Cancel Summer Exams 2021! In the name of mental health.



I believe this is necessary for the mental well-being of young people!

Odhrán McAllister (Newry , 2020-11-10)


To stand up for young people

Luke Patterson (Belfast , 2020-11-10)


I have a son in Year 12 who is under immense pressure. This is needed to protect young people’s mental well being and educational opportunities

Annette Cullen (Belfast, 2020-11-10)


It’s not right that the rest of the UK has had their exams cancelled but not here and there’s enough stress on students as it is with Covid.

Anna McAtee (Newry, 2020-11-11)


I’m signing because the uncertainty of whether exams will go forward or not is unfair. The stress placed on students to catch up on work while off isolating is extreme especially for those without the facilities. Some students also have an unfair advantage from not having to isolate at all just from luck while others have been off numerous times. We need exams cancelled as we already have enough going on by living through a global pandemic without having to worry about exams

Caoimhe Oleary (Newry, 2020-11-11)


Exams even with a normal year are stressful, never mind added stress due to COVID-19. Many people have been off for weeks because of the caution that has to take place and are certainly in no way able to preform efficiently during a test?

Louise Hearty (Crossmaglen, 2020-11-11)


Mental health is deteriorating due to the stress of exams and moving through courses to quick to satisfy educators

Tiffany Hawthorne (Newry, 2020-11-11)


Young people are reporting increased stress and anxiety relating to additional assessments in school, periods of self isolation by pupils and teachers is disrupting teaching and learning time and creating anxiety around impact on exam outcomes

Louise Quinn (Newry, 2020-11-11)


I am signing because the govt are single handily destroying the future of year 11 students but continuing with summer 2021 exams, they have missed considerable parts of the material (more so than the 2020 exam students, where exams were cancelled). Scotland, Wales and Ireland have all had the sense to make early decisions giving the children peace of mind, reducing anxiety and preventing further deterioration of mental health. Do not single out the children of the UK.

Claire Watson (Bristol, 2020-11-11)


I'm signing because I think going ahead with exams this year is adding extreme pressure to children and their mental health.

Catherine Myrphy (Newry, 2020-11-11)


My exams were cancelled after missing 3 months of school. For those year below me who have missed 6 months and have to endure online learning and isolation if they cannot make it into school I think it’s far too hard on them. The stress they are going to out themselves through for exams that are difficult enough after a full years in school learning is too much

Niamh Hughes (Newry, 2020-11-11)


That so much of the work has been missed and is unfair for students to catch up in such a short time. There is a lot of pressure on students already and this is not helping their mental health

Alice Whyte (Newry, 2020-11-11)


I'm signing this petition because I can see the affect the uncertainty that this is having on my son. It is now also going to leave an uneven playing field in the future when some students will have had to sit exams in a stressed atmosphere and others will have received predicted grades.

Alan Brecknell (Newry, 2020-11-11)


This year has had a detrimental impact on all of us. I’m in my final year of school and am appalled at the lack of support from CCEA and that A-Level content or exams haven’t been reduced despite doing so for GCSEs. It was already going to be difficult enough this year with 100% of our A-Level relying on this this year (think about university, future jobs, it’s *kind of* a big deal). Many feel the need to push themselves all year in fear of continuous assessments being used as our grades whilst also worrying about Summer exams. There is an immense need for clarity, which I respect that it is difficult to come by at the moment. The young people have not had time to stop whatsoever and it is having a horrendous impact on our mental health. Personally, as someone who experiences GAD, I have began to suffer greatly again. My performance in school has dropped slightly with all the pressure and concern over the near and far future, which further concerns me in case predicted grades are used.
There is absolutely no time to stop and breathe. Please, Peter Weir, I understand your concerns regarding our mental health should continuous assessment be used, but some of us are already drowning. What happens when students must isolate during exams? Will they receive predicted grades while the rest of us do exams? How will we make up for the fact that so many students have already had to self-isolate and that we have missed a week of learning already? There is an immense need for clarity, which I respect that it is difficult to come by at the moment.

Maria McGourty (Newry, 2020-11-11)


It’s the right thing too do

Alex Boxberger Riding (Newry , 2020-11-11)


I’m signing because I believe our young people have had a very difficult 2020, at a time of their life when they are trying to discover who they are, many have lost their confidence having been away from school for months, missing friends & family. Possibly missing more education due to having to isolate again. Fairness for All young people as they will all compete for the same educational & workplaces of the future. Mental health trumps all.

Jacqueline Condon (Newry , 2020-11-11)


Exams are set over a 6-8 week period. Rather than sitting exams this time should be used to continue teaching as the curriculum may be needed for their next stage of education. They have lost enough teaching time without giving up another 2 maths. Plus teachers know what their students are expected to achieve

Siobhan Crilly (Newry , 2020-11-11)


Exams can and will only go poorly for the majority of students across the UK. The impact this will have on their mental health is extremely significant, so let’s prevent it while we can!

James Smyth (Newry, 2020-11-12)


As I am a student studying for A levels, completing these exams will cause an increase of poor mental health among year 13’s and 14’s.

Rachael Magee (Newry, 2020-11-12)


Cause fax bros

Ryan Magill (Newry, 2020-11-12)


the stress of having such unstable education with being in school one week and off the next has made my mental health deteriorate and i know others feel like this

Amy Vernon (Craigavon, 2020-11-12)


I don’t want exams to happen

Mainie Mulholland (Craigavon , 2020-11-12)


I’m signing because it’s unfair to those who have been off for 6 weeks of school already.

Eden Kelly (Lurgan, 2020-11-12)


I strongly believe exams should be cancelled in 2020. As an A-level student I agree it is extremely unfair we undergo another year of stress and unknown on where we stand not only with this virus but also our education. Cancelling 2021 exams is the only solution to decrease not only the virus but the increasing mental health problems arising among those of our age.

Leah Teggart (Newry, 2020-11-12)


I am signing in aid of family I have in Northern Ireland. Wales has cancelled theirs and Scotland have cancelled their equivalent of GCSE. NI has had a circuit breaker of two weeks. This has extended for many families, students and teachers who have needed to self isolate. Not every school has been set up for online learning. Meaning many of those in isolation have had no teaching whatsoever. The « level playing field » is beyond levelling there is always a bit of unfair advantage but this years is of the utmost disparity these exams simply must be cancelled

Tyler Denyer (Londin, 2020-11-14)


I don’t feel exams should go on during a pandemic at all

Adam McParland (Newry, 2020-11-14)


I feel that during such unprecedented times it is beyond unfair to have all GCSE/ A-level students sit exams having missed several months of school as well as frequent self-isolation periods occurring in respective school groups causing an even further loss of teaching. The stress caused by exams in general is shocking never mind exams when we have missed so much school time without having reduced subject content is unbelievable! The stress and mental health pressures that are already present and will form due to the phenomenal pressure on younger generations today to perform highly in the academic field will no doubt increase beyond belief. I believe it is in the best interest of young people’s mental health to cancel these exams for 2021.

Laura Lennon (Craigavon, 2020-11-14)


I personally believe that exams should be cancelled due to the on going uncertainty and the lack of consideration given to young people’s mental health. Get your act together and cancel exams!

David Byrne (Newry, 2020-11-15)


I am a student

James Hannigan (Belfast, 2020-11-15)


It is not fair to have exams when some students (including myself) have been lucky enough to avoid any two-week isolation periods and have fully benefited from resources in school whilst other students who have been isolating for 4-5 weeks are left to catch up at home, often with inadequate resources and whilst dealing with family issues by themselves.

Emily Farnon (Newry, 2020-11-15)


i’ve missed a lot of school

Liam Lundy (Newry, 2020-11-15)


I’m signing because exams need to be cancelled everyone is at such a disadvantage and it is added stress

Reece Kearney (Newry , 2020-11-15)


I’m signing this petition because I feel that the impact of COVID restrictions have had a detrimental effect on my day to day school work and also on my ability to study and as a result and I am appealing to you and your department to do the right thing and cancel the normal alevel exam format and allow myself and my fellow pupils to be evaluated on our class assessments. Thanks.

Anna Quinn (Newry, 2020-11-15)


I’m signing because I think Covid 19 has had a huge impact on school and my studies and my mental health and really feel like it has effected me hugely

Hattie Sloane (Newry, 2020-11-15)


In the short time me being in school so far 2/3 of my Alevel teachers have been in isolation and we are very far behind on both courses and it is an unfair advantage to those who’s teachers have been in. Also we have no exam experience from last year so that is also a disadvantage. I am very scared of going to school as both my grandparents are very high risk so if there is even a chance of me getting corona I will be taking time off school as their lives are more important.

Grace Cunningham (Newry, 2020-11-16)


I’m on the verge of killing myself due to workload

GrInne Ohare (Newry, 2020-11-16)


Because it’s a disgrace for young people’s mental health. It’s not a normal year so it shouldn’t be treated like one

Siofra Mcateer (Newry , 2020-11-16)


I’m signing this because I think it’s unfair how exams will still continue after the stress everyone is going through at the moment. Many children may be struggling with issues at home due to COVID or just the fact we missed majority of this year .

Lucy Mcvey (Banbridge , 2020-11-16)


This causes so much worrying and unnecessary pressure for young peoole,. As, Wales and Scotland have cancelled their exams and we will be at a disadvantage if we apply to the same universities. Also, the constant uncertainty and change of circumstances is making young people's mental health at risk.

Marianne O'Callaghan (Newry, 2020-11-16)


these kids are having to isolate or worse still go through covid. it is on their mind constantly. please tell me how its fitting to test these children under these appalling conditions

Michelle7 Hounslea (LIVERPOOL, 2020-11-16)

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