Bring Dr DeAnn Bell back to Bangor!



DeAnn is an amazing teacher and my time at university will never be the same without her.

Amelia Smith (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


I’m signing this petition because I think that DeAnn has been unfairly laid off. She has made my first year at university something to remember and I was comforted by the thought of her being there next year. I am deeply disappointed

Merlynn Spencer (Holywell, 2019-05-10)


DeAnn's seminars were the most enjoyable of all classes during my first year. She always went above and beyond what was expected when helping students and her leaving would be a huge loss.

Kate Pady (Brixham , 2019-05-10)


DeAnn is a wonderful and skilled teacher who does not deserve to be laid off like this.

Josephine Le Berre (Oslo, 2019-05-10)


She’s my lecturer!

Kia Reid (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


DeAnn was an amazing personal tutor in the first semester. Her Prose seminars were very interesting, inspiring and helped me to make huge progress in my writing. Without her help and encouragement I would not have done as well. Bangor uni needs DeAnn back.

Laine Būmeistere (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


DeAnn is hands down the main reason my first year of learning creative writing has been so enjoyable, always supportive of my creative endeavours and a fantastic teacher on top of that. She's put in a ridiculous amount of effort both for her students and for Bangor University and to lose her would be a huge mistake on the university's part.

Helen Callaghan (Alcester, 2019-05-10)


Deann is an amazing lecturer and shouldn't leave.

Emily Jarvis (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


DeAnn is one of the most inspiring lecturers at Bangor University, she is always ready to help her students and puts in the time and effort to support us. She doesn't deserve to be laid off like this especially when the creative writing department has already lost too many of its staff members. I wouldn't have been able to get through some of my modules if it wasn't for her.

Courtney Edmunds (Cardiff, 2019-05-10)


DeAnn is the best teacher I’ve ever had. She’s helped me to grow both as a person and a writer. She’s the reason I co-founded a magazine. I am appalled by this news.

Briony Collins (Bangor , 2019-05-10)


DeAnn has been an incredible help to me, like way more than any of the lecturers at uni.

Constance Morris (Bangor , 2019-05-10)


DeAnn is one of the best teacher's in the school of literature, if not even the best in my opinion. Her classes are always engaging, informative, and extremely useful for any student in courses related to Literature and Creative Writing. Laying her off is an extreme loss and will have a negative impact on this school.

Sonja Reinke (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


DeAnn is a forward thinking and unconventional teacher who brings a unique perspective and skill set to the English Lit and Creative Writing modules. She's supportive and inspiring, willing to push you to be the best possible in ways that engage students both academically and creatively. She's a brilliant lecturer whose value cannot be understated.

Huw Jordan Tatlock (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


I am of the opinion that Dr Bell doesn’t deserve to lose her job.

Barnaby Omar (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


My niece needs this amazing individual in her life x

Sue Ashworth (Stourbridge , 2019-05-10)


DeAnn is an incredible lecturer. She has helped me build up my skills and confidence as a writer. I’ll be deeply disappointed if she left the lecturing staff as her passion and dedication to her students has made a lasting impression on me and many others.

Luna Lobos (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


Because I know someone personally who this lady has helped change her life back around. Students need all the support they can get so why cut one of their biggest and most important life line? Mental health is a huge topic and area where people need help especially students. Keep this woman here to help more lives.

Holly Farnsworth (Stockport, 2019-05-10)


I'm signing because DeAnn has always been one of the lecturers that I know will help me out in any way she can. She goes above and beyond for her students. She is one of the best lecturers that I have had at Bangor University and it is her passion in the subject she teaches that inspires passion in her students. The students will suffer from her absence and she does not deserve to be laid off like this!

Charlotte Pryce-Williams (Rhyl, 2019-05-10)


Dr DeAnn Bell is the best teacher I've had this year.

Felix Parker (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


DeAnn, is one of the best teacher I've ever had. She helped me grow as a writer, and has always been very encouraging to me.
She surely did not deserved to be laid off from the university.

Aurelie Castillan (Bangor , 2019-05-10)


Lecturers who are so influential with students should be kept as treasures. Our young people need amazing people around them

Carina King (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


I’m signing because this particular lecturer has shown so much compassion and support for my friend who has been and is suicidal. It’s rare to find people who are willing to put so much time and dedication into vulnerable people let alone when it’s your student and you’re in a place of authority. It’s truly inspirational to know that bangor uni has staff that cared this much. Teaching is half the job and caring is the other half. Teachers who do not care may get better grades but they don’t get respect or influence or even a good name for the university, that comes from having and sharing emotions through the relationship with the students. If this uni is really for the student, they’d keep the teachers who care for them.

Eleri Alter (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


DeAnne is to my mind the finest writer on staff in terms of efficiency, dedication, and clarity of instruction. This department has already been racked with cutbacks, focusing heavily on those tutors working on creative writing courses, and without DeAnne I honestly believe that the university I signed up to, which had the best rated creative writing course in the UK, will have ceased to be, leaving only a fifth-rate English department where it once was.

Jacob Diver (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


DeAnn is on of the best teachers in this university with interactive seminars and a well organised blackboard site that no other teacher has and she is one of the primary reasons I want to come back to the university for next year. she encourages me to do better work and keep going even though I struggle with social anxiety and depression she never gets annoyed with me asking several questions whilst in my individual study time and if not for her I probably wouldn't have been able to fix my work ethic long enough to finish my assignments for next year. she has helped me grow and helped many other students in my classes get a varied and useful insight onto what they should be aiming towards.

Caitlin Wright (Egremont, 2019-05-10)


I'm signing because I'm unhappy with how the school has been handling its financial difficulties. The chemistry department was the last straw and losing a vital member of our already dwindling creative writing staff is too big a loss to stay quiet. Creatives are subjective and as such require more than 2-3 people with a fixed mindset overseeing the marking and classes. Diversity is key and more importantly, DeAnn was and is a valuable member. It's not just what has happened but what message can be derived from axing a 5 year long employee with good work ethic and a unique, interactive teaching perspective. We can't afford to lose anymore staff.

Amelia Eilertsen (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


I'm signing because staff layoffs hurt, especially if the staff are of the quality of Dr DeAnn Bell.

Sincerely, a Bangor Chemistry student.

James Smith (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


Connie is my cousin

Daniel Lewis (Dudley , 2019-05-10)


This lecturer goes above and beyond her duty to help students. She is there for them when then need help or someone to turn to and talk. Many students struggle and not al lecturers are helpful of approachable so you should keep the one who love there jobs and help the stundents no Mather what .and some may not magage without assistance like hers

Margaret Mckinven (Shropshire , 2019-05-10)


She really helped a friend of mine.

Susan Billington (Craven arms, 2019-05-10)


Deann is one of the best teachers at Bangor Univeristy who goes above and beyond for her students. If it weren’t for Deann, I would have dropped out in the first year but she helped me believe in myself and is the reason I chose to change my degree to include creative writing.

Hayley Palmer (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


DeAnn was one of my favourite lecturers during my time at Bangor. She cultivates positivity and has a brilliant work ethic!

Murphy Parys (St Asaph, 2019-05-10)


I’m signing because my daughter is being taught by her and has constantly said what an inspirational and encouraging teacher

Fiona Chesters (Middlewich , 2019-05-10)


I care about my education and she's a great teacher

Anna Jackson (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


I'm signing because she was my seminar teacher in year one of my degree and I felt that she pushed me to take risks in my writing, giving me confidence about my own work.

Victoria Moody (Bangor , 2019-05-10)


I'm signing because of the high standard of teaching and support I have received from Dr Bell this year.

Annie Blackall (Bangor , 2019-05-10)


Whilst I don’t personally study at Bangor University, my friend who does says that DeAnn is one of her best lecturers. As a student of English myself, I believe it is crucial to have inspiring lecturers who are always willing to help!

Emily Huggins (Nottingham , 2019-05-10)


Lecturers that obviously love their jobs not just as academics but also as those who inspire, care and make an impact in someone's life are the ones we should keep in our universities. They are the ones who help young people through the struggles of uni and inspire hard work and good results. It's undeniable that DeAnn should continue inspiring and helping young people at Bangor University.

Relika Bergstrom (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


She taught me in first year and was absolutely inspirational, even though I only took the module as an elective.

Thomas Larcombe (Bango, 2019-05-10)


I’m signing because DeAnn is a credit to any university. She worked tirelessly and with great enthusiasm whilst I did my undergrad at Bangor Uni. Your creative team is losing someone who has the talent to teach, and that shouldn’t be happening.

Pan Saville (Lincoln, 2019-05-10)


I graduated last year but DeAnn is one of 3 lecturers I remember because her impact changed me as a person (in a good way!) She's an incredible woman and amazing lecturer, and losing her would be a blow to a once great university that's rapidly declining in quality. How much will you let the vice-chancellor's greed destroy?

Adryn Hughes (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


DeAnn doesn't know me as well because I'm quite a shy and nerdy guy, but she was one of the best creative writing teachers I had during my time at Bangor. She's passionate about her craft, always presents others with opportunities to help their writing careers and always gives 110% when it comes to her work. The redundancies at Bangor have been an insult to the staff and DeAnn doesn't deserve to be on the receiving end of the university's mistakes. The university won't get another lecturer like her in its lifetime.

Dan Gilbertson (CHESTER, 2019-05-10)


Despite never having had the pleasure of meeting DeAnn in (wonderful) person, there seems to be a disregard for reality in letting her go.

The number of staff and students from Bangor who have sung her praises to myself and people I know should get her a raise at minimum. Not the sack.

And to think of other embarrassments I have seen around Bangor who have the temerity to call themselves professors and take a wage. Yet again, the weight falls on those who already carry most.

Shame. Shame, shame, shame.

Phillip K. Mott (Liverpool, 2019-05-10)


DeAnn is an inspirational and supportive teacher. She nurtures talent and is committed to her role.

Faith Elsegood (York, 2019-05-10)


Deann is an outstanding dedicated teacher and I am devastated at the news she is the reason I believe in myself and my ability to write and why I have switched degrees. I am sure I am not alone in this. Bring her back please.

Kay Woodward (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


Good lecturers who interact with their students are irreplaceable

Anthony Parker (Llanfechell, 2019-05-10)


I have worked under turmoil of restructuring for ~50% of my 9 years as a permanent academic. I moved to Bangor because I hatwd seeing colleagues treated this way in my last uni. These redundancies are illogical and unacceptable. I have really had enough.

Alison Cameron (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


De Ann is my friend and colleague. As long as I've known her, De Ann has given 110% for her students and colleagues and to Bangor. Shame on the university for treating her this way.

Daniel Hughes (St Helens , 2019-05-10)


DeAnn was one of my favourite tutors in first year (2015/16); I always left her seminars with a fresh perspective and so much motivation to write. Her positive comments on my work always encouraged me, especially since it was my first ever creative writing class. I was slightly disappointed she wasn't my tutor in second year, but in my final year, DeAnn publicised this opportunity for a weekend Young Critics retreat, and I took it. She drove a few of us down and from then on, I have attended a few plays at Venue Cymru with her there as well. DeAnn is commited to giving her students the best (opportunities) she can, and though I'm no longer at Bangor, future students definitely deserve to have someone like her in the department.

Shea Low (Lancaster, 2019-05-10)


She's among the best members of that department, and losing her devalues the entire school of English Literature

Nathanael Tuff (Colwyn Bay , 2019-05-10)


Good supportive lectuers that are loved by their students are an essential part of an inclusive higher education institution. The misconduct, ill-management, and mistakes of senior management shouldn't result in the most important staff for students being laid off.

Piers Wilkinson (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


To support the low paid staff that make the university the educational institutions they should be, not the higher paid vice chancellors currently within universities who have become money making industries at the expense of those who go there to be better human beings and not to like their own pockets.

Paul Jordan (Bangor , 2019-05-10)


She’s a brilliant lecturer and has taught me so much and I’m just not willing to let her go. She’s too good to lose.

Holly Busby (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


My daughter says she’s a brilliant lecturer

Susannah Busby (Birmingham , 2019-05-10)


Because DeAnn is not only an incredibly talented writer but also a fantastic teacher and wonderful role model for her students. This shouldn’t be happening!

Lotte Chitty (Conwy, 2019-05-10)


DeAnn is an amazing creative writing teacher who deserves to keep her job!

Bethany Wain (Bangor, 2019-05-10)


DeAnn has inspired me to become a better writer. She is professional and also a friend. She makes me feel comfortable talking to her about my work and the struggles im having, and she helps me get through them. I always come away from seeing DeAnn feeling confident in my abilities, and full of ideas and inspiration. I talked to DeAnn about requesting her to be my dissertation advisor, after that I was so excited and felt encouraged to contiune my degree knowing that I could work closely with her next year. It's barbaric that this has happened, not only has it effected me and my studies but it is also unjust. I'm disgusted.

Kerrie Cox (Bangor, 2019-05-11)


I care for DeAnn.

Samuel Verdin (Bangor, 2019-05-11)


It is unfair that she should lose her job due to our chancellors greed

Emily Harris (Bangor , 2019-05-11)


Dr DeAnn Bell has been an asset to the University and is such a great loss for the students.

Tracy Cox (Kent, 2019-05-11)


DeAnn got me through an unbelievable amount during University, and boosted my confidence to insane levels, allowing me to go from being a very shy person to being the first one to put their opinion on the table in a debate. DeAnn above and beyond for her job every single time without asking, and she knew when I needed her help before I did. Her intuition and ability to guide people through her modules is unparalleled, and I would not hesitate to say that she is the most capable lecturer I’ve ever had the joy of studying under. She understands that students learn in different ways, and engages her classes in more ways than thought possible. She accounts for the needs of students as individuals, and leads by example. Passionate about her work as she is about life, she inspires me to keep climbing, and is the strongest woman I’ve ever had the fortune of knowing.

If you value your students, value her. She is one lecturer you have made the biggest mistake in losing.

Kathryn Solly (Westgate on Sea, 2019-05-11)


Inspirational teachers are who we remember.
My niece is in her first year at Bangor and values such a teacher in Dr Bell.

Janice Barnett (Birmingham, 2019-05-11)


My niece has told us of her inspirational teacher, Dr Bell, from the start of the course. She is a mature student and I trust her judgement.

John Barnett (BIRMINGHAM, 2019-05-11)


staff and students shouldn’t have to suffer because of poor management decisions that they didn’t make !!

Kayleigh Lavornia (Bangor, 2019-05-11)


DeAnn is the only lecturer I care about. Lay off anyone else

Oli Taylor (Bangor, 2019-05-11)


Huw will lose a fantastic teacher he values

Sue Fish (Buckingham, 2019-05-11)


This lady has inspired my cousin and I am so impressed by the influence she has had on a first year university student

Helen Cooper (Birmingham , 2019-05-11)


I’m signing because I have heard how good of a lecturer she is, and I would like her to be back at the university.

Amanda Shields (Belgrade, 2019-05-11)


I'm signing because education is important and teacher who help students like her are rare.

Valerie Crow (Chico, 2019-05-11)


this lecturer has made such a difference to students lives & deserves to keep teaching & helping individuals in incredible ways!

Amethyst Weaver (Wolverhampton , 2019-05-11)


I’m signing because DeAnn is a fantastic teacher and a credit to the university. Shame on the university for laying her off.

Maxine Spencer (Holywell, 2019-05-11)


People cannot receive the right amount of support if teachers are being cut. It spreads the remaining teachers too far.

Abby Embers (Oxford, 2019-05-11)


The world needs more teachers like these - this lady sounds amazing!

Tayler Saunders (Tewkesbury, 2019-05-11)

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