Premises Licence of The Roundhouse Dagenham



Great music venue with a history that goes back to 1969 with live music by bands such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, Led Zeppelin & Queen

Ken Ansted (Swindon, )


The Roundhouse is an important hub of the community and is also an important and historic venue for live music. The place should be smothered in blue plaques for the bands who played there and went on to become world famous.

Brian Bashford (Colchester, )


This is a fabulous venue where many great bands have played including Stray, Uriah Heep and the great Deep Purple to name but a few.
Sadly, so many of these places are disappearing especially those flattened by the gentrification of the West End of London, which have now become Starbucks etc. KEEP MUSIC LIVE and plesae show your support!

Elaine Salisbury (Waterlooville, )


This venue has a wealth of musical history. We need to keep live music venues like this alive.

Phyllis Kaye (Anaheim , )


I'm signing because far too many pubs have closed in recent years - plus The Roundhouse is an important part of this countries musical history.

Dave Baxter (London, )


A historic venue that has nurtured talent and provided entertainment for many locals and those further afield.

Alan Essex (Ely, )


This is a fantastic venue with a unique history. It should be treated with respect and with pride.

Ray Baldwin (Croydon, )


Such a great venue with the most amazing history, we need places like The Roundhouse to keep music alive.

Theresa Webster (Brentwood, )


It was a venue that housed the great rock acts of the 60s - 70s and it is good to see it back.

Roy Wood (Brighton, )


This venue has a long standing history of where great bands played and should be treasured. Local venues should be treated with respect to keep music alive.

Caroline Sharman (Essex, )


I’m signing because I love this place

Becca Lawrence (London , )


The historic importance of this pub should not be underestimated. As a music venue it has given many thousands of people great joy and should be allowed to continue to do so

Paul Trew (Southampton, )


Absolutely A Great Venue With Great People Running The Place x

Shirley faulkner (Dagenham, )


I believe that the roundhouse should remain, not only to remember the past history, but also give local people somewhere to go to listen to live music.

Michelle McGuire (Dagenham, )


This venue has been a popular and valued social asset to this area for decades.

Paul Scott (Ilford, )


My daughters dad used to come to events in this pub but he died of cancer but loved this place

Dawn Atkins (Dagenham , )


Live music is important and we are losing too many of them.

Julie Field (Barking, )


I'm in a rock band & have played there several times

Jeff Moon (Essex , )


It’s a peace of Dagenham history plus it’s someone job

Donna Bridges (Dagenham , )


We dont want any more flats the size of shoe boxes.

thomas Archer (London, )


I've been going to this pub for over 20 years. So many live music venues gone, this can't be another one

Paula Freeman (Dagenham , )


It has history. We all no the pub. Stop giving us nothing to do.

Tracey Jane (Dagenham , )


This is my local pub

Dawn Quye-Joyce (Dagenham, )


There are no places nearby to see live bands. I think this historic venue needs to stay.

Alanna Marsh (Dagenham , )


I’m singing this because I feel that to much history is been taken away from our communities, to much of our children’s future been taken away from them .
So many bands start their journeys into the music world there why would you want to take it away from them .

I myself work in the security industry and I feel taken these historical venues away you are taken away a sense of pride and historical value that the community holds on to , it keeps the area busy and money coming into the Community .

If you remove the roundhouse you will be removing the very heart of the community .

Sinead Keavey (Romford , )


I am signing because I have been attending concerts at this local and historic venue since the early seventies.

John Belam (Hornchuch, )


Is an institution!

Alan Lee (Essex , )


My dad was a regular at the roundhouse for at least 35 years, his wake was held there and was made very special, all staff and regulars have been amazing. I myself have attended many parties and band nights, always a great night.

Nicola Waywell (Dagenham, )


I still visit regularly for live music

Lynn Goetze (Dagenham , )


This venue is iconic and needs to stay

Carol Patten (Dagenham, )


So many good bands played here in the past and many more new bands should be given the chance to play on such hallowed ground

Paul Newman (UPPSALA, )


This place is so full of history, some of the greatest bands in history have played on its stage.
We shouldn’t be allowing this to close down

Kimberley Fraser (Romford Essex, )


Mary Cardiff

Mary Cardiff (Donington , )


I want to

Krae Silk (Dagenham, )


Great pub , good place to be . Landmark

Jamie Williams (Dagenham, )


We have lost far to many iconic venues - This venue must remain open.

Roger Hoodless (Canvey Island, )


I remember the pub from many years ago and don't want to lose anymore history in dagenham and barking we have lost enough

Georgina McDevitt (Dagenham , )


Been to many entertainment there and really lovely surroundings

Lisa Pigg (Dagenham Essex , )


keep your venues



Its an iconic venue

Darron Tarbard (Dagenham, )


Live music is an of important cultural significance & entertainment in every community.
The Roundhouse has given so many aspiring musicians the chance to showcase their music and entertain the community both near & far.
Keep music live.

Jimmy McFedries (Maldon, )


Had good nights hear local and cheap too!!

Alisha King (London , )


It's my bit of sanctuary

Vicky Abbott (Barking, )


I visit the roundhouse every time I’m in London, which is several times a year. I am planning a visit this June. To lose this venue would be a tragedy. It is well run and an asset to the local community.

Martin Hitchell (Glasgow, )


Legendary venue

Nilton Hargrave (Kent, )


We need places like this in the community the events hall is used buy a lot of local boxing clubs which brings the community together.

Jason Gullefer (Dagenham, )


Aimee wischnia

Amy Andrews (Dagenham , )


The pub should be kept open for the community

Stuart Godfrey (London , )


I go there often for the live bands and it’s a friendly place that should be visited

Jeni Hill (London, )


Pubs like the roundhouse which has so much musical history should keep going forever

Glen Tolley (Chelmsford, )


This is an iconic local landmark that brings people together. My father saw many bands here before I was even born and now I enjoy the same luxury.

Darren Groves (Dagenham , )


Im signing because it is a friendly family pub with good staff and friendly regulars everyone treated as family and would be a great lost to the Dagenham community if it was no longer there

Tony Reeve (Dagenham, )


I enjoy this pub and have found memories and my uncle made the 2007 film

Jo Curran (Dagenham , )


It’s a great pub and music venue. Would be a massive loss if this place wasn’t there anymore

Linda Thompson (Suffolk, )


The round house pub has been around for years and has out lasted a lot of pubs and other venues in Barking and Dagenham

Steve Wren (Barking, )


An iconic venue that goes way back to the 60s.

Cliff Minors (Evesham, )


Am doing it because I got the opportunity to use the venue on my birthday and also paid for my service as a DJ and sound system owner.

JNATION James (Dagenham , )


There no other locals in walking distance and no where for middle aged to older people to go to and enjoy company it's a disgrace the way they are all closing

Sylvia Heary (Dagenham, )


Great venue and pub

Nick Jacques (Romford, )


It’s a brilliant pub great entertainment wonderful helpful staff and the pub has history best place to see great bands .

Janette Lawrence (Dagenham , )


This venue brings the community together

Keri Cullen (Barking, )


This has been around all my life my whole family have been going there ... is a building of history and memories

Stacey Ashman (Dagenham, )


I have been using the roundhouse pub to see bands and on occasion have gigged there myself, since the mid 70s
its the home of Rock N Roll music and too many venues have now had to close.
I understand that it can get noisy BUT if you live near a venue like this you have to expect it.
one of the best gigs I ever did was at the Round House, DJ for a Rock N Roll alldayer it was an honner to be invited to play there.
its an iconic venue and a historic one too
Steve Nield The Romford Rocker DJ.

steve nield (ashford, )


I use it on a regular basis and its a part of our local heritage

Jason King (Dagenham, )


Been a local since 1975

Tony French (Dagenham , )


Fantastic venue in an area which is in need of this type of entertainment venue and meeting place. I have had many great times and hope to have many more.

Antony Barrett (London , )


It’s the right thing to do

Jeff Horton (London, )


Well run pub decent darts competition too

James Chisnell (Essex, )


It’s a lovely venue for live music.

Sue Slater (Dagenham , )


Venue does a lot for fundraisers and charity work . It’s family and friends that build the community there

Lee Seaton (Barking, )


It part of Dagenham' History.

Stephen Pudney (London, )


The Roundhouse is an iconic & key venue.

Roy Beadle (London, )


We don’t want to loose another venue for the public ,where will future generations be able to express themselves

Ray Boddy (Ware, )


The Roundhouse is an historical pub in so many ways not only as a music venue. It is the only pub for a considerable distance in a Borough that has already lost a significant number of such premises. Unlike certain other pubs the Roundhouse does not have a history of trouble and is clearly an asset of community value.

Hugh O'Connor (North Walsham, )


The pub is of invaluable cultural importance to the UK and will be a boost to the local economy.

Richard Palmer (London, )


Because my family have used the Roundhouse since it was built and one of only few left in that area

David Sweetman (Grays, )


Great venue, I played there in the 70's and it will be a shame if it was lost along with all it's musical history, far too many venues are being closed/pulled down,

Alan Jones (Box, )


To keep a great local live venue.

Martyn Vasey (Hornchurch, )


I am fed up with good music venues closing down in this area. Many pubs close due to cost, but I find places that are closing due to licensing issues, absolutely disgusting.
It is high time that the lovers of quality art stood up for what is right.

Martin Wadsworth (Dagenham, )


This is such an iconic venue where many now famous international rock bands have appeared. Most public houses in Dagenham are disappearing fast. This also means a lack of venues to see live bands.

Les Cox (Dagenham, )


Great place enjoyed many a Saturday night there

Pam Baisden (KING'S LYNN, )


It’s an important building for having hosted some of the most famous bands, the world has ever known.

Antony Gordon (London , )


The building/venue should be regarded as as an asset for music lovers for the future.

William Bird (Redcar, )


The Roundhouse is a very important part of our history. Been to see some brilliant bands and we enjoy their quizzes

Tina Gardner (Romford, )


It's a place any age can go and enjoy themselves whether it just a drink, to play pool, live bands and entertainment

Jackie Wallis (Dagenham , )


I spent many of my Saturday evenings at the Village Roundhouse in the early 70s and saw so many wonderful bands. I no longer live locally but have managed to get to a few of the Village reunions over recent years. Its fantastic that the hall reopened with bands playing again after so many years. There are too few venues like this in the London area. I'd like to think that the local young people can enjoy what I did all those years ago!

Linda Gladden (London , )


The roundhouse is my youth

Anna-Marie Young (Dagenhan, )