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The land between Bedmond Lane and Mayne Avenue in St Albans, Hertfordshire is a wildlife meadow in the Green Belt, which has been used by the local community as recreational open space for decades.  The land is currently under threat from 2 applications: 1. Planning Application:  5/2014/1394 – an application by Banner Homes Ltd for change of use of the land to allow for the keeping of horses and to permit the fencing of the land to accommodate them. Wildlife: The proposed change of use would res

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We believe that a proposal to outsource the integrated community equipment store within Brighton & Hove City Council is fundamentally wrong.  Council-run services are the best due to the commitment and training of committed staff who work within the service.  The service deals with some extremely vulnerable people in the community and profit should not be the motivation of such a service.  We therefore call upon Brighton and Hove city Councillors to reject this proposal and retain in-house s

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Gadle Braes Bonfire 2014

Gadle Braes Bonfire The traditional annual Gadle Braes Guy Fawkes bonfire in Peterhead is under threat.  It appears that after many, incident free, years the authorities have decided that to put administrative barriers in they way. Please sign this petition and the results will be presented to relevant authorites with a view to making them have a rethink    We the undersigned support the Guy Fawkes Gadle Braes bonfire and ask the council to support rather than hinder this community event.

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Save the Danish National Chamber Orchestra

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DBC) has announced that it will shut down the Danish National Chamber Orchestra (DNCO) on January 1st 2015 due to budget cuts. The DNCO employs 42 musicians as well as the artistic team working with them. In Denmark, the DNCO is mostly known for its groundbreaking work in bridging the gap between classical and popular music. Under the direction of their world-famous chief conductor Adam Fischer the DNCO has, in the last 15 years, also gained international ac

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Chiswell Green-Greenbelt destruction that affects all...

Chiswell Green don’t  sleepwalk into this!      (Please don't be afraid to be identified, it's your right to object) I strongly object to any proposals or planning applications on the Greenbelt plot of land behind Long Fallow, Forge End, Noke Side and Hammers Gate as sited in the SKM Housing Strategy commissioned by St Albans Planning Department. Chiswell Green's public services are already stretched to breaking point, the infrastructure in general would need a major overhaul to take a developem

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Against Coventry Councils Rates Demands

My name is Anthony Pillage. I am the owner of The Way of the Spiritual warrior in Foleshill Coventry. We are a martial arts group set up to provide a place of martial arts training in an area of Coventry deemed a regeneration zone. We were told before moving into our premises that the rateable value was under £16000 qualifying us for small business relief. Within days of us moving in they arranged an assesor in to re-evaluate this and put this figure up to £21000. The amount of anomolies on thei

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Palestine and Jerusalem

Dear Foreign Secretary Please take urgent action in defence of human rights in Jerusalem and in Palestine more widely. The  situation there is fast getting worse and more dangerous.  Since the beginning of 2014, thousands of Palestinians have lost their lives at the hands of Israeli occupation forces and settlers, tens of thousands been injured or lost their homes, millions are suffering great pressures as a result of human rights violations. The effect of this conflict and the double-standards

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Stop the Bird Menace

Certain areas of Cumbernauld, particularly Carbrain, are becoming over run with huge seagulls. These birds are a menace, swooping on people, defecating on cars and property and making noise from as early as 3am. The local council has it in their power to take steps to control this unnatural swarm of scavengers but are choosing not to listen or act I hope you (and everyone in your home) will take the time to sign the petition and share your stories of how these pests have effected you personally

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UK Law Change For Innocent Abused Animals

In the UK alone there is hundreds of thousands of Animals suffering at the hands of irresponsible Yobs who think it’s acceptable to steal and torture animals for fun. In recent News just this week a gang of four youthes stole a Rabbit, tortured it, then set it on fire and threw it out of a Window. Just today there’s someone who hung a dog near a primary School. And not so long ago someone stole a Labrador, tied a brick to its neck and threw it in a canal. A lot of these idiots are doing it becau

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Tower fm - bring back Jon & Vix

On Monday 24th February 2014  tower fm axed the Jon and Vix Breakfast show. It's listeners did not want or ask for this injustice. Please sign our petition to tower fm for the return of Jon and Vix. Please join our Facebook group. Tower fm - bring back Jon & Vix Breakfast

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