The safety of the animals has not been considered at all

Adrienne Wrighton-Minns (Essex, 2020-10-21)


Safety of the animals surrounding this should be more important than watching some fireworks.

Gabbie tutton (Colchester, 2020-10-21)


The location is next door to a kennels and adjacent with fields containing horses, a pregnant mare and a farm with hundreds of animals. There are many wood shelters with hay/ straw and store rooms. It's irresponsible and dangerous.

Kristy Sadler (St Osyth, 2020-10-21)


The location is next door to a kennels and adjacent with fields containing horses, a pregnant mare and a farm with hundreds of animals. There are many wood shelters with hay/ straw and store rooms. It's irresponsible and dangerous.

Lee Peacock (Clacton-on-Sea , 2020-10-21)


We have a pony in the road next to the field where the fireworks will be.

Jo Griggs (Clacton on sea, 2020-10-21)


This event needs to stop. The distress it will cause over the 2 days is ridiculous and it is NOT a licensed event!

Mandy Sainty (Colchester , 2020-10-21)


I have horses

Louise Anderson (Essex, 2020-10-21)


I’m signing this as I have 6 horses, adjacent to the Weeley boot sale field, also I have 100 bales of hay stored in a barn as well, the horses will have to be sedated two nights running for this event, which is totally not right, I have children who would love to see the fireworks and I would have to pay as I can see directly from our house/stables. So I really don’t think I am being unreasonable asking for this display to be out elsewhere. For the safety of animals/fires and well being
Hayley Taylor

Hayley Taylor (Weeley, 2020-10-21)


it's disgusting that fire works can go ahead that close to livestock and put them in altot of distresss

RJ Worthy (essex, 2020-10-21)


These fireworks will be far to close to the animals and will cause them harm.

Jason Sadler (Benfleet , 2020-10-21)


I’m signing because I like and enjoy fireworks but they must be used responsibly and appropriately. We must think of others including animals.

Sam McCarthy (CLACTON-ON-SEA, 2020-10-21)


Animals are terrified every yr I think they should ban them altogether

Sylvia Copperthwaite (Essex, 2020-10-21)


It is far to close to animals

Joanne Hollock (Tendring , 2020-10-21)


Lots of livestock and horses adjacent to the site. They need a better site location.

Helen Murphy (Great oakley, 2020-10-21)


We live nearby, and have two small dogs that are terrified of fireworks. Also there is a boarding kennels very close and numerous horses are in the immediate vicinity.

Carol Plaistowe (Clacton, 2020-10-21)


I’m worried for the safety of the animals around the surrounding area

Abby Woods (Frinton-On-Sea , 2020-10-21)


I am signing this petition, as it is an unnecessary event not just because of COVID but there is livestock, including mares in foal, surrounding the whole premises of where this event is going to be held.
Livestock lose theirs lives if they go in to shock and sudden bangs or brights lights could cause this being so close.

Ellie May (Essex, 2020-10-21)


I do not want any horses dogs or cats
Caused any distress in our area or any other this is far to near private horses and riding school horse in the area

Jose Kirton (Colchester , 2020-10-21)


Safety of animals nearby

Michelle Allwright (Essex , 2020-10-21)


I am signing this because all my horses and dogs are petrified of fireworks and take weeks to recover. Even all the debris from them in surrounding fields

Helen Brotzman (Clacton on sea, 2020-10-21)


I’m signing because it is far to near loads of livestock and it’s a fire hazard with the amount of hay etc around

Tracy Arnold (Braintree, 2020-10-21)


Animals in surrounding fields will be traumatised and at risk of injury or death if this event was allowed to go ahead

Michelle Cunningham (Clacton-on-Sea , 2020-10-21)


The location is next door to a kennels and adjacent with fields containing horses, a pregnant mare and a farm with hundreds of animals. There are many wood shelters with hay/ straw and store rooms. It's irresponsible and dangerous.

Brad Young (St Osyth, 2020-10-21)


This meen lots to me also it effects lots of my very close friends

Charlotte Heard (London, 2020-10-21)


Use of fireworks near animals is cruel and should not be permitted

Susan Margrie (Colchester , 2020-10-21)


I have a live stock farm next to field

Darren Wardle (Weeley, 2020-10-21)


As a horse owner myself who knows how traumatic and dangerous fireworks are I cannot believe people would do this! Ban fireworks, stop this event and save the horses and livestock!

Lucy Stammers (Chelmsford , 2020-10-21)


I’m signing because this event is due to
Be held in a totally inappropriate place, surrounded by horses (some in foal) plus a care farm with many other animals not to mention the housing with cats and dogs, most of which will be extremely distressed and may try to flee causing injury and great distress.

Gill Baker (Great bentley, 2020-10-21)


I’m a direct neighbour with several horses who will not deal well with this!! We’ve had no contact from the organisers. Totally wrong location

Lorna Christmas (Tendring. , 2020-10-21)


I have horses and understand these concerns and this should be taken seriously!

Danielle Haygreen (Essex, 2020-10-21)


The fire work display should not be held in this part or any part of Weeley, we all have horses and livestock near and next to the car boot field. Please relocate the organisers.

Nadia Middleton (Weeley, 2020-10-21)


Fireworks are very stressful to all animals.

Marnie Goldsmith (Clacton , 2020-10-21)


Because it is right next to a working farm which has older animals & lots of different breeds. It is not a suitable location, please find an appropriate site.

Anne Mason (Braintree, 2020-10-21)


I’m signing because I live in the area and this event is shocking so close to live stock.

Katya Hanson (Essex, 2020-10-21)


I think the fireworks should be moved to a more suitable area, not with surrounding livestock. As a horse owner myself I’m aware how terrifying fireworks can be for horses, so is very unfair to do it in an area surrounded by them!

Maddy Elliott (Weeley Heath, 2020-10-21)


This event will cause distress to live stock

Samantha Amber (Essex, 2020-10-21)


Animal welfare is always overlooked. Fireworks are not essential and the location should be carefully considered

Jo Last (Weeley, 2020-10-21)


I see the distress that my dogs suffer when there are fireworks nearby.

Janet McDonald (Weeley , 2020-10-21)


My horse is stabled very nearby

Hayley Sargent (Frinton on Sea, 2020-10-21)


This is an unlawful event which would cause harm to livestock and proposes a serious fire hazard.

Lucie Evans-Turner (Weeley, 2020-10-21)


I have horses n no how stressed n scared mine get with fireworks. One has to be sedated so god knows how worried n scarred owners are who own horses around the sight area. Absolutley ridiculous to have there.

Jackie Jones (Thorpe le soken, 2020-10-21)


Just evidentially out of order on the animals and staff.

Liam Bevan (Weeley, 2020-10-21)


I own horses, dogs and a cat. Who are all scared of the loud bangs. One of my dogs is petrified, my poor cat hides. We also find fireworks that land in my horses field and around the stables.

Lea Cordery (Colchester , 2020-10-21)


Because I have pets, and I find it utterly irresponsible to have two big fireworks planned to go ahead.

Rebecca De Winter (Great Bentley, 2020-10-21)


I’m an owner of an horse that adjoins to the back of this and feel this is totally unacceptable.

Megan Burtenshaw (Walton on the naze, 2020-10-21)


Fireworks should not be set off around animals. I know there is a lot of livestock local to the location that’s without even mentioning the wildlife it will affect.

Eve Peaty (Little Oakley, 2020-10-21)


I feel this event is completely irresponsible, considering it’s location. I am in complete favour of organised displays, but not at the detriment of a rural community and its livestock

Tamsin Warren (Clacton on Sea, 2020-10-21)


My family have live stock in the adjacent field they run a business young adults with learning disabilities they do animal care & horse therapy for some students this is a live line of activities for them & their family’s they do not need scared or even hurt live stock it could affect so many people

Kate Peryer (Essex, 2020-10-21)


This is too close to local livestock owners, businesses with animals and would cause great distress to not only rural but domestic animals. No thought has been put into the location of this event

Ann Fairbanks (CLACTON-ON-SEA, 2020-10-21)


These poor animals lives are at risk for people’s entertainment

Amy Sutherwood (Colchester , 2020-10-21)


Because of the close proximity to the livestock surrounding the proposed venue

Trudy Kirk (Clacton-On-Sea , 2020-10-21)


This is not the right location to hold this with all the horses and livestock around

Natalie Stallwood (Tuddenham, 2020-10-21)


It is awful that this is being considered to be held right in top of helpless animals that will not understand and be terrified, they have no voice we are their voice.

A Fuller (Colchester, 2020-10-21)


I'm signing this because too many horses are getting killed and dogs too, animals gets scared and stress which can kill them!!

Mandy Stant (Essex, 2020-10-21)


My daughter goes to the centre next door and would be heartbroken to arrive and find some of the animals dead through shock.

Sharon Spelman (Canvey, 2020-10-21)


this should not be taking place anywhere near animals. I had a dog who was frightened of fireworks and he went through hell every year. Ban the blasted things for good

Heather Hummel (Weeley, 2020-10-21)


There have been so many poor animals lost due to stress heart attacks freak out from unesercery firework shows legal and illegal ones I have many animals myself which not only are my world but also are alot of money to look after and I don't want to spend thousands of pounds on vet care for my horse if it gets hurt or for a vet and one of my dogs suffer from extreme post traumatic stress from past abuse from racing so she has to be prescribed medication to sedate her for the 5th of November but these random firework shows we can't do that so she suffers almost having a heart attack it's not needed to have fireworks shows there are so many new ways to celebrate things rather than using explosives

Maisey Lindsey (Colchester, 2020-10-21)


All animals are affected by fireworks. My dog trembles all evening and he's in a house. The poor horses and other animals in fields and stables are terrified.

Samantha Parrott (Colchester , 2020-10-21)


I’m signing because there’s animals all around the surrounding area.

Naomi Corder (Essex, 2020-10-21)


I own horses and the thought of it Is wrong

Charlotte Perkins (Walton on the naze, 2020-10-21)


I don’t agree with firework displays near livestock, it is extremely cruel to subject these animals to loud noises which they don’t understand. This can cause the animal great distress and harm.

Noele Wright (Essex, 2020-10-21)


A rural location next to livestock is not an appropriate place for a firework display. It will cause undue stress and suffering to horses and livestock in the surrounding fields, which is in contravention of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Lorraine Thornton (Ardleigh, 2020-10-21)


Livestock surround the venue, this is cruel and inhuman

KIM Sutton (Chelmsford , 2020-10-21)


Too many animals are scared or die. They never gave a choice

Michelle Frensham (Colchester, 2020-10-21)


Im signing because I have horses local and do not think this a good idea due to them potentially being very scared and cause danger

Charlotte Lines (Clacton, 2020-10-21)


Our horse and many others on our site are very close to this event and the trauma caused by this noise is potentially life threatening to them causing colic , which will bring heartbreak to many ,also consider other local cats dogs etc , this event should not be allowed

Andrew Robinson (Frinton , 2020-10-21)


Fireworks are too noisy and scary for animals.

Dawn Sharples (Clacton-on-Sea , 2020-10-21)


Having owned dogs that where terrified of fireworks .an event surrounded by horses , some in foal and other livestock is utterly cruel and will undoubtedly end up with loss of life and/or pregnancies . In a county as big as Essex there is most definitely be a more suitable field to use . Despite sad times we as humans still don’t have more rights for fun over animals feeling terrified . There lives matter as much as our own . I plead with you to cancel this event and find a suitable field else where

Jackie Welsh (Dovercourt, 2020-10-21)


Its totally in an unsuitable area, with many horses and livestock very near

Dawn kidd (Harwich, 2020-10-21)


I'm signing because I don't see that a 2 night firework display is necessary.

Livestock as well as wild animals and household animals will be affected.

Evangeline Hennessy (Harwich, 2020-10-21)


I own a horse myself and my horse also hates fireworks and it’s wrong

Katie Marjoram (Colchester, 2020-10-21)


Signing because of proximity to livestock and pets

Sharon Taylor (Little Clacton, 2020-10-21)


Hawk Farm which is next door to this site help many people with special needs and have many animals which will be scared by fireworks so close to the farm

Jerry Furner (Braintree, 2020-10-21)


I live in weeley on the Colchester road, I do have pets which find this time if year bad enough, I feel this taking place especially right next to the boarding kennels will cause a serious amount of stress and is extreamly cruel to the animals and will cause financial implications for owners

Sam Allen (Weeley, 2020-10-21)


I have live stock very near this site and my horse who has serve metal out brakes will be affected by this and also very afraid

Marina Cranston (Essex, 2020-10-21)


This is not right

Hayley Bramwell (Essex, 2020-10-21)


The location for this display is completely inappropriate due to nearby livestock and wildlife.

Bernadette Rose (Weeley Heath, 2020-10-21)


This is ridiculous and should not be allowed to happen. Too near livestock and horses. It should not be encouraged especially as it will bring out crowds of people during a pandemic

Louise Totham (Clacton-on-sea, 2020-10-21)


It's wrong to have a firework display when the area is surrounded by livestock!!!! It's dangerous & can kill!!!!!

Caroline Pierson (Clacton on sea, 2020-10-21)


Gathering together to watch fireworks during this awful Covid time, is a stupid idea. It is also a totally unnecessary cause of so much anguish to animals, the elderly and the very young who endure it every year.

Tammy Tucker (Clacton , 2020-10-21)


I am aware of the anxiety and stress fireworks cause animals and their owners

Kellie Knight (Ipswich , 2020-10-21)


This is to near the animals in the next field

Wendy Jones (Little Clacton, Clacton-On-Sea, 2020-10-21)


Unless they are silent fireworks they should be banned and only on one night, the stress to livestock,pets and the elderly is too great

Ingrid Minter (Colchester, 2020-10-21)

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