Support Home Schooling



I want freedom from tyrants who think they know best

Alan Borer (chorley, 2018-07-12)


I strongly support the right of parents to provide home schooling of a high standard without the kind of interference likely to come from the proposals to impose government ideology instead of freedom of belief and expression..

Brian Keatley (Enfield Middx, 2018-07-12)


I believe that the freedom of Christian parents to bring their children up in the fear and nurture of the Lord Jesus Christ is slowly being eroded in this country

Janet Holder (Southport, 2018-07-12)


I believe it is the only way to have control over what our children are taught.

Rev. John Jones (Droitwich, 2018-07-12)


I believe it is the parent's right to educate their children in the way they see fit. I know parents who have home schooled their children and they have gone on to university to obtain good degrees.

Percy WILLIAMS (Cheltenham, 2018-07-12)


I home educate and can’t think of anything more stressful and unhelpful than ofsted invading my home and telling me how I should be educating my own children. I choose home education. Out of love and the best interests of my children, and the home education system as it stands has been proven by 2 independent surveys commissioned by the previous government, to be effective and in no need of revision. Leave the home education community to do what they have chosen out of their right to free will, to do, without pressure and hierarchical parennng from the government.

Joanna Townsend (Lancaster, 2018-07-12)


I want my children and grandchildren to be taught properly and not be brainwashed by the politically correct brigade..... freedom of religion, belief, opinions and freedom from the Left agenda.

Ian Stott (Redditch, 2018-07-12)


I am signing because I believe that not every school agenda or Ofsted would be in accordance with good standards.

Jean Barker (Bedford, 2018-07-12)


We must protect the FREEDOM of parents

Gary Brant (Bewdley, 2018-07-12)


Both of these proposals are an outright attack on our Freedom of Speech: designed to break down family life and values and quite frankly on our right to religious freedom. something that my ancestors risked or gave their lives to keep!

Graham A.K.A. Gary Bryden (PERRY BARR,BIRMINGHAM, 2018-07-12)


I'm a Christian

Melvin Lukose (Derby, 2018-07-12)


The government must trust parents.

Joshua Mills (Caterham, 2018-07-12)


Ofsted interfering with parents rights to bring up their children as they see fit.

Edward Turner (Burnley, 2018-07-12)


Thanks to God and the AV Bible, England has been a beacon of light for liberty and freedom of speech. Don’t let the light go out.

Nicola Moran (London, 2018-07-12)


Children are not a property of any government.

Melania DMYSZEWICZ-NASCIMENTO (Bournemouth, 2018-07-12)


Surely every parent has the right to choose the way their child receives suitable education without interference and control of the State. Ofsted's record so far in many cases has not been one of support but unnecessary interference.

Mrs Maun (Monks Risborough, 2018-07-12)


Parents are responsible for their children

DONALASDAIR SMITH (ISLE OF LEWIS scotland, 2018-07-12)


Parents need FREEDOM to educate their children in a way that is right. Many schools are promoting transgender, gay marriage etc which people must have the FREEDOM to be for or against these issues.

Lindylou Brant (Bewdley, 2018-07-12)


We seek to preserve our freedom as parents to educate and raise our children in our faith and to provide them with the best education possible. We seek the freedom to make choices and freedom of speech and freedom to exercise faith.

Angela Banting (Chester, 2018-07-13)


Both of my children suffered emotionally in state education, they both have dyslexia, and I wish I had been able to home school them. I have several friends who Home school and their children are the most kind, compassionate, well balanced children/teenagers you could wish to meet.

Debbie Annear (Truro, 2018-07-13)


I'm signing because parents have the right to home school their children without interference and policing. Some parents have an understandable concern about the school environment which is not always conducive to a child's moral and spiritual development.

Susanne D. (London, 2018-07-13)


My wife and I have successfully home schooled our 11 children, the oldest of whom are now out in the workplace or have their own businesses. The oldest 5 of our children are married, some have children of their own which they are already
homeschooling. Our experience of homeschooling is that our children have grown up to become well rounded responsible members of society.

Ron van den Broek (Addlestone, 2018-07-13)


I believe parents should have the freedom to educate their children in a why that reflects their beliefs and should not be interfered with by 'helpful & supportive' goverment bodies.

Joanna Kinch (wrexham, 2018-07-13)


Parents have a solemn responsibility to fulfill Deut.
6:4-7. We believe this can best be achieved by home schooling or in a Christian school. We are witnesses to the benefits of home schooling for grandchildren who not only achieve consistently high grades but whose delight is in the law of the LORD.

David and Elizabeth Rutherdale (Hillsborough, 2018-07-13)


Home school is the best for children

Tony Wilson (Waltham Abbey, 2018-07-13)


Parents are the first and most important educators of their children, and must be enabled to perform this duty according to their own beliefs and principles, without interference from the state.

Clare Underwood (Cambridge, 2018-07-13)


Some children are bullied at school which hinders their educational progress. Home schooling can help them achieve educational milestones.

Christopher Proudlove (Stoke-on-Trent, 2018-07-13)


Homeschooling is the best and surest way to ensure parents’ beliefs and good all round education.

Tamara Martinez (London , 2018-07-13)


We must not become ''POLICE STATES''

Luigi Jaconelli (Airdrie, 2018-07-13)


Reading, writing and arithmetic have been sidelined by brainwashing and dumbing down of education in favour of political correctness. Nowadays there is a choice of answers (usually four) in an exam to questions set rather than the pupil using his own brain.

Harry Williams (Hythe, Kent, 2018-07-14)


I support the freedoms of parents to home educate their children as they see fit.

Andrew Drapper (Dorchester, 2018-07-14)


I support the freedom of parents to teach their children without interference from the state. It makes for a more wholesome society, especially freedom for Christians who have been having their rights and freedoms undermined recently.

Penelope Minns (Bodmin, 2018-07-14)


I’m signing because although we don’t home school currently we would like to continue to have the option to do so. I’ve seen many examples of how home schooling can be done well and to the evident benefit of the children’s ability, intelligence, character, and all round preparedness for adult life.

Jon Farrimond (London, 2018-07-14)


Parents ought to be afforded the liberty of raising their children according to their convictions and beliefs without the unnecessary added pressure of governmental interference with their family life - and that most definitely includes the realm of their children's education.
Speaking from personal experience, I can assure you parents do not give their children 'an easy ride of it' when opting to home-school. If anything, parents will be more stringent about their children's education. Parents do not receive a wage to home educate - they do it for a variety of reasons be it love, conviction etc and they should be kept free from the 'red tape' of bureaucracy.
Families need to be left alone more to be families.

Stuart McKay (ABERDEEN, 2018-07-16)


This is another example of government manipulation against Christian Biblical Teaching. Continually, the political agenda is 'political correctness'. The Bible is and will continue to remain NOT politically correct.

Michael Lampard (Liverpool, 2018-07-16)


I believe in the freedom for parents to raise and educate their children free from state control or monitoring. Th proposals to interview children in their home without parents present is preposterous.
Ofsted inspectors have gone beyond their original remit and have become agents for the "gay agenda".

Alan Mason (Shoeburyness, 2018-07-16)


I'm signing this petition because I believe that parents should have the choice to educate their children at home, if they wish to, without let or hindrance.

Joe Molina (Bedford, 2018-07-16)


I support home schooling

Walter McCann (Folkestone, 2018-07-17)


I'm signing because parents are the primary educators of their children, not the state.

Naomi King (Salisbury, 2018-07-17)


The government will only have a negative impact by interferring in home schooling.

Andrew Smith (Bristol, 2018-07-17)


I believe that education is primarily the responsibility of the parents and not the state. Parents should be free to home-school.

Reginald Horrocks (Woking, 2018-07-17)


I'm signing this petition having spoken to home schoolers who have contacted our office and have also had first hand evidence of the damage to our children courtesy of local schools' "teaching" methods as espoused by Ofsted.

John Wallace (PULBOROUGH, 2018-07-17)


I have seen home schooling at first hand at it works! Given the right input from parents and outside tutors, children are brought up with both high academic standards as well as a moral code that cannot be replicated in any kind of conventional school structure.

david Strickalnd-Eales (Malvern, 2018-07-17)


I think the state should not interfere with the.small number of.parents. who home school for all sorts of reasons

Martin Jackson (Witham, 2018-07-17)


Children are born into families and therefore their parents should have the freedom to raise them without undue state control. British values are an emerging belief system, which should not be enforced on those with different beliefs through Ofsted and school and state snooping on families. Parents should be free to educate their children as they see fit. Otherwise we risk becoming like China where there is little freedom to peacefully disagree with the government.

Victoria Vosper (Sutton, 2018-07-17)


I had to home school one of my children due to unfortunate circumstances. I followed national curriculum and he took exams as a private candidate at schools and colleges. He returned to sixth form education and is now doing a university degree. The council visited my home a couple of times and were pleased with his education. I voluntarily worked with them but if it was on the level of an Ofsted inspection, that would not be home schooling!

Hugh Loughnane (London, 2018-07-17)


I'm signing because I'm convinced it is primarily parents' responsibility to bring up their children freely with the standards, values and beliefs which they espouse, without interference from the state.

Jeremy Thornton (Sheffield, 2018-07-17)


I believe in the rights of the child and parent over those of the state. It is a basic human right to be educated but there is no need for a child to be educated in a state system. Even our Queen was educated at home!

Robert Thomson (Glasgow, 2018-07-17)


The Education Act of 1996 confirms that it is the duty of parents to secure education of their children but further, and more importantly regarding the laws of men, children are a gift of God to both husband and wife and are responsible for the loving upbringing and teaching of their children. God bless

Colin Saxton (NOTTINGHAM, 2018-07-17)


Schooling is the responsibility of parents not the state.

Graham Weeks (Greenford, 2018-07-17)


children should be free from the influence of Ofsted and the antiBiblical political correctness that it, at present, promotes

George Sadler (London, 2018-07-17)


I want to make a stand for sensibility

David Lawton (Skelton, 2018-07-17)


We must be free to tell our children the truth about the Bible & also to point out the errors we have been told by the education system

Helen Curtis (Guildford, 2018-07-17)


I value freedom for home education

Dr David Hill (St Neots, 2018-07-17)

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