A petition for Take That fans



I would love to have all back videos and tours from the 90s on dvd

Sarah Piney (Cardiff, 2018-10-18)


My video player doesnt work anymore!!

Kat Vine (Southampton, 2018-10-18)


It would be amazing

Lisa Cresham (Liverpool, 2018-10-18)


I love these videos and they are warn out because I have watched them so much over the years. Changing them to DVD’s would be a great celebration on 30 years!

Michelle McNamee (Surrey, 2018-10-18)


I love Take That and have been to every Take That tour and Gary Barlow tour since the beginning!

Trish Reddish (Northwich Cheshire , 2018-10-18)


I love Take That what other reason would you need

Kerry Rolfe (Nottinghamshire , 2018-10-18)


I completely agree!

Alison Ackroyd (Hebden Bridge , 2018-10-18)


I would love to rewatch the old concerts x

Carly Edgar (Preston , 2018-10-18)


I love them

Sherene Karimizand (Kent , 2018-10-18)


I’m a massive take that fan and I would love to have the old tours on dvd brings back amazing memories.

Clare Woolrich (Crewe, 2018-10-18)


I still have all of the videos of the tours, however would love to be able to watch them again on DVD. This would be fantastic particularly the video of the tours at Wembley and Manchester GMEX.

Lucy Page (Manchester, 2018-10-18)


I would love all the tt videos on DVD would be good as a box set for their 30th anniversary

Francesca Nield (Winsford, 2018-10-18)


I’m signing because I would love to have all of the videos on dvd/blu Ray!!! I would happily pay for a complete box set of all past videos if they were put on dvd/digital format. I would love to be able to download them onto my devices too!!

Elizabeth Latham (Weston super mare, 2018-10-19)


All my old concerts and videos are vhs and i cant watch them any more.

Fiona Black (New plymouth, 2018-10-19)


I would Sooo love to be able to see the old tours on DVD! So i can watch time & time again! miss watching them as only on VHS! so come on TT and make are dreams come true!

Helen williams (CREDITON, 2018-10-19)


I love take that an I want my vhs video's to be made to DVD so I can watch them again.

Tracy Jane Ellis (Wallasey., 2018-10-19)


Desperately need to be able to rewatch the past concerts. Still have videos but nothing to play them on.

Kathryn Davey (Stockton on Tees, 2018-10-19)


I want all my videos transferred over, I want to watch them again and I can’t

Kathryn Chilcott-jones (Swansea, 2018-10-19)


My old vhs videos are damaged and I would love to rewatch the old 90’s shows.

Emma Gardner (Burnley, 2018-10-20)


I love the lads and love watching there old stuff but not on video we want it on dvd!!!!!! Please!!!!!

Lucy Reeve (Hertfordshire, 2018-10-20)


I love TT and would love to be able to watch some of their older stuff (which I had growing up) on dvd.

Emma Gray (Gillingham , 2018-10-20)


Videos are out of date now, so they can’t be watched. Having them on dvd would be brilliant x

Laura Sullivan (Swanscombe , 2018-10-20)


I have been a fan since the 90s and can no longer watch the videos been because technology has moved on so much!

Anya Chambers (Bath , 2018-10-21)


This would be a perfect way to celebrate #TT30 ☺️

Jasmine Cassim (Melbourne , 2018-10-22)


I'm signing to see all of Take That videos & DVDs please. Some of as are on the other side of the world.....

Gail Brown (Auckland, 2018-10-31)



Kim Stolk (Pijnacker, 2018-10-31)

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