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Kew has been blighted by traffic chaos, increased danger and increased pollution following the introduction of London Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames’s controversial ‘Experimental Traffic Scheme’ on Kew Road.  The scheme: ·         Has been introduced in an undemocratic way with no prior consultation. ·         Is causing additional displacement parking putting further pressure on Kew Green        and residential roads adjoining Kew Road. ·         Will force 60 coaches per day onto Kew Green, w

Created: 2020-11-02

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Harvey Online Concert

hi guys!  sign this petition if you want harvey to do an online concert (on zoom or something) share if you're done!💗 thank you :) xx kathy (itscutehrvy) (idea from Amy☺️)   ps. this is not to force Harvey or something bc he need to decide by himself, but maybe this shows him how much people miss him on stage and and an online concert :)  

Created: 2020-10-21

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Supporting Galway Dog Club which has been served by Galway City Council.

GCC has initiated legal action  to evict the Galway Dog club from the local authority owned site where it has operated for the past 11 years. We are asking GCC to help the  Club to secure another suitable venue to maintain a continuity of service for responsible dog owners from the city and further afield.

Created: 2021-03-29

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Cancel the increased council tax bill

    Let's all agree that the upcoming council tax increase it shouldn't be there, let's have it cancelled or discounted as it's been tremendously hard for all of us hard working citizens to keep up with our spences especially for the past year or so! We won't let them break us down! 

Created: 2021-03-26

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Letter of Solidarity with Western Sahara

As scholars, researchers, activists and concerned individuals, we, the undersigned, strongly condemn President Donald Trump’s proclamation recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.  Western Sahara is a case of unresolved decolonization.  Decolonization is not only a legal process, but a political struggle, one which has often been waged through the global public sphere. World public opinion, transnational solidarity and global attention have historically been integral to successful d

Created: 2021-01-07

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Reduce the over speeding by vehicles along Station Road in Stanbridge

New police data is available to show that Station Road in Stanbridge has got a speeding problem, which many of is have been observing for months. This data, is with the Central Beds council and hasn't yet been shared with our Parish Council. Please sign this petition if you agree that Central Beds should act on this data and share it with the Parish Council. CBC needs to take action to reduce the abuse and make this road safer for us all, including our elderly residents who walk here or our chil

Created: 2020-12-21

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We the undersigned are deeply concerned about the prospect of between 3 - 7 million people losing their jobs, as estimated by National Treasury. We call on Government to lift the lockdown and allow small and medium businesses to operate, while implementing safety measures.     

Created: 2020-05-22

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Boycott EU products .BUY BRITISH

I am asking that everyperson with money in their pocket makes a  decision to boycott  EU products untill March 29th 2019. Only buy British or non EU products Lets show the EU the strength of the British people & their money. We did not vote for a deal we voted to leave .If they want a deal come and ask for 1 .

Created: 2019-01-29

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Dear AG Barr, I Would Rather Pay Extra Money For PROPER Irn-Bru As It Was, Rather Than Drinking Stuff Laced With A Controversial Sweetener That Makes Our Second National Drink Taste Undrinkable

Dear AG Barr,  Up until January of 2018, I had been drinking Barr's Irn-Bru all my LIFE & I had always thought that it was the most BEAUTIFUL fizzy drink EVER! 😋😋😋😋 That was UNTIL your company decided to replace 50% of sugar from the popular Scottish soft drink with the controversial artificial sweetener, ASPARTAME.  AG Barr announced that they were MAKING the move because people's tastes were changing & that therefore more & more folk wanted to consume less sugar whilst still e

Created: 2020-10-31

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We propose for the Weeley fireworks that will be held on The Weeley Car Boot Site, Colchester Road, Essex, CO16 9AD to be relocated. There are many concerns over the planned event at the weeley boot sale field , apparently we are to have a firework ‘EXTRAVAGANZA’Not just once but on 2 consecutive nights! Personally I love fire works but this is totally inappropriate and misplaced .Weeley boot sale field has adjoining farms and livestock housing and is in close proximity to residential housing ,

Created: 2020-10-21

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