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Save portlaoise A&E services now following the Leaked Report of the Midlands. Hospital group management .

This petition is created to hilight light the importance of the accident and emergency services to the communities of Laois, Kildare and Offaly and their reduction will simply put lives in Danger. The Hse must be held to account knowing hospitals like Tullamore and Naas emergency departments are bursting at the seems. Following release of the strategic plan for our hospital it’s noted that a downgrading is on the cards for the accident and emergency and we ask the minister and Goverment to stop

Created: 2015-06-03 Statistics

Bavent Road Resurfacing

'We, the undersigned, residents of Bavent Road, believe that our road and pavement are in urgent need of resurfacing and propose that Lambeth council takes immediate action. Bavent Road sits two streets away from the world class King's College Hospital but was not included in the recent resurfacing programme on Venetia Road which runs parallel. In its current state there is a significant health and safety hazard for residents, hospital workers, and the hundreds of people who use Bavent Road ever

Created: 2015-04-18 Statistics

Governor Rick Scott Free Emilia Carr

Governor Rick Scott Free Emilia Carr

Created: 2014-09-12 Statistics

Create a National Commission for education governance.

There has never been a more pressing time to address poltical interference in education. The present government, with its radical proposals to change the structure of schooling has no moral justification for doing so since its 'victory' in the recent election is a hollow one. With just 36.9% of those who voted endorsing their manifesto promises on education, the new Academies Bill that removes the rights of parents, governors and local communities to campaign against forced academisation is an

Created: 2014-01-29 Statistics

No Witch-Hunts In The GMB Union, Reinstate Keith Henderson

Keith Henderson Essex LRC member and former Regional Organiser of the GMB Union was dismissed from the GMB last December, Keith has always believed that the real reason for his dismissal was because of his socialist beliefs and the manifestation of his beliefs.It has now been proven in a recent Employment Tribunal Judgment that a substantial part of the reasoning behind Keith’s dismissal was because of his philosophical belief in left wing democratic socialism and was an effective cause of his d

Created: 2013-10-24 Statistics


THE ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF CARDIOLOGY THE ROMANIAN SOCIETY OF PNEUMOLOGY THE ROMANIAN HEART FOUNDATION   November 3rd, 2015       Call to the attention of                                                              MR. KLAUS IOHANNIS, PRESIDENT OF ROMANIA,                                                                        THE GOVERNMENT OF ROMANIA,                                                                          THE PARLIAMENT OF ROMANIA,     In the context of the tragic events occu

Created: 2015-11-03 Statistics

Action Lariam for Irish Soldiers

Action Lariam for Irish Soldiers is calling for immediate and direct action to be taken by the Irish government to address the suffering caused to members of the defence forces and their loved ones by this deadly anti-malaria drug. The fact remains that there are other, safer drugs available and yet the Minister of Defence has not implemented these changes. This is despite the fact that in the late ‘90’s the manufacturer Hoffman la Roche looked to have it removed from the market and again in 200

Created: 2015-10-25 Statistics

Against children being exposed to gay relationships in primary schools

Hi i am making this e-petition regarding the CHIPS programme (homosexual relationships).Parents at primary schools in west midlands in particular Blakesley hall primary school,Yardley and somerville primary school,Small Heath do not want their children to be exposed to this kind of material due to conflicts of religious beliefs whether you be a christian,muslim,jew do not wish this to be taught/exposed to there children at such a young and impressionable age. To insure your government is caterin

Created: 2015-03-12 Statistics

Let Tara have a goat

Sign if you agree that Dave is being a bad egg and should allow Tara to buy herself a goat <3

Created: 2015-05-29 Statistics

Bring Fatboy back

You did a horrible thing by killing off Fatboy's character. He was everyone's favourite and as a result of this, you will lose quite a lot of viewers. Now, you don't want that to happen, do you? No, thought not.

Created: 2015-12-27 Statistics