Hachette, Re-Publish the only children's book on African & Caribbean people in Britain



The children need positive self images.

Maceo Kemp (Baltimore, 2020-06-20)


Books like this are badly needed to tell younger students the history of black people in Britain. In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, people of all ages are seeking ways to learn more about black history. It is scandalous that at a time when parents and schools most need this book - and books on racism and black history are topping the bestseller lists - Hachette is refusing to republish this important book for children.

Tash Shifrin (London, 2020-06-20)


Deeds not words!

Martin Spafford (LONDON, 2020-06-20)


I've signed as this book is an important resource

June Reid (Lewisham, 2020-06-20)


I’m signing this petition because I would really love to buy a copy of this book. It is the only such history of African and Caribbean people for children in Britain, and I would love to share it with my pupils and children.

Lesley Larkum (London , 2020-06-20)


I feet that Hatchett are being hypocritical by saying they support Black Lives Matter & yet are reluctant to re : publish The History of African & Caribbean Communities in Britain. There is no better time than now to show by their actions that they mean what they say ...truly support the black communities. Words are cheap.. let’s see you act Hatchett’s.

Ajibola Lewis (London , 2020-06-20)


Hachette's performative rhetoric is not enough and its hyprocrisy should end.

Roanld Suresh Roberts (London, 2020-06-20)


Because this is clearly a justice and is a sign of the insincerity of their pronouncement to support BLM.

Anthony Reddie (Birmingham, 2020-06-20)


I want this book in our schools!

Alexander Holmes-Brown (Shrewsbury, 2020-06-20)


Essential reading for kids today.

Vernal Scott (Essex, 2020-06-20)


This is an important history of our globalise world. In.order to understand today we must have a better knowledge of our past.

Yacoub Cisse (Oslo, 2020-06-20)


I'm signing because it is vital all children can read this and have an understanding of the world around them.

Penny Gill (Wellingborough, 2020-06-20)


I believe in authors having self determination and their work is made available and published.

Authors put a lot of time into their work and have good intention of educating the masses and therefore their wishes should be respected and accommodated when reasonable requests are made.

Sarah Soal (London, 2020-06-20)


We need to teach what this book gas to share.

Angelena Hindocha (London, 2020-06-20)


#blacklivesmatter & our history matters

Beverley Brathwaite (Middlesex , 2020-06-20)


I'm signing because this book makes an important contribution to uncovering a morsel of the enormous quantity of our history that remains hidden by intention, exclusion or fabrication.

A-dZiko Simba (Morant Bay, 2020-06-20)


Our story needs to be told.

Patrick Lyseight (Bromley , 2020-06-20)


This is a crucial book.

Giulia Bonacci (Nice, 2020-06-20)


There is a market for this book.

Anne-Marie Rooks (Cocorite, 2020-06-20)


That book must be either reprinted or hang over the copy right for ourselves to reprint it

Norbert Mbu-Mputu (BRISTOL, 2020-06-20)


Representation is important and children needed to learn about the communities that make up Britain. Not just limited, exclusionary stories.

E Young (London , 2020-06-20)


I am signing because this subject matter is an essential part of this countries history and it's important that the research and documentation of this history is widely available.

D Streete (London, 2020-06-20)


This is such an important book and needs to be republished.

Floki Cuervo (St Leonard’s on sea, 2020-06-21)


Black history matters.

Cassandra Philip (Dunstable, 2020-06-21)


My kids are Black and I wish them to have a book like this they can relate to

Stefanie Atsem (Freudenberg, 2020-06-21)


Black (His‘Her)Stories Matter

Susanne Müller (Potsdam, 2020-06-21)


We need to keep sharing black history

Ellie Rowland-Callanan (London, 2020-06-21)


That this one-and-only book should be available is absolutely essential if we want Black Lives to Matter! Children must learn how multiethnic Britain has been for many centuries.

Marika Sherwood (Oare, 2020-06-21)


All children need to read about other children’s lives.

Claudine Boothe (London , 2020-06-21)


We need our black history to be on shelves so our children can be educated and made aware of their Black British heritage!

Jennifer Marius (London, 2020-06-21)


It should be obvious that this is high time to publish a book NOW.

Thomas Wrobel (Nuremberg, 2020-06-21)


I'm signing because now is the time for more not fewer resources about the history, culture and achievments of people of African heritage in the UK. This book is an excellent tool for educators and teachers engaged in antiracism. Please republish it.

Toyin Agbetu (London, 2020-06-21)


Integration info accuracey is key

mon Taylor (london, 2020-06-21)


All children should have a well rounded and accurate knowledge of the experience and contribution of African and Caribbean communities to the UK. A skewed view would only start at the Windrush and with that minimise what those people coming did. Professor Adi 's book would show a longer and more complex history which does not reflect the view that some want to project. In these times when not only people of colour who are always interested in out history but others are now more interested in us and our experience too, I am surprised Mr Shelley is not willing to republish on a massive scale considering previous reprints have sold out. Other points raised within the main petition letter I also agree with.

L Fowles (WEST BROMWICH, 2020-06-21)


My grandchildren need to have access to this book

Maria Guidera (Liverpool , 2020-06-21)


Actions speak louder than words. So, please seriously consider taking this next, hugely important step, Mr Shelley. Thank you.

Landé Abisogun (London, 2020-06-21)


Children in the UK are not taught the history of African and Caribbean people in Britain. This is not a core part of the school curriculum and therefore parents and educators should be able to access this resource in extra-curricular settings

Sam Herelle (London, 2020-06-21)


Nah mus... *sigh*

Sonia Grant (Brghton, 2020-06-21)


I have a copy Iof this book, which I brought for my future children. This book is important and needed for the education of all children to ensure we will live in a world which provides future equity.

Caroline Hussey-Bain (London, 2020-06-21)


Every child in the UK should be given a free copy of this book. Or at least every school should get 10 copies. Step up Hachette!

Marilyn 😊 Clarke (London , 2020-06-21)


I work in education and it's time for a change. Black children need to know their history. How can they when there are no books that they can refer to??

Angie Simpson (PECKHAM, 2020-06-21)


If we don't understand our history, how can know anything?

Clare Richards (London, 2020-06-21)


It’s important that our history is known and retold. Especially when it is needed to counteract the endemic racism that is to be found in this system

S Scott (London , 2020-06-21)


I'm signing because I'm fed up of lip service from companies like Hachett UK and want to see meaningful change. Our children should get access to history about them and the author should receive royalties for his work otherwise Hachett are WS hypocrites; robbing children of knowledge and robbing a black man if his intellectual property. Shame on you Hachett UK. Shame on you!

Michelle Jones-Walker (Luton, 2020-06-21)


It’s the right thing to do!

Paul Gibson (Liverpool , 2020-06-21)


Because history needs be told. Social education is to be understood and valued.

Don Thompson (Liverpool, 2020-06-21)


It is important to recognise that books like these have already been written by people who have already been dedicated - especially when they have been aimed at helping children.

Florence Adeoye (Hackney, London, 2020-06-21)


This is a necessary move - more educational resources like this are needed.

Marjorie Morgan (Liverpool, 2020-06-21)


I think this is important for the children in our community

Sherine Kerr (Suffolk, 2020-06-21)


It is so, so important to educate our children on this subject.

Debbie Lock (Colchester, 2020-06-21)


I’m signing because it is important that children have access to learning about African & Caribbean communities in Britain. We need this, and many more such books, made widely available to our children. Black lives matter. Education is of critical importance and this book is an intrinsic essential part of this process. It is scandalous that it has been allowed to go out of print. Increase your print run too please when you reprint. Thank you.

Elizabeth Draper (Manchester, 2020-06-21)


I believe there is a market for this book and should be available to all.

Madeline Jordan (Ferndown, 2020-06-21)


All the reasons stated PLUS I would like to be able to buy the book.

Anna Fuchs (Stuttgart , 2020-06-21)


It's knowledge to children of colour.

Floyd Blackwood (London , 2020-06-21)


I wholeheartedly agree that the book should be republished

Tracy Deller (London , 2020-06-21)


The book needs re publication

Marcia Robinson (London, 2020-06-21)


This book is the only one of its kind. All children need this education, especially at this time. The world is finally awake to the fact that education has been whitewashed, and we can see the effects that the wrongful telling of history has had on society. There IS a market for this book, and removing it from publication when you have just made a Black Lives Matter is both insulting and hypocritical.

Davinia Gregory (Milton Keynes, 2020-06-21)


This book reflects black people playing an important role in the history of the UK. It should be part of the N.C so the educators can show the role(s) black people have played

Michael Marius (London, 2020-06-21)


I’m signing because this book needs to be republished so that children can learn an authentic history. There is a need and a market for this book. If publishers say they are for Black Lives Matter then they need to publish the book.

Lyn Burnhope (Great Missenden, 2020-06-21)


I need this book for my kids and absolutely agree with all points in the petition.

Victoria Casey (Crawley, 2020-06-21)


The history of Africa must be teached in the school

Joao Monteiro (Cap verd, 2020-06-21)


As a Methodist Minister I always try to stand up for truth, even when the Truth is not popular

Revd Ian P. Hamilton (Stockport, 2020-06-21)


I think children need to know about the experience of children of other races. Something that might mitigate the predominant narrative of British being invariably good.

Alan Lewis (Liverpool, 2020-06-21)


I'm signing because it's the right thing to do if you have the interest of young people's education at heart. So Hachette do the right thing and republish it.

Sista Shanice (London, 2020-06-21)


Its fundamental to know your history.

Diane Shaw (London, 2020-06-21)


There is a need for the material.

Bibi Golam (Orpington, 2020-06-21)


Children in the UK and Worldwide need a better understanding of children's literature.

Barrington Todd (London, 2020-06-21)


It is important that we are able to give our children/grandchildren the opportunity to read about the diversity of cultures in our family.

Liz Wilhelm (Liverpool , 2020-06-21)


I’m signing because I work in a school and feel the need for black peoples experiences to be told more.

Ben Richards (Feltham, 2020-06-21)


We must educate the UK on its past. This is only book on Black communities in the UK for children and is written by a leading expert. It must be widely available as a resource.

Joe Shaughnessy (Cambridge, 2020-06-21)


I grew up with no reference to my culture in Britain and a book like this would have given me a sense of belonging which I never had.

Malik Al Nasir (Liverpool , 2020-06-21)



Rita Gayle (London, 2020-06-21)


This book has always been in demand - never more so!

Tony T (London, 2020-06-21)