I am concerned that the new traffic scheme on Kew Road is ill thought out, dangerous and very expensive to the residents of Kew. Pollution has increased and so has the danger to pedestrian and cyclist.

Iain Hannah (London, 2020-11-02)


In my opinin the new scheme was introduced with NO consultation, is detrimental to the parking in neighbour roads, is damaging the finances of RBG Kew, is causing traffic issues on Kew Green and there are hardly any cyclists using the new system

Robin Jowit (Richmond TW9 4HH, 2020-11-03)


The road is too narrow, too slow, and has pushed coaches and vehicles onto other roads. I have even seen cyclists not using the cycle lanes which should be penalised. Move the cyle lane onto the pavement nearest side Kew gardens.

Karl Stand (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


Kew Road and the associated knock on effects, in particular the west Green of Kew Green have been planned by morons.

Nigel Rice (Kew/Richmond, 2020-11-03)


For the reason stated but also because I remember a similar scheme for Kew Green which had to be abandoned because to the traffic problems it caused. The Council have refused to say why they think the new scheme will be better.

john godfrey (richmond, 2020-11-03)


The scheme serves no useful purpose and is rarely used by cyclists . It has worsened the traffic conditions .

Rodney Lewis (London, 2020-11-03)


This measure causes extreme difficulty for Kew Gardens' parking and also displaces parkers into residential roads where parking is already tight. This is disproportionate, favouring a small number of cyclists at the expense of much larger numbers of people.

Jenni Atkinson (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


I agree wholeheartedly with this petition. Traffic in Kew is now in chaos and the scheme needs to be scrapped!

Garry Shortt (Kew, 2020-11-03)


There has been no proper consultation on this serious change, which is wholly unnecessary and makes life so much harder for the Royal Botanic Gardens - at a time when it surely needs all the help it can get. The change is also ugly, a real eyesore in this beautiful area. I beg you to reverse this undemocratic decision.

Laura Thompson (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


1) Has been introduced in an undemocratic way with no prior consultation.
2) Is causing additional displacement parking putting further pressure on Kew Green and residential roads adjoining Kew Road.
3) Will force 60 coaches per day onto Kew Green, with extra infrastructure, loss of car parking and using a new one-way system that residents roundly rejected 20 years ago.
4) Ruins the beauty of Kew Road.
5) Threatens businesses and ruins the economic recovery of Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, a World Heritage Site.

Roger Earl (Richmond, Surrey, TW9, 2020-11-03)


Because I agree with the proposal

Anthea Turner (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


I live in the area and since the changes the already limited parking has become like playing Russian roulette as to whether I can park near my house to get my 3 week old baby into the house quickly. It has also created a huge influx of traffic using the sandycomb road which is not designed to take it

Dean Jones (London, 2020-11-03)


I am a cyclist myself, but do NOT support this scheme, it's dangerous and pushes traffic onto other narrow and congested roads. Residents on Kew Road have complained of difficulty at driving out of their homes, as this has made the road too narrow. What is it that cyclist. that have suddenly taken over the roads. some are a law unto themselves and peddle through red lights. Roads are for sharing not just for cyclists

Christine Wells (Surrey, 2020-11-03)


I’m signing because I fundamentally object to Richmond Council imposing significant changes which are detrimental to the interests of the residents and businesses that they are supposed to represent.

Joanne Schneider (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


It is dangerous. There are never more than 2/3 cyclists.
Kew Gardens will suffer and their work on the food/medical front is so important.

Jill Saxton (Kew, Richmond, 2020-11-03)


I’m signing petition because there Council have “knee-jerked” the proposal without a proper thought through investigation. The scheme is already proving unnecessary and not used yet an unbelievable inconvenience to local residents

David Martin (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


An ill considered project damaging local organisations and driven by Tfl money rather than local need. Low pedestrian and cycle use. Discriminates against aged, disabled and young families.

Angela Fenhalls (Kew, 2020-11-03)


This scheme forces cars to park in residential roads, and puts people off going to Kew Botanical Gardens.

Chris Williams (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


The parking restrictions in Kew Road are a disaster for Kew Gardens and all those who park here after 10 am to visit it the Gardens. At weekends all the local roads are now filled

John Edwards (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


The tiny residential area of Kew is being choked & suffocated from all sides due to the failure of the Council and local neighbouring Councils to curb and manage overdevelopment of the surrounding areas. Residents views regarding the development of the stadium by Hounslow adjacent to the busy Kew Bridge intersection and the buildup of heavy traffic due to the shut down of Hammersmith Bridge are not seriously considered. The closing of Kew Road to car parking (primarily for visitors to Kew Gardens) is another “own goal” by Richmond Council. Traffic in the area is a mess with constant gridlock and unavailability of car parking spaces for the elderly, the disabled & those with children. Please reverse the decisions on any further ill-advised changes to traffic flow on Kew Road.

Shalini Gupta (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


20 mph too slow and causes impatience and therefore danger. Lack of parking facilities for coaches will be very detrimental for Kew Green.

Antony Dorman (Richmond , 2020-11-03)


The damage already caused by the Pandemic to the economic viability of Kew Gardens will on;ly be made worse by removing the free street parking allowance, which for years has meant that visitors can easily park within a short walk of the Gardens. Yes - I know there is an underground station nearby but many out -of -town visitors in particular those with families prefer to arrive by car and why should that not be continued. LBR's anti-motoring policy is ignoring this issue and instead moving the parking onto the adjacent residential streets. A bit of imaginative thinking could have produced a two-way cycle lane on the south side of Kew Road, similar to that on the south side of the A 316, between Chalkers Corner and the Richmond Roundabout. A bit of joined - up thinking is what is required here not the quite sudden and dramatic closure of traditional car and coach parking avaiability.

John Allinson (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


I’m signing because my objections regarding the cycle lane and loss of parking to Kew Gardens was totally ignored by the council when I wrote to object. I don’t have off street parking and now find it difficult to park as cars parking down side roads for Kew Gardens. This is a money spinner for the council as visitors have to pay to park down side roads whereas parking was free down the Kew road.

Mavis Sampson (Richmonf, 2020-11-03)


I live locally and totally agree with the mission of this petition

Steve Harding (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


I totally agree with all the arguments put forward against this pointless and unsightly scheme. It is extremely damaging to the Royal Botanic Gardens especially but also to all residents and businesses in the surrounding area.

James Thomas (Richmond, Surrey, 2020-11-03)


I have lived in Kew for 55 years
Coaches parking along Kew Rd has never been an issue, nor in creased parking at weekends
This is a World Heritage site
Families with young children are not going to struggle here on public transport
At the end of a long and tiring though enjoyable day in the gardens, what better than to strap exhausted children into the car and drive the one hour lus home, rather than hanging around for trains and buses
People will vote with their feet, Kew Gardens needs all the financial help it can get
Let us support them !

Margaret Thornton (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


I have a member’s in at Kew Gardens and no easy means of getting there by public transport. Traffic became unbearable and finding parking space is virtually impossible. We witnessed recently dozens of cars stuck in residential roads trying to find a space to park. I support cycling, being cyclist myself but there should be another way. I sympathise with residents of Kew. What will happen when the couch buses will return to Kew?

Agata Henderson (London, 2020-11-03)


I am opposed to the current scheme

Edward Geoffrey Levy (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


I’m signing because this is an idiotic scheme causing danger to pedestrians and drivers and 99% of cyclists are not using it anyway - so what a ridiculous waste of public money

Mary Kraus (Richmond , 2020-11-03)


This scheme was imposed on us. It has adversely effected visitors access to Kew Gardens and resulted in parking chaos for the coaches who come to the Gardens.

Siobhan McCammon (Richmond, 2020-11-03)


I live on the Kew road and the pollution is caused harm to my parents and myself

Trish Newnes (Richmond , 2020-11-04)


Cycle lane is ugly in form and function

Tim Mack (London , 2020-11-04)


Threatens the economic future of Kew Gardens.
The balance between visitor numbers, parking
and the community is at total odds now.



Tired of having to park a considerable distance from my house, tired of seeing the desperate search for parking by visitors every day outside my home. Crack-brained idea.

Bob Harrison (Kew, Richmond, 2020-11-04)


My life here is being made much more difficult by the new cycle lane and because turning my road (Kew Green) into a coach park and making it one way only will make it virtually unbearable

Anne Rice (RICHMOND, 2020-11-05)


This scheme is going to severely affect the local residents of West London

Jane Mckenzie (London, 2020-11-05)


As a passionate cyclist I perfectly agree with the analysis of Mr Metcalfe. I also reckon his enthousiasm for common well being. We need more initiatives like that.

Ben Ross (London, 2020-11-05)


These decisions need to be discussed and debated with the local residents

Sarah Richardson (London, 2020-11-05)


I can see this causing even more chaos in this already very busy area!!

Penny Witham (Teddington, 2020-11-05)


Democracy matters.

Emma Whittinger (London, 2020-11-05)


This scheme and, indeed, the various others in the Borough are causing so many problems including extra pollution. The Council have behaved in such an in democratic way, which is shocking after the residents of this borough only recently entrusted them with our safety and quality of life. On this, they have failed miserably and, I would ask, at what cost?

Susan Webb (London, 2020-11-05)


I agree with regard to the increased traffic chaos

Sarah Clapton (London, 2020-11-05)


This undemocratic traffic scheme is causing havoc and devastation to heritage Kew Gardens, local businesses, commuters and residents.

Helen Edward (London , 2020-11-05)


Because I strongly agree with this petition

Sheba Sogol (Twichenham, 2020-11-05)


The new cycle lanes are causing traffic congestion therefore poor air quality and a potential hazard for emergency vehicles not being able to access the road. Plus since there is no parking along Kew Road, the proposal for coaches is to enter into Kew Green, a conservation and area of beauty and tranqulity and local pedestrians and this atmosphere will be completely ruined by the coaches. There was no consultation and therefore decision undemocratic.

Zelda Blackadder (Kew, Richmond, 2020-11-06)


More problems created than solved

Robert Murray (London, 2020-11-06)


I am a local resident and jamming up local residential streets with parking doesn’t work!

Tiffany Newton (Richmond, 2020-11-06)


It has created more traffic. And is not any safer for cyclists

Liza Maxwell (Richmond, 2020-11-06)


I'm signing because I agree with everything this petition is about regarding the introduction of the experimental traffic scheme on Kew Road.

patsy piesse (Richmond, 2020-11-06)


The scheme isnt working...youve ruined the parking for kew gdns..the parking for local people and disabled .....

Daryl Thomas (Richmond , 2020-11-06)


The new cycle lane is a badly thought out waste of taxpayers’ money with a serious adverse impact on Kew Gardens, Kew Green and neighbouring streets.

Giles Dixon (Richmond-upon-Thames, 2020-11-06)


This whole scheme has caused chaos to traffic in the borough & several councillors have experienced it personally. It’s all about free money.

Robert Bell (London, 2020-11-07)


It’s not working and putting a strain on local roads.

Fred Robinson (Kew, 2020-11-07)


I am signing because (1) the present traffic scheme increases rather than decreases safety for cyclists and others particularly as the cycle lane has gaps and ends at a pinch point at the lights with south circular and some cyclists leave it to overtake others, and (2) it removes sensible and practicable parking for coaches.

Arthur Charles (Richmond, 2020-11-07)


I don’t see any benefits of the Experimental Scheme either as a cyclist or a driver (I am both), in fact quite the contrary, it makes the road more dangerous (narrower lanes more prone to accidents and difficulty of access for emergency vehicles) and creates unnecessary traffic/parking issues on side streets.

Ana Teixeira (Richmond, 2020-11-07)


I am a resident of Ennerdale Rd

Simon Ellen (Richmond, 2020-11-07)


I’m signing this petition because the new traffic arrangements are detrimental to residents, dangerous to road users and totally unnecessary.

Geoffrey Russell (Richmond , 2020-11-07)


The previous provision re: 10am was sufficient

The cycle lane is constantly unusable due to leaves and debris

It is pushing traffic into surrounding roads that are less well equipped to deal with this

Neil McFerran (London, 2020-11-08)


It's undemocratic because it will make parking very difficult for most residents and visitors.

It's a drastic measure and needs to be reviewed.

RITA PALMER (LONDON, 2020-11-08)


I am signing because it is an absolute disaster and will lead to ever more chaos

Paul HearsonI'm si (Richmond, 2020-11-08)


I drove the length of Kew Road in both directions last week for the first time since the scheme was completed. There was NOT ONE bicycle to be seen on either side of the road. I did however see a coach struggling to get round Kew Green to find parking/drop off. The new layout for Kew Road will certainly prevent visitors from easily being able to visit the Botanical Gardens as there is nowhere to even pull up to drop off ( I have a very elderly mother who loved her visits ) on Kew Road unless you negotiate the Green entrance or come in at the entrance nearest Richmond. It seems to me that you have tried to fix a problem which didn’t exist. You’ve narrowed the road more than it was previously to cater for non existent cyclists.

Gillian Grindrod (St Margaret’s, Twickenham , 2020-11-08)


The scheme is extremely ill-advised and will have a very adverse affect generally and particularly on visitors to Kew Gardens, both international and local.

Margaret Dangoor (Richmond upon Thames, 2020-11-08)


In my view this is a FAILED experimental scheme and should be stopped immediately.

Alfred Blackburn (Richmond, 2020-11-08)


The experimental traffic / road systems are ridiculous, without proper thought for the consequences and make no sense. Ambulances can’t get through. People still have doctor and hospital appointments etc etc...



I agree with all the points put forward by Roger

Elizabeth Dolan (TWICKENHAM, 2020-11-09)


Having been a visitor to Kew for 46 years, the fact that it’s now almost impossible for visitors to park has obviously made the side roads even more congested for local residents. With Kew Gardens being at risk due to the pandemic, people unable or scared to use public transport, the loss of parking has no doubt had a terrible effect. On my last few visits I saw only 2 bikes on the new path!

Becky Lee-Wale (Twickenham, 2020-11-09)


Although I am a cyclist, and pro-cycling, the new cycle lanes have been poorly thought out - especially with regard to the needs of Kew Gardens and its visitors arriving by car or coach.

I tend not to use the cycle lanes (nor do various local cycling friends) as they are often full of wet leaves and debris, and I view them as a hazard. Predictably, this often results in harassment from vehicle drivers who resent cyclists not using the dangerous lanes! Over many years of cycling in the area previously I have never had such problems before, so this is the opposite of progress in my view.

James Pargeter (RICHMOND, 2020-11-09)


Increasing pollution, congestion and local parking difficulties.

Kenneth Harvey (Richmond, 2020-11-09)


No consultation was provided and provisions were made to mitigate the impact on Kew Gardens, Kew residents and other local businesses. The cycling agenda is being pushed where there is no great demand.

Donna Martin (Richmond, 2020-11-09)


On a recent visit to the Gardens, we could see the adverse impact this scheme is having on the traffic in Kew Road.

Julian Bedale (Kingston, 2020-11-10)


Very unfair on Kew Gardens. The new poles for the cycle Lane make the lanes feel too narrow. It’s horrible driving past them at night. The glare from them practically blinds you. Also what would happen if you had to swerve say to avoid a child?

Roxanne Cowan (Richmond, 2020-11-10)


On 4th November there was a terrible hold up in Hammersmith due to a very bad accident - I was on a bus and saw cycle lanes on either side on way to Kensington High St - it was chaos - because the cars had to go single line - a police car stopped our bus at Hammersmith and two fire engines had to try to get down road - it was impossible, This is complete madness. The cyclists dont even use the cycle lanes!!! Please get rid of these

jean williams (hammersmith, 2020-11-10)


This cutting off of potential parking for visitors to Kew is having a devastating effect on Kew's funding for its vital work, as well as causing havoc with parking pressure on nearby residential roads

Valerie Munro (Twickenham, 2020-11-24)


I'm a member of kew gardens and it now makes my visits so much harder

Henrietta Allhusen (Grayshott, Hindhead, 2020-11-25)


Stopping all parking on Kew Road causes huge problems, both for visitors and residents. Those arriving to Kew Gardens by car & coach are forced to seek parking on the side roads which cannot cope (especially in the Summer when visitor numbers increase).

Susan Emlyn Williams (RICHMOND, 2020-11-26)


I fully support this petition on a number of reasons not least the terrible congestion it will cause in the summer.Kew gardens will suffer badly.

Peter Emlyn Williams (Richmond, 2020-11-26)


I use Kew road regularly. Each time I have noticed that there are only one or two cyclists using the new lane, maximum. It seems pointless to me.

Lindy Cumming (Richmond upon Thames, 2020-11-26)


I am signing this because the decision was rushed through without consultation. I contacted the council re. the matter at the time expressing my concerns and did not recieve a reply. Such a terrible decision for so many reasons!

Rebecca South (Whitton, 2020-11-26)

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