Save Bitsy & Floyd in Peterborough



His dogs aren't nasty at all! This is completely unfair!!

Amy Valentine (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I'm signing this petition because I have sat and spoke with this man and the dog. I have given them both some food and water and the dog has always been such a pleasure.

Lissy Pell (Bourne, 2017-01-22)


It's about time we start looking at dogs and any pets as family instead of objects there are plenty of humans that should be put down

Nick Reynolds (Milton keyned, 2017-01-22)


Im signing because i see this dog all the time when I'm on perterborough and it has never done anything wrong to no one

Charlie Jones (Market deeping , 2017-01-22)


I met this man a few weeks ago and he was lovely and so was his dog. I got close to them both and not once did the dog growl, show its teeth or anything they were both lovely!

Shannon-Rose De'ath (Cambridgeshire, 2017-01-22)


When you are vulnerable a dog is therapy and many people keep dogs because of their loyalty to protect. Protecting is not aggression.

Susan Harper (Worcester, 2017-01-22)


im signing because this dog is in no shape or form harmful or viscious, eddie is a lovely man, and a mans best friend cannot be taken away. the council has become out of hand and shouldnt be focusing on minor issues such as this one, especially becuase it is untrue. what would be more helpful to this situation is if eddie and hes harmless dog find a safe and warm home to live in instead of withstanding the bitter british cold nights with only a coat and a blanket.

chloe williams (peterborough, 2017-01-22)


This man and his dogs are some of the kindest souls in Peterborough. Putting them down is just inhumane and downright nasty.

Karina Mayes (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


The dogs ARE NOT nasty!!

Zoe Murdock (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


Leave the man alone all he has is his beautiful days ,instead of harassing him GIVE him and his dogs a HOME

Brenda Pollard (Southampton , 2017-01-22)


Council should get a grip and stop wasting my hard earned cash

Maria Stringer (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I signed because your nuts! Meet this man an his dogs for God sake!!! He's lovely and so is his dogs ! My kids even love him an his dogs x

Jade Barnes (Peterbrough , 2017-01-22)


This dog is quiet..never seen him least the dogs aren't doped up like other dogs in the city

Caroline King (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


I'm signing because he doesn't deserve to have his dog taken off him, I've seen and petted this dog many a time and he has never hurt me he's always loving.

Molly Wharton (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I am appalled that you want to put this guys dog down just because he looks vicious. Rubbish. It's the humans who are vicious that's why so many animals get killed because the humans are evil heartless humans and they should be put down not the dogs. Please please please save him. Thank you Pat george

Pat George (Buckinghamshire , 2017-01-22)


Eddie loves his dogs like any of us who have children, they are his family and they are loyal. So hard to find the right animals to put down these days like the humans that hurt each other. Your putting 2 dogs down for protecting there owner yet prisons are clogged up with wasted vermin. So cruel and unfair.

Janice Woodbridge (March Cambridgeshire , 2017-01-22)


Whenever I've seen the dog it's been very very friendly and lovely!!!!

Holly Orridge (Chatteris, 2017-01-22)


Petted that dog many times. Have found it to have a lovely sweet nature.

Francesca Orridge (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


It's wrong to take homeless man's dog because someone said it's 'vicious' which is a lie

Kristijan Lero (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


This is a lovely dog and has a great and friendly personality and is in no way harmful!!

Sophie Setchfield (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


Very friendly dog, in my experience lovely well natured dog

Connor Orridge (Chatteris, 2017-01-22)


I can't believe the council would do this to a harmless dog. This dog is not a danger to the public.

Julie Craig (Cambridge, 2017-01-22)


Because his dog isn't nasty! He is a carrying man with his gorgeous dogs! He shouldn't be getting taken to court because off the council.

Lauren Pell (Stamford, 2017-01-22)


This is a lovely dog and not nasty in any shape or form,

stephanie palmer (PETERBOROUGH, 2017-01-22)


I see this man and his dog regularly in our town centre. The dog is almost always asleep. I've never seen him react adversely to anything but if he does bark at other dogs, so what, that's what dogs do

Karen Crane (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


Showing bitsy, floyd and eddie support ❤️

Neda Kamantauskaite (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


He's a lovely man with a lovely dog. His dog is very calm. Their my g's xxx

Isaac McCormick (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


Nobody deserves this.

Jordan Adcock (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


This man needs his companion.

Davina Grant (Gravesend, 2017-01-22)


Iv met the dog and so has my 1 year old daughter and he was fine with both of us he's an amazing dog and so is his owner

Charlotte Handley (Huntingdon, 2017-01-22)


Both dogs would never hurt anyone.

Bryony Stocks (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


It is bang out of order myself and my fiancé have given Eddie money etc and never ad any issues or concerns bout his lovely dog so that's your I am signing this petition

Chris Kent (Bourne, 2017-01-22)


My son and I have met them and seen first hand how gentle the dog is. Its unfair to take away his only friend.

Kerrie Fish (Deeping St James, 2017-01-22)


It's unfair to take away the only things he has left that mean something to him.

Collette Lee (Bourne, 2017-01-22)


This is a disgrace, this man has no home and his dogs are probably the only light in his life!! I pray this petition is successful ✨✨

Shay Hall (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I love Eddie, hope you get enough petitions!! Luv Joe xxxxx

Joe Smith (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


It's cruel

Kylye Fuller (Wisbech, 2017-01-22)


He's already lost enough, and is struggling enough his dog is helping to keep him going. Leave them alone if you aren't going to help.

Victoria Blinstone (Coventry, 2017-01-22)


Things like this happen too often. The council and higher authorities are trying to take people's voices away from them for no reason. This man is less fortunate than those trying to make decisions about his life. If they have no proof about the dog being a danger then they have no legs to stand on. They're abusing their power

Grace Minto-Sampson (Peterborough/Sheffield, 2017-01-22)


He's dogs are NOT vicious and so kind I've been near them they are lovely

Paige Ralph (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I have met this man and his dog many times. The dog is so laid back that it's horizontal. Not vicious at all

Paula Turnbull (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I always see this man when I am in town and neither him or his dog are aggressive or pose a threat to anybody walking past. We need to help the homeless instead of oppressing them. More need to be done by the council.

Georgina Tuckwood (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


He is a nice man and that dog is lovely!

Alice Hurry (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I'm signing this because whenever I'm in town and have money i go to give Eddie whatever i can and i always fuss floyd and he is a harmless and loving dog and doesnt deserve any cruel treatment.

Brandon Adams (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


Im signing because i cant believe peterborough city council its so annoying knowing people who runs business and geting all possible benefits and council homes or ppl who has conections and getting accomodation fast and then looking at this homeless person ! Why? Why council dont help him ? There is places that helps woman so should be helping man to its equal rights for woman and man we are all humans there should be help to fing him job re-home him and give him chance in that case he can also keep dog that obviosly means a lot to him also animal has feelings he is live not a toy to just be dealt with ! Honestly very annoyed. Taking from poor and giving to rich where this world goes!

Viktorija Vizgaudaiye (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


It's unfair

Anastazja Jankos (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


Cause his dog isn't nasty at all the dog is gawjuss and tamed x

Michelle Bowles (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


Seen him and his dog(s) as I was growing up, won't be the same without EITHER of them, Eddie and Bitsy/Floyd

Kobi Hilton (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


I think he should keep his dogs they are all he has left he has no home and clearly no family and the dogs are his only family.

Stephanie maher (peterborough , 2017-01-22)


Instead of destroying not only the dogs but a mans life why don't we help get some training for the dogs for him he has hardly anything in his life please have a heart and do not destroy these animals there must be an alternative way to help the man keep his dogs and not destroy them

Keeley Clayton (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


We need to stand against a police state!

Sue Pownall (Warrington, 2017-01-22)


I'm a dog lover and if you can't put human beings down for being vicious why put a homeless mans best friends down

Tracey Arrowsmith (Dudley, 2017-01-22)


I don't support bullying,victimisation or needless destruction of innocent animals

Viv Flanagan (Belfast, 2017-01-22)


No proof of dogs being vicious

Hannah Tuckwood (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


This dog is not vicious. ....I have seen them in problem...don't take away the only thing he has got...that's cruel...there shudnt be any homeless on the streets...its disgusting...find them homes...

Marion Holland (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


I'm signing this because every time I have walked past him his dog has never been a threat towards me or anyone I've been around! He's going through enough without being taken to court! He's done nothing wrong but try and get by!

Natasha Smith (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


Those dogs are not vicious, he has good control over them and seem very calm around so many people passing by. It's not fair to end the lives on innocent creatures just so the council can make there streets look "cleaner" they should put a roof over there heads to get them off the streets not kill those dogs.

Samantha Bennett (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


His dogs are his family, leave them and him alone, none of them are doing any harm to anyone x

Irene Henson (Whittlesey, 2017-01-22)


I'm signing because this is heartless. What happened to compassion?

Rena Valeh (London, 2017-01-22)


This shameful behaviour by government is cruel and unnecessary. Give all homeless people homes it's cheaper than this.

Wendy Boothman (Huddersfield , 2017-01-22)


It's an injustice as this dog is not harmful at all.

Bobby McGrath (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)


This is ridiculous. PCC should be considering opening a homeless hostel that does take pets! Dogs not dangerous to humans justbother dogs upset him so keep your bloody dogs away from Floyd

Christine Cunningham (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


This guy has been around in the city centre for years and those dogs have never been violent. They are his life. Why take that away from him x

April Dolby (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


The poor man already doesn't have much and they now want to take the only thing that shows him love and loyalty away it's not right maybe if you looked after your own people and house him instead of harassing him

Laura Bedford (Brisbane, 2017-01-22)


This is outrageous

Chloe Green (Peterborough , 2017-01-22)


Humans aren't sent to death for viciousness- a term which is subjective.

Leia Henderson (Peterborough, 2017-01-22)

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