I want to help Kew Gardens

Elif Akdemir (London, 2020-12-28)


Total disruption to servicing of all business' and residents alike. Traffic congestion much worse. Safer alternative routes are available for cyclists.
Kew Gardens will suffer greatly.

Christopher Collis (Richmond, 2020-12-28)


Kew is a place everyone should have easy access to,and for some coaches are the only way of getting to Kew safely.

Stuart Campbell (London, 2021-01-14)


Because of the abuse of Covid by councils

Simon Mabbutt (London, 2021-01-22)


It is not needed. I’ve hardly seen any bikes/riders using it. Have seen push chairs use it.

When I ride I don’t want to use major polluted arteries. As a driver I have almost missed the street posts/ markings. They suddenly appear rather then feed in from from the curb. They are will cause an accident.

When traffic levels get back to normal the bic route will add to the appalling congestion in Kew. The route slows traffic down.

People drive because the transport system is too expensive (tube) or too slow due to congestion and doesn't reach many places it doesn’t reach. It’s a vicious circle.

Kew Gardens needs parking near by so families, disabled and older people can park near and enjoy the gardens without walking a distance to reach the entrance.
The tube fails to operate most weekends leaving people to take buses and is in this regard is completely unreliable as a point of access for Kew Gardens. The replacement buses are also erratic.

Karina Van der Merwe (London, 2021-01-23)


It’s hurting my business when delivering into london

Gary Davenport (Kings lynn, 2021-01-23)


The full impact of this hastily installed cycle lane has not been properly considered for Kew Gardens and the surrounding area

Fiona Kempner (London, 2021-01-24)


The has been no consultation.

Jeevan Ball (London, 2021-01-25)


I live here and drive this road everyday

Edvinas Sinkunas (London, 2021-01-25)


I love visiting Kew Gardens early in the morning and parking there was perfect. Now sadly I no longer go and it isnt dairy on residents to park in their streets.

Cathie Cullen (London Chiswick, 2021-01-30)


This scheme is not necessary and will put pressure on areas nearby. The local area will suffer and the revenue of Kew Gardens a world wide heritage site, which greatly needs funds in this difficult time.

Karen Said hamdi (Chiswick , 2021-01-30)


These cycle lanes are wholly unnecessary but have already been recognised by the Council as directly causing congestion on local residential roads by displacing visitors to The Royal Botanic Gardens.

Jonathan Stirling (London, 2021-01-30)


I had a family membership for Kew Gardens but can no longer visit with my small grandchildren as there is nowhere convenient to park. The Kew car park is small and quickly fills up.

Sheila Knight (London, 2021-01-30)


This is entirely unnecessary and is actually dangerous to both car drivers and cyclists. Those ridiculous plastic bollards can’t be easily seen especially at night and what purpose do they serve anyway? It was FINE before, you did not consult local residents. Utter total WASTE Of MONEY.

Sarah Potter (London, 2021-01-30)


I’m tired of all these councils and their high and mighty waste of money and literally riding roughshod over the residents and businesses.

Cherie Howe (London , 2021-01-30)


Driving along this road now is dangerous. It’s too narrow and those bollards just make driving difficult.
Why are the council making it so difficult for companies, shops, tourist attractions etc to trade. The owners have to jump hurdles to be successful in the first place, let alone the council adding to their businesses.

Lyndsey Barrett (Brentford , 2021-01-30)


It was always easy to bike along here with no cycle path. Bring back the Parking for Kew Gardens. I’d much prefer that my parents can park there and go for a walk around kew than a hardly used cycle lane that’s not needed.

Stephanie Butters (Chiswick, 2021-01-30)


Its not necessary

Jayne Knight (London, 2021-01-30)


I'm signing because it Is causing additional displacement parking putting further pressure on Kew Green and residential roads adjoining Kew Road.

Pam Tynan (London, 2021-01-30)


Kew Gardebs is suffering from lack of visitors as people can’t park on Kew Road any more. Kew Road has become ugly with the sticks lining it. Hardly any cycles use the new cycle lanes

Jane Doheney (London, 2021-01-31)


I can no longer go to Kew garden for a walk because i cannot park anywhere near it and i cannot take public transports due to covid because i am old.

Sophie Atkinson (London, 2021-01-31)


Traffic is much worse now. Cyclists have always been accommodated on roads without these disasterous schemes

Maggie Dodge (London, 2021-01-31)


I can see no benefit to the cycle lane between Kew Green and Richmond, for motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, residents or visitors to Kew and particularly Kew Gardens. It needs removing and the previous road use restoring ASAP.

Alex Drew (London, 2021-02-01)


I totally disagree with the new road system!

Julie Hillman (London , 2021-02-02)


I think it’s wrong closure of roads, I’m a key worker what used to take me 15 mins to get to work is now takes me 40/45 mins absolute disgrace!

Eren Beyaz (London , 2021-02-03)


The ‘Experimental Traffic Scheme’ on Kew Road which has posted off the cycle lane is extremely under used. This stops access to thousands, if not millions of people: the old, handicapped, families who need to travel by car and get close to Kew Gardens for access and convenience, as the parking on the main road along the gardens has been claimed for this ill thought out and expensive waste of public money. Travelling by train and bus is not possible in many cases. There is manily only permit holder parking around the gardens, which further prohibits people travelling to the area and gardens. I understand that Sadik Khan has rolled this out illegally, so enough said: GET RID OF THIS !

Cythare Cooper (Richmond, 2021-02-05)


This is robbing people of being near the natural beauty. There is no NEED!!!

Ann Lewis (Canterbury , 2021-02-05)


I find the decision to put a cycle line the full length of Kew Road bizarre and illogical. It will not only seriously impact on street parking for residents in Kew but will seriously impact once the pandemic has ended, the financial viability of Kew Gardens.
My wife and I have had a membership to Kew for the last 25 years. Five years ago she suffered a brain haemorrhage and is now permanently in a wheelchair. It is now very difficult for us to visit Kew Gardens as parking is very limited.
Nor can I see what the benefit of the cycle lanes is. There are very few cyclists that cycle along the road and those heading over Kew Bridge are cycling into a very heavily congested traffic area!

Marc Hadrill (Richmond, 2021-02-08)


The scheme is vastly more detrimental to the area than the problems it's trying to solve. It's badly thought out, benefits a handful of people but adversely affects 1000's of residents.

John Packham (Richmond, 2021-02-14)


The experiment delivers minimal benefits but has significant negative impacts.

Derek Cowie (London, 2021-02-16)


I agree with the petition for the reasons stated

David Giles (London , 2021-02-16)


The whole of London s totally fed up with massive changes to our roads - unplanned...undiscussed....untrialed.......unforewarned.....and unnecessary!!!! Khan and Councils are destroying London......increasing pollution by making people buy new cars (ULEZ) manufacture and distribution cause massive emissions....and bikes have now taken over the roads and pavements.....without any payments without insurance for the people they mow down.....and all this done under the cloud of Covid try and enhance living here. It is making living here impossble and making running a business impossible. Very stupid arrogant people in the Khans office and Councils are not listening.....and are determined to destroy the city and surrounds. Let us hope whoever we vote in to replace them...reverses these plans - and can recoup the millions of our taxes wasted to implement them.

Stephen Chapman (London, 2021-02-17)


I use that road every night, since installation of new traffic scheme, its a disaster, its very dark along there, lack of decent lighting, have witnessed 2 accidents along there already

Anne Jones (London, 2021-02-17)


Councils are out of control - their role is not to go rampant on the roads causing more and more disruption. Residents are unhappy with this Experimental Traffic Scheme and may ask for a judicial review if the council override their resident's views.

Ann Lane (London, 2021-02-17)


I frequent this area of London often. These proposals are ludicrous.

Bob West (LLANDRINDOD WELLS , 2021-02-18)


The absolute bonkers idea, of the belief these traffic calming posts are safe to road users, is short sited, thoughtless and shows lack of experience and incompetence by Richmond council.
These 'safety' posts are not only difficult to see at night, but also just as dangerous during the daytime, as they blend in with scenery and background.
They have the potential to harm cyclists if they strike them and worse still, if a cyclist is unfortunate to be thrown from his/her bicycle, with the possibility of getting impaled on them.
Narrow minded thinking from the councillors on this matter, should be taken very seriously and questions should be raised, for the resignation of all those who acquisitioned them.

Stephen Driver (London, 2021-02-19)


I am signing because i do not think the impact on visitors to Kew has been properly thought through. And while i approve of cycle lanes there are other ways this could be achieved without blighting Kew GArdens

Thomas Weborn (TWICKENHAM, 2021-02-25)


These restrictions mean I will no longer be able to visit Kew Gardens and we were planning to join last year until we discovered we cannot park. So we have joined RHS Wisley instead. End of an era for us sadly.

Pauline Taylor (Hampton Tw123hx, 2021-02-25)


This cycle lane scheme has not been properly thought through and the negatives outweigh the positives. There are other options for safe cycling between Kew and Richmond. The extra bike traffic is mainly sport cyclists going to Richmond park, not taking journeys by car off the roads.

Chris Jones (Richmond, 2021-03-05)


These cycle lanes are far too wide and the bollards/poles look absolutely awful in the area. Have ruined the look of the road!

These wide bikes lanes are so much more dangerous for cars and buses with the now much thinner road meaning clipping a post could be a very real possibility.

Getting in and out of driveways with the obstructive posts is quite difficult and cyclists now travel extremely fast and without caution thinking they are fully protected without realising there are residential cars crossing, often in reverse, over these lanes. The trees along Kew road make it very difficult to see these cyclists as it is, now they approach so quickly it is extremely dangerous.

Thinner cycle lanes distinguished by a different colour and a low level curb or cats eyes would be a much more beneficial for everyone.
The fair weather weekend leisure cyclists can have a space for riding but should not be dictating how the roads are used daily. Most of the serious cyclists I know hate these lanes and bollards and recognise their danger instead, as well as increased negative sentiment toward cyclists.

These lanes have caused more congestion (even in lockdown with less traffic), significantly less parking for residents, far more dangerous road use and made a once beautiful road quite ugly.

Rebecca Frost (Richmond, 2021-03-28)


I live on Kew Road and I cycle very often, 5-6 times per week. This cycle Lane is ridiculous and will cause deaths - that I am sure. Cyclists serve in and out of the Wands and there are some cycling at 5 mph and some at 20mph. This doesn’t happen on the road. As a result cyclists swerve onto the road to overtake. There is no rationale behind it. If you want to limit parking or make Richmond more green then make it all residential permit holders.

Andrew Ruinoff (Richmond , 2021-03-29)


This is an ill thought out idea that has disastrous knock on effects for the surrounding community.

Ashley Dixon (London, 2021-04-02)


I’m signing because the arrangement is dangerous for cyclists and car drivers and cuts off access to Kew Gardens. It results in vehicles being parked in side roads and across driveways, including my own

Belinda Carew-Jones (Richmond, 2021-04-13)


This scheme is poorly thought out - in particular the section between Stanmore Road and Lion Gate where cyclists are pushed into the road as a sort of traffic calming device which poses significant risks to both cyclists and motorists. Many other comments about parking implications, the various impacts of the cycle lane bollards etc. are well made.

Stuart Collingwood (Richmond, 2021-04-18)


The scheme lacks any competent thought in structure or intent. Poorly designed, hazardous to pedestrians, failing to recognise the importance of access for local businesses. No clear tangible success measures, other than an unrealistic bias towards bicycles.

Sarah Deverell (London, 2021-04-19)


I work in Kew and believe that there needs to be consultation around this. Such drastic changes have all sort of knock on effects that have not been considered. Not to mention that the row of 'sticky out things' on Kew road are ugly, seem dangerous and appear to be discouraging cyclist to use the lane?

Phil Allen (Hampton, 2021-04-23)


Totally agree with the cancellation of the scheme. Total disregard to locals opinion.

Aziz Ali (London, 2021-05-14)


It’s a joke

Jakie Cooper (Richmond , 2021-07-31)

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