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New jail proposed for Milton of Leys in Inverness

New jail proposed for Milton of Leys in Inverness   We are a group of concerned residents who are campaigning against the proposed site for the new Inverness prison. Whilst we absolutely recognise and support the social need for a new prison, the proposed site at Milton of Leys Is entirely unsuitable and alternative sites must be considered.

Created: 2016-03-25 Statistics

Protest Against Closing Down the Lukács Archive

  We, the undersigned, wish to express our deepest worries about the resolution of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to close down the Lukács Archives in Budapest. Görgy Lukács was one the significant philosophers of the 20th century, an author of modernity outstanding not only in philosophy but also in the fields of political mindedness, theory of literature, sociology and ethics An author of international renown, Lukács represented one of the intellectual peaks in Hungary's history of civilisa

Created: 2016-03-08 Statistics

Stop the Bengeo Quarry

TO:  Hertfordshire County Council Ref- PL\0776\16   We, the signatories of this petition, strongly object  to the proposed development  of an open quarry in the fields between Sacombe Road, Wadesmill Road (B158), and Chapmore End forrest and urge you not to degrade our health, environment and countryside by approving the planning application.  The proposed phased extraction of sand and gravel, mobile dry screening plant, stockpile area, weighbridge, wheel cleaning facilities, ancillary site offi

Created: 2016-04-06 Statistics


Petition for Animal and Nature Police establishment  Thank you for your allowing to really know yourself and really create a new life for Romania”s animals and nature! We live in a hostile , chaotic and hectic environment. Fortunately, we have laws that either prevent disastrous events, or save us from the clutches of danger. It's not just us, but pets and nature need laws to protect them, too. Please accept my choice to write as schematically as possible, I felt it so much easier you'll memoriz

Created: 2015-12-31 Statistics

Eritrea፡We believe the Pfdj regime is a threat to Eritrea and to the horn Africa region

We Eritreans after independence have thought that things would go well and Eritrea would march along the bright paths of development,construction, achievements,liberity,social justice and examplery administration .Unfortunately PFDJ centralized all decision making,jurisdiction, and took all power away from the hands of the people.Our country eventhough blessed with natural resources ,a hardworking people and a strategic position suitable for conducting business and tourism activities,it is not e

Created: 2016-06-22 Statistics

Save Buzzard Scooter Club weekly meet at Ollie Vees

PETITION to officially define the weekly scooter meeting in Leighton Buzzard Market Square as an attraction / regular event as part of the market, therefore exempt from Central Bedfordshire Council’s parking enforcements. Unopposed for over three years, the weekly meetings have increased footfall to the high street - creating community spirit, a town identity, supporting small businsesses and market stall holders as well as creating a platform for worthy local charity fund raising. LET THE SCOOT

Created: 2016-06-24 Statistics

DIANA & ANDY Barbu Racolta Save Them from Adoption

Unlock right to happiness these Barbu's family children .Drama , whose children were abducted by the authorities in Haringey London, caused the collapse of family and much suffering children who always complain that they would back home. "To notify the authorities in London, and international organizations that protect fundamental rights and freedoms human and children, I decided to start a petition. It will be handed to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Prime Minister David Cameron, European Parl

Created: 2016-01-12 Statistics

Reinstate our friendly and wonderful postman Jim Denslow

Our wonderful postman in Wiveliscombe Jim Denslow has been sacked from the Royal Mail. Jim left the handbrake off his van in jones forecourt. It rolled back a couple of metres not causing damage or harm to anything or anyone. The Royal Mail dismissed Jim on the grounds that he COULD have killed a third party.This in my opinion is a disgraceful act and I'm hoping that the community will back him and sign this petition. let's get our honest, loyal and caring postman back where he belongs!!

Created: 2016-12-02 Statistics

WBC to reconsider decision regarding RE3 Payments

We the undersigned residents of West Berkshire Council would like the Council to reverse their decision to not pay the RE3 subsidy payment which has meant we can now longer use the Smallmead Facilities. It is unfair to make residents on the outside edges of West Berkshire travel a further 30 miles to dispose of rubbish and we think this decision will see a steep increase in fly tipping.

Created: 2016-06-21 Statistics

Re-instate the Halstead Essex Street Lights

Due to an increase in thefts and public insecurity we are asking that the street lights in Halstead do not get switched off and remain on throughout the night. We feel this cover of darkness causes more harm than good and is only useful for the thieves to carry out their burglaries and robberies. Especially as there is no longer a police station and barely any police presence. Also it is not safe to walk around in the pitch black as you do not know who is around. Please sign and share this link

Created: 2016-06-13 Statistics