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The Government are trying to close our Youth and Play Centre because of funding cots. We are in one of the most deprived areas of Liverpool and there is nothing else here for our kids. Please sign and help our kids.

Created: 2014-04-17 Statistics


MARTYN REUBY DISMISSED AND BLACKLISTED. WHO BY? UNITE THE UNION   On Tuesday afternoon 11th March Unite Tutor Martyn Reuby received a phone call from the South East Education Officer and was told his services are no longer required. Astonished and shocked Martyn asked why? To this date no reason has been given. A Unite member for more than 30 years and experienced Tutor, Martyn was asked to help with the education programme in Unite’s new South East region post merger. He has been an outstanding

Created: 2014-04-10 Statistics

Save the Closure of Harbourne Nursing home


Created: 2014-07-10 Statistics


All together to positively change our community, our country to impact the world and write history for the future generation. Nous, peuple Congolais, signons cette petition pour traduire en justice toute personne menacant notre chaine de television "WELCOME TV" Nous sommes determiner a eradiquer les antis valeurs du milieu de notre communaute par le biais de notre chaines de reference Welcome TV qui nous donnent des informations necessaire et des enseignements dont nous avons besoins mais les fa

Created: 2014-04-21 Statistics

Expel Israeli Ambassador to Ireland

Despite the calls from the International community to cease attacks on densely populated civilian areas in Gaza, the Israeli government have continued to murder hundreds of civilians, including many children. This must stop at once, and until Israel recognizes International law the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland, Boaz Modai, should be expelled from the country.

Created: 2014-07-12 Statistics

Objection to Variation of Planning Ref: LW/10/1048

We, the undersigned, wish to object to the proposal to allow McCarthy & Stone to vary the original planning conditions in relation to application LW/10/1048. This relates to the subsequently proposed submission for the creation of 25 additional parking spaces at the site of the previously approved 10 affordable housing units at Eversley Court, Dane Road, Seaford East Sussex. Our main objection is that we feel McCarthy & Stone is more than able to find a suitable social housing partner to

Created: 2014-05-10 Statistics

Bring My Babies Home

This petition is about bringing my children home they were adopted when they shouldn't have been I'm a brilliant mum and can give my babies all the love they need, I was a motherr of three years to my beautiful baby girl who was age 3years when the social workers removed her out of my care she was loved clean and presented well every single day please please I need loads off signitures to get my babies back home safe where they belong xxx

Created: 2014-11-11 Statistics

Parents Opposed to the proposed 1515 finish

Do you object to the proposed finish time in September..If yes read on...... Do you feel as parents we have had or got little time to prepare a valid fight against the school? Are the withdrawl of afternoon breaks going to take its toll on your child/children? Do you feel after school provisions are poor and inconsistent? Could your child care bills rise? Will this effect your work life balance? Do you support fellow parents who are having difficulties? Do we know the governors views on this new

Created: 2014-06-30 Statistics

Save Bexhill Green

For the third time in ten years, Churchill Retirement Living has applied for planning permission to build a block of flats on the green at Gullivers Bowling Club. Their plan is to destroy a beautiful garden square that has been there for 120 years. One side of the square consists of a building generally considered to be the second most important in Bexhill, a Grade II listed Victorian crescent. Having been rejected twice, it is clear that the Council, the planners and the residents of Bexhill d

Created: 2014-03-26 Statistics

Creigiau Evening Bus Service

Cardiff Council are planning to stop the evening bus service for Pentyrch and Creigiau. The 136 bus service will cease after 6.15pm. And the 138 bus service will cease after 5.30pm on Sunday. We, the undersigned residents of Creigiau, wish to register our strong objection to Cardiff Council's proposal to cut our evening bus service. Rydym ni, drigolion Creigiau, sydd wedi llofnodi isod yn dymuno datgan yn gryf ein gwrthwynebiad i gynnig Cyngor Caerdydd sydd yn bwriadu dileu y gwasanaeth bws

Created: 2014-02-21 Statistics

Safer pedestrian crossing area on. Hogarth Road

We request that Stockport Council take action to create a safer crossing area at the junction of Hogarth Road and Lower Fold, Marple Bridge. This junction is treacherous for both primary and secondary school children and their families walking to school at Ludworth, St Mary's, the school bus stops as well as for local residents.

Created: 2014-01-29 Statistics

Gwyn Jones Primary School, Forest Road, School Gate Closure

The school Gate (Forest Road) will close permanently on 12.05.2014. There has been no consultation with parents, neither have any details of the review been given to parents. Therefore we are somewhat perplexed, as to why after 20 plus years these gates now present a danger. A number of parents believe that this action will create greater risk at the Hainualt Road entrance, leading to more congestion and danger for our children. We believe that there are alternatives to enable a safer school e

Created: 2014-05-06 Statistics

Carrie Hope Fletcher as a Disney princess

Hopefuls, we all know that Carrie would make the BEST Disney princess ever! So why not show Disney? Why don't we see how many signatures we can get to prove to Disney that Carrie SHOULD BE A DISNEY PRINCESS! The more signatures we get, the more likely we are to persuade them! Spend this link on to every hopeful you know, all your friends, your family, your dog/cat whoever!! I'd we are determine enough, I know this can happen!!!

Created: 2014-01-02 Statistics

llantrisant road

We, the undersigned, are concerned local residents who urge our council to act now to reduce the speed limit on this stretch of road from 60mph to 40mph in line with other local speed limits on Llantrisant Road.  We also ask the council to further investigate additional measures that could reduce the risk of accidents, and to action improvements to be made as a priority.

Created: 2014-09-09 Statistics

Retain Accredited Community Safety Officers in Hampshire

This is a petition to retain our much valued Accredited Community Safety Officers in Hampshire. We call upon the Leader of Hampshire County Council, Councillor Roy Perry, to agree to continue funding the service

Created: 2014-02-03 Statistics

Petition against the legalization of school segregation

PETITION Racial or ethnic discrimination is prohibited in Hungary under Hungarian law (based on equal treatment and the promotion of equal opportunities legislation), and the European Union's obligations (Racial Equality Directive). Over the past 10 years, court decisions ruled and numerous studies have supported that school segregation on the basis of ethnicity and socio-economic background to be illegal. Further it is proven that segregation has irreversible effects on children’s development,

Created: 2014-11-26 Statistics

134 Bus Service

The current 134 Bus Service to and from Wallingford to Goring via the Stokes has been a great success with vastly increased passenger numbers. We call upon the Oxfordshire County council Bus Services Team to ensure that there are no changes to the 134 services in their funding review. The current hourly service in both directions, going through Crowmarsh, The Stokes and Goring housing estates, using a minibus is well used with great links to onward bus and train services. Any reduction in servic

Created: 2014-11-25 Statistics

William Frederick Frazer must take an essential skills course.

"After reading this so called agreement i can clearly see why the two main party's could not sign up to it,the very word terrorist is not even in it WHY?" Seriously, this is the kind of nonsense I have to read day in, day out, for the simple reason that I'm part of a Facebook page dedicated to taking the hand out of the poor deluded wee sod. Look at this shining example of grammar and punctuation as well: "Please share and sign this petition to have Peter Robinson removed from power as he no lon

Created: 2014-01-09 Statistics

Stoppum Julien Blanc!

Við kærum okkur ekki um að fá ofbeldismanninn Julien Blanc inn í landið okkar.Hann hefur tilkynnt á vefsíðu sinni að hann sé væntanlegur til Íslands 11.-13.júní 2015 til að halda námskeið fyrir karlmenn um hvernig sé best að ná sér í konur, niðurlægja þær og láta þær hlýða.Þetta er maður sem gerir í því að "kenna" körlum hvernig þeir eigi að taka konur til að misnota þær, niðurlægja, nauðga og stjórna á sem flesta vegu. Hér eru örfá dæmi um hversu mikill klassagæi hann er:Það þarf ekki annað en

Created: 2014-11-18 Statistics


This is a petition to try and make the crawley police co-operate with us and help us get a place to enjoy a park and pose without police kicking us out all the time, even though we get permission.

Created: 2014-05-13 Statistics