Oppose Abandonment and Annexation of Osceola Rd. Right of Way!



"Pleasant Life" in Juno's environs matters more than the bottom line of a carpetbagging "Foreign" [Des Moines, IA] for-profit LLC feeding as a remora off the good neighbor residents of The Waterford. May the JB Town Council not play the fool to an end-run which would otherwise not see the light of day.

Dennis Metzger (Unincorporated Juno Beach, FL, 2020-08-22)


I am signing to support the preservation of the Pleasant Ridge “Park”.

Janet Haley (Juno Beach, 2020-08-22)


I am signing this petition to save the Pleasant Ridge “Park” for community use.

James Haley (Juno Beach, 2020-08-22)


Please do not allow the Town of Juno Beach to carve out the heart of the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood (platted in 1955) for commercial incursion!

Lauren Casasus (unincorporated Palm Beach County, 2020-08-22)


The annexation and abandonment of Osceola Rd ROW green space would adversely impact both the Pleasant Ridge community as well as Juno residents in Ocean Trace. Please continue to prioritize the quality of life for your Juno residents by maintaining the beautiful balance between commercial, residential development and natural areas and green spaces. This balance has a powerful effect on our health and wellness that far outweighs the desire to expand The Waterford far beyond its allotted density.

Amy Taylor Springer (Pleasant Ridge- NPB, 2020-08-22)


Please do not allow commercial intrusion into Pleasant Ridge, established in 1955 as a single-family home neighborhood. They Waterford was denied 20 years ago and should be denied again. The right of way, or our park, is the heart of our neighborhood. Children, friends from surrounding neighborhoods, as well as pets gather at the park daily. Say NO to commercial intrusion!

Norma Casasus (Unincorporated Palm Beach County, 2020-08-22)


My kids always play in the park and it would ruin our neighborhood! The Waterford built the villas where their parking lot was.

Lucia Voellinger (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-22)


Strongly oppose the abandonment of the park in Pleasant Ridge a family neighborhood to be turned into a parking lot for a commercial property

Roberta Singer (North Palm Beach , 2020-08-22)


Please preserve the park in our neighborhood for the only place our children can play, families gather and not have a commercial parking lot in our neighborhood.

Jennifer Baxter (Pleasant Ridge - NPB, 2020-08-22)


1)Waterford has not been a good neighbor to solicit adjacent community input.
2) The Waterford site population density already exceeds code.
3) The Waterford plan will impact the peace, quiet, and enjoyment of neighboring communities during the long construction phase and also after project completion.
4) The Town Council should not approve without input from Juno Beach residents which is most difficult during this pandemic.

Louis Sanlorenzo (Juno Beach, 2020-08-22)


It is unfathomable to imagine what the Waterford will do to the neighborhood of Pleasant Ridge and Ocean Trace with their plans for Osceola Rd. It makes no sense what so ever and if you go visit you will see and understand it will RUIN the neighborhood and have a very negative impact on all of us who live here. Waterford has a large enough footprint and expansion is unacceptable! . Please deny this annexation.

Anna Bennett (Juno Beach, 2020-08-22)


The quality of life our Pleasant Ridge residents is in jeopardy, Annexation for the purpose of commercial incursion is WRONG! The community needs a safe off road area for recreation, especially children and pets.

Nancy Lodise (North Palm Beach ,FL, 2020-08-22)


I believe it is abhorrent to allow a business like the Waterford to destroy the beauty and peace that the residents of Pleasant Ridge have enjoyed for decades. They are dismantling and ruining a peaceful neighborhood with no regards to the people who live there!

Travis Moreno (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-22)


I'm a resident at Pleasant Ridge for 27 years and I against the annexation and Abandonment of Osceola Rd. Right of Way to the Waterford. My family and I enjoy this park for many years.

Michael Mahoneyh (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-22)


I have lives in this lovely tight knit community for 16 years. It is awful that the green space will be taken away as it is an important part of our neighborhood.

Marcy Barber (Juno beach, 2020-08-22)


I respectfully ask for you to PRESERVE PLEASANT RIDGE “PARK” and DENY the Annexation and Abandonment of Osceola Rd. Right of Way to The Waterford.

Marcos Nieves (North palm beach , 2020-08-22)


I'm signing because I live in Pleasant Ridge and want the residential charm of my neighborhood to remain.

Susan Miller (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-22)


I oppose the juno beach and waterford annexation of the right of way for a parking lot. Either annex the whole neighborhood, or nothng at all. This is wrong in so many ways.

robert singer (north palm beach, 2020-08-22)


I, as a resident of Pleasant Ridge, respectfully ask for you to PRESERVE PLEASANT RIDGE “PARK” and DENY the Annexation and Abandonment of Osceola Rd. Right of Way to The Waterford.

Enrique Alcaraz (North Pam Beach, 2020-08-22)


We purchased our house in 1998 on Ocala Road, we have lived happily and in harmony with our fellow neighbors and near by neighborhoods. As you are aware they are building a large apartment complex on US-1 which is at the east end of our street. They cut down/ripped up the trees at the backside of the complex (which I am aware were not “good” trees) however they were home to a lot of our neighborhood birds and other wildlife and provided a wonderful frontdrop to the rising sun in the morning as I headed out to work. On my way home from work coming East from Ellison Wilson on Ocala Road they were a restful respite to the cement city scape of downtown West Palm Beach. My sadness was magnified a week ago when I was leaving for work and the hawk that was a resident of those trees that were destroyed flew up and landed on the top of the newly laid cement blocks as there is not a tree in site. As I head north in Osceola Road I am thankful for our neighborhood green space the Osceola right of way that has been a meeting space for Pleasant Ridge long before we moved here 22 years ago. It has been heartwarming to see the neighborhood kids drop their bikes at the front and join in a game of tag or swinging on the swing or just sitting and talking. As I have passed by lately it is with a heavy heart that I pass by thinking that this too shall be destroyed and more birds and wildlife will be without their homes and our kids will no longer have a safe place to gather in our neighborhood. You might argue that Juno Park is right at the end of our street however Juno Park in our 22 years here has had an ongoing affinity for a gathering place for illicit activities in the bathrooms, a lot of drug activity and drinking and smoking in and near the kids playground so not the place for kids to go on their bikes with a warm feeling that someone from the neighborhood would be keeping an eye out for them. I am asking that you please take all of this into consideration before allowing yet another piece of our North County Paradise to be paved over. Thank you.

Anne D’Souza (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-22)


I oppose turning our nice neighborhood into a concrete parking facility where our neighborhood park is used by all. It seems absurd to even consider what the Waterford is wanting to do to our park and our neighborhood. Shame on the money hungry companies that act out of shear greed, with no consideration for real people and their lives.

Philip Pearigen (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-22)


I'm signing as a home owner within Pleasant Ridge to stand up against the unconstitutional annexation of my neighborhood by the Waterford. I'm asking Juno Beach to stand up against the Waterford and support the Pleasant Ridge community.

Lester Weaver (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-22)


Save our neighborhood!!!!!

Denise Pagan (North Palm Beach , 2020-08-22)


I wish to see Pleasant Ridge "Park" , a safe and quiet area, remain the same.

Leonie Reed (Juno Beach, 2020-08-22)


This is a beautiful park and a wonderful community area!!

Shelly Franken (Tequesta, 2020-08-22)


The Pleasant Ridge neighborhood and park should not be dissected and slowly ruined.

Gretta Curry (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-22)


Your corporate mis-management and need for expansion , should not be our problem and the detriment to our community. Shame on the Waterford.

Rocco Lodise (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-22)


I am signing this petition because Juno Beach has been executing these type of pocket annexations and they negatively impact the communities surrounding the area. The Town annexed the Holy Spirit Lutheran church and they are failing to maintain the wall and landscape required by the County. It is an ugly eyesore and neither the church or Juno Beach has maintained it. Annex this property and be ready for a eyesore to the neighborhood!

Joseph Sicbaldi (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-22)


We oppose the annexation of our park ,where we have attended meetings , neighborhood parties and enjoyed the shade and the ocean breeze since 1998.

Harold D'Souza (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-22)


20 year Pleasant Ridge resident. Giving mid-block public park to a for profit commercial enterprise to replace with a parking lot? Seriously WRONG.

Sean McMullen (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-22)


The Waterford demolished several “workforce” houses on the lots adjacent to the Osceola Right of Way and those residential lots should never be rezoned.

Mark Strickland (North Palm Beach , 2020-08-22)


My health gets endangered by the waterford profit hungry plan. Instead of building another story on their present parking lot, they want to take away the lungs of our community, our little park." Where we like to gather to build a better community. They want to deter our democratic community. Please tell them to use the land they have. Do not sell our health for profit. Thank you Julia Morano Service Rd

Julianna Morano (Juno , 2020-08-22)


I'm signing because I'm totally opposed to annexation of our private park to allow commercial construction and to ruin the beauty of our community by putting a parking lot on our residential street.
That's Very Wrong on many levels aside from Greed.
Please stop this egregious use of our residential street for commercial purposes.

Keith Bensch (Juno Ridge, 2020-08-23)


I’m signing because I oppose the Waterford taking away the pleasant ridge park for a parking lot.

Bobbi Basilone (Juno beach, 2020-08-23)


Pocket Annexation will lower our quality of life in Pleasant Ridge.

Jeffrey Large (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-23)


Do not ruin the park PLEASE

Constance Rappaport (NORTH PALM BEACH, 2020-08-23)


I walk dogs to the park and back. We need to keep parks and greenery!

Melissa Morris (Jupiter, 2020-08-23)


There shouldn’t be additional commercial expansion in our beautiful residential area.

James Wilson (Juno beach, 2020-08-23)


So many people use the park, we are there almost every night. And come on this a neighborhood, one that will get very congested if this happens. We will certainly sell if this happens, Really stinks being out maneuvered by Big money lawyer and lobbyists.

Chris Brooks (Juno beach , 2020-08-23)


The park is part of this neighborhood and should be kept that. I'm sure the people making the decision on this matter would be fighting against any big corporate bully that was trying to put a parking lot in their neighbood.

David Johns (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-23)


By signing this petition and saving our park will help my family. First of all my kids love to play football,climb the trees and have a safe place to hang with the other kids in neighborhood. Another reason keeping this nice piece of sanctuary is for my mom. If you ever dealt with dementia! Well this little park that we can push mom in wheel chair to gives her peace of mind. So I have 3 kids, mom and a dog who enjoy getting out an going to the park.

Paula Brangan (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-23)


As a property owner in Pleasant Ridge I strongly oppose annexation of the Waterford owned lots for the purpose of commercial encroachment!

Dalia Lopez (Miami, 2020-08-23)


I’ve lived on pleasant ridge for three years. It’s a perfect neighborhood for young professionals like me to buy their first home (like I did) at a fair cost and still have access to the beach via walking or bike. The neighbors meet frequently at the park to walk their dogs, catch up with each other, and let their kids run around. The pleasant ridge neighborhood is truly a rare find in the area and tearing into it to make a parking lot would be outright wrong and clear sign of town leadership not having what’s best for their community in mind.

Jacob Wilson (North palm beach, 2020-08-23)


I'm signing this because my house is located on Pleasant Drive and I absolutely love having the ROW as our neighborhood park. It serves as our "town green" i.e., park, play ground, meeting area, dog walk place, exercise space, and place to relax out doors.

Charles Hollings (NORTH PALM BEACH, 2020-08-23)


So will the Town turn their backs on us now or will they keep their part of the
bargain? I hope and pray that the adults in the room will make the right
decision where everyone wins.

Eric Casasus (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-23)


We need parks, not more parking lots.

Patricia Dzubera (Boca raton, 2020-08-23)


I'm signing because I live on Pleasant Drive and I absolutely appose the Annexation and Abandonment of Osceola Rd. Right of Way to The Waterford. IF the Waterford puts a parking lot it will disrupt the peace & quiet on our street. It will greatly add to the traffic day & night, making it more car & truck traffic noisy and dangerous for all who regularly exercise, walk, run and dog walk on Pleasant Dr! If I wanted to live on a busy road I would of bought a home on one! THIS IS OUT RIGHT WRONG AND DESPICABLE & UNFAIR TO DO SUCH A THING!
NO ONE WOULD AGREE OR WANT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN ON THEIR STREET! Commercial Property in middle of a residential street ?? OH PLEASE, THIS WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING IN PLEASANT RIDGE IF IT WAS A WEALTHY NEIGHBORHOOD. It will also take away the park we use & enjoy, and It will lower the property values on our homes and make them harder to sell if and when we decide move!

karen cammarata (north palm beach , 2020-08-23)


I’m signing because this is our neighborhood NOT the Waterford’s parking lot. Justifying it on the behalf of future elderly care needs at the expense of current longtime and tax paying residents of this neighborhood is nothing more than rationalization of a unjust action. It’s wrong.

Annette McMullen (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-23)


I strongly oppose the annexation of the Osceola Road ROW. Please help preserve the integrity and history of our neighborhood. My mom is in memory care, and I understand the need for these types of services, however it should not occur at the expense of our long-standing, family-oriented community.

Nicole Desjardin (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-23)


I live directly accross from the park and the residential lots that are being requested for annexation into Juno Beach. This is commercial incursion at its worse. It is a complete disregard for neighboring residents who wish to live in a nice quiet middle income neighborhood.
Please do not approve this annexation request. Be a good neighbor and allow us to have the same quiet enjoyment of our home and property that I am sure each one of you currently enjoys.

Robert Baxter (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-23)


Our established residential neighborhood should NOT be divided by Waterford's commercial proposed expansion. Inappropriate. Intrusive. How would you feel if parking lots/garages and tall buildings were built inside your neighborhood?

Linda Wilke (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-23)


Please preserve and keep our community intact!

Jennifer Jeter (Juno Beach, 2020-08-23)


The park is very important to our neighborhood!!!

Karen Frein (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-23)


The elimination of the park at Osceola Way will be devastating to not just those who live in the immediate area but to many other town residents that enjoy the peace and serenity the existing park allows all nearby residents to enjoy

Ira Weiss (Juno Beach, 2020-08-24)


I'm signing because I am against the Annexation and Abandonment of Osceola Rd. Right of Way to The Waterford. I am a Pleasant Ridge resident. My children and I have been using the park frequently for the last 14 years that we've been living here.

Tamara Johns (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-24)


Jupiter is so quaint and charming. Over development would be a pure shame.

Marcello Caliva (Jupiter , 2020-08-24)


As a property owner, I strongly oppose piecemeal annexation for the purpose of commercial encroachment. Pleasant Ridge is a single-family, working force neighborhood. Only single family homes are acceptable on the Waterford owned lots, NOT a commercial parking lot or building.

Pedro Lopez (Miami, 2020-08-24)


I love my home in Juno Beach and oppose increasing the traffic and decreasing safety and property value just to profit big business

Lara Burton (Juno Beach, 2020-08-24)


I am opposing The Waterford's intrusion on a Residential neighborhood and taking away a 'green' space to use as a parking lot.

Frances Stewart (Juno Beach, 2020-08-24)


My daughter and I use this park everyday. I feel that play time will not be as fun or safe in a parking lot.

Ethan Huemmer (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-24)


I live on Pleasant Ridge. I grew up in Juno Isles since 1972. I think this is a bad move for the town of Juno Beach. But hey I thought allowing Beach House rehab into Juno Beach was a bad move.

Colin Slean (Juno, 2020-08-24)


I oppose the Juno Beach annexation of Pleasant Ridge.

Jan Cobb (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-24)


I waited 2 years for a house in Pleasant Ridge to come available. When it finally happened I jumped at the rare opportunity. Since 2007 I have loved living here. It’s a quiet, family oriented community. We gather at our park often and I would be devastated to see our serene piece of paradise ruined by having a parking lot placed in the middle of it. Shame on The Waterford for their poor planning and overbuilding on this property to the point that they need to ruin our community to continue their goal of adding an additional building And parking lot when they can not even accommodate parking for the current residents. I am totally against the plan to allow The Waterford to destroy our community and the value of my home. Would you want to live next to a parking lot? With all it’s bright lights, noises from car alarms and car doors opening and closing 24 hrs a day not to mention deliveries and added traffic to a street where speeding is already a problem. Shame on Waterford for even thinking this was a good way to treat their neighbors.

Deb McDonald Mauser (Juno Beach, 2020-08-24)


I am opposed to the annexation of the Pleasant Ridge Park.

Keith Pearsall (N. Palm Beach, 2020-08-24)


The park is a treasure for enjoyment for my family and the rest of the community. It’s great for small gatherings and the holidays. It would be a loss and disappointment to become a parking lot.

Jennifer Solly (Boca Raton, 2020-08-24)


I want my neighborhood to stay residential. I do not want a parking area or any other commercial usage of land that should be for single family homes and neighborhood.

Elizabeth Conklin (JUNO , 2020-08-24)


We use this park all the time. My kids love seeing their neighborhood friends there. Please preserve this park.

Jessi Meadows (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-24)


We love our community at Ocean Trace! It's beautiful and peaceful and we would like to keep it that way. What about the kids who love to play and dog lovers who love to walk their dogs. We are against this awful plan that we only result in hurting our community!

Kelly and Joseph Snyder (Juno Beach, 2020-08-24)


I'm signing this petition because my good friends live in this area and the ROW is important to their lifestyle. There are things in life that are meaningful to neighborhoods to keep them socially connected and this is one of them. If we develop over everything we loose that.

Chip Lubeck (Rivera Beach, 2020-08-24)


we opposed this before. Why are they trying this again? I really don't believe that they have any jurisdiction in this area, as the Town of Juno Beach used questionable practices to determine that they had any right to annex any land b in this area.

Mark Conklin (Juno, 2020-08-24)


I am a Pleasant Ridge resident and want to protect my neighborhood!

Ashlin Galbraith (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-24)


I’m a resident of Pleasant Ridge and strongly oppose what they are trying to do.

John Galbraith (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-24)


Besides the fact that we have to preserve green space the ROW specifically states that the land is dedicated to the the perpetual use of the public. This will not be the case if Waterford is free to pave it over.

Linda Borgmeyer (Palm Beach Gardens, 2020-08-24)


Preserve this green space And Park.

Beth Galbraith (West Palm Beach, 2020-08-24)


We want the preservation of the Pleasant Ridge park and Deny the annexation of Osceola Rd. Right of way to the Waterford.

Marta & Christopher Barnett (Juno Brach, 2020-08-24)


I'm not a fan of the Town of Juno Beach. Their reasons for implementing, and refusing numerous things over the years,, has always been due to political motivations. The Annexation and Abandonment of our park, is just another sample of the towns reckless and attempted use of the towns misuse of power.

James Wheeler (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-24)


I live across the street from the land in question, and my children play on this land frequently. I'm worried about the property values in our neighborhood if this land is annexed into June Beach and developed by the Waterford, especially into a parking lot or parking structure.

Steven Tubbs (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-24)


Pocket annexation of a commercial business for parking is wrong in our residential neighborhood. The park has been well used and loved by many and should remain ours for use into Perpetuity.

Tina Caruso (Jupiter, 2020-08-25)


My daughter lives in this lovely neighborhood. The park is a central community area that should not be destroyed - especially by so-called developers.

Marcia Scheppler (Stuart, 2020-08-25)


because this proposal directly affects my neighborhood

Daegan Russo (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-25)


this will directly affect myself and my family in our neighborhood

Peter Russo (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-25)


I live on Pleasant Dr and it is a quaint sea side community with lots of home owners that live here year round that are spending hard earned money improving their homes. To put an eyesore and take away a park that was given for use of the public is just wrong. The adjoining lots should be for more private residential homes not parking and facilities for the Waterford. They are encroaching on our community. There is simply no need for any more parking and not smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood. Shame on anyone who thinks this good for Juno Beach or Pleasant Ridge.

jennifer slean (Juno, 2020-08-25)


This is sloppy planning. Council members come and go year after year but their decisions decmiate our community and seas side towns. council members although required by law to live in the town do not seem to live in the immediate areas they destroy and place in danger. My friends family have been in Juno Beach for many generations way longer then any of the previous and present council members. Horrible practices you are considering to set for Juno Beach.
Please have deep deep thought of the irreparable damages this will cause to the community of pleasant ridge & Ocean Trace residents. Thank You .

Mary Lacorazza (Lantana, 2020-08-25)


Deny annexation

W. Jeff Holland (Juno, 2020-08-25)


I'm signing this because children and families need gathering spaces more than they need a commercial parking lot. It is hard to believe that this isn't obvious to everyone.

Glenda Pliler (Vero, 2020-08-25)


Please keep Pleasant Ridge as a public area for my child to play! This is our neighborhood oasis.

Kathryn Murray (North Palm beach, 2020-08-25)


We all need to fight to keep our natural areas intact for outdoor enjoyment for all. To keep the oxygen making trees and plants alive for our health and well being. No more building, use the abandoned buildings that are all around decaying and being an eyesore to all.

Patrice Delaney (North palm , 2020-08-25)


I'm signing this petition because I visit Juno Beach frequently and regard it as one of the few remaining"jewels" on the East Coast of Florida. Please, let's keep it that way!

Thank you.

Stephanie Wingate (Sarasota, 2020-08-25)


I'm signing this in opposition to selective spot annexation that only benefit the Waterford at the detriment of Pleasant Ridge community.

Jesus Tejeda (Juno Beach, 2020-08-25)


This is an important park for the neighborhood and a safe place for children and dogs to play. This is a small area but it means a lot to the residents whether tall, small, or furry.

Jessica Rodgers (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-25)


Save the Park.
No more encroachment on communities.
Let the kids and pets have a green space.

Karen Noga (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-25)


please reference my recent e-mail to the mayor and previous letters.

steven and Becki gersten (MIDDLETOWN Ct. and Juno beach,Fl., 2020-08-26)


My development buttsup against Waterford property and I don't wish to see peacefuland RESIDENTIAL community ruined by industrial storage of people.

Karin Stack (Juno Beach, 2020-08-26)


This is just another project that would bring more traffic and unsafe conditions to the neighborhood.

Garrett Mauser (Juno beach, 2020-08-26)


Juno Beach should not be dismantling the residential platted properties of the Pleasant Ridge community for commercial use. Demonstrates the hypocrisy of the Juno Beach town, as they cited density was a problem for them when it came to affordable housing.

Christine Jones (North Palm Beach, 2020-08-26)


We love our park shame on Waterford trying to take it away from us.

Cheryl Ziser (Juno Beach, 2020-08-26)


I just moved here 3 years ago with my husband. We chose this house because of its location and the nice park we could walk our dog to each day. We are both in our 80s. We don’t venture far from home and the park has become a place where we can walk our dog 3 times a day and meet up with our neighbors to relax and chat in the evenings. I feel it would tragic for the Town of Juno Beach to allow that area to be destroyed and the value of our properties affected by this.

Joanne Weaver (Juno beach, 2020-08-27)


I agree with Pleasant Ridge that this annexation is not appropriate for a small community oriented place.

Karen White (N. Palm Beach, 2020-08-27)


Our family loves playing in our neighborhood park, and would hate to see it turn into a parking lot. It’s wrong to allow the Waterford to build commercial buildings right in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Marissa Elion (Unincorporated Palm Beach County, 2021-02-14)


I’m signing because I want the neighborhood to be safe for my granddaughter who lives there !

Lori Elion (Wellington , 2021-02-14)


I have friends who live there! Also, this whole bullying tactic by the Waterford smacks of arrogance which I cannot condone.

Anthony Foley (North Palm Beach, 2021-02-15)


To maintain and preserve as it is Pleasant Ridge Park.

Claudia Mantilla (Juno Beach Fl, 2021-02-17)


My family lives in the area being destroyed by the recent changes and continued planned overtaking of a quiet beautiful neighborhood. The area needs to remain public use for everyone. Encroachment is wrong

Valerie Jagiella (Atlanta, 2021-02-17)


I walk that street everyday with my dog. It’s a beautiful park please don’t change it.

David Roy (North Palm Beach, 2021-02-19)


Our beautiful area is choking w/congestion and insufficient green space from over-development

Mar Bedford (Juno Beach, 2021-02-19)


I’m signing because I do not want to see Juno Beach broken up or obliterated because of merging into Pleasant Ridge. And I am also opposed to more large condo buildings going in at the southern end of Juno Beach!

Sondra Goldstein (North Palm Beach, 2021-02-20)


I am a 7th generation Floridian, and I am tired of watching my state, my city and now my block being sacrificed in the name of development. This is a neighborhood filled with teachers, police officers and caretakers who give endlessly to our community and should not have to worry about bullied by individuals who are very clearly motivated by greed. The Waterford/ Juno Beach's lack of empathy and respect for the people who make up Pleasant Ridge is utterly disturbing. We are families, not properties.

Jennifer Griffin (Pleasant Ridge, 2021-02-20)


As a homeowner in Pleasant Ridge for over 20 years, I’m deeply saddened that “big money” is still threatening our neighborhood. This can’t happen without the support of Juno Beach. The good people of Juno would not want this to happen to their neighbors and that includes their neighbors a mile down the road. We are a community that should not be compromised in order to line the pockets of a few soulless individuals.

John Raicovich (Pleasant Ridge, 2021-02-21)

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