Local Green Space.

Pauline Harris (Reading, 2020-11-18)


I’m a local resident and I frequently use these green spaces to walk my dog and allow my child to have some freedom and time in his local natural environment.

Maria Romero (Lower Earley , 2020-11-18)


The council are ruining the area we live in

Greg Jackson (Reading, 2020-11-19)


Im signing this partition because this is very wrong!!

Michael Milligan (Staines, 2020-11-19)


Keeping our green spaces is incredibly important not only for our own well being but also that of the local wildlife that calls it home. Green spaces like this should be protected for the enjoyment of future generations to come

Simon Pearce (Bracknell, 2020-11-19)


It’s important we keep as much Green space as possible.

Colin McCarlie (Reading , 2020-11-19)


I don't agree with the needless destruction of green spaces and animal habitats

Cheryl Smith (Reading, 2020-11-19)


The infrastructure around here cannot cope with the traffic now and roads already in construction are undersized before they are even finished.

Joyce Parker (Wokingham, 2020-11-19)


Enough is enough, Wokingham area has more than its fair share of new building developments. Our future generations will know nothing of green fields, trees and wildlife.

Diane Evans (15, 2020-11-19)


We need our green spaces!!!

Ellen Nobels (Reading, 2020-11-19)


The green space is important not only for wildlife but for carbon capture being so close to the M4

Sarah Jeffery (Earley,Reading, 2020-11-19)


This land was homed to foxes, badgers and deer, not to mention all the birds that nested there. It is diabolical that this land has been demolished. The wildlife needs our protection not bulldozers.
Stop this madness and help fix it. Let us replant the trees and other vegetation. We can still save this space.
Also, the people responsible for its destruction should be prosecuted.

Louise Blampied (Staines, 2020-11-19)


Every settlement needs a green lung - and space for wildlife to live. Leave this green lung alone.

Elizabeth Rowland (Woodley, 2020-11-19)


This year has proved we all need to get out into nature and the more green spaces we have the better for our mental health.

Cathie Lee (Reading, 2020-11-19)


We need as much open space preserved as possible

Marian Andrews (Reading, 2020-11-19)


It’s a wild habitat and much needed woodland space.

Bob Brooks (Reading, 2020-11-19)


To save green space in Winnersh for the wildlife

Jeff Carter (Reading, 2020-11-19)


We should be keeping not destroying green areas and animal habitats. Once removed they are gone forever. Natural space not development.

Helen GARA (READING, 2020-11-19)


I'm getting sick and tired of valuable green space that allows for a sense of space and a feeling of being amongst at least some rural space in this area just being eaten away bit by bit, day by day and it's really depressing. Where does wildlife have a say in all this development! Fed up with it.

Jackie Jarvis (Reading, 2020-11-19)


There are precious few green spaces in the borough.

Karen Tatom (Wokingham, 2020-11-19)


I am signing this petition because of a grandmother of a little girl that's lives in Lower Early loves to go out litter picking and feeding the wildlife in this area I am appalled at the way they have just came in with no regards to local residence or the local and thriving wildlife and vegetation which cleans the pollution which comes from the M4 and also help kept the noise down as well if these people are allowed to keep doing this type of destructive affect on our green spaces they will cause more pollution and we will lose our wildlife which will be very damaging to our young ones because what does this say to them if it in your way just flatten it or destroy it .
My Granddaughter who is 4 1/2 is going to so upset when she see this devastation what has been done she will ask her
mummy where all the foxes badgers deer squirrels bunnies and other animals will live now !
Who ever ordered this to be done need to made to replanted it all and lets pray the wildlife come back

MANDIE COX (Wokingham, 2020-11-19)


I want to protect the few green spaces we have left.

Vickie Randall (Reading , 2020-11-19)


There is precious little green space left in Lower Earley and destruction of wildlife habitat should be actively discouraged.

John Radley (Reading (Lower Earley), 2020-11-19)


This is an important area of green land in our area.....

Sharon Bannon (Reading , 2020-11-19)


We need to care for our green spaces.

Charlotte Allchin (Reading, 2020-11-19)


This is an important 'green lung' in this neighbourhood and it is important to keep it as a green open space

Judith Clark (Reading, 2020-11-19)

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