Bring back Gimblet soft play area and please consult before making changes to owner facilities.

The soft play area has been removed, without any notice or consultation with the owners, for the room to be used as additional Haulfryn office space. I was consistently told by Paul Curtis, new regional manager, that the reason for this was that the soft play equipment itself was “condemnable” and that due to uncertainties around Covid, the management were unwilling to make the necessary investment for the time being, but would review for 2022.

My requests that the area be restored have been consistently refused.  

My latest meeting with Paul was held in the soft play room itself when I examined and photographed the equipment. It was blatantly obvious to me that equipment is not “condemnable” and all that is required (if anything) is the replacement of 2 or 3 cheap pieces of plywood and relining, the cost of which would be inconsequential. The condition of the equipment had clearly been misrepresented to me in previous conversations and the evidence clearly supports this assessment. I asked how much this “investment” would be but Paul refused to respond on that point. I also offered to pay for any repairs myself and again this was refused.  

Paul went on to say that the equipment would be stored for the time being which I found strange and inconsistent, given I had been told it was condemnable.  

It is my opinion that the area has been removed permanently and there is no intention of restoring it. I personally think this is an outrage, especially due to the manner it has been done without consultation with owners, but accept that other people may have different opinions. I do feel the area is worth fighting for (even if you don’t have young children you indirectly benefit as it reduces effects of them running around the main bar area etc). From Haulfryn’s point of view, they may see a reduction in bar/food revenue as less people with young children use the area, so am not sure it is a good commercial decision for them either.  

If this is let go, I fear it will set a precedent that Haulfryn can do what they like with our facilities without consultation, hence why I feel it is important that there is a strong response from a number of owners.

These facilities are paid for within our site fees! If you agree please can you sign the petition.

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