The Case is Altered should not be renamed.



The Case is a famous pub around the local area and is well known to the hundreds, who visit it in any sort of weather. The refurbishment will bring more positivity to it, but a bane charge will loose its character.

(London, )


I would hate to see the name changed on a whim. There is no reason for this change and every reason to keep traditions alive and local patrons happy

(Pinner, )


I pretty much lived there all my life and worked there for the best part of my teenage years

(Hatch end , )


I don't want this historic and unsusual pub name to be changed

(Northwood, )


Having lived in Eastcote for 25 years The Case is Altered has always featured in the surrounding area and people know it well by the NAME.

(Gerrards Cross, )


We should respect the past.



I am now 70 years old and living in France. I have been a customer at the Case is Altered since was 16 (illegally in those days). I grew up there, it was my social centre and always had a good Landlord, good staff and of course, good ambiance and excellent beer. the Pub was part of my
social growing up. I've met and continue to know many people I've met there. On our frequent visits to Pinner/Eastcote each year, we always have a couple of lunches and the odd evening 'aperitif' there. For us, it is and always will be the Case id Altered,. Please don't ever change the name.

(Colombieres sur Orb, )


The Case is a local landmark and the name should be retained for this historic pub.

(Pinner, )


It's tinkering with something that doesn't need
fixing, leave The Case alone !

(Pinner, )


Interesting pub names attract more customers.

(Cashiers, NC, USA 28717, )


The pub has bern a part of my, and my family's lives for ever. The name is unusual and part of what makes it special. There is no valid reason to change it, and a million reasons why it should remain.

(Hong Kong, )


I have fond memories of this pub when growing up in Eastcote. Remember the unusual name and enjoying a pint there.

(Wexford, )


Historic name.

(London, )


This pub is seeped in local history. There were several local pubs called the Case is Altered, or, as I believe is the 'case',(I may well be wrong) an inaccurate translation from the Spanish Casa Alta or High House. Why pub management companies feel the need to 'start again' by changing the name is beyond me, and seems to not only be discarding the views of the local community, but also disrespecting the long history of this charming pub. And for god's sake don't turn it into a 'gastro pub' Please.

(Newbury, )


I wish to keep a centuries old name alive for Ruislip.

(ruislip, )


I have known this pub ALL my life and my parents before me (100 years) approx. it is a legend!

(Yaxley, Suffolk, )


I want to preserve the variety of pub names - especially one which is 200 years old - rather than a corporate one.

(Uxbridge, )


I spent a lot of my youth in that pub and have great memories of the place. There is no reason to change the name !!!!!!

(Chepstow, )


There is no reason to change the name of the Case is Altered.. It is historic and it is rare and therefore sticks in customers' memories.. Until the owners can explain and give a good (repeat) good reason to change the name, I suggest it is simply left alone,

(Pinner, )


This pub has been part of my life since I started drinking 50 years ago.

(Haddenham, )


There is absolutely no reason to rename this delightful traditional old pub. There should be a preservation order put on our old pub names. They are part of our history and our heritage.

(Ruislip, )


I wish to suggest the unique name remains - part of local history.

(London, )


I've been a regular at this pub for 40 years and do not want the change

(Pinner, )


I was brought up in Eastcote and spent many happy hours in the "Case". It's name must be preserved.

(Ascot, )


The whole area around this pub is steeped in history. Leave the name alone because it will always be 'The Case' whatever you rename it.

(Eastcote, )


It's not right.

(Coventry, )


It's my local pub and see no reason to change the name

(Pinner, )


My dads local pub. Even held his wake there when he passed.

(Croxley Green, )


The old name is great

(N Harrow, )


I have known, used and loved this pub as "The Case is Altered" for 60yrs and it would be a crime to change its unique name.

(Hemel Hempstead, )


I miss spent my youth there

(Watlington, )


many great memories over many years.
the name has history leave it alone!

(Stratford upon avon, )


Over 25 years ago I lived in Ruislip and spent many a happy hour at this pub. The reasonn for changing the name makes no sense.

(Maidstone, )


The name should not be Altered in this Case.
It is world famous.

(Mississauga, )


This is an important part of Pinner history, the original name must be retained.

(Mississauga, )


Change for its own sake never works.
Love that old Pub.

(Currumbin, )


I grew up in area!

(bournemouth, )


I don't want a new name.Owners may change but place names should not, unless they wish to lose custom.They will if the name is changed.

(Ruislip, Middlesex., )


It is traditional and intriguing, I have a no d to visit it simply out of curiosity

(Northampton, )


I was born in Harrow and this pub was one of my locals during my youth and have many great memories of my many visits over several decades.

(Weymouth, )


The Case is Altered is a part of our local heritage and history. We must fight to preserve what is good over corporate gerrymandering.

(London, )


I strongly want to keep the name which is so unique and memorable and interesting.

(northwood, )


The Case is and always should be the name of the pub that has been part of the community for many years

(Pinner, )


It's very important to keep hold of our historic pub names.

(Sharpthorne , )


I have been using this local Pub on and off for over 50 years and the name is a part of local history.

(pinner, middlesex, )


This has been our local for many years - please don't change it!

(Ruislip, )


...we have lived in the area for 30 years 23 of which have been within 300 metres of the Case. All the properties along High Road Eastcote have names not numbers and it is just not right to rename any of the houses or the pub.

(Eastcote, )


There is nothing wrong with the original name.... Why change it....

(Ruislip, )


I went to Haydon School which basically means I learned to drink in the Case about 35 odd years ago! The Case is and needs to remain The Case! I'm sure that there is or was a cricketers in Ruislip somewhere, but everyone will continue to call it The Case anyway!

(Deventer , )


I believe the name "The Case is Altered" is important to the local area and should be retained.

(London, )


I am living in Canada now but have lived in Eastcote for many years. I visit every few years and always look forward to meeting friends for a drink at this amazing pub. I feel it would be a shame to change the name after all this time.

(Halifax, )


Pubs should not me messed around just to make them more appealing to those without good taste. Leave things alone!

(York, )


Having lived in Pinner this pub is so famous and is part of the history of the area. Why change the name? It needs to keep it's recognition - I do hope that the pub retains its name.

(St Albans, )


The historic name of the pub is recognised over a huge area. Changing the name will be bad for business & bad for the locality.

(Aylesbury, )


Love the pub but love the name more please don't change it

(Oxford, )


I'm signing because The Case is Altered is one of the best names.

(Pinner, )


Historic buildings should be left as was inc there names

(Northwood , )


It's a really interesting quirky name embedded in the history of the locality. Too many pubs have names which change with the owner and are totally unmemorable.

(Pinner, )


I always new where this pub was because of it's unusual name. You should keep it.

(Didcot, )


If the owners really wish to engage with the local community and retain the pub's traditional feel and ambience, then keep the name the same, changing it will annoy a lot of regular customers and risk them boycotting the pub in protest.
Keep the name the same and welcome customers new and old, makes good business sense to me...!

(London, )


I lived the 22 years of my life near the 'Case' and had some great times there. The name should remain as the Case is Altered, its unusual and therefore people remember it and come back.

(Crawley, )


It need to remain as it is

(Harrow, )


It's an historic name which should be kept for posterity.

(Pinner, )


It is surely a unique selling point.

(Staines, )


Unusual pub names are a vital part of our social history and the rich cultural tapestry of the British Isles.

(Bracknell , )


I live locally and the Case is an historic local name

(Ruislip, )


My new born son started life in Pikes End behind the Case is Altered, nearly 28 years ago! and I first visited it 44 years ago. It is a landmark name for all visitors to the area, whether stopping for a drink or passing it and admiring it's uniqueness.
It is in a very traditional setting and should maintain it's very traditional name.
It has been there a very long time and new broom should respect that and not sweep the name under the floorboards!

(Pinner, )


I do not think some 'here today, gone tomorrow' corporate should be messing about with our favourite pub!

(Newport Pagnell, )


The Case is Altered is such a well known & iconic name in the area & changes to pub names in my experience are rarely successful, with many local examples reverting back to their original names just a short time afterwards

(Eastcote, )


Do not rename the case is altered

(London , )


Renaming the pub shows no respect for the history of the pub or its location



Live nearby and use The Case is Altered. Always has been known as 'The Case' and should remain so.

(Eastcote, )


Leave the CASE alone, to much history tied up

(London, )


Having previously lived in Pinner for 25 years, with family still in the area, I feel a name change unnecessary . In an age where history I feel is important, why change it. Yes, update it but people all know "The Case" as its fondly know. I hope you keep this element of an old friend.

(Leighton Buzzard, )


I used to live next door. Its an old, unusual name and should be preserved.

(uxbridgre, )


I grew up in Harrow and I visit the area regularly especially to go to the traditional pubs in and around Pinner.

(London, )


I love the traditional pub and it's name. The origins of the Case Is Altered as a name is open to speculation and appears in local books. It should be retained as part of the area.

(Ruislip, )


I've been going to this pub for many years. The name is part of our local heritage; it is so unusual and has a debated history. I don't think the owners can realise how important this particular name is to us.

(Stanmore, )


it is a unique name

(Pinner, )


I want the history of my area preserved not destroyed by some mindless investors

(Eastcote, )


I was born here in 1937. The pub is part of me, I was even banned by the fascist landlord in 1958. It's like renaming Nelson's flagship.

(Pinner, )


This is a popular traditional pub and there seems no go reason to change the name everybody knows it by.

(Stanmore, )