NO to 49 new homes to the north east of Perrybrook in Brockworth



I am signing this because I strongly object to more houses going up in Brockworth. Enough is enough.

Amanda Jones (Gloucester, 2020-09-15)


We do not have the infrastructure to support any more houses. Let alone the ones currently being built.

Amy Blakr (Gloucester , 2020-09-15)


We are already building o. What was greenbelt land. We already have coopers edge and PerryBrook. Gloucestershire does not have the road infrastructure to manage this - shurdington Road into Cheltenham is a prime example. NO MORE HOUSING

Debbie Tartaglia (Brockworth, Gloucester, 2020-09-15)


We have had a huge increase in housing developments in Brockworth over the last few years.
There is no need for more.
We need to keep the green space in this area as they have taken enough already for new houses.

Helen Kotwica (Gloucester , 2020-09-15)


With the completion of Coopers Edge and now the Perrybrook development there has been more than enough new houses in the area. The local councils should look to identify brown sites redevelopment sites in their own districts i.e. surrounding area next to Tweks, Stroud and Chelt and not to continue to use Brockwroth as the basis to increase housing capacity.

Claire Bodenham (Brockworth , 2020-09-15)


I’m singing because the little dears and all other animal and insects need somewhere to live too. Enough is enough stop building new, repair and the many unused buildings.

Valentina Downward (Gloucester, 2020-09-15)


Do much green land has been taken from the people of brockworth and it’s time to stop

jason gullick (gloucester , 2020-09-15)


I believe it will be detrimental To Brockworth. There are already massive housing estates spreading on the edges of Brockworth. The Shurdington Road Will become impassable during rush hour.

Helen Dawson (Gloucester , 2020-09-15)


I agree with all the objections put forward by BPC. I'm almost always in support of more housing but Brockworth has had so much now and the infrastructure is already struggling. We can't cope with any more!

Claire Moinet (Brockworth , 2020-09-15)


We don’t need any more houses
The infrastructure can’t cope now

Dave Webber (Gloucester, 2020-09-15)


I live in Brockworth and I totally agree that it doesn't need any further housing development

Luke Wolton (Gloucester, 2020-09-15)


we have too many houses at present

Matthew wilford (brockworth , 2020-09-15)


We have already seen inappropriate numbers of houses going up in our area. Now more than ever we must preserve our green spaces.

Michele Lloyd (Brockworth, 2020-09-15)


Brockworth has suffered with significant over development with the promise of imprived infrastructure and services which have never happened. This area of land would create a dangerous access point to an already very busy highway which is in need to improvement. A46 a417. The land would be more syuted to retain a barrier from noise of the A417 to the existing new development.

William SIMS (BROCKWORTH, 2020-09-15)


I don’t believe we need more housing in Brockworth. The access proposed to this development seems to be dangerously close to the roundabout on the junction of the a147

Ashley Cornish (Gloucester , 2020-09-15)


Brockworth has taken its fair share of housing developments. It’s time the village was given a break, it’s bursting at its seams with traffic, an over populated Drs surgery.... the list goes on!
Let the village of Brockworth enjoy the small amount of green space it has left.

Sara Stevens (Gloucester, 2020-09-15)


I do not want more houses ruining green belt in Brockworth.

Sophie Wright (Gloucester , 2020-09-15)


To many houses in Brockworth and not enough amenities.

Julie Blackwell (Brockworth, 2020-09-15)


Brockworth does not need more houses. There have been no improvements to the infrastructure of the area despite a great deal of building . The village has been destroyed!

Nina and Michael Walsh (Brockworth , 2020-09-15)


You have taken enough land in Brockworth.

Gareth Evans (Gloucester, 2020-09-15)


Sick of all the damn traffic as in lorries etc past my house and noise pollution is ruining brockworth for my 2 children it has become very unsafe for them.

Christina Owen (Gloucester, 2020-09-15)


We have lost enough of our green space. It’s time to rejuvenate the city centres

Nicola Gyde (Gloucester, 2020-09-15)


I live in brockworth and there is enough houses being build.....

This will spoil our village!!!!

Dawn osborne (brockworth, 2020-09-15)


I'm signing this petition because I feel we already have our share of new houses built in Brockworth & we are losing our Green Belt.

Jennifer Farmer (BROCKWORTH GLOUCESTER, 2020-09-15)


1500 houses Perrybrook 167 whittle, coopers edge creeping all over Green space, enough is enough, let Tbc have these houses in their fairytale garden town as it is all about CIL and bullying brockworth

Chris Evans (Brockworth, 2020-09-15)


Planning application in for special needs school on the same area (mill lane) will cause serious congestion during school times. Also traffic will have access to A46 which already has heavy traffic to and from Brockworth. Brockworth has seen massive development from coopers edge, perrybrook, estate behind in vista and development of houses green bank/kennel lane. Where is the infrastructure to support thousands of new homes doctored surgery too small planned new surgery whittle square along with more housing ie flats. How much more will you allow Brockworth residents to be abused by total lack of consideration by Tewkesbury borough council.

Neil Burbanks (Brockworth, 2020-09-15)


I’m signing because I agree with all of the above. PLUS traffic surveys were done at a time that traffic was at an all time low because of Covid. Traffic flow on Shurdington Rd is still not back to normal levels. Further access onto it near to the A417 roundabout would be lethal! This plan is crazy - Brockworth does not have the infrastructure to cope with further development!

Rachel Reilly (Brockworth , 2020-09-15)


We are losing too much green space. There are too many large developments on our open spaces.

Christine Sanford (Cheltenham, 2020-09-15)


I have lived in this village since I was a child the roads and infrastructure such and Doctors, pharmacies can not cope with the recent increase in housing down at Coopers Edge and now over at the green belt site over by the Rugby Club and beyond you build houses with no plan for roads, traffic, schooling all for money. Try thinking outside the box and redeveloping town centres with affordable housing that might boost the economy in the ever decreasing inner cities which could save businesses in the town centres which have been devastated by the pandemic

Jackie Howard (Gloucester , 2020-09-15)


Brockworth does not need any more houses

Kerry Jackson (Brockworth, 2020-09-15)


I moved here to live in a quite village not to a development that would mean lots of people and more traffic

Tanya Openshaw (Brockwoth, 2020-09-15)


Brockworth does not need more housing. It’s ruining greenfield space and the area has already been developed hugely within the last 15 years.

Estelle Edwards (Gloucester , 2020-09-15)


We have far too many houses in what used to be a village. The roads can’t cope with so much traffic and makes it dangerous fir pedestrians especially the young, elder and vulnerable

Joanne Lowe (Gloucestershire , 2020-09-16)


of the increase in road congestion. And the lack of additional facilities in the area to support the land grabbed over development of the area.

Richard eve (gloucester, 2020-09-16)


I’m signing for no more houses

Kirby Shepherd (Gloucester , 2020-09-16)


We don’t need more houses, we need a larger Drs Surgery

Philip Stacey (Brockworth, 2020-09-16)


I’m signing because we already have too many houses being built on green sites, destroying wildlife and our precious countryside. While at the same time we have no new infrastructure to support what has already been built and current services cannot cope. Is this another back hander for someone somewhere? This has to stop.

Naomi Collins (Gloucester , 2020-09-16)


I live in Brockworth and it is utterly ridiculous that this is even being considered. Traffic is already bad and the current developments haven't even been finished yet. I would like to be able to travel to work without being jammed in traffic for 20 mins having travelled no distance at all from my house. Infrastructure such as a new additional doctor's surgery needs to be prioritised moving forward.

Ian Sutton (Gloucester, 2020-09-16)


No more houses. Brockworth is a village not a pending town!!!!

Karen Taylor (Gloucester, 2020-09-16)


Brockworth doesn't need anymore housing

Alan Barnley (Gloucester, 2020-09-16)


Too many houses are being built on the green bank -

Karen Whiting (Gloucester , 2020-09-16)


I object to more housing in an area once described as a village, especially on a green site and without the necessary infastructure

monique Kirby (Gloucestet, 2020-09-16)


There are enough houses and already roads, shops, doctors and schools are full

lisa Entwistle (Gloucester, 2020-09-16)


Don't want or need any more houses in Brockworth. It's no longer a village. It's got more than enough houses. Spoiling all our green space and privacy.

Dawn Joynes (Gloucester, 2020-09-16)


I would rather see greenery then a concrete jungle

Denise Hale (Gloucester, 2020-09-17)


I don't believe the village has the local amenities to take more houses. More traffic. I don't want to lose more of our green belts that surround the area

Lea Stephens (Gloucester, 2020-09-17)


Ridiculous amount of new development in Brockworth.

STEVE MC MULLAN (Gloucester, 2020-09-17)


WE DO NOT NEED ANY MORE HOUSING IN BROCKWORTH!!!! We cannot cope with the influx from Coopers Edge so the current building with NO EXTRA INFRASTRUCTURE will obviously make it even worse!!! TBC get your heads out of your asses, listen to the people that live here! Maybe build the houses around where you live??

Sean Collins (Gloucester, 2020-09-17)


I agree totally with the above statement

Pauline Stewart (Brockworth , 2020-09-17)


We do not need any more housing and extra traffic and pollution and devastation to our green belt land..

Andrew Donadio (Gloucester, 2020-09-17)


I'm doing this to save what greenbelt we have left. With climate change a real possibility in the future more and more development does not help with more people busier roads more pollution. Also British wildlife is already under pressure and constant invasion of greenbelt destroys there habitat and soon there will be nothing left for the future.Brockworth has surely had its fair share of houses what with coopers edge aswell. I strongly object to this next phase.

Andrew Brentnall (Gloucester, 2020-09-18)


I object to more houses been built on brockworth for the reasons stated above

Emma Steel (Gloucester, 2020-09-18)


Fed up of road congestion.

Ross Stewart (Brockworth, 2020-09-18)


I am signing because Brockworth cannot support any more houses. No thought is being given to the residents who already live here and struggle to get doctor appointments or other needed facilities.

Paul Larcombe (Gloucester , 2020-09-18)


i have lived in the village all my life went to school there and feel it will overcrowd abd reck the history of brockwkrth

David mcchristie (gloucester, 2020-09-19)


I live in Brockworth and think we are already struggling with being over populated and too much traffic your ruining our natural beauty of a village leave our green alone.

Sasha Brice (Gloucester , 2020-09-23)


I don’t agree with more housing unless there are additional services e.g Doctors, schools, shops

Yvonne Jennings (Gloucester , 2020-09-23)


I’m very interested in the outcome of this petition

John Jennings (Gloucester, 2020-09-23)


I don't like the idea of expensive houses no one can afford during covid and our nice scenery is being demolished

Beatrice Weager (Gloucestershire, 2020-09-24)


NO MOREHOUSES I. BROCKWORTH. We cannot take anymore. Infrastructure is overwhelmed, school are full, doctors over subscribed, roads choc full, noise and pollution.

Maureen Fineman (Brockworth, 2020-09-29)


- further diminishment of greenfield: green belt
- serious highways concerns due to access proximity to main roundabout

Christopher Ryder (Gloucester , 2020-10-01)


I’m signing because Brockworth is already too busy as it is with traffic, which is only going to get worse with the Perrybrook building site and special needs school being built. Our doctors surgery is fit to burst and have to wait weeks to get an appointment.
This village cannot take anymore!

Sandie Tozer (Gloucester , 2020-10-01)


There is already to many houses and too much traffic in the area.

Tom Moore (Gloucester, 2020-10-01)


We as a village have lost enough green space , the local facilities ( Chemist , doctors , roads) are too busy now without adding another few hundred people into the mix . We are also fearful of losing the "village" feel of Brockworth .

Leanne Gilbert (Brockworth, 2020-10-01)


We have more than enough houses built in Brockworth lately. Save our greenbelt what is left of it.

Kay Griffiths (Gloucester , 2020-10-01)


The infrastructure can’t cope and the area is being ruined.

Rachael Willerton (Gloucester, 2020-10-01)


Brockworth is already over-developed.

Claire Bishop (Gloucester , 2020-10-01)


I think more houses will lead to traffic problems , over stretching of services and general environmental overload

Lisa Nash (Gloucester, 2020-10-01)


Brockworth roads are already being pushed to extremes with the Perrybrook estates (behind my garden) so the addition of even more houses is absolutely insane and I cannot believe more wildlife is being destroyed.

Charlotte Palmer (Gloucester, 2020-10-01)


I live in the area and Brockworth cannot sustain so many new builds. The local community will be lost, there is not a big enough Drs, schools or green space. You can no longer class Brockworth as a village.

Rebecca Harris (Gloucester , 2020-10-01)

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