I the undersigned am supportive and would like to see the new meat plant at Banagher in Co Offaly being built.



New markets and competition are needed.

Eamon Corley (Navan, 2020-08-08)


I am a beef farmer with a family farm. And beef farms are struggling. We need new markets.

Michael Philbin (Claremorris, 2020-08-08)


I would like to see an independently owned meat processing plant in offaly

Eamonn Bracken (Tullamore, 2020-08-08)


I’m signing because the meat industry needs more competition to put a stop to cartels price fixing and keeping the farmer down all the time.

Anthony Ryan (Limerick , 2020-08-08)


We need competition in the meat sector

Gerry Mee (Carrickmacross, 2020-08-08)


This project is important for beef industry and can only benefit everyone in the industry.

John Jordan (Enfield, 2020-08-08)


There is a cartel in this country and farmers need another option

Pj Monaghan (Cavan, 2020-08-08)


Irish farmers need better prices and monopolies in the meat industry need to be given competition.

Michelle Maguire (Clones , 2020-08-08)


I like this proposal and it will mean competition in the beef market for Irish farmers

Mary Ryan (Thurles, 2020-08-08)


More competition needed for cattle to be killed its another outlet, instead of the big three having it all to themselves

Peter Fitzgerald (Limerick , 2020-08-08)


New Meat Needed to deal with the state of the beef industry Beef Farmers struggling

Martin Mc Hugh (Mayo, 2020-08-08)


there needs to be some compettion in the meat sector
the area needs jobs because of bord na mona closure

Matt Duffy (mullingar, 2020-08-08)


Important that we have more competition in the meat industry

Fearghail Connolly (Claremorris , 2020-08-08)


I would like to see this plant opening for the good of beef farming in Ireland and competition for the factory cartel in this country

Paddy Sinnott (Wexford , 2020-08-08)


It will create jobs and there needs to be competition to get better prices for farmers.

Victoria Forde (Galway, 2020-08-08)


Im signing because all Farmers Small, big, part-time, full-time farmers, north, south, east and west need this to make a living and give us a fair price for our cattle
It cant all got go the Big Meat factory
All we are looking for is a fair price to make a living for all the work the we put in and continue to help our economy
The Best Beef in the world is Irish Grass Fed Cattle

Noel Durack (Broadford , 2020-08-08)


The town of Banagher needs this employer for its viability

Lorraine Kelly (Athlone , 2020-08-08)


This is a fantastic opportunity for local employment and to open up the beef processing industry, instead of it being controlled by a small few.

Carla Fox (Co. Wicklow, 2020-08-08)


As a farmer the only way to create a Sustainable return from my farm is by creating competition for my product and breaking the strangle hold that the current processors have over both the farming community and the government

James Tierney (Newport, Westport, 2020-08-08)


I support competition in the meat industry

Fergal Mc Mahon (Carrickmacross, 2020-08-08)


The beef sector needs new markets and competition. This proposed plant would do both

Gerard Healy (Roscommon, 2020-08-08)


The beef industry badly needs more competition for farmers to get a fair price for beef.

David Hunter (Cork, 2020-08-08)


Competition is needed in this sector

Lisa Dobson (Wicklow , 2020-08-08)


Competition is needed in this business

John Joe Judge (Longwood , 2020-08-08)


It is another market for Irish beef

Niamh Brown (Cavan, 2020-08-08)


There is competition required rather than the current monopoly.
Would also be invaluable to have someone that would export to China and other Asian countries

John McDonnell (Athlone , 2020-08-08)


Larry is a cunt

Tomas Rhatigan (Longford , 2020-08-08)


I support the setting up of new meat plant.

John Higgins (Mtbellew co galway, 2020-08-08)


This factory is badly needed to ensure we have a future in beef farming

Sean Mc Garry (Longford , 2020-08-08)


I'm signing because farmers need not to be broke and held under the iron fist of the government and there beef Barron buddies..

Brendan Grant (Dundalk, 2020-08-08)


We need more competition in the beef trade

Jerry Creedon (Cork, 2020-08-08)


We urgently need diversity in meat processing and to expand Asian markets

Bláth Cooney (Clare, 2020-08-08)


To break the monopoly /meat factories cartel.

Jean Fegan (Rathvilly Carlow , 2020-08-08)


We need competition for Larry!!!

Fintan Mcloughlin (Roscommon , 2020-08-08)


Interested in seeing new entrant in market, often wondered what happened to the local woollen industries after the Chinese took over the wool trade.

Patrick j Clarke (Navan, 2020-08-08)


This sector is badly in need of competition.

Brian Kelly (Ennis , 2020-08-08)


I am signing this petition to ensure that they is a market and a healthy market for our beef. No one man should be allowed to have full control of the Beef Market, and as well as that, the new factory will give employment to the area and will create jobs. All the government seems to want is data centre in Dublin., and for Larry good man to have full control.

Gerry Coyle (Cavan, 2020-08-08)


It’s high time there’s competition between the Meat factories

Tom Kelly (The Island, 2020-08-08)


We need employment and competition in all sectors

Michael Kealy (Carlow, 2020-08-08)


Competition should be encouraged in the neat processing industry.,Only one question? If this plant goes ahead who will render and process their offal.

Michael Edgeworth (Waterford, 2020-08-08)


This plant is essential to create competition in the beef sector

John Moloney (Kilmallock , 2020-08-08)


Because competition and an extra outlet for Irish cattle can only be a good thing

Thomas Enright (Kerry, 2020-08-08)


I’m signing this because I fully agree with and stand behind everything Beef Plan is about for Irish Beef Farmers.

Neill Boland (Sligo , 2020-08-08)


It's a disgrace this plant has been turned down whos running this country

Liam McKenna (Monaghan, 2020-08-08)


Because I'm a beef farmer and we need more competition for cattle

Dick Whelehan (Laois, 2020-08-08)


We need competition in this industry to restore sustainability for our beef farmers. This may be the only real potential challenge to Larry Goodmans empire.

Sean O Connell (Limerick, 2020-08-09)


I'm signing because there needs to be more competition in meat processing factories

Gerry Keane (Loughrea, 2020-08-09)


We need more competition in the beef industry

Michael McDonagh (Foxford , 2020-08-09)


There is now no competition and our product is not marketed just sold cheap because they have the power to buy it cheap ,the monopoly here of a cartel of a few dragging prices down and down .
We need the cartels broke up and new entrants

Dermot Cooke (Thurles, 2020-08-09)


It makes sense!!

Chris mc millan McMillan (Carlingford, 2020-08-09)


we need to have more competition in the market.

John T. Marren (Sligo , 2020-08-09)


Fair competition in this market is long overdue.

shane nolan (Burrin, 2020-08-09)


1. Irish meat needs new markets due to Brexit
2. Farmers need more competition for our beef and improved prices to ensure the survival of beef family farms

Barry O’Neill (Cahir, 2020-08-09)


We need some competition in this sector

Diana Berney (Wexford, 2020-08-09)


I'm signing because I live in rural Ireland and I want my life choices to be money I want to farm cause I love it and dont want my arm bend as someone thinks it's not the way this new plant could be the saving of my farm and way of life.

Joe Mulhern (Ballina , 2020-08-09)


I'm signing this because I want more compition in the beef sector

Eamon Ó Donovan (Kilkenny , 2020-08-09)


Farmers need competitions in the beef industry & it will create more jobs for the sector

Alan Hartnett (Cork, 2020-08-09)


The market needs competition.

Paddy Dungan (Kilkenny, 2020-08-09)


We need competition in the market

Noel Cremin (Cork, 2020-08-09)


we need competition in the market

Eoin mulheir (roscommon, 2020-08-09)


we need competition

John Murphy (Naas, 2020-08-09)


I'm signing this petition because we badly need this new outlet for our beef, I have recently taken over the family farm, I have 4 small children under the age of 4 and a half, I am really struggling to make ends meet, I am also working for myself as a welder working solely for farmers, as far as I can see I am working/welding to keep my farming Bill's paid because the farming is just not standing on its own two feet, please consider all of this and there are plenty more people in my situation that I know, thanks

Seamus Quinn (Ennis , 2020-08-09)


Creation of jobs, another outlet for irish beef

Sean O Connor (Clare, 2020-08-09)


I'm a beef farmer

Edward Ruttle (Ardagh, 2020-08-09)


Im a beed framer time for a change

Daniel j Byrne (Mountmellick, 2020-08-09)


I am signing this petition to increase fair competition in the meat sector in the hope the beef industry will survive.

Mark O' Rourke (Inagh, 2020-08-09)


I think a bit of competition is needed

David Gallagher (Swinford , 2020-08-09)


Its necessary to have competition to get a fair price for our product.

Eamon Murphy (Ballinrobe, 2020-08-09)


We need more competition.

John Patterson (Crossmolina , 2020-08-09)


We need more competition in the market

Terence Mc Sweeney (Co limerick , 2020-08-09)


We need more competition in Beef industry

John Ryan (Clare , 2020-08-09)


I believe in completion in the meat industry and perhaps a means of getting a foothold into the Chinese Market and of course the creation of badly needed employment in the lrish economy.

Jim McWalter (Galway , 2020-08-09)


We need transparency n the beef industry

Ger Gough (Mayo , 2020-08-09)

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