Refurbishment of Manor Gardens Basketball Court, Tennis Courts and Skate Park Extension.



I use this skatepark on a day to day basis

Sam Curtis (Eastbourne , )


I'm signing because I want this to happen!

Samuel Bartlett (Eastbourne, )


It’s where I grew up and it’s important for the youth to have a place to go that’s safe and well managed. In my experience the better the facilities the more likely it’s going to be treated with respect.

James Green (Bexhill, )


I care about the skatepark facilities

Alex Purge (Eastbourne, )


Gilly is the place to be and it deserves some luvvvv

Josef Stringfellow (Eastbourne , )


it needs doing

Gus Baldwin (Eastbourne, )


Skateparks are very important for the physical and mental health of all ages and this one definitely needs some TLC.

Kieran Baily (Eastbourne, )


I want the skate park to be extended

Ned Baldwin (East Susses, )


User of the facility

Thomas Dooley (Eastbourne, )


I skate at the Gildredge skate park

Andrew Anderton (Eastbourne , )


Gilly refurbishment is long overdue

Oli Howes (Eastbourne , )


I would love to see the skatepark and all the other areas refurbished

Reuben Herriott Garwood (Eastbourne , )


I skate there

Jarrad Prynne (Eastbourne, )


Eastbourne improved the skate scene and showed it's love for promoting young people's ways of expressing themselves by adding areas such as the skatepark when it was first made. An extension would provide more room for this community and help keep the skatepark fresh and entertaining. It also provides tourism from the global skate community.

Mickey Steinacher (Cardiff, )


it needs to be better

otis farmer (eastboune , )


I’m signing because as a local and skater who very often uses the park, I feel like it could definitely do with the extra space that is not getting used for anything.

Andre Santos (Eastbourne , )


I’m signing because these courts are user everyday from March-October and should have money invested into them. The floor is it level and the nets are nowhere to be found! We just wanna ball y’all!

Ben Biltcliffe (Eastbourne, )


I’m signing because as a life long skateboarder I understand the impact having adequate facilities not only to use but to accommodate volume of users makes.

Dave Anderson (Hailsham, )


The council need to provide great facilities to allow the many many basketball players in Eastbourne to have a great place to develop their game

Keith White (Eastbourne, )


I’m singing because it’s very needed.

Finley Fry (Eastbourne, )


The condition is poor and requires a refurbishment

Aaron Laishley (Hastings, )


My children use this

Claire Walker (Hastings , )


I have been a regular rider at manor gardens skatepark for the past 8 years and believe that now the skatepark is well overdue an extension (phase 2).

The skatepark is frequently busy, with many people trying to use the facility at once, and because the skatepark is small, it can quickly become impossible to skate, bike, blade, or scoot, as you have different people trying to utilize the limited obstacles in the park all at the same time. As a result collisions occur, and less experienced riders frequently get intimidated or collide with other riders as they are unfamiliar with how to navigate through the skatepark.

With more space available, this would make the skatepark much safer for beginner riders, who would then be able to get to grips with the park without worrying about getting in the way of advanced riders.

Vise-versa the space would also make it easier for experienced riders to do tricks without worrying about crashing into beginners.

Ultimately an extension would make the skatepark safer and more free-flowing for its many users, and would be a much needed blessing for the already thriving community of skateboarders in the manor gardens area.

Matthew Turner (Eastbourne , )


All of these facilities encourage healthy lifestyles which is a huge government priority re: reducing obesity. Money well spent here will save on healthcare for weight related health issues.

Martin Catterick (Eastbourne, )


Skateparks keep teens off the street

Patrick Marriott (Eastbourne , )


It is vital to invest in leisure activities for all ages and provide a focus for young people given the amount of cutbacks. This investment will repay itself may times over in the wellbeing and mental health of the local population as well as giving everyone a chance to have social contact and be a part of our community.

Nige STRINGFELLOW (Eastbourne, )



Martin Kelly (Brighton, )


These facilities are very popular with the youth of Eastbourne and are long overdue the required maintenance .

Mike Sevenply (Eastbourne , )


My son uses the skate park and I agree it needs expanding.

Phil Battam (Eastbourne , )


The skate park needs to be expanded and maintained, it offers so many people a way to unwind.

James Whitbread (Eastbourne, )


The younger generation need these places to socialise, get away from computers and exercise!!!

Daniel Sheppard (Eastbourne, )


I'm signing because alternative sports facilities like this give kids an outlet for their creativity in an urban environment

Jon Spong (Newhaven, )


Im signing because I started skateboarding and I was a bit shocked at the state of this skatepark and surroundings which are located in such a beautiful park and would benefit from being refurbished. Think about the people spending entire days in there ! Thanks

Sophie De Potter (Eastbourne, )


All physical exercise benefits all people, physically and mentally. Fit people are also less of a burden on society and the NHS.

Anthony Cranston (Hailsham , )


Im signing because I would love for the skatepark to have more obstacles and a better surface. Therefore more people can enjoy it.

Marlon Wiegand (Eastbourne, )


I believe that the full space of the skatepark court should be utlised as well as basketball courts. Both be made safer for the kids and adults who use these areas it could also benefit those up and coming extreme sport tmstars such as Dante Hutchison as well as a tourist spot.

Jack Sutton (Eastbourne , )


I'm an advocate for outdoor community spaces being used to their maximum potential. The skate scene in Eastbourne is full of very passionate and responsible people that want to see the area thrive

Amie McLaughlin (Redhill, )


Regular user of the skate park and it deserves a re-work

Lucas Morrison (Eastbourne , )


There’s gravel everywhere on the skatepark causing accidents

George Redmill (Eastbourne, )


This is much needed in the local area

Laura Pickard (East Sussex, )


We would like an extention on the existing skate park

Stephen Hollman (Eastbourne , )


The facilities are out dated and still very popular so would be great to upgrade

Liam Beckett (Eastbourne , )


young people need a place to play

Nigel Quanstrom (EASTBOURNE, )


I want a bigger skatepark

Elliott Atherton (Eastbourne, )


This really needs doing as all listed are heavily used.

Josh Elphick (Eastbourne , )


This is one of my locals and there’s nout there

Leiws Shipley (Eastbourne, )


I care about young people having access to good safe spaces .

Gary Crowhurst (Eastbourne, )



Stan Wilson (Eastbourne, )


Both my teenage boys love playing basketball and this summer have visited the courts almost daily. It’s helped them a lot this year due to schools being closed etc and they have been eager to visit here rather than be indoors on their x boxes! It’s such a shame the facilities are of a poor standard. They thoroughly enjoy the sport and the new friends they have made here at the courts. It would be fab if the council could refurb these facilities.

Sarah Morris (Eastbourne , )


Our young people need a safe place to socialise, skate, exercise and have fun. Updating these facilities will keep young people occupied and off the streets.

Helen McCarthy (Eastbourne, )


I’m signing this petition because I believe young people need access to quality skate parks now more than ever. They need outside spaces where they can socialise safely and exercise freely for both their physical and mental health.

Helen Stringfellow (Eastbourne , )


My son is a regular user of this skatepark and I agree that the facilities should be properly maintained for the health a and wellbeing of the local people

Sally Palladino (Eastbourne , )


This is. Needed

Shaun Finlay (St Leonards , )


My grandson was part of the original group of lads that got the skatepark up and running. It would be a shame to let the area deteriorate. It’s a useful area for young and old who like sport.

Carol BEnnett (Eastbourne , )


These facilities are hugely important to encourage active lifestyles and have seen a massive demand especially in the pandemic. Funding for this area would ensure long term sustainable access for now and future users.

Julie Rickards (Eastbourne, )


the government are focusing alot.on the increase in childhood obesity. Instead of spending money on incentives and campaigns why not use the money to improve free facilities

Laura Burton (Eastbournr, )


I’m signing because it is a worn out park but so well located, the people of this skatepark deserve it.... also because it’s kinda small for the amount of people that go there

Nuno Costa (Eastbourne , )


My sons both skate there.

Ian Baldwin (Eastbourne , )


There is a dire need for these improvements.

Kerry Killeen (Eastbourne , )


I’m signing because I play basketball regularly down Gildredge and would love for it to be re done and to hve nets on the hoops

Ben Davey (Eastbourne, )

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